Freedom from Judgments

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, through Kim Michaels, August 3, 2015.

I am an ascended master. I hold a spiritual office for planet Earth, namely the office of the Divine Mother.This means that I hold the mother flame for each and every human being embodied on this planet. I love you as only the Divine Mother can love, a love that is beyond what you normally see as human love. I tell you about my spiritual office before I give you my name, for I want you to know that my office is universal; although my name is often associated with the Christian religion.

The name I use as an ascended master is that of Mother Mary. I do this for several reasons. One is that I want you to know that I have been in embodiment on earth, so I know what it is like to be in a physical body on a planet as dense and as difficult as earth. I also want to honor the fact that in my last embodiment, it was my privilege to be the physical mother of the magnificent being you know as Jesus.

But I want you to know today that I am an ascended master because I have transcended all human value judgments, all divisions, all characteristics that people use to divide each other, to judge each other, to put other people down. My beloved, the one thing I would like to impress upon you is that there is a fundamental difference between the consciousness of an ascended master and the consciousness of most human beings in embodiment.

This planet is a very difficult environment, especially for those people who are beginning to awaken to the fact that they are more than material, physical beings. Those who will be open to my words know that you are spiritual beings in a human body. But do you also realize that you are a spiritual being in a human mind? What you normally see as your mind and what many people on earth see as themselves is just an outer clothing you have taken on, as you have taken on the physical body.

What does it mean to be truly free? It means to be free of this outer mind and its value judgments, its tendency to discriminate based on outer characteristics, its tendency to apply a value judgment and say that those people who fit in this group are superior to those people of that other group, perhaps even superior to all other human beings. In order to ascend and become an ascended master, you need to transcend this outer consciousness, the dualistic, relative, judgmental consciousness.

One of the greatest disservices ever done to human kind is the creation of the idea that it is God who is the angry judge in the sky and who has created the value judgments that human beings so eagerly apply to each other. One of the greatest services you could give to yourself and to other people is to make an effort to transcend this judgmental consciousness and realize that you are a universal spiritual being who is beyond any of the value judgments found on earth. You are also a universal spiritual being who has the ability to connect to the universality in all other human beings.

I know well that there are many people who will reject this idea, because they are not done with the judgmental consciousness. They actually want to continue to judge others. But I also know that those who are the forerunners for a new age have the potential to awaken from the judgmental consciousness to accept who you are, as universal spiritual beings; to begin to see it in each other; and then to begin to see it in all. And this will shift the conscious awareness of many people.

It is to this end that we of the ascended masters have dedicated ourselves. And it is to this end that we give our teachings.


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