Freedom and democracy are inseparable

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, December 31, 2020

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

I wish to take this opportunity where so many people are tuned in around the world, to make a few remarks about the situation in America, because it also has ramifications for the entire democratic world.

You will know, based on everything we have said about the power elite and the fallen beings, that they were not happy about the creation of democracy. This is not their ideal form of government—they naturally want a form of dictatorship, where they could be in control. What the fallen beings have been trying to do ever since, is to undermine democracy in any way they can think of.

Now, if you look at a country like Russia, you will see that of course there was no democracy during the czar, and there was no democracy during communism, even though there was some who claimed that the Soviet form of communism was a form of democracy. But of course, there may be some who claimed it, but very few who believed it. What you see is, that after the so-called fall of communism, Russia did create a democratic constitution. But what you have seen now is that one person has arisen, who has set himself in a position where he can override and even change the constitution, so that he can essentially become what you can only call a dictator. And this is an example of how a country can enact a democratic constitution, attempt to create a democratic society, but it can then become undermined. And what you see in Russia is that this has happened very, very quickly.

Now, of course, the United States is an older democracy than Russia, it has a much longer democratic tradition. And I must say also that there was a considerable involvement on my own part with the creation of the United States Constitution. And there has been an ongoing sponsorship on my part that has kept the United States functioning at least somewhat as a democracy.

Naturally, as we have said before, people can only vote based on what they know. And so, an effective way to undermine democracy has always been to keep the people from having certain information.

And of course, the economy, especially the elitist economy, a capitalist neoliberal economy, is also a way to undermine democracy, because when you concentrate wealth in the hands of an elite, well, that elite gains a disproportionate influence on the economy. And in America, they can buy that influence through lobbying and in other ways. So naturally, there are ways to undermine democracy. But what I want to bring to your attention is the latest effort by the fallen beings and the elite to undermine democracy, especially in the United States, but also in other parts of the world.

Now, if you take what Gautama Buddha said, that the world is basically a play that is being enacted, and that you are focusing your attention on something and you are believing that what you are seeing is not a play, but something real that is happening. So, what you see here is that this ties in with what we have said about perception, your perception filters, how you have these filters in your four lower bodies that colors how you look at the world.

The fallen beings, the power elite have always been aware of this. The fallen beings are more aware of it, but many among the power elite have some awareness, but they are being controlled by the fallen beings so that without even realizing what they are doing, they are actually contributing to this intention to control the people by controlling their perception.

When you look back throughout history, you see that after the Catholic Church was created, in the year 381, or even 325, however you count it, the Catholic Church became one of the primary examples seen in the world of an organization that attempted to control the population by controlling their perception. The Catholic Church promoted a mental image, a certain narrative, a certain story or how the world was created. And, it managed to make the majority of the population in Europe accept this mental image for over 1000 years. It dominated society and as we have said before, it created the feudal societies that institutionalized a small elite having almost total control of the population.

Why did the Catholic influence begin to falter? Well, it is because I, in my embodiments as Roger Bacon, as Francis Bacon and after my ascension, I helped to develop science. Science is, in its essence, an attempt to create a view of the world that is not based on a mental image of how the world should work, but actual observations and investigations into how the world does work.

Science is, in its purity, in its essence, an attempt to go beyond manmade theories, ideologies and mental images, and say: “Let us look at how the world actually works. What are certain principles, certain laws that we can detect, certain consequences? Can we find causes that lead to certain effects? And can we therefore induce that this will always be the case, so we have certain general laws.”

You will notice, for example, that the Catholic Church has promoted a certain view of how the bodies in the heavens move based on the idea that the earth was the center of the universe. They had created an incredibly complicated idea of epicycles that could explain the movements of the planets. But you will also notice that it was out of touch with reality, because the earth is not the center of the universe. And therefore, when a more simple system came along, then eventually that was accepted based on the acceptance of science.

In a sense, you could say that the fallen beings are the ones who have the dream that they are the center of the universe, so the fallen beings who were confined to earth, whether in the physical or in the other realms, they wanted earth to be the center of the universe, so that they could seem to be so important.

And this is why they created this worldview. You see here that the Catholic Church was—still to some degree is—an elitist attempt to control the perception of the people. Science was, in its pure form, an attempt to free the people from the control of the elite by looking at: “Is there some reality we can discover that we can say is universally valid? It may not be the absolute truth, but at least universally valid as the earth is right now. The force of gravity could change if the vibration of the earth was raised. But as it is right now, the force of gravity has this value that we can measure and calculate”.

