Freeing people from the Burden of Christianity

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, May 24, 2015. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

“O Jesus, let the fire of joy consume the devil’s subtle ploy.” I AM indeed the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, and I carry the Flame of Joy to the earth.

Why is it that the Flame of Joy needs to consume the most subtle ploy of the devil? It is because the most subtle ploy of the devil is that you take everything on earth so seriously that you squeeze out all joy. Look at the history of this European continent, and see how for centuries, in the so-called Dark Ages, all joy was squeezed out of people’s lives. They were so concerned about the appalling living conditions they had on earth, but they were even more concerned about what would happen to them after earth, in terms of the fear of burning forever in a fiery hell. How joyful can you be when you are looking at the potential of burning forever in a fiery hell, and you think this is a realistic possibility?

Jesus carries the Flame of Joy

You see my point, do you not? I carry the Flame of Joy for the planet, but has any movement on earth done more to destroy joy than Christianity? The very movement that claims to represent me has come to embody the perversion, the absolute opposition, of the Flame of Joy. Is that not the irony of history if ever I saw it? Indeed it is, indeed it is.

You could look at the Scriptures about my life, and you could see that I did not, at least as recorded in the Scriptures, express a lot of joy in that embodiment. You would even be right, for when I was in physical embodiment, I was facing the entire planetary opposition against the Flame of Joy. I was carrying the weight of this anti-joy, and therefore, even though I had a certain degree of mastery, I was not able to be joyful during the three years of my mission. It was a heavy burden, and therefore I understand that many other people have felt a very heavy burden. I understand that many people today are feeling a heavy burden. I understand that many of the spiritual people, many of the religious people, many ascended master students, are feeling a heavy burden weighing upon them from this weight, this opposition, to the Flame of Joy.

Allow yourselves to be joyful

How can you, when you are facing the potential of the end of the world or some major calamity, be joyful? How can you, when you think that you belong to a small group of people who have to save the world for the ascended masters, feel any joy?

I tell you, my beloved, I am calling you this day to step up higher and allow yourselves to be joyful. Those of you who are here have already attained some mastery of this. Surely, I understand you are not carrying exactly the same weight that I was carrying 2,000 years ago, but you are still carrying a weight that is heavy for you. It is indeed a very good sign of your progress if you can feel joyful about life, joyful about the spiritual path.

I am telling you, as the master who holds the Flame of Joy for the earth, I am giving you permission to be joyful. I am giving you permission to embody the Flame of Joy that I am. Please accept that I, Jesus Christ, am giving you that permission. You do not have to be so serious, my beloved, for even though there are many reasons you can come up with for saying that the earth is in dire straits and it is such a serious situation, I tell you that it is no more serious than you who are in embodiment make it out to be.

Surely, many people want this to be serious, but ask yourselves: Who are the beings who really want human beings to take everything so seriously? Who are the beings who want you, the spiritual beings on earth, to take everything so seriously? When there is a God-Flame of Joy, can it be God who wants you to be so serious? Is it not rather those who want to set themselves up as gods on earth because they do not want to come into oneness with the God-Flame of Joy?

Freeing people from anti-joy

Surely, you can all see this, but the world cannot yet see this. Therefore, I ask you to hold the vision that people will come to see this. I ask you to make the calls that people will come to see that there is a small power elite of fallen beings on earth who have for a very long time been attempting to create this mindset that causes people to take everything so seriously. I ask you especially to see and to make the calls that the spiritual people are awakened to the reality of this, to see the truth that they do not actually further their spiritual growth by being so serious.

There is a point on the path where you need to be, one-pointed, you need to be determined. Do you really think that the Flame of Will and Power held by Master MORE is in opposition to my Flame of Joy? For if you do, you need to reconsider. How can God-Flames be in opposition to each other? Determination is good, but it does not mean that you have to take life seriously. The more seriously you take things, the more of an opposition you are creating. You tend to go into this battle mode of thinking that you are feeling an opposition from without, and you have to battle it by sending out a stronger impulse—by being more determined, by giving more decrees, more Blue Flame decrees. Then you actually abuse Archangel Michael. Instead of the sword of Archangel Michael that is cutting through the energy, you are turning it into a hammer that wants to beat it into the ground, and that is not the highest use of Archangel Michael.

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