Freeing America from the slavery of capitalism

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, September 29, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I thank you for your patience, for your willingness to listen to me so many times, instead of following that human tendency of wanting something different. You will indeed get something different every time because the topic is, of course, different.

What I wish to do here is to build upon the concept of this compulsive desire for winning that you see in the American national psyche. One outcome of this is that many Americans think that America won the Cold War because the Soviet Union was dissolved and communism had to retreat and the people were freed from the communist yoke. This is, of course, correct in the sense that people in the former Soviet Union or those in the Warsaw Pact have been freed from the yoke of communism, at least to a larger or smaller extent, smaller in Russia than in most of the other former Soviet Republics or Warsaw countries.

Have Americans been freed from capitalism?

However, before Americans become too overexcited about having won the Cold War, we might look the other way and ask ourselves: “Have Americans been freed from capitalism?” The fact of the matter is that capitalism and communism formed the archetypal example of a dualistic polarity. Totally created by the fallen beings, totally set up to be in a never-ending, irresolvable, irreconcilable struggle and conflict. Of course, you can say the struggle ended in the sense that communism collapsed but has it ended in the sense that has the other dualistic polarity ended, has capitalism ended? There are, of course, many Americans who would say: “No, and we don’t want capitalism to end because capitalism is the greatest economic system and it is a free economy of free enterprise.” It is one of the greatest illusions in America that people think a capitalist economy is the same as free enterprise. There is nothing free about a capitalist economy—except that the power elite have total freedom to exploit the people. Of course, the freedom to exploit is not really a freedom, at least not a freedom that is found in the Seventh Ray of Freedom and the vision of Saint Germain.

Capitalism is a form of slavery

A great breakthrough would be to radiate into the collective consciousness this awareness that capitalism has only one purpose, and that is to enslave the people under a small power elite. We can look to the communist system and see that it was a system controlled by a small party elite who had the physical means to control the people. This was brought about by an unrestricted willingness to kill those who opposed the system. In the Soviet Union, this was initiated by Stalin who was willing to kill any amount of people that either opposed him or whom he thought opposed him. In China you saw the “great” Chairman Mao being likewise willing to kill any number of Chinese that he thought opposed him.

We see that this is one way that the fallen beings like to set themselves up in control of the people. By creating the physical control, the physical power apparatus whereby they can kill anyone who opposes the system and therefore forces people to go into this state where they basically have a choice: “Do I want to stay in embodiment or don’t I?” If I do, I must submit to the system because if I object, I will instantly be killed and possibly my entire family will be killed as well. There is no blame here that so many people submitted to this system. There was not really that much else they could do unless they wanted to go out of embodiment.

It is, of course, relatively easy to see for many Americans that there was a power elite, that there were a certain type of beings who had this total insensitivity to life. What is much harder for Americans to see – but what needs to be seen – is that the capitalist system is not free, it is not a free economy. It is a system created by another group of fallen beings who also have the desire to control but who have a different approach as to how they accomplish this. These fallen beings are, one might say, more subtle, more clever in a way than the fallen beings who created the Soviet Union. They have realized that as the collective consciousness has been raised, there has come a point where people have become aware of certain of the more obvious forms of suppression and the people have become willing to revolt against this.

They, of course, saw that this was what actually led to the birth of the American nation, as out-pictured in the saying of Thomas Paine: “Give me liberty or give me death!” You see that in the Soviet system where they were totally willing to kill, it attracted people who wanted to stay in embodiment and did not want to be killed. In America you have seen a certain amount of people who have the attitude: “Give me liberty or give me death,” and the fallen beings saw that it would be impossible (or at least very, very difficult) to control America in the same overt way through physical means as it was done in the Soviet Union. This did not mean they gave up. They simply said: “Well how can we, then, control people, how can we gain control of the American nation?”

