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TOPICS: Not the destination, but what you learn from the journey – Who are the seed of Abraham? – Enter the path of joyful overcoming – The joy of letting go of the ego – Your own ego is the hardest one to see—for you – God gave dominion to his own sons and daughters – A spiritual movement in the Aquarian age will not have rules – Your first love is God –

Ascended Master El Morya, July 4, 2005.

I am El Morya, and I am come to add my momentum of God’s will to the momentum of Saint Germain for the sponsoring of the new movement of those who defend the Mother Light. For how can the Mother Light be defended and raised up unless it is aligned to the Will of God, the perfect will and the Law of God?

Truly, the problem on earth is that the Law of God has been lost to the law created by men, when they followed the false leaders who believed that they could be a law unto themselves, separating themselves out from God the Father, abusing God the Mother to create the grand illusion of the ages that they could somehow separate themselves from the Allness of God and create a counterfeit creation that is in opposition to the Father’s Will and Law.

Thus, those who will defend the Mother Light, those who will be the Guardians of the Mother Light, must first raise up their consciousness to reunite with the Will of God, the Law of God, that he has put in their inward parts. They must rediscover the I AM Presence that stores the Will of God and the Divine Blueprint for their lifestreams, so that they can realign themselves with that blueprint and bring it into physical manifestation, which then is the key to realigning the entire earth, spinning off those who will not change, spinning off those who will not come higher in God, in the flow of the River of Life.

Truly, this is a process that was begun many years ago through my incarnation as Abraham* and my devotion to God the Father. Yet it has taken these thousands of years to create a spiral that could finally reach the critical mass, where enough people are ready to truly realign themselves with the Will of God within them. And thus, we started these sections of rosary vigils with the Rosary to God’s Will, that is truly my very own rosary.

Not the destination, but what you learn from the journey

Ah, my beloved, what a joy it has been for us to participate with you in this retreat. I compliment you for every aspect of your efforts, including the tolerance and the non-attachment to the less than ideal physical conditions you have encountered. I must tell you, that this is a test that must come to all those who are the true students of the ascended masters. For how can you follow the spiritual vision if you are attached to having things a certain way on earth? We are not about having perfect conditions before we act. We are about acting so that we, through our actions, manifest God’s kingdom on earth.

Therefore, the most important concept you can take with you about the spiritual path is that you will not be given a clear vision of where you are going. If you knew the destination before you started the journey, what would you possibly learn from the journey? The important point in life is not the destination but what you learn as you walk the path, making decisions to the best of your ability, learning from all of your decisions. Whether they be considered right or wrong from an outer human perspective matters not. What matters is that you learn and that you use that decision, no matter how it turned out, to say, “Ah, but now I know how to take the next step, now I can come up higher.”

And thus, no decision is truly wasted, no decision is truly a mistake—as long as you are willing to take that next step on the path. And of course, the essence of the human ego is that it will try to manipulate you, so that you do not take that next step. The essence of the false hierarchy of the fallen angels is that they will try to prevent you from taking that next step closer to God, so that you are stopped in your tracks where you are. And they have devised many cleaver schemes to create this illusion that you cannot or that you are not allowed to, or that you do not need to, take that next step and come closer to God.

Who are the seed of Abraham?

Yet, I know that you will be the ones who will see through and expose these illusions in yourselves. And how do I know this? Well, first of all because I have known your lifestreams for a very long time. You are indeed the seed of Abraham. And you are indeed my own. How can I say this in such a general statement? Well, I can say, as did Jesus, “Those who hear the Word of God and do it, these are my brothers and sisters—these are the seed of Abraham.” Those who reach for the Will of God within their own beings and manifest that will on earth, these are the seeds of Abraham.

I also know it because I see that you are willing to expose the ego, making light of it, making fun of it, and laughing that ego out the door because it simply could not stand being mocked and made a fool of. This is indeed the key that we would like to see you use. Don’t make it such a heavy thing to get rid of the ego. Make it light. Make it fun. Make it joy. Simply laugh that ego out the door. Just let it roll out that door. Stop taking it seriously. Stop taking yourself seriously. If it isn’t fun, what’s the point?

Enter the path of joyful overcoming

I know very well that in the past we have given a far more somber and serious message, as your beloved Saint Germain told you this afternoon. But ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, fifty, a hundred years ago, the situation on earth did indeed look much more dire. And therefore, we had to give a message that would awaken people and galvanize them. And people were in a lower state of consciousness, where, I am sad to say, it was necessary to induce a certain element of seriousness, bordering on fear – which many people took over the line and did bring down to the level of fear – in order to even awaken them and motivate them to do anything out of the ordinary.