So, science was an attempt to establish a common ground that was not dependent on human beliefs and mental images and ideologies. Communism, of course was another example of an ideology that attempted to force the world to conform to a mental image. And since it is difficult to force the world, it could at least attempt to force people to conform to that mental image.

Now, science of course, has been corrupted by the fallen beings, by the power elite, by taking an ideology, a mental image of materialism and overlaying that on science. Again, as the Catholics said that the movements of the planets has to be explained by the earth being the center of the universe, materialists are saying that the movements of the universe have to be explained by there being nothing beyond the material universe, again, creating more and more complex explanations that are simply out of touch with reality.

But still, science has made discoveries that can be said to be as close to universally valid as can happen as the earth is right now. You see that from the introduction of science on the world stage, there has been in the scientific realm, an upward progression towards greater and greater knowledge that has been supported by experiments, by calculations. And therefore, there has been a broader and broader knowledge base, that we can say there are certain universal, we might call them “facts”, that we can rely on.

This, of course, has not been something that the fallen beings and the power elite have been happy about, which is why they have attempted to undermine science through materialism. But in the last several decades, they have used another tool, and it has come about by the advent of the internet. Because after materialism took over science, science became more and more elitist. A certain academic power elite was established that controlled scientific research, and what should be researched. And first of all, they controlled the interpretation of research and the publication of it. Science, in a sense, became more and more detached from everyday life, from everyday people. People had less and less idea what was going on in the scientific field, because the elite did not want this to be communicated. And they claimed, as they always do, that the average person simply could not understand it, which of course, is not correct. But nevertheless, science became more and more elitist.

But with the advent of the internet, this trend started to be challenged and reversed. Because now, suddenly, knowledge could be spread in a way that was very difficult for the elite to control. What has happened with the internet is that on the one hand, there is the possibility that now all people around the world who can access a computer or a smartphone can have access to this greater and greater foundation of what we might call “reliable knowledge”, knowledge, that has some connection to the real world and is not entirely dependent upon manmade ideas and ideologies. This has been the potential that happened with the internet. Again, technology that I myself and other masters have sponsored to make this possible.

Again, as we have said before, what did the fallen beings do? They were very concerned about this. So, what they have attempted to do is use the internet to spread, unreliable, unrealistic information—to spread false information, confusing information, all kinds of theories, including many of the conspiracy theories that are out there.

And what has been the effect of this? Well, the effect of this is that on the one hand, you have this movement towards a greater and greater knowledge base of reliable knowledge. But at the same time, you have this growth in a greater and greater base of unreliable knowledge, which of course claims to be reliable —claims to be the truth, but it is manmade, in the sense that it is inspired by the fallen beings, it is promoted by the fallen beings, and as all ideas coming from the fallen beings. It claims to be the absolute truth, and to be beneficial and done with a beneficial intent. This is what has been happening in the last, (especially two) decades, but even beyond, in the last three decades, where the internet has been used to spread disinformation.

Where you see this coming to an extreme out-picturing is of course, in the situation is the United States, especially relating to the election. What you have seen here is that one person, Donald Trump, and one political party, the Republican Party, have become the focal point for the fallen beings’ attempt to undermine this growth in the reliable knowledge base and the acceptance of it.

What you realize here is that for a democracy to function at its highest potential, the people in that democracy have to be as informed as possible. But it, of course has to be reliable information that has some basis in reality. In other words, there has to be a certain common reality that a majority of the people in a democracy accept, and therefore they vote based on that reliable knowledge. But what you have seen in the United States is that a growing percentage of the people have come to accept this unreliable knowledge and think it is fact. And this right now, is what has brought the situation where some people have started seeing that the American democracy is actually being threatened by this development.

And it is very, very important and very valid that people debate this. I do not necessarily share the same concern, but it is necessary and important that this is a topic that will be debated in the coming year—that Americans simply need to start debating how democracy can function if the population is so divided about the “facts” that they accept—what they believe is reliable knowledge, what they don’t believe.

And can you actually have a functioning democracy, if almost half of the electorate has distrust of the government and the electoral process? Can a democracy actually function that way? Can it function if you have a president that is elected by the system, but almost half of the electorate does not believe he is the legitimate president? Can you then have a functioning democracy? And what can you do about it?

