Flowing with the River of Life regardless of outer conditions

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Ascended Master Portia through Kim Michaels, September  21, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan—Being the River of Life in action.

I AM the Ascended Master Portia. I have been called the Goddess of Opportunity and the Goddess of Justice. What does justice and opportunity have to do with the River of Life? Well, of course, all God qualities are part of the River of Life, because what is the River of Life about? It is about first internalizing the God qualities, then being the God qualities in action and thereby enhancing the God qualities. Many people will look at the concept of a God quality and project this image, again originally created by the fallen beings, that God must be perfect, therefore a God quality must be perfect. But this is not so, for everything in the entire creation is in the process of transcending itself.

The upward momentum of the God qualities

Now, a God quality does not transcend itself, because the God quality exists in the mind, in the minds of the individual co-creators. Yes, you can say that the Creator originally defined certain God qualities that were used to set the parameters for the matter world, for the world of form. But since then, it is the co-creators who have internalized, acted upon these God qualities and thereby they have created for each God quality an upward momentum, an ever-self-transcending momentum, so that a God quality is never static.

God Justice is much more today than it was in the beginning of the first sphere or in the beginning of this sphere. Constantly the God qualities are being transcended when people transcend their ability to internalize and act upon those God qualities. And certainly, in an unascended sphere there is still an upward movement, a refinement of the God qualities.

You might look at God Justice and say: “Well in the ascended realm what is the need for justice? Is there any injustice in the ascended realm that needs to be corrected by the quality of justice?” But in an unascended sphere there is plenty of so-called injustice and that is why the quality of God Justice can serve as that frame of reference that there is something beyond human justice, beyond the dualistic justice and injustice polarity. And when people see this, when they see the contrast between the God quality and the ego qualities, then the God quality is actually enhanced.

Likewise with opportunity. Certainly there is opportunity in the ascended realm, there is always opportunity for self-transcendence. But still in an unascended sphere where there are so many restrictions of people’s ability to act, to feel, to think, to identify themselves, it is as if the quality of God Opportunity has a different ability to shine.

And therefore by being in contrast, it is in some way enhanced. At least it is enhanced in the minds of the people who see the dualistic polarity of justice and injustice where both the injustice and the justice are defined by the duality consciousness and they see the contrast to the God Justice, the God Opportunity. And they see therefore the God quality in a different way. They internalize it in a different way and they can act upon it in a different way and this enhances the God quality.

For now even ascended beings can see the contrast, can see different facets and values of the God quality, and what does this mean? Why am I giving you this esoteric talk? Because when you step into the River of Life, when you begin to internalize the River of Life, when you begin to open yourself to the River of Life, you can make an important shift. In fact you might even say that, before you can truly flow with the River of Life, you need to make this shift consciously.

Everything is an opportunity for self-transcendence

And you need to see that human beings on a planet like earth have created a very specific view of life, a very specific view of the universe and how it works. And when you see that this is not reality, this is just a view, then you suddenly see that it was never the purpose to create some perfect state on earth, some unchanging state. The purpose is the transcendence of consciousness which means what? It means everything you encounter, every condition in the physical realm that you encounter, every condition in your emotional body, in your mental mind, in your identity mind that you encounter—it is what? It is an opportunity, an opportunity to see the contrast between the God quality and the not so God quality and thereby transcend your current present view which is, of course, affected by the dualistic view, the dualistic polarities. Everything is an opportunity.

I know very well my beloved that for many people this will sound harsh, this will be very difficult to accept for them because they see so many conditions and they apply the dualistic value judgment.”This should have happened, this should not have happened” and therefore when they think something should have happened but it did not happen or when they think that something should not have happened but it did happen, they do not think this is an opportunity.

You are not defined by outer conditions

But there is always an opportunity hiding behind any outer condition in an unascended sphere. What is the opportunity? To transcend your sense of self and experience that you are more and because you are more you are not defined by these outer conditions. You do not have to react to them, you do not have to be affected by them at all except maybe some physical conditions, but in the emotional, mental and identity level you do not have to be affected by them. And this is the opportunity to realize that regardless of the physical conditions, you can transcend the consciousness that affects you because as we have said before when you are facing a physical situation, what is it that affects you? Is it the physical condition or is it the reaction in your own mind?

And it is always the reaction in your emotional body that affects your emotional body. It is always the reaction in your mental mind that affects your mental mind. It is always the reaction in your identity mind that affects your sense of identity regardless of the physical conditions. The opportunity in terms of the River of Life is to realize that the goal of flowing with the River of Life is to flow with the River of Life regardless of outer conditions. This is another one of these lies that have been put upon spirituality by the fallen beings.

It is that in order to be spiritual you have to have certain physical conditions. Look how many people throughout the ages have withdrawn themselves from society, from all the conflict with other people. Who have withdrawn into a monastery or into an ashram or into a cave in the Himalayas where they are isolated and insulated from the world. And they think that, only when they have these specific conditions where there is peace and quiet, they do not have to worry about making a living. They just have to follow a few simple rules. Then they can be spiritual.

I am not saying it is not valid for some people in some embodiments to withdraw from the world. But it is only valid if they are transcending that sense that their spirituality depends on physical conditions. Ideally you should spend maybe one or two lifetimes in a monastery and then you should be able to go out into society and be spiritual in society, maintain a spiritual state of mind even in the hustle and bustle of active life.

But so many people have withdrawn but have not seen this as an opportunity. They have thought that: “If I am living in these conditions and I am studying spiritual teachings and performing spiritual rituals, surely I must be growing. That is all I need to be doing.” But how could that be all? If there is no self-transcendence where is the opportunity? What is opportunity? It is the opportunity to transcend yourself. That is the only opportunity that really matters.

Many people in ascended master movements have given decrees to me, have made calls to me, have prayed to me to give them this or that opportunity to have this or that physical condition manifest, often money. If I had one cent for each prayer for more money I have received from people I would be a billionaire but nevertheless, what would I do with billions of dollars? For the opportunity that I am cannot be bought for money. It cannot be bought by performing rituals. It cannot be bought by studying spiritual teachings. You cannot force it. You can allow it to flow through you but in order to allow it to flow through you, you have to let it flow and you have to see the opportunity behind every situation. Instead of thinking, putting the cart before the horse that when I have the right physical conditions, then I can be spiritual so now I will pray to Portia to give me these conditions so I can be spiritual.

But in many cases giving you those conditions would only solidify this mindset that your spirituality depends on physical conditions and so how would that help you grow? How would that get you closer to flowing with the River of Life? I would in many cases not be doing you a favor by giving you the conditions that you think are the key to your spiritual growth.

The constantly self-transcending self

How do you get started looking at everything as an opportunity? Well, perhaps it would help you to realize that, as we have talked about before—several masters, that the outer conditions are not really what matter in a world of matter. Because in a sense nothing in matter matters in itself, of itself.

The Buddha gave some teachings 2500 years ago about the concept of no self but what he really meant was that there is no condition in a material world that exists in and of itself. The Hindu Brahmins taught that there is an Atman, the universal self. It is permanent, it is perfect, it is unchanging. The Buddha taught that he had never seen in himself such an unchanging self, he had only seen a changing self. It does not mean there is no self but there is a constantly self-transcending self.

Well, this applies to everything in a physical octave. You have Plato’s concepts of the ideal forms in a higher realm and we have taught you that there is a parallel between the images in the identity, mental, emotional realm that manifests as physical conditions. But yet there is no self in the spiritual realm that is permanent, that is unchanging for the conditions you see in the physical universe, especially not on an unnatural planet. There is no physical condition that has reality in and of itself.

Trauma as an opportunity for self-transcendence

That is why we have given the concept of the reality simulator where the purpose of the simulator is the growth in consciousness of those who are inside the simulation. It is not the purpose of the simulator to manifest certain permanent perfect conditions but to give the people who are participating in the simulation an opportunity to transcend themselves, to transcend their consciousness.

If you can lock into this you can begin to see that it is not the outer conditions that matter and that is why you do not have to be so attached to these outer conditions. You do not have to feel that certain conditions can take away your spirituality. They are, of course, a very important consideration in this respect. What have the fallen beings been trying to do ever since they came to this planet? They have been trying to prevent anyone from manifesting personal Christhood or personal Buddhahood. They have especially targeted the avatars who came here. Many came at the same time as the fallen beings were allowed to embody to hold the balance, and the fallen beings have been trying to destroy the avatars so that you are exposed to such severe physical conditions that you feel you cannot be spiritual.

At the same time the fallen beings have set up this ideal for what it means to be spiritual and therefore you are supposed to have certain physical conditions in order to be spiritual. And many avatars have been caught in the middle between these two, feeling that: “Because I had such trauma, such deplorable conditions in this lifetime, I could not be spiritual and perhaps I am not really worthy to be spiritual.”

This is what you can begin to unravel when you have the teachings about the separate selves, you can be willing to look to use Mother Mary’s exercise to go back to past lifetimes to uncover the trauma you received, to resolve that trauma, to come to see that regardless of the physical conditions that existed when you received that trauma, there is no need to compensate in the physical. It is only a matter of resolving it in the emotional, mental and identity body. That is what matters. That is the opportunity and even the most severe physical conditions that you could ever have experienced on this planet—and I realize that some of you have experienced some very very severe physical conditions—but even the most severe conditions are an opportunity for self-transcendence.

Why is this so? Because the more the fallen beings have tried to put down yourself, the greater opportunity you have to transcend and realize: “I am not that self, I am more than that self.” And the less they attempt to make the self, the more you will be when you transcend that lower sense of self.

The greater the pain, the greater the opportunity

This is in a sense an aspect of what we might call Divine Justice where the fallen beings are attempting to do something but everything they try to do to take you down, can be reversed and have the opposite effect of raising you up even more. Of course, the difficulty is as we all realize, that before you can fulfill the opportunity to be more, you have to look at the trauma and resolve it. And that is why we have given so many teachings on this. Because we know this is the essential key, especially for avatars, but really it applies to all people on the planet, to see the opportunity and to see that the greater the seeming defeat, the greater the victory it can be turned into.

It is as if the more the fallen beings try to force you down, once you refuse to be forced down, it actually catapults you up higher. And this is what you can come to see. I realize fully that you cannot take a new person on the path and have them see this. You cannot take a person who still has not resolved the birth trauma, they cannot fully grasp it. They might be able to understand it intellectually but not fully grasp it. It takes a certain resolution of psychology, but is that not what we have been saying now for several years, that the essence of the spiritual path is the resolution of psychology.

There are only three things that matter on the spiritual path, psychology, psychology and psychology. This is what so many spiritual people have not grasped and why have they not grasped it? Well, partly because the fallen beings have created these false images of what it means to be spiritual but why have people believed this? Because they are not willing to look at their own psychology, they are not willing to look at the wounds, and we are not blaming anyone.

Once again, we do not blame anyone when we point out the tendencies we see in people. But if we do not point out the tendencies how can we help people transcend them? We cannot pussyfoot around people’s wounds and at the same time help them overcome the wounds. We must address it as it is and we understand that there are many people who have been so severely wounded in past lifetimes that when they tie into this it is overwhelming for them. The pain, the emotional pain is so overwhelming—yet would you rather continue to live lifetime after lifetime with a suppressed pain or would you rather face it, confront it and be free of it forever?

The greater the pain the greater the opportunity, the greater the defeat, the greater the putting down that the fallen beings have exposed you to, the greater the opportunity to transcend it. In a sense you can say that if a fallen being can transcend its level of consciousness, it too can turn its experience of being in the fallen consciousness into an upward movement that gives a different perspective.

Duality just does not work!

Because part of the working out of free will is that you realize what does not work. And there is no clearer demonstration of what does not work than the fallen consciousness, once you see it. As long as you are trapped in it, of course, you do not see it. But once a fallen being comes to see it then it is a very clear demonstration of what does not work. Which is why even a fallen being can be redeemed and ascend and therefore become a quite capable teacher.

As the Goddess of Opportunity, I extend opportunity to all. As the Goddess of Justice I am not caught in human justice, I am not seeking to punish anyone whatever they have done on earth. Why is this so? What have I just said? Nothing on earth is ultimately real. Certainly, horrendous acts have been committed on this planet, are being committed on this planet. It is not that I condone it, it is not that I accept it, I just see that it is not ultimately real and therefore it can be transcended and when it is transcended it becomes an opportunity.

Going into the duality consciousness, going deeply into it to the fallen consciousness, means that you are pushing against the River of Life, you are resisting the River of Life. It is as if the river is being stopped by a dam that you are building and you are building this dam and you are constantly busy gathering dirt, gathering rocks, gathering sand, putting it on top of the dam. And there is a story in Holland of a little boy who put his finger in the dam and therefore saved the town because the dam did not break. But the fallen beings have all of their fingers and toes and nose in holes in the dam. They are crucified on the dam because they cannot move.

Cosmic Justice: Opportunity for All

There eventually comes a point where you cannot resist the River of Life anymore. And this is part of Cosmic Justice, that one fallen being cannot resist the upward movement of these untold numbers of people who are transcending themselves and who are in the River of Life, who are reinforcing the River of Life.

What justice would there be if one fallen being could resist? But a fallen being as part of Cosmic Justice is allowed to take that resistance as far as he can take it before it breaks under the strain and says: “I cannot do this anymore, enough!”

That is what many of you who came to earth as avatars have not grasped. That is why you look at conditions on earth and say: “This should not be happening.” Many of you, many ascended master students throughout the decades have given decrees and invocations for the change of certain world conditions. And then the conditions that they wanted to see manifest have not been manifest and they have cried out: “Portia, why did you allow this to happen? Why are you allowing this to go on? We have given all these invocations and decrees for the situation in Ukraine, for the binding of the dark forces, for the removal of Putin. Why is he still in embodiment? Why is this still going on?”

But this is because you have become attached to specific physical conditions. Be careful now. I am not saying you should not make the calls. I am only saying you should be non-attached to how the ascended masters, who have a greater vision than you, have carry out the calls.

We are not primarily concerned about ending the war in Ukraine tomorrow. We are primarily concerned about how this can become an opportunity for growth of both the Russian and Ukrainian people and many other people around the world who are surely watching this event, wondering what direction it will go in. This is our primary concern. Your calls are helping us manifest that condition, but not necessarily the way you think and not necessarily at the timetable you think it should happen. But we are looking from a broader perspective. The Karmic Board has a much broader perspective. It is important for you to make the calls. It is just as important for you to be non attached to the outcome of the calls. The calls help. The calls make a difference, not necessarily the difference you would like to see at the exact time you would like to see it.

Why are you disturbed by physical conditions?

But this, my beloved, is also an opportunity for you to look at your attachment to conditions, to look at this entire consciousness that: “Oh, when certain physical conditions have manifested, then I can be at peace.” Even this messenger who has been on the path for many years and who has made considerable progress and resolved a lot of his psychology, before the war, he felt relatively peaceful, but after the war, his peace was disturbed for some time. And in the beginning, he was focused on, this should really end because he could see it would be a very difficult event for both the Russian people and the Ukrainian people. And he had visited both countries, met the people, and he really would like to see both nations just grow towards the golden age. So he was very disturbed by this.

But after some time, he was willing to look at himself and say: Why am I reacting like this? Why am I feeling so disturbed by this?” It was not that he said: “Oh, it should not happen, or I do not care, I am not going to think about it.” He said: “Why am I reacting to this the way I am? Why am I disturbed by this?” And many of you have done the same. I am not using the messenger as he is the only one who did this, but just as an example of what you all can do and what many of you have already done.

It is always an opportunity to look at why you are reacting. Why are you disturbed by this? You take the situation today where you have a dictation and suddenly the power goes out. Well, was it not an opportunity to look at yourself and see, are you disturbed by these physical conditions? I can assure you that if this had happened in the previous dispensation of the ascended masters, it would have been interpreted very differently than what you did. People would have been much more disturbed by it, much more attached, and many would have thought: “Oh, this is the dark forces working against the delivery of this dictation.”

But how is a power outage going to disrupt an ascended master dictation? Do you think Mother Mary will forget what she wanted to say because the power goes out here in the physical octave? You could come back 10 years from now and Mother Mary could instantly continue that dictation if she wanted to. She might not want to because she would have transcended herself and the world would transcend itself.

The epic dramas

But nevertheless, why would an ascended master be disturbed by this? Why would you? And of course, you passed that test very well. But many in previous ascended master organizations would have interpreted it in a very dramatic manner. And why was this? It was because they had the mindset, the attitude that everything was so important. Everything had to have some kind of meaning. Everything had to be interpreted in this epic sense of what Jesus called the epic dramas.

But what is the physical octave? It is the interdependent originations. It is a chaotic environment where nothing can be predicted with certainty. How can anything have some ultimate importance? How can it be so ultimately important that the power goes out and a dictation cannot continue but must be finished later? What is the cosmic significance of this? As long as you have this mindset that every little thing matters, every little thing has to be interpreted to have some cosmic significance, how can you flow with the River of Life? You see, it is again a projection by the fallen beings where people will say: “Well, there is this cosmic force that we have just heard about which is the strongest force in the universe of the River of Life.” Surely the River of Life wants to manifest the transcendence, the ascension of the entire sphere. And that is correct. That is what the River of Life wants to manifest, that the entire sphere, which is untold numbers of self-aware beings, untold number of planets in billions of galaxies, that all of this will ascend and become part of the spiritual realm. Yes, that is the ultimate goal.

But take note, billions of galaxies, untold number of natural planets, untold numbers of self-aware beings. Do you really think that for the ascension of this entire structure, the things that happen here on earth have some epic significance? Whether the power goes out or not, do you think this affects the ascension of the entire sphere? But this is what the ego thinks. This is what the fallen beings think. This is what so many spiritual people want to think. And this is especially what many avatars want to think, that your coming to earth has some epic importance and significance.

Manifesting physical conditions vs. raising the collective consciousness

And therefore, what you really want is that your vision is manifested, that the vision you have in your mind is manifested. And when it does not manifest, you react, or rather, your separate selves react, because it is the separate selves that want this vision to manifest, that hold this vision. Many of you will say, at least many ascended master students from previous dispensations would say: “An ascended master would never say this. The Goddess of Justice would never say this, because surely, we are right. Surely we have the ascended master teachings. We have listened to these dictations, and we have a valid vision of what should happen to earth.”

But do they? Did they? Do the fundamentalist Christians have a valid vision of what should happen on earth? Do the Mormons have a valid vision of what should happen on earth? Do the Muslims? Nay. Nobody who is in embodiment has a completely valid vision of what should or should not happen on earth, because the cosmic vision of what should happen on earth is the transcendence of consciousness, not the manifestation of specific physical conditions. And as long as you are working, and your vision is geared towards manifesting specific physical conditions, you cannot be in the River of Life.

Yes, the River of Life ultimately wants the entire sphere to ascend. But what does the River of Life want on earth, which is an unnatural planet? Yes, the River of Life wants earth to become a natural planet. But how is that going to happen? Is it going to happen by some force manifesting certain physical conditions, and then the earth is a natural planet? Or is it going to happen when the collective consciousness is raised beyond the dualistic level, and then the planet becomes a natural planet?

Looking for the opportunity in every situation

Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation, because consciousness is primary. Consciousness is the purpose, the reason for being for the entire world of form. And that is what the fallen beings or the fallen consciousness will deny. Because if they do not deny it, they would have to accept that they have to transcend their state of consciousness. And that is precisely what the fallen beings will deny, until they have a switch or until they reach the point of no return in the second death. Some will go to the second death while still denying it. As avatars, you are here to help the earth transcend the fallen consciousness. How can you do that if you are deceived by the fallen consciousness into thinking that first comes the physical conditions, then comes the golden age, then comes the natural planet?

It will always be consciousness first. And when you realize that, you can, in your personal life, say: “Certainly I have a certain vision, but I am not attached to that vision. I am actually willing to be neutral, to strive to be neutral, to open my mind, so that I can receive from my Christ Self, from my I AM Presence, from my Ascended teachers, the vision of what I put in my Divine Plan, not what my outer mind thinks should be in my Divine Plan.”

And therefore, you can then stop being so attached to all of the outer conditions and the vision of the outer conditions. You can go into a state of mind where every situation is an opportunity. You see the opportunity for self-transcendence in every situation because you realize that is what matters, that you transcend, not that you manifest certain physical conditions or avoid other physical conditions.

This messenger lived in the United States for many years, moved from his home country. He experienced many physical difficulties. He was at times very disturbed by these conditions. But eventually, after many years, he came to a point where he looked back and he asked himself: “Why did I have to experience all of this?” And because he was neutral, he received the answer: ego pummeling. The only purpose was to pummel his ego so he could come to see and overcome his attachments to physical conditions. There were things that happened to him that he had to do in America that he knew he would never have had to do in Denmark. And there was, of course, a separate self that thought that this should not happen to him as a good person, as a spiritual person. But these are the separate selves. And in order to overcome those separate selves, he had to be in conditions that caused him to react so he could see his reaction.

And many of you can look back at your lives if you are neutral and see that some of the conditions you really did not want, some of the decisions you would much rather have avoided, had that exact same purpose: ego pummeling, bringing out your ego, forcing you to react. When you begin to see this, you can make this conscious switch and realize that instead of evaluating whether this physical condition should have happened or whether that condition should not have happened, you look for the opportunity.

In some cases, a situation happens, and it is not really that you need to transcend your consciousness, but that you might be instrumental in helping someone else transcend their consciousness. It is not you that needed to go through that situation, but someone else that needed to go through that situation, and you can be there to help them choose the higher reaction rather than the lower. It is not always that you need to look at yourself and say: “Oh, what did I do to deserve this? What is it in me that I have not seen?” In some cases, it is that you can help others, but you could not help others if you were not in the physical situation.

The sense of lack on earth

When you begin to contemplate these things, you can again gradually begin to free yourself from this attachment to physical conditions, this constant evaluation in your mind: Should this have happened? Should this other thing not have happened? What was wrong? What went wrong? Nothing went wrong.You are in an unascended sphere on an unnatural planet. The concept of something going wrong is meaningless because in a sense everything has gone wrong on earth. Everything is going wrong on earth in a certain sense. In another sense, nothing has gone wrong on earth. It is the outplaying of free will, and by seeing and experiencing the outplaying of free will, what do you have? An opportunity to transcend your sense of self.

And that is what an unnatural planet is all about. You could say that on a natural planet, you are having the experience of always, in a sense, always being at a state of affluence. If you want to compare it to money, you could say, you always know you have enough money to pay your bills, but you are just making more and more money that you can invest or put aside for a rainy day or use to buy something.

You are never feeling a lack of money. But on earth, you start from a state of lack and then you gradually transcend that. How do you ultimately overcome the sense of lack on earth? Not by manifesting physical conditions, not by having enough money. Look at the billionaires. Have they overcome the sense of lack? Nay, because if they did, they would start giving away their money instead of holding on to it or trying to make more.

What is the ultimate way to overcome lack on an unnatural planet? To be in the River of Life. When you experience the River of Life flowing through you, you cannot feel lack. You can be poor in a physical way, but you are not feeling lack because you are experiencing this flow, this incredible energy flowing through you. And you are experiencing that there is so much more to life than these physical conditions.

Why be attached to the physical conditions? Why spend the rest of your life trying to manifest certain physical conditions? Yes, if you absolutely need to in order to overcome a certain desire, fine. But why not do it from the sense of abundance, of being in the flow, rather than the sense of lack? Or is it perhaps that it is lack you want to experience and have not had enough of? Ask yourself this question. Not that you have not had enough of lack, but that there is a separate self that hasn’t had enough of lack.

Why are there so many people on earth that are poor? I know this will sound like I do not have compassion, but, of course, I have a form of Divine Compassion, but not human compassion. But why are they poor? Because when you are in a state of lack, there are certain freedoms you do not have, there are certain decisions you cannot make, or at least you think you cannot make. If you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself and transcend your state of consciousness, if you are not willing to look at yourself, then it is convenient to feel: “Oh, because I am so poor, because I have all these conditions, I cannot transcend myself.” But what is self-transcendence? It is being in one state and going to a higher state. How could you be so low that you could not go to a higher state? Isn’t it logical that the lower you go, the easier it is to transcend that state? The worse it is, the easier it is to get something more, if you are just willing. But if you are not willing, you will look at the outer conditions and you will say: “Oh, my situation is so difficult, I could not possibly transcend it. I have no opportunity.”

Making the switch in the mind

But you always have opportunity if you want it. I am always there. You can go to the people on planet earth who feel the most sorry for themselves, feel the most trapped in their physical conditions. I am standing right next to them, holding out my hand and say, here is an opportunity to come up higher. There is only one thing that can prevent them from taking that opportunity. They are not willing to take my hand. I am, as Lanto said in Korea, right here. I am standing right here. But they keep ignoring me. And I will not violate their free will.

What can I do to change the situation? Well, I can do something through you. If you are willing to let the Holy Spirit and the River of Life flow through you, then you being in physical embodiment can tell them something that I cannot tell them because they will not hear it. But you they find it more difficult to ignore. They may still ignore you, but at least they can hear what you are saying. Your society can hear what you are saying. There is always opportunity. The worst conditions are the more of an opportunity to transcend them, the easier it is to transcend them. I know this will sound contradictory to many, but it is nevertheless the case because the worse things are, the more drive people have to get away from those limitations. The only trouble is that they have not made the switch in the mind of accepting that their physical limitations are an expression of their state of consciousness and that the only way really to get away from the physical conditions is to shift their state of consciousness.

You might look at some of the affluent nations today, the modern democracies, and you might say: “Oh, it was easy enough for them. They had this or that or the next thing. But look at these countries in Africa or in other places. They can’t just switch so easily.” But it is actually not the case. The affluent nations became affluent because people started shifting their state of consciousness and accepting the opportunity. And anyone can do that. What one has done, all can do. This is an eternal cosmic law. And that means that if some people on this very dense planet of earth have manifested better living conditions, then all people can do the same.

And you will say: “Of course, oh, but look what the rich nations have done. They have used fossil fuels to build their affluence. And if all of the poor people did the same thing, the earth would run out of resources or the pollution would be catastrophic.” Yes, yes, very true. But if a critical mass of people in the poor part of the world shifted their consciousness, then Saint Germain would instantly be able to bring forth new technology that would provide energy without polluting. The opportunity is still there. The opportunity is always there.

You do not need ideal physical conditions

Where does that leave you, who are the spiritual people? Well, I suggest that you start by contemplating what I have said. You do not have to interpret every little thing that happens in your life as having some cosmic significance. Sometimes things just happen. The cookie crumbles a certain way. It was the result of many different factors Now you know that scientists had this view of the mechanical universe, the grand machine, where everything could be predicted. But the earth is not a machine, and everything cannot be predicted because it depends on the choices made moment by moment by all of the people who live in this energetic environment.

Everything is interconnected. You cannot predict what will happen. When you accept this, you do not have to evaluate what should or should not happen. You live moment by moment. You see: “Oh, the situation worked out this way. How do I turn it into a positive? Where is the opportunity? Oh, then we do this.” It may not be what you ideally wanted, but you see, in the end, you will still get where you are wanting to go, which is ultimately your ascension, by flowing with the River of Life.

Flowing with the River of Life does not mean that you will have ideal physical conditions. If you take one idea away from this dictation, let it be this: “Flowing with the River of Life does not mean I will have ideal physical conditions. It means that regardless of the physical conditions, from moment to moment I am flowing towards the best possible reaction, the best possible outcome, transcending myself, transcending myself again.” And what is the ultimate outcome of this process? You qualify for your ascension.

Have we not made it clear that qualifying for your ascension does not depend on physical conditions in an unascended sphere? How can you ascend by fulfilling physical conditions? It cannot be done. Yes, this could not have been said 30 years ago or even 10 years ago, but it can be said now because so many of you have taken the teachings, have been willing to come up higher.

And many of you already know this and have accepted this, but by saying it, by it being projected through your chakras, it can reach people out there who have not made that switch, who have not seen it, and who actually think that the key to making your ascension or the key to being spiritual or the key to being enlightened or whatever goal they see, is to manifest certain physical conditions. But what is the ascension? What do you do when you ascend? You transcend all the physical conditions in the unascended sphere. They do not define you. You do not react to them.

Now you need to just make one simple switch. It is about transcending any physical condition. And this means what? It means it is completely meaningless to think that: “Oh, this condition is more difficult to transcend, so I need to avoid that. And I need to manifest this other condition, because when I live in this monastery and I am totally at peace, then it is much easier to transcend.”

This is a complete illusion. What did I just say? What is it you need to transcend? Any physical condition. It is meaningless to say some are easier to transcend than others. In fact, in many cases, it is easier to transcend the conditions that you do not think are good, and it is more difficult to transcend the conditions you think are good, because those you want to hold on to.

Do you really want to go through this again?

There are many spiritual people who have delayed their ascension, even ascended master students who have delayed their ascension, because they have developed this sense that: “Oh, I am so special because I am so spiritual. And I want to enjoy that feeling longer, that I am better than all of these unspiritual people on earth.” Because you see, in the ascended realm, you cannot have this sense that you are better than others, because the concept is meaningless in the ascended realm.

And there are spiritual people who have become attached to that sense of being so special that they cannot give it up.The physical body dies, they have not qualified for their ascension. What does that mean? You have to come back into another embodiment, be born as a baby, wear diapers, grow up going through school, losing your teeth, going through puberty, all of this, just because you could not give up that sense of being special compared to others. And many times these people have to come back in a situation where they are not special, where they are put down so they can overcome that desire. Do you really want to go through this? Do you really want to have another lifetime just to overcome something that you could have overcome in this lifetime by just making that switch of the mind?That is why I decided to use this opportunity to give you the opportunity that this dictation is. I hope you will make use of it because all of you can. All of you can.

Again, we are not trying to blame or criticize. Many of you are open to our teachings. We are not saying that you are deficient. Do you understand? I am saying there is something you can change, yes. But I am not saying you are deficient. I am just talking about making another switch in the mind. You have already made so many. Just making another switch and seeing these things that you have sensed but they have not quite come into focus. And then you can qualify for your ascension.  Some of you are so close. It is just a little switch in the mind. Of course I know that this is the most difficult in a certain way because if you could see it you would already have switched. The difficulty always is to come to see what you have not seen. But if you will spend some time listening to this dictation, reading it, then at least some of you will be able to make that switch. And some of you will be able to make the switch when you hear another dictation from another master.

This is my vision that I hold for you and I am grateful for the opportunity to give this dictation to you but also that I can use your chakras to give the same opportunity to many other spiritual people out there who are also close to making that switch even though they have never heard about the ascended master Portia. But I am still of course standing right next to them holding out my hand saying, here is the opportunity.

With this, I seal you in the immense joy that I feel and I hope that beyond the words that you can sense that joy, for when you are in the River of Life how could you not feel joy? It is so joyful to flow with the river, to feel the river flowing through you, and to just watch how things change, how situations are transformed, how opportunities open up that you could not even conceive of.

So join me in the flow for even though you are still in embodiment, you can still be in the flow. In fact, how do you ascend? Is it some dramatic process that you ascend? No. You just flow out of the physical and into the ascended realm. How else would you get there? Do you think you can break down the door and Seraphis Bey is going to stand there saying: “Oh, I guess I have to let you in. You are so forceful.” No. To the forceful the door is closed, for the violent shall not take heaven by force. The meek shall inherit not just the earth but certainly the spiritual realm because they just flow into it and before they realize it, they are there: “Oh, I am ascended!”

What a joy! Be sealed in that joy, the joy of all ascended masters and all beings who are in that River of Life.


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