Yet, this is no longer so, because so many of you have come up higher. You are not here out of fear. You are not here out of a sense of duty and obligation. You are here because you love something more than what the rest of the world has been doing on this Fourth of July. You love the Law of God, put in your inward parts. You love the Divine Mother. You love the Christ. You love God more than anything else. And that is why you are here—out of love, out of enjoyment, and that is indeed why I can say, as Christ said, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Thou has been faithful over a few things. I will make thee ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of the Lord.”

Ah, my beloved, there is a joy in heaven. And there is nothing but joy in heaven, for how can you be anything less than joyful when you are flowing with the River of Life and when you are watching the intense, immense beauty of God’s creation unfold right before your eyes. And you know that you are not a spectator standing on the sidelines, watching the River of Life slide by you. You are indeed a participator in this great drama, that is unfolding in the mind of our Creator. And you know that you are not separated from that Creator. You are an extension of the Creator. You are a part of the All.

And you know, when you have ascended, that the Conscious You that you are, can identify with any part of God’s creation. And thus, you have the potential to be everywhere in the consciousness of God, or to be anywhere in the consciousness of God, focusing your sense of identity at that particular point and experiencing God’s creation, the tapestry of life, from that particular vantage point.

The joy of letting go of the ego

This is the joy that you can have on earth. This is the joy that you can have by coming to the point of letting go of the ego, so that you can talk about the ego without being attached to it. My Beloved hearts, we have seen many spiritual organizations, where those who came to the organization paraded themselves as very serious and very stout and very astute students. And in many ways they were astute. I do give them credit for their efforts, I do honor them for their efforts. But I must tell you that when it came right down to it, many of them were completely unwilling to look in the mirror and look their own ego straight in the eye and say, “You are not part of me, and I will no longer have you in my sphere of self.” Instead, they would be reluctant to admit that they even had an ego, thinking, that – for this or that reason – they surely must have been advanced students. But ah, as Saint Germain said,  that is not necessarily the case.

Those who are led to believe they are God’s chosen people might indeed be given this belief as a test of humility. Will they take that into pride and continue the momentums of pride—that they have had for tens of thousands of years? Or will they finally bend the knee in humility and say, “No, I am the one who has to change. I am the one who has to admit that I have something in me that is unreal and that I need to let go of—rather than protect it and cuddle it and hide it and try to pretend like it isn’t there, like it will probably go away if I ignore it long enough.”

That, of course, will get you nowhere. And I have seen this so many times. You will not believe how many times I have seen people walk into a spiritual organization, and they will be confronted with one little thing that insults their ego, or otherwise goes against their expectations, and suddenly they will leave in a huff. And I have seen them also stay, and stay and stay and do all the outer things right, yet they never seem to change. And the reason they do not change is that they are not willing to admit that they have to look inside themselves. They have to take a hard look and discover the ego.

Your own ego is the hardest one to see—for you

For truly, I must tell you, even though I commend you for exposing the different levels of the ego and the characteristics of the ego – and of course there is an almost infinite variety of them – it is one thing to know the ego on a theoretical level. It is another thing to see it in people in practical situations. And it is another thing still to see it in yourself.

This is not something that can be put into a teaching system and taught, for each person is slightly different. Each person has a slightly different way of looking at life. And thus, what is the characteristics of your personal ego will be a little bit different than the characteristics of the ego of your brother and sister. We cannot simply come out and give you a book that defines every characteristic of the human ego, and if you read that book you will automatically see your ego.

We can give you some general guidelines, as we will surely do. But there comes a point, where you have to take that general guideline and apply it, turn it around, somehow step outside of yourself – outside of that prison cell of the ego – and look at it from the outside and say, “Aha, now I see where you are hiding! Now I see how you have been hiding all of these years, all of these embodiments, behind this illusion that is not real at all. And now that you are exposed, I will let Michael come and take you to a place where you can be gone. For I have no more need of you! I will invoke the violet flame to clean you up and clean you out the door.”

These are the ones – the people who are willing to do this – these are the ones who can be Guardians of the Mother Light. For truly, it is only the ego that has perverted the Mother Light. You may say that it is the fallen angels who have been instrumental in perverting the Mother Light on earth. And this is partially true, but only partially, for remember the statement in Genesis, “God created man in his own image and likeness” (Genesis 1:26). And then he said, “Multiply and take dominion over the earth” (Genesis 1:28).