How the elite perverts freedom

What the fallen beings will always do is they will seek to take something that is given for the benefit of the people and make use of it. What can they do in America? Well, they can take the concept of freedom and make full use of it so that they can do absolutely anything they want, because they have set themselves up as an untouchable elite that is not even seen by the people, or at least not seen for what they are. You might say that the fallen beings who controlled the Soviet Union were also, in a sense, a hidden elite. Even though people knew there was a party elite who was running the system, they were still not really seen for who they were. They exercised control by restricting the freedom of the people in a very obvious manner. At the same time, they had to pay a price for that in the sense that they themselves also had to, at least to some degree, follow the system.

It is clear, for example, that even though the party elite could take to themselves certain privileges, there was a limit to what they could take. For example, they might have a bigger apartment than most of the people in the nation but it was not a mansion. They might have a dacha in the country, a summer house in the country,  but it was not a palace because there simply was not the money in the economy to support that. What you saw in the Soviet Union was, in a sense, that it attracted a certain kind of fallen beings who were more concerned about having power than about having money or privileges. They were more concerned about restricting the freedom of the people and less concerned about being able to do anything they wanted.

What America attracted was another group of fallen beings, who do not need or do not want that absolute physical power and control. They want a more hidden form of power, they want money but they first of all want the freedom to do anything they want, regardless of the consequences that it has for the people.

They were driven by this desire to set themselves up as people who have so much money that they could use this to gain privileges that were far, far beyond the population. At the same time, they were untouchable because they were not elected. Even though it was publicly known that they had lots of money, it was not really understood how much money they had, how they were able to use this to influence the political process and how they could do whatever they wanted personally with that money.

You simply see that with communism, it is obvious for most Americans that this was a repressive system. Capitalism is simply another form of oppression where the people are oppressed by a small elite. Most Americans have not yet awakened to see this but they certainly can, especially when they are supported by your calls.

It is quite possible to have another paradigm shift where Americans wake up and suddenly see that it is obvious that there is a power elite running America behind the scenes and that we cannot allow this to go on. What you see is that the fallen beings in America said: “We have a country here who gives a certain amount of personal freedom but also economic freedom. So let’s make use of this economic freedom to accumulate wealth and use that wealth to exert influence on the nation and use that wealth for our own gratification.” In other words, they were determined to take the freedom of opportunity that was given in the early days of America and use it for their own gratification.

American businesses are inhumane

Therefore, if you apply the psychological models that have been created, you have to say that these people were the archetype of a narcissist. They did not care whatsoever about the consequences of their actions for other people, they were willing to do anything for their own gratification and they did anything. They used the economic freedom to seek to create monopolies, to destroy other businesses, to create unfair competition. This is really the hallmark of a capitalist economy, it is dog-eat-dog. It is everyone against everyone else. It is do whatever it takes to get ahead, no matter what consequences this has for other people.

This, then, leads to a consideration of the state of American business, and especially the large corporations who are not even truly American corporations because they have now gone multinational and therefore are not truly American businesses any more. You cannot even say that they have any loyalty to America whatsoever or any dedication to preserving the American way of life. What was created during the 1800s by these early industrialists (the financiers and those who attempted to create monopoly capitalism) was that they set American businesses on this track where business has become a fiercely competitive sport, where the only way to get ahead is to be more ruthless than the competition.

This has, of course, created a system that is so typical for the fallen beings (and that you see in the feudal systems of Europe) where the elite has absolutely no concern for how their actions affect the people. They do not care about the people whatsoever, they just look at them as tools, as a kind of property that can be exploited to an almost ultimate degree. It needs to be stated that American business, the American business climate and especially the large corporations are completely and utterly inhumane.

It is based on a complete denial of the essential humanity of the American people. They are seen only as worker bees to be exploited until they have worked themselves to death and then be discarded. There is absolutely no way to express this in diplomatic terms. It is a completely inhumane system and you see so many people who have been sucked into this system, who have been bought off with a bit larger salary than those other people, who have then spent 60-80 hours a week for 30 or 40 years until they are burned out and do not even know what to do with themselves after they retire. So many of them die within a year or two after retirement simply because they were worked to death in an inhumane system that did not care whatsoever about people but only cared about profit that then can be used to exert power and to buy privilege.

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