And this is where, of course, the debate is important in itself, because the debate has the potential, in its highest potential, to bring people more together about a set of reliable facts. However, debate also has the potential to divide people even more. And if the people become much more divided, then it will start to undermine democracy, which is, of course, exactly what the fallen beings want. They want to create a situation where so many people have such a distrust in the economy, or in the government and the entire system, that the system starts falling apart.

Now, I know that the American Constitution, and the division of powers is quite strong, is quite balanced, is quite doable. And therefore, it has so far at least been able to withstand these onslaughts. And I foresee that it will be able to do so also in the future. But it will require a shift in the collective consciousness and in the consciousness of many people. It will require a willingness to look at how did we get to a point where so many people have this doubt in the system.

And this will be painful to many, many people, because they will have to admit something that they are very reluctant to admit, namely, that they have been fooled. And they have been fooled by one person who managed to pull them in to his, not self-created (because it was really created by the fallen beings), but his vortex of energy, his alternate reality where he attempted to project a mental image that the fact is not the fact because the fact is “fake news”, and that there is an alternative reality that is the only reality. And in this reality, he did win the election.

These people will have to look at facts: that despite 60 lawsuits, there has not been established in any court of law, widespread voter fraud despite the fact that there certainly are news outlets who would have published this voter fraud, if they had evidence of it. They have not done so despite the fact that even the Attorney General of United States has said there was no voter fraud. That even Republican governors and Republican election officials have pointed out that this was the safest election in US history. Despite all of these facts, there is still a person who claims that these are not facts, that the election was rigged, that it was stolen, and that he didn’t lose after all.

If people are willing to look at facts, and compare them to claims being made, they can shift and say: “We were literally sucked into this man’s vortex. We were literally sucked into his alternate reality. We need to shift—we need to shift out of this. And we need to shift our attention or our view of the government so that instead of distrusting the government, we start engaging in it. We start taking part in the democratic process. We start going in and demanding that we have an economy and a system that works for the benefit of all of the people, not just the elite”.

But you see, my beloved, you are not going to achieve a better American society, by continuing to have distrust in the government and undermining the government, because the government is not the problem. The government is the solution. The problem is the elite. Right now, the elite has a disproportionate influence upon the government. But that is because the people have not been willing to engage in the government as they have the potential to do in the Constitution.

What the people have done, is they have allowed themselves to be pulled into this vortex of distrust, and have withdrawn from the government thinking it does not matter, it does not make a difference. And if you think it does not make a difference, then it does not make a difference, but only because you will withdraw from engaging in the government when you think it makes no difference. But if you think that it will make a difference, and if you engage in the government, then it will make a difference.

You see, my beloved, this is the lesson that people are meant to learn from democracy. Democracy is a government, what: of the people, by the people for the people. But if the people do not engage, then it will become a government of the elite by the elite and for the elite. Because they will engage—they will engage behind the scenes in hidden ways, but they will engage. So if you the people engage less than the elite, who will have the most influence on the government? Those who are the most engaged. Again, you can point to all kinds of advantages that the elite has: they have the money, they have the power, they have the old boys network and they know people, but the elite is not the people.

And what is it that is unique about democracy? Every person has one vote, and all the votes count as one vote.

And so my beloved, when the people engage, just by your numbers, you can overpower the elite, but it requires constant vigilance. And that is what has been lacking in the American people and in the people of all democracies around the world. And that is why you have collectively precipitated a crisis that suddenly cast doubt upon American democracy. And those of you who are promoting or reinforcing that doubt through the power of your attention, you are not helping to solve the problem. You are only making it worse, because it is the elite that has created the situation where so many people doubt common facts, reliable facts, reliable information, that it threatens democracy. Because you cannot vote as a united people, you are voting as a divided people.

My beloved, what is the essence of the American Constitution? It is the division of powers. What is the essence of the division of powers? It is to prevent the president of United States from becoming the King George of England that the founding fathers were fighting against to establish this nation. Donald Trump is not the king. And Donald Trump is not  the CEO of the company of America. He said himself that he thought that the government should be run like a business. But what that means my beloved, is what? Look at corporations today. What are they? Are they democracies? Do the employees vote? No. A corporation is a dictatorship, and that is precisely what Donald Trump wants.

What he is doing is undermining the faith in all democratic institutions, except himself: ‘Don’t believe what the Attorney General’s of these states say. Don’t believe what the election officials say. Don’t believe what the head of cybersecurity said. Don’t believe what my own Attorney General said. Don’t believe what the leader of the Senate says— that I lost the election. Don’t believe anything that anybody says if they disagree with me, only believe what I say’.

Well, my beloved, that is also what King George said, what the Pope said, what Putin is saying, what the president of China is saying, what the premier of China is saying. This is what all dictators have been saying throughout the ages: “Don’t believe anything anybody says, if they disagree with me, only believe what I say”.

Therefore, I take this opportunity to shatter this illusion, shatter this matrix, shatter this collective consciousness, that have pulled so many Americans into believing that fake news is real news, that claims made are the same as facts.

Shatter it now! Shatter it in the physical! Shatter it in the emotional! Shatter it in the mental and shatter it in the identity realm—not only of America, but all democracies around the world.

Awaken the people now to see that there is a common base of reliable knowledge. And if we do not accept this, we are undermining democracy and the democratic freedoms, because the only thing that will actually guarantee freedom is democracy. There is no dictator, no totalitarian government that ever has and ever will guarantee freedom. Freedom and democracy are inseparable. And so, shatter that illusion—shatter that illusion that prevents so many Americans from waking up and doing what Gautama said, self-reflection.

Look at yourself in this coming year of 2021. I have also been involved in a process in the sun. And I am also part of that mirror that is held up towards people so they can see how they need to shift their consciousness based on this election process in the United States and how people around the world, in all democracies need to shift this, and we realize we must find common ground—we must find a basis of reliable information that we all can agree on, and we can use to vote on.

Surely this is a challenge. Surely the fallen beings have done everything they can to put out so many claims and counter-claims, that it is difficult for people to know what to believe. I fully understand how difficult it is for people to know what to believe. But it is possible to gradually increase your discernment, which is why we gave this very important conference on increasing Christ discernment (December, 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment), that will also spread through the mass consciousness and help people who are willing and open, increase their discernment and come to that awareness that there is a set of reliable knowledge that we cannot really question and dispute.

And that those who do question and dispute it, are doing so in order to manipulate us. There is no other explanation. And in fact, there can be that awakening that there are people—there are forces in this world, who want to manipulate us and are doing everything they can to manipulate us. And there are also those who are seeking to set us free by increasing our awareness.

Many people can be awakened by this, to realize that they need to reach for something higher. And the law is the law, my beloved—when the student is ready, the teacher will appear in a form that the student can grasp. It does not mean that people will necessarily be ready to know about ascended masters, but they will in some way or form be able to connect to the realization that there is reliable knowledge to be had in this world. Despite all of these disinformation campaigns that are going on continually, it is possible to establish a certain foundation of reliable knowledge.

There may be specific beliefs that we disagree on. But there is a certain foundation of reliable knowledge. And one of them is that as gravity works a certain way, the economy works a certain way, and so far, the neoliberal economy has been an elitist economy. And the only way to establish a more fair, a more just, a more equal economy is to abandon neoliberalism and instead of replacing it with another economic system and another economic ideology, we look at scientific studies and facts: How does the economy work? How does the money system work? What are the consequences of financial instruments on the entire economy and on society, and especially the concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite? What is it in the economy that allows an elite to exploit the people and concentrate wealth in their hands? What is it that makes it possible to create an economy where all of the people have a higher standard of living?

This is all possible, even with what is there today to establish a set of common facts, common knowledge, reliable knowledge, and then to start basing democratic governments and the way that the people vote, and the way that debate in society take place, on this reliable knowledge, reliable knowledge. Reality-based knowledge, knowledge that is connected to reality, rather than ideas made by minds. Minds, mind you, that only care about themselves, because these minds believe that they are, or should be, the center of the universe.

There is no center of the universe. God is no respecter of persons, except God respects all persons. And a democracy can also not be a respecter of a few persons, but must respect all persons equally. That is what equal rights mean.

With this, I have given you this impetus for the new year. And I ask you to also keep in mind, the mirror effect. You may if you desire, if you decide, when you look at the sun, also say simply: “Saint Germain, you are the perfect mirror for the economy”. “Saint Germain, you are the perfect mirror for the economy”.

And thus, I thank you for your attention, and I seal you in the Flame of Freedom that I AM.


An invocation based on this dictation – WINV46 Invoking a focus on reliable knowledge.

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