God gave dominion to his own sons and daughters

You see, my beloved, God did not give dominion over the earth to the fallen angels; he gave dominion over the earth to the sons and daughters of God. And thus, the fallen angels cannot come down here and corrupt Mother earth and the Mother Light. They can do so only indirectly through the sons and daughters of God, whom they manage to trick into creating an ego, which then takes the Mother Light into an imperfect matrix. You see, if the fallen angels had had the power to pervert this planet, then this planet would long ago have self-destructed and disintegrated in the fires of hell.

They must work indirectly through the sons and daughters, as we Above in the ascended masters, must work indirectly by inspiring you to come up higher and realign yourself with the Will of God. This is the key equation that you need to understand on earth. The dark forces do not have the amount of power that some people ascribe to them. They have no more power than what you give to them. And therefore, when you uncover the ego and dismiss that ego, you will stop giving them power. And as their power quickly burns out and diminishes, they will be removed from the earth. Because she will start spinning faster on her axis, and she will spin them off, for they no longer have the power to hold on.

That is the day that is not as far away as you might think. And from that moment on, you will hear almost the sound of water splashing on hot rocks and being consumed, being turned into steam and sizzling away. And that is indeed the fallen ones being spun off this planet so fast that you will not believe the changes that can happen when it finally breaks and they are starting to spin off at a faster and faster pace. Because you are raising your vibration and thereby raising the Mother Light up, until she finally reunites with the Father, with the Buddha in the crown, and outpictures that perfect lotus blossom, that perfect balance of Alpha and Omega, as Above, so below, that cannot be corrupted. And therefore, the earth is sealed in the immaculate concept.

A spiritual movement in the Aquarian age will not have rules

I commend you for your efforts to do your part. And I can tell you that there are enough people in embodiment to form a nucleus, that if you maintained that raising of the Mother Light in your being, the guarding of the Mother Light in your own being, then you can indeed start the catalyst that will raise the awareness of humankind and spread like rings in the water.

In past ages, we have – due to the low consciousness of humankind – we have given many rules and regulations and very specific guidelines for how an organization should unfold and what the members should do and should not do. You must understand, that in the Aquarian Age we will not do this. We will not stand in front of you, speaking through a messenger, telling you every little detail of what you should or should not do. Because as spiritual people you are now ready to go within and get the directions, put your minds and hearts together and multiply each other’s efforts. Thereby, you will know from within what to do instead of being told from without. And therefore, you can all feel that instead of being passive members of an organization, you are co-creators of the organization.

Although we in heaven, have a certain hope for many spiritual movements, we do not have a fixed matrix for what should or should not happen. Within certain parameters, within certain guidelines, you have great freedom to do with your movements as your heart desires and as you are moved from within. We give you that freedom because we know you are ready for it. You have matured enough. You have gotten enough of a vision of the ego – or you have already let go of that ego – to the point where you can be self-sufficient, you can be spiritually independent and you do not need to be like the babes who are spoon-fed, and we have to wipe the front end and wipe the rear end because they mess up all the time.

We know that you are mature enough to not be the babes in Christ, but to indeed be the Christed beings on earth that will light this planet and raise the torch of freedom up, so that Saint Germain can reach his hand down and light that torch, as you see in the Olympics every four years. And you can then take that torch and then run around the planet, and you will see that light starting to roll around the planet as a momentum. And the planet will spin faster and faster and faster, until all is Light.

Your first love is God

I can be a strict master, I can be a direct master. But I can also be the loving Father, who truly looks at his sons and daughters, not with human pride, but with the true joy of seeing that you are coming into your own as the sons and daughters of the Creator, the Father that I adore and have adored for so many thousands of years.

Therefore, I say to you, “Remember your first love!” Your first love is God. Your only love is God. And truly, you can love God in manifestation as a human being, as the beauty of nature, but always be clear in your mind and heart that you are not loving the outer manifestation. You are loving God, the inner reality of God. And you see that inner reality always overshadowing the outer manifestation and realigning it with the immaculate concept held in the mind of the universal Christ. This is my message, a message of the Father’s love, the Father’s love for all. And I seal you in that love, and I say again, “Remember your first love—always!”

* El Morya was embodied as Abraham.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels