Forming the true sangha of the Buddha

TOPICS: What is sangha of the Buddha? – The community of honesty – The Buddha and the Mother – The origin of time – Total forgiveness is forgetting all – A victory for us all –

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, June 29, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

The Buddha, the dharma, the sangha—these are the three pillars of the religion – or what they call the religion – of Buddhism. Yet I, Gautama, did not come to start a religion, my beloved. I came to demonstrate the universal path to oneness with Spirit – the oneness between Spirit and matter – the oneness you attain when you are fully awake.

The question is not only “To be, or not to be,” but “Do you want to be awake or do you want to stay unawake?” Whereby – in your unawakeness – there is a space between you and reality—the reality that you see when you are awake. And in that space the ego can hide, and you can hide from your own past momentums, that you have not yet looked at, as Master MORE so eloquently explained.

What then is the reality of the Buddha? What is the awake understanding of the Buddha? Well, it is the Being who – because he or she is awake – sees the oneness of all life, sees the reality that all life sprang from the same source and is destined to return to that source by ascending and becoming part of the spiritual realm. Thus, the Buddha is the one who holds the balance that allows those who are not yet awake to continue an existence in their unawakened state—instead of becoming consumed by the intensification of the ascension spiral, into which the entire material universe has been engaged from its inception.

What then is the dharma? Well, it is the raising up of all sentient beings, all self-aware beings, to the awakened state—that they too become the Buddha. What then is the sangha, the community? It is a gathering of those who have made a commitment to the path that leads to the full awakeness of the Buddha, and who have determined to let nothing in the matter world stand between them and the attainment of the fullness of that Buddhahood. Even while they still maintain a focus in a physical body, and therefore can be here below all that they are Above—and thus serve as the open door between matter and Spirit, serve as the anchor for Spirit, that allows the Light to flow through and thus light up the dark corners of the earth, until there is no imperfect spirit, no ego-illusion, that can hide from the all-penetrating Light of the Buddha.

What is sangha of the Buddha?

When I sat on the earth in a physical body, I gave forth a teaching adapted to the consciousness of the people of the time, to a certain element of the mass consciousness. I thus knew, that it was impossible to give the fullness of what the path is about and what the community is meant to be. I had to give a teaching that people could grasp, and thus, people turned my teaching into another religion, called Buddhism.

And they created the image that those who belonged to the Buddhist religion form a sangha that is clearly set apart from those who do not belong to the Buddhist religion. And thus, they created an image much like the members of other religions have done, an exclusivist, separatist image. Yet time has passed. The Christ descended, humankind has risen and we now have a body of students who are ready to understand the fullness of the Buddha, the dharma and the sangha.

Many spiritual people are close to manifesting that community. So, let me give you some thoughts on the sangha of the Buddha. There is – naturally – a certain sense of familiarity, security in coming together in a community of people with like mind—who can then speak freely and support each other. We are not saying that you cannot create such a community, where you come together and are free to share your ideas, knowing you will not be condemned or criticized. And knowing that you do not have to deal with the ego games, that so often cause people to put down others, even if they have a good idea. Or just the fact that they did not come up with the idea, means that they have to put it down. Thus, I ask you to consider that – certainly – you can and should form such a community. But I ask you to ponder the subtle distinction, that you do not make it an exclusivist community that sets itself apart from the greater community of humankind-at-large.

For who is the Buddha? He is the one that knows that everything is the Buddha nature, and thus the Buddha is in everyone and in everything. And thus, how can you be true followers of the Buddha, if you set yourself apart and say the Buddha can only be in certain people and not in others? We desire you to see that the community you form is not isolated from the greater community of all sentient beings, but is a nucleus that interacts with the greater community, that is willing to put itself out there to shout your message from the housetops, to let your Light shine that others may see your good works, and know that only the Father within you could have produced such works. And thus, they come to see the God within themselves, the Buddha within themselves.

For my beloved, the Buddha likewise is not an egomaniac who wants to be elevated above others. When the Buddha has awakened in one person, well that person has only one focus and desire. And that is to awaken the Buddha in all others, so that the Buddha can be awake in all. For only then is the Buddha whole.

The community of honesty

So the Sangha, the community, we desire to see manifest, is one where the foremost quality is honesty, plain and simple. Honesty with yourself, honesty with each other, honesty with other people who are not yet part of your sangha, for they have hesitation. Honesty – in order to be complete – can know no conditions that allow the ego to hide. For honesty has no conditions—only the ego has conditions. And it sets up those conditions precisely so that it can hide. And this is the force that you need to overcome.

What is the key to honesty, my beloved? It is the realization that if the Buddha is everywhere, if God is everywhere, then nothing can be hidden from God. So what is the point in trying to be dishonest and hide something? Who are you fooling—certainly not God, certainly not the Buddha, certainly not the ascended masters, certainly not your I Am Presence. You might be fooling other people, but you are first and foremost fooling yourself. And if you desire to play that game, then I simply ask you to go to one of the many organizations out there, that are still trapped in playing the game, and that still not only allow but encourage their members to play the game.

Simply go there and play that game, until you have had your fill. And then come back to the sangha of the Buddha. And thus, we have seen how the pieces have been put together—that at this critical time many spiritual people might come physically together and step up to manifesting a true example – not the only example – but a true example of what the sangha of the Buddha is in the Aquarian Age—with the awareness that humankind has today.

The Buddha and the Mother

I will move on to give you some thoughts on the relationship between the Buddha and the Mother. As you will note in the invocation you gave earlier, there is the line, “Buddha space, Mother time, tis the secret so sublime.” The material universe is seen by science as being a space in which are found planets, solar systems and galaxies. That space is the Buddha—is created out of the Buddha nature. The space is a space set apart from the Allness of God, so that separate forms can manifest. In that space you find the Ma-ter light, which takes on form.

You, as unascended beings, have co-creative abilities, but you do not have the power of mind to affect space. For you cannot affect space until you attain the consciousness of the Buddha—and then you transcend space. So, you are confined to expressing your co-creative abilities within the framework of space, and the so-called natural laws that guide space, most of which science has not yet discovered or fully understood.

As an unascended being, your co-creative abilities allow you to work only on the Ma-ter light, projecting form unto that Ma-ter light. When the Buddha allows its own Being to become space, the Buddha holds a vision for how that space and all within it – the Ma-ter light, the energy within it – is meant to be raised up as part of the ascending spiral that my brother Maitreya has described in his book. The Mother of God then allows her Light to become the instrument for self-aware beings to outplay their free will and harvest the physical conditions that outpicture their mental images. This makes it possible, then, that within the total space of the Buddha, certain portions – such as for example focused around planet earth – can then fall behind in the ascending spiral of the totality of space.

The origin of time

You see, my beloved, the totality of the material realm is – and always has been – in an ascending spiral that cannot be stopped. But due to free will, the inhabitants of a particular planet can densify their consciousness, thereby densifying the planet, so that it falls behind the ascending spiral. We might actually describe this as a stretching of space, as envisioned in the concept of a stretching of what has been called the space-time continuum. But what science does not understand is that time is not a function of space. Time is a function of free will. For when a planet falls behind the place in space, where it ideally should have been, then the distance between that immaculate concept and the current reality—that is what creates time.

And it is, so to speak, a cosmic clock that starts ticking. For, while you have free will, it is, as Maitreya explained, not feasible that there are no limitations for free will. For you cannot forever take a portion of the Creator’s own Being and entrap it in an imperfect form. Nor can you forever entrap other self-aware beings in an imperfect form.

And thus, the clock of time that starts ticking counts down to the point, where those lifestreams who were instrumental in taking a planet into the downward spiral, where their opportunity runs out. And they must then be removed from that planet, so that the other inhabitants – who might have gone along with the blind leaders – receive an opportunity then to be free of the pull—that they might choose to start rising. Thus bringing their planet back, accelerating time so to speak, so that it catches up and therefore again finds its rightful place in the cosmic dance. Whereby, time as you now know it ceases to exist for that planet. For truly, my beloved, “Time is not!”

Total forgiveness is forgetting all

Now then, to continue on the discourse given by Master MORE on memory, your personal memory versus the cosmic memory of the akashic record. Once again, your personal memory is set apart, is allowed to lag behind the akashic record, the cosmic memory which sees reality and remembers things as they are—as MORE explained. And thus, what you do, as you walk the path towards the total surrender of the separate self that is Christhood, you too catch up to the place in space, where you would have been had you stayed in the River of Life, flowing with it instead of walking into the jungle of separation, thus coming to lag behind.

The ghosts – that were spoken about by several masters – are the memories you hold of your own imperfections, seeing through the filter of the duality consciousness instead of seeing through the reality of God consciousness that forgives all. Those are the ghosts that you must give up. And thus, total forgiveness is giving up even the memory of the perceived mistake. Simply letting it be consumed so that you no longer hold on to it, and in holding on to it, keep yourself trapped in a time warp, so to speak. Because you keep yourself trapped in time, the time that is really a distance between where you could be and where you have chosen to be or chosen to be not.

You will note, that the Bible contains the statement, “I shall remember their sins no more.” Well, God never remembers your sins, for God remembers only the reality – the reality that the material universe is a sandbox – for you have been given freedom to experiment. And thus, once a limiting choice has been replaced by a higher choice, the previous choice is no more. The essence of free will is, that you choose one thing, and in choosing that one thing, you cannot at the same time choose another thing. Thus, you cannot be awake and unawake at the same time. And thus, once you let go of the old illusion – the old choice to accept the dualistic illusion – you are free of that illusion.

It is gone—unless you choose to let it stay in your memory and thereby recreate it over and over again, until you finally give up the ghost and let that mortal self die. Thus, even Jesus hanging on the cross had certain personal ghosts, that he had to give up, as has every being that has ever ascended.

A victory for us all

It is, then, my great privilege and my great joy to seal this conference, which I must tell you has been an unmitigated victory for the ascended masters—and for you as part of the ascended masters, though still unascended at least in some part of your awareness. For truly, you are much more than you can conceive of, and thus it is only a small part of your total Being that is still trapped down here in the quagmire.

And when you tune in to the totality, you gain the cosmic perspective, whereby you see how truly inconsequential all of these ego-syncracies are. And that is when you can let the ghosts die, for you know you are more—and thus you will not die with them.

Do not feel sadness for the fact that this conference has drawn to a close, as everything in time must do. Instead, look beyond it, see what you have established, a sangha that transcends time. For it is the sangha of the Buddha, my beloved, that exists in space—and space is beyond time. Thus focus on that! Focus on the sangha and transcending even the physical distance, keeping that contact as you have the communications technology to do. And therefore see that this sealing of the conference does not represent an end, but the beginning of a new cycle, a different cycle, even a higher cycle.

For now you go out to be the Omega, and as you multiply the talents you have been given, well surely we will draw you in—in another in-breath, to come to another conference where you can then go higher because you have gone out, my beloved. For if you did not go out to share with others and seek to raise up the All, then we could not give you higher teachings. And you would be standing and treading water in the same place.

So do you see that both are necessary, the in-breath and the out-breath, that is what forms the cosmic dance? Therefore, get out of the so common mindset of many spiritual people of wanting to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the world. Thinking that when you find peace and solitude and quietness in a cave in the mountains, then you will find the Buddha. Instead, study the teachings of those who served life in some form, and in so doing suddenly saw the Buddha. Even the being who was licking the maggots from the wounds of another person, and in so doing attained enlightenment and oneness with the Buddha.

For it is when you see the Buddha in all life, that you will see me, beloved. For I AM ALL and in all. So as long as you have the mindset that I can only be found in certain places and not in others, then how could you possibly discover me? For the only place to discover me is in yourself. So if you think, that you have to be somewhere else in order to discover me, well then can you not see that you cannot see me—even though I am always there, smiling my Buddhic smile, patiently waiting for you to discover me in yourself. For I AM the Buddha. I am space. I am beyond time. So I have all the time in the world—whereas the world does not have unlimited time.

So wake up then, and decide to reach beyond time and recognize that there comes a time when the acceptable time is NOW; not tomorrow; not one second from now, but NOW. For that is when you enter the Eternal NOW and transcend the illusion of space, the illusion that the material world can keep you from the oneness of the sangha. That is when you manifest the sangha where you are, instead of seeing it somewhere else.

I AM where you are. I AM awake where you are. Will you be awake where I AM? Then so BE, and be sealed in my infinite peace. Rejoice in my infinite peace. And discover that what seems to be peace from the human perspective is not actually peace. Peace is the bliss of the Buddha, where you are so joyful, for you know the demons of Mara have no power over you. And thus, you can laugh at all of their antics, all of their attempts to draw you in to an attachment.  And that is when they flee from you—and I AM all that is left.


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