The flow is your natural state – stop resisting it!

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, September  21, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan – Being the River of Life in action.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary and I too am filled with joy over the opportunity to talk to you about this very important topic of the River of Life. As Kuan Yin said, you need to rethink your approach to the spiritual path in order to be part of this flow of the River of Life. And one of the ways you need to do this is to look at how spirituality has been portrayed for a very, very long time on this planet.

Is being the open door difficult to attain?

If you go back, you will see that there has been a tendency for spiritual teachings, spiritual teachers, spiritual movements, to present spirituality as something very difficult, very complicated, very complex, something that was difficult to attain. There have been many ways to describe it, many different ways to describe it, but they all have that one thing in common, that it is difficult to attain the goal set by a spiritual teaching.

Now, why is this, my beloved? Why has it been portrayed this way? Did not the Buddha say 2,500 years ago: “Everything is the Buddha Nature?” Did not Jesus say 2,000 years ago: “The kingdom of God is within you,” meaning in everyone? Why should it be difficult to experience the flow of the River of Life, the flow of the Holy Spirit, the flow of spiritual energies? Well, this has been portrayed as difficult and the ultimate inspiration for this comes from the fallen beings. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the fallen beings do not want anyone to be open to the flow of the Spirit, to be open to spiritual light, spiritual energies, because it works against their agenda of wanting to control everything and everyone. That is why they want to stop people from manifesting Christhood, Buddhahood, any higher state of consciousness.

They want to stop people from demonstrating that it is possible for a human being to be open to spiritual energies, spiritual light, the River of Life. But the other agenda they have, which, of course, goes hand in hand with the first one, is that they want to be special. They want to be the exclusive elite that has attained something or that has something that the people do not have and that the people could never attain. The problem they have is that they cannot attain a monopoly on spiritual light. Energy is energy. You cannot fake it. You cannot falsify it. You either have spiritual light or you do not have spiritual light.

What the fallen beings have to do is they have to try and put on an appearance of having spiritual light. And then, they have to prevent anyone else from demonstrating what it means to have real spiritual light. Because if the people saw a person who has spiritual light versus a fallen being who pretends to be spiritual, they could sense, most of them, the difference. This is their agenda and that is why they have come up with this idea that being spiritual is very difficult. That it is something difficult to attain that requires this long difficult process that is only reserved for the very few and that throughout history only a very few people have attained this openness to the flow of the Spirit.

When you take this age-old mentality mindset, these images that are put out there and transfer it to this topic of being in the River of Life, being the River of Life in action, you will think that being the River of Life in action is something difficult to attain. And of course, Kuan Yin also said it is not for beginners on the spiritual path to attain this. But why is it not for beginners? Because beginners on the spiritual path start the spiritual path with having all of these images, all of these expectations that they have grown up with that have been put upon them by religions, but also many modern spiritual teachings and spiritual gurus.

The need to be special

You will see if you look honestly at this that there are many spiritual movements that have a specific pattern where the guru or the leader of the movement is seen as having a higher level of consciousness. And then, there is a small group of people around the leader, who are closer to the leader, who have been in the organization for a long time, who perhaps work in the organization and help build it. And they are the elite. And then, there are all the ordinary followers who have not achieved that higher level of consciousness.

It is not just the fallen beings that have this desire for exclusivity, this desire for being special. There are many spiritual people that also have it. Many people who are new to the spiritual path, they have been affected by this mindset. They come into a spiritual movement and they see there is a leader, there is a guru, there is a group of people around the guru. And they either strive to become part of that elite or they accept that they will not be part of the elite and they will just be an ordinary follower. And this means they are not ready to question the mindset I am bringing to your attention.

Now, we have given many dictations about this, about this need to be special and that you need to overcome it. Sanat Kumara gave a very important dictation about this in Novosibirsk several years ago that you might go back and study. And it is a mindset that has penetrated spiritual movements for a very long time. But it is also a mindset that works directly against you immersing yourself in the River of Life. And you can even go back to what Kuan Yin said about this, the whole mindset of overcoming this desire to raise the separate self. Only a separate self has the desire to be special, to be more advanced than others. And many people have approached the spiritual path with this desire to be seen as special.

Many people in previous ascended master dispensations had the desire to be seen as special by us, by the ascended masters. And they did all kinds of things to be seen as special. Again, we are not criticizing. We are simply making you aware that this is a pattern. And that if you want to immerse yourself in the River of Life, you need to come to see it. And you need to let the separate self die that is projecting this pattern into your mind. In the Holy Spirit, in the River of Life there is no separate selves, there is no elite. There is not even a guru that is special compared to others. There is just the desire to raise up the whole, to raise up all life. And it is a desire to raise up the whole, rather than to raise the separate self.

You see now why the fallen beings have started this trend of making it seem like it is difficult to attain this. It is because then they can justify why only a few people have attained it. But they can also justify—which it is very important for you to contemplate—they can justify that by putting on a certain appearance, an outer appearance of seeming special, then you must have the Spirit. In other words, they have created this culture that having the Spirit can be determined by outer appearances—by what you are doing, how many decrees and invocations, how much meditation, how much chanting, how much you have done for the organization, all of these things. And the effect of this, again, is that it makes it seem like attaining a spiritual goal is a very difficult process.

Different stages, different requirements

And of course, what have we told you over the years? There is a phase on the spiritual path, from the 48th to the 96th level of consciousness, where you have to raise yourself above the collective consciousness. This requires determination. It requires one-pointedness of vision. It requires effort. It requires being diligent, giving the decrees and invocations, studying the teachings, looking at the separate selves. I am not saying that it does not require effort to walk the spiritual path. Be careful. Be careful to see that what we have given you in this dispensation is not a teaching for one level of the path, but for several levels of the path. And this topic of the River of Life is at the highest level of what we have given you, so far. It requires you to realize that what works at one level of the path cannot take you to the highest level of the path. You need to transcend a certain level to go higher.

There is a level of the path where you need to put forth an effort. But there comes a level where you are beginning to be ready to immerse yourself, to open yourself to the flow of the Spirit in the River of Life. Where you need to recognize a very important, very basic, very fundamental reality. You see, what is the Holy Spirit? Let us look at Jesus who talked about the Holy Spirit, the flow of the Holy Spirit. And he talked about how the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. Because the Holy Spirit does not follow the human mind, human expectations. It does not follow these criteria that people have set up for what it means to be a spiritual person.

Beyond human opinions

All of the outer appearances that people have created throughout the ages mean nothing whatsoever to the Holy Spirit. They have no power to influence the Holy Spirit. As Kuan Yin said, you cannot influence the flow of a powerful river and so it is with the Spirit. No matter what images people have created, no matter what they have projected about spirituality, it does not affect the Spirit. This is one thing you need to become consciously aware of as ascended master students. You need to recognize the fundamental reality that nothing—nothing whatsoever created here on earth, created by the fallen beings, created by human beings, created by your own separate selves—nothing on earth affects the spiritual realm. No expectation, no image you could ever create of the ascended masters of what we should do and what we should not do, nothing you can create will affect us. We know who we are. We see the reality of how the world works, how the spiritual realm works, how the law works. Nothing you come up with from the state of separation affects us.

When you can begin to recognize this, you can realize a fundamental truth about the Holy Spirit. Why does it blow where it listeth? Because it does not follow human opinions. And what is human opinion about the River of Life, about the flow of the Spirit? It is something difficult to attain. And therefore, those who attain it have a special status. They are exclusive. They are the elite. And this is the ego talking. And the Holy Spirit is not affected by this. When it comes to the River of Life, you cannot take this image that this is difficult to attain and transfer it to the River of Life, because the River of Life is not difficult. It is not difficult to immerse yourself in the River of Life.

The flow is the natural state

Being in the River of Life is what we might call the natural state for a self-aware being. When you are on a natural planet, you feel the flow of the River of Life. Some people have it more strongly, but all people have some sense that there is this flow of this energy. Why do you not have it on earth? Not because you have not made the effort to attain it, but because you have made an effort to close it off, to shut yourself off from the flow. You see, the flow is the natural state. When you do not have the flow, this is an unnatural state. How do you go into an unnatural state? This is what requires effort. How do you stay in an unnatural state? This also requires effort, constant ongoing effort.

Of course, you are not consciously aware that you are resisting the Spirit. And why not? Because you have created subconscious selves to resist the Spirit. And other selves to hide the selves that are resisting the Spirit. In your conscious mind you are not experiencing, you are not aware that you are resisting the flow. Yet, you are! Because if you were not resisting, you would experience the flow. It can be no other way. The flow is the most powerful force in the universe, in the unascended sphere, even in the spiritual realm. It is the most powerful force! It does not require effort to flow with the most powerful force in the universe. It requires effort to not flow with the most powerful force in the universe.

Inner tension coming from resisting the flow

What is it the fallen beings have done that caused them to fall? They refused to flow with the most powerful force in the universe. They decided to resist it and they were allowed to have that experience by the law of free will. What have they done after they came to earth? They have pulled everybody else into this refusal, this denial of the flow. But this requires effort, constant effort. And this puts you in a state of tension. There is a constant inner stress. Many people do not experience that stress because they have subconscious selves that hide it. But there are more and more people in the world today that are becoming aware of the stress they feel inside themselves.

The most common psychological condition in the world today is awareness of inner stress, inner tension. The psychological profession does not really know what to call it. They call it an anxiety disorder, hypertension and other labels. Because they think that when they can put a label on something, they do not need to continue to try to understand what it really is. But the reason for this increase in inner tension among people is, of course, that the earth is subjected to a stronger and stronger pull from the Holy Spirit, from the River of Life. And as a result of this, people have to resist it more and more. And it is this resistance that creates the tension.

You see so many people in the world who are doing all kinds of things to deal with this inner tension, to compensate for it, to try to cover it over, to try to divert their attention. As just one example, so many people feel this inner tension, but they are pulled into thinking that it is because they have some goal to achieve. It could be a career, could be making money. It could be some political goal, changing society, this or that. And they are then pulled into focusing all of their attention and energy on achieving this goal.

Some people achieve their goal and then they stand there not knowing what to do. Because they actually feel more tension after achieving their goal than they felt before. And they do not understand why. Because they thought that the moment they had made enough money, as if that could ever be achieved, they would feel at peace. Or the moment they had attained this position in society, they would feel at peace. Or the moment they had captured Ukraine, they would feel at peace. But they are never at peace, are they? And they do not think: “Could it be that there is a deeper reason behind my tension than achieving this outer goal?”

The man-made state of peace

There are, of course, also people who just numb themselves—drugs, alcohol, consumerism. Even spiritual activities can serve to numb people, where they think that the goal of the spiritual path is to be relaxed, to be at peace, to be in a calm state of mind. They seek to use meditation or other tools to still the mind, to calm the mind. And as we have explained to you, people can collectively create a certain matrix, a certain entity, a certain beast in the collective consciousness. And there are those primarily in the East who for thousands of years have been attempting to achieve this state of peace of mind, who have created this beast.

And some people have taken these eastern teachings. They have locked into this. And now, they feel a certain peace. They experience a certain what they call peace, but they experience this because they have created a subconscious self that is tied into the collective self that suppresses the tension. They have not resolved the cause of the tension. They have suppressed it. Covered it over by tying into this man-made state of so-called peace. Many sincere well-meaning spiritual seekers have been pulled into making it their life goal to attain peace of mind.

But what good does it do you to attain peace of mind, if it keeps you out of the flow of the Holy Spirit, the River of Life? If it keeps you separated from the most powerful force in the universe, what good does it do you? How does it lead to spiritual growth to set yourself aside from the flow of the River of Life? And some of these teachers, these gurus would say: “But the River of Life is not peaceful. Therefore, it cannot be the highest spiritual energy, the most powerful spiritual force.” But this is because, again, they have gone into this state of defining the classical dualistic polarities. They look at the world, they look at all the turmoil in the world, and they say: “We need to escape the turmoil and manifest inner peace. And inner peace must mean that there is no turmoil, because there is no activity. There is no thought. There is no feeling. There is no sense of identity. There is just undifferentiated consciousness.”

The dynamic peace of the River of Life

My beloved, do you think your Creator is undifferentiated consciousness? If you think so, how do you think you came into being? If the Creator had not differentiated itself, how could you exist? How could the world exist? If you think that the only way to be at peace is to have no thoughts, then you are not understanding the purpose of life, which is self-transcendence. And self-transcendence is an activity. It is not non-activity. It is not undifferentiated consciousness. And therefore, it is not peace, according to this definition. But it is peace to be in the River of Life. But it is not peace as inactivity, as a lack of activity. It is the peace of a dynamic, creative activity where you are constantly transcending yourself.

But how do you transcend yourself? It does not happen automatically. It requires you to look at yourself, not with a dualistic judgment that: this is wrong, this is right, this is superior, this is inferior. It requires you to look at yourself and look at your present state of mind, your present situation. And accept: “I could be more. I could be more than I am now. I could transcend my current level of consciousness.” You do not judge yourself. You do not put yourself down. You just accept: “There is more. I can achieve that more. How? What is it I need to let go of?”

The power of surrender

You see what I am presenting here is there is validity at a certain level of the path to say it requires me to make an effort to grow spiritually, because you have to make an effort to pull yourself above the collective consciousness. Because the collective consciousness will pull you down into not transcending yourself, but being like everybody else. This requires effort. But when you go beyond that stage, it requires you to stop making an effort. It requires you to look at yourself and realize: “I have a separate self that thinks I have to make this effort and I have to continue making this effort.” And then, the willingness to look at this and let it go, to surrender it.

There comes a point on the path where the most important quality is not the willingness, the strong determination to make an effort, but the willingness to surrender, to let go. To look at yourself, look at these elements in your consciousness that are separate selves, that are based on this sense of separation, this duality consciousness. Come to see one and then let it go. When you let a self die, you stop making the effort that the self was projecting at you that you had to make. And this is making progress on the higher levels of the path. This is bringing yourself closer and closer to the point where you start feeling the flow of the Holy Spirit. You start feeling the flow of the River of Life. Not outside yourself, not as something you observe, but that you experience it flowing through you.

Understanding vs. experiencing the River of Life

There is a consciousness that is also very common in spiritual circles that has been projected out there by the fallen beings for a long time and it is the consciousness of wanting to understand something, wanting to understand a phenomenon that you experience as being separate from yourself. When you hear this concept of the flow of the River of Life, there is immediately a separate self in your mind that says: “Okay, let me understand this. I want to understand what this is about. Let me study these teachings, because surely, I can figure this out. And when I have figured it out, then I can put a label on it. I can put it in my database. And now, I have control over this flow of the River of Life, this Holy Spirit thing.” And many people have approached the spiritual path this way—that you need to understand.

And again, there is a phase on the path where you do need to understand. You do need to understand how you are being pulled down by the collective consciousness. That it is your separate selves that cause the collective to have something to pull on and, therefore, you need to come to see these, see the illusion, let it go. But you cannot approach the River of Life from this mindset of thinking: “This is something I can understand. This is something I can figure out. This is something I can observe. Up there is that flow of the River of Life. And if I just understand it well enough in my own mind, then I will have it figured out. I will have control over it.” This cannot be done with the Holy Spirit, with the River of Life.

What can you then do? Well, you can realize, as I have said, this is the natural state. It does not require effort to be in the natural state. It requires effort to not be in the natural state. You need to stop making an effort. And one of the efforts you need to stop making is trying to understand from a distance. You cannot understand the River of Life. That is why Jesus said the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. Because you will never be able to understand and predict with the outer mind how the Spirit should or should not flow. What can you do? You can experience the River of Life flowing through you.

Seeking validation

Why are you not experiencing it right now? Because you have separate selves that block the flow, because they want to control it. They want the flow to validate their view of life. And as long as you are seeking validation for the perception of a separate self, the Holy Spirit, the River of Life, will not flow through you. Because if it did, it would validate your perception. And therefore, you would be even more trapped in the separate mind. And what is it that the River of Life wants? It wants to raise up all life. Therefore, it will not do anything that keeps you out of the flow. It will not validate the beliefs that keep you out of the flow.

When you begin to grasp this, when you begin to feel that being in the flow, being the flow in action is important to you, this is what you need to contemplate. Not: “How do I make an effort I have not made before? How do I make this ultimate effort to achieve this being in the River of Life?” But instead, you need to contemplate: “How do I stop making the effort that blocks the flow? How do I open my mind?” It does not require effort to have the flow come through your mind. It just requires openness of mind. The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth and it will blow wherever there is an opening. It is natural for the River of Life to flow through your mind. There just has to be an opening, instead of this structure that wants to control the flow.

Many spiritual people—we have seen them in ascended master organizations, but we of course are not only looking at ascended master organizations and ascended master students, we are looking at all spiritual people and of course all people, so we see them everywhere. They find a spiritual movement. They think, they adopt this mindset that is so common in spiritual movements that: “Our guru is so special. We have the highest spiritual teachings on the planet. We have the one solution to all problems. If only everyone comes into our movement and sits at the feet of our guru, we can solve all of the world’s problems.” This is the most common attitude among spiritual movements, for that matter, religious movements, political movements, other movements, this savior complex.

Spiritual people come into this and they are thinking: “How can we make everyone acknowledge our spiritual movement? Well, if only I had some special ability that could prove to people that I have the Holy Spirit, that I have the flow of the River of Life, then we could attract people.” They have this desire to have the Spirit flow through them according to their expectations that, in their minds they think, this would be for the good of the planet, for the good of all the people—that they were attracted to this spiritual movement. But in reality, it would be to the good of their own egos. Because they think that they would then be ultimately special, if they had this ability. Naturally, when you begin to grasp what the River of Life is all about, when you begin to experience it, you realize this can never work. It can never work.

Now, there are some people who have achieved certain abilities or they can manifest certain phenomena, but this is because they have aligned themselves with beings in the mental realm that are seeking to get people’s energy by creating these phenomena that attract people who do not have discernment. There is this old concept of selling your soul to the devil. And they are well-meaning spiritual people who have, so to speak, sold their soul to the devil in order to get a certain, for example, psychic ability or other abilities to manifest certain things or show certain phenomena. But this is not the flow of the River of Life. This is not the goal of the ascended masters to attract people this way.

Letting go of your expectations

And why not? Well, what have we said about the law of free will, plausible deniability, plausible plausibility? We are not interested in creating some undeniable phenomena. We are not interested in having this messenger be recognized by millions of people who just want some outer phenomenon, but are not ready for the teaching. What would be the point in attracting somebody? Look at the spiritual law: “When a student is ready, the teacher appears.” This also means that until the student is ready, there is no point in the teacher appearing. What would be the point in attracting millions of people to an ascended master organization if they are not ready for the teaching, but only come because of some phenomenon? And then, when they have seen one phenomenon, oh they want another one. They want a more advanced one. And it never ends.

This is not the way to actually shift the planetary consciousness. And it is not the purpose of an ascended master organization to attract people through these outer phenomena. That is why you need to look at your expectation, your desire, your view of what the spiritual path is about, your view of what the goal for your personal growth should be and how you should attain it. And you need to simply again ask yourself as Kuan Yin said: “What do I want out of the spiritual path? Do I want to fulfill this vision I have had so far, this goal, this desire that I have had so far? Or do I want to be in the flow of the River of Life?”

Because if you are not in the flow right now, it is because you are resisting the flow. And what is it in you that is resisting the flow? It is partly your expectations, your view of the spiritual path. And how can you escape that catch-22? Only by being willing to look at your expectations, your view of the spiritual path. Now again, we are not blaming you in any way. You have to start where you are at when you find the spiritual path. It is natural you build a set of expectations. But you also have to realize that in order to rise to a higher level of the path, you have to let go of these expectations. You have to let go of this view.

When you start riding a bike, a bicycle, when you are four or five years old, you might have these training wheels on it. There is nothing wrong with this. But if you build the expectation that you should keep these training wheels on for the rest of your life, then that is not the mature view. The same with the spiritual path. It is inevitable that you start with certain expectations that are based on the level of consciousness you had. But it is also inevitable that if you want to rise higher, you need to look at them and let them go.

And you need to be willing to recognize that—not that they were wrong, not that you need to blame yourself—but you need to be willing to recognize that they were not the highest possible. That it is possible to go higher, to be more. And you will find when you do this, as the messenger expressed yesterday in his talk, that when you actually let go of these expectations of how you should be as a spiritual person, it is a great relief, it is a great freedom. Because as long as you have this straight jacket that you have put yourself in: “I should do this when I am a spiritual person. I should not do this when I am a spiritual person.” Then, you are not free. You do not feel free. You feel tension.

Feeling stuck on the spiritual path

Why do you feel tension? Well, who are you? You are a spiritual person. You are open to the spiritual side of life. What does that mean? That means you are more in tune with what is happening in the universe than the average person. The average person also feels tension. But as a spiritual person you will feel more tension than the average person. Because you will have a sense, even though you may not be able to describe this consciously. You will have a sense: “I am not where I could be in consciousness. I could be in a higher level of consciousness.” But as long as you do not see what it is that is holding you back, you will feel tension.

And that is why many people have found the spiritual path, they found a spiritual teaching, they have had this honeymoon period, perhaps for years, perhaps even for a decade or more. Where they feel: “Oh, I am at home. This is where I belong. I just need to keep giving all these decrees for the rest of my life. And then, I’ll make my ascension.” But after some time, the honeymoon is over. And now, you feel this, like you are not getting anywhere. You are suddenly not making progress. It is not really working the way it used to be working. And you feel more and more tension.

Those of you who are spiritual people are more in attunement with the River of Life. Therefore, when you are behind where you could have been, but you are not consciously aware that you are behind, then you will feel that increased tension. And the only way out of it is really to become aware of it. To be willing to look at yourself, look at your expectations about the spiritual path, look at the way you have approached it so far. As we have said before, whenever you feel stuck, it is because there is something in yourself you have not seen, something in your approach. You have some fixed idea of how the spiritual path should work and you have not yet questioned it. And as we have said also, as part of reaching the 144th level of consciousness, there is hardly anything you do not need to question.

You really need to be willing to question everything, and therefore, to be flexible to flow with the River of Life. Because you cannot expect with your mind, with your outer mind, that you can predict how the River of Life will flow through you when you open yourself to it. You cannot expect that you can control it or predict it. And of course, you all have separate selves that are based on wanting to control, the need to control. Because when you go into the state of separation, then you build these selves that have as their job, they are so to speak programmed to control your view of life, so that those things you have elevated to the status of an absolute truth will not be cast into doubt. Because there is a separate self that can always deny or explain away any challenge to your world view.

“This should not happen to me”

You cannot expect to be able to control the Spirit, just as you cannot expect that you can control every aspect of the physical octave. And to be honest with you, I will not go so far as to say that I arranged this power outage*, but I will say that it was a valuable experience for you. A valuable, we might say, ‘test’ if we use the words of a previous dispensation to go through this and see how you react to it. Can you approach this in a positive way? Not be disturbed by it? Simply wait until the situation changes and then you continue as if nothing had happened? That is a sign that you have overcome some of these attachments, these expectations of how things should be in the physical octave.

You will see many people who would have reacted in a very negative way, in a very angry way. And they would have raised the question: “Mother Mary, how could you let this happen?” And many, many spiritual people, many religious people have done this throughout time. Something happens in the physical octave that does not match their expectations. And they immediately question God: “God, how could you let this happen to me as a separate self? How could you let something happen that did not conform to my expectations of what should or should not happen to me as a separate self?” But as Gautama has explained and might talk more about later, you cannot predict anything with accuracy in the physical octave because of the interdependent originations. So many factors, so many factors influence every situation that it cannot be predicted with certainty, but only with a certain probability.

You need to also look at these expectations you have of “What should or should not happen to me now that I am a spiritual person. I am in this spiritual teaching. I give these spiritual practices. I have done this for so long.” You need to look at the fact that you have separate selves that are thinking certain things should not happen to you. And you need to recognize that, yes, you are a spiritual person. Yes, you are following a spiritual teaching. Yes, you accept teachings from the ascended masters. But you are not an exception to the law, the law of free will, the law of the physical octave.

You might realize the fact that Jesus was crucified, that he allowed himself to be crucified. That Gautama Buddha visited a person who did not have a specifically high state of consciousness, ate some food that was offered and his body died from food poisoning. And you might look at: “Why did this happen to the Buddha, who had a high level of consciousness?” And it is simply again to demonstrate that when you are in physical embodiment, you are subject to the laws of the physical octave. And you are more than just subject to the laws, you are subject to the conditions.

You cannot control the River of Life

And the conditions are so complex, so complicated, that nothing can be predicted with certainty. You could build the biggest supercomputer that you could possibly build. And you could code it with everything that is happening in the world right now and everything that has been happening up until this point. And you could code in the laws of how the physical octave works. And if you could do this, you would be able to predict what is going to happen ten seconds from now with almost certainty.

But a minute from now, you would have a lower degree of certainty. Two minutes from now and ten minutes from now, you would have almost no certainty of what was going to happen. You could say that the Karmic Board, of course, has not a supercomputer, but the members have the mind where they can code all of these things in. But we do not actually try to predict everything that is going to happen. We try to look at the bigger trends, but we are not so much interested in predicting. And why is this? Because we are not interested in controlling.

And this is something that is another expectation that has been projected upon the spiritual realm and upon God by the fallen beings, that God is in control of everything. That God is ultimately in control of what happens in the material universe. And of course, we have said that the Creator is not in control, because the Creator has given you free will. But even we of the ascended masters are not in control of what happens in the physical universe. What is in control of what happens in the physical universe is the Holy Spirit, the River of Life. Not in the sense that the River of Life controls every little thing that happens. But in the sense that the River of Life forms such a powerful upward movement, has already in your unascended sphere formed such a powerful upward movement that there is no force left in this unascended sphere that can stop it, that can work against it.

There is that inevitability at this point that your sphere will ascend. I am not going to put any timeline on this, but your sphere will ascend. And that is, in a sense, the only predictable outcome at this point. How long it will take, which planets will ascend or which will not ascend, how many people, how many lifestreams will ascend, how many will fall into the next sphere, is something that cannot be predicted at this point. And we have no interest in predicting, because we are not interested in controlling. Our goal is to direct the flow so it goes in an upward movement. That as many people as possible can lock into that flow and become part of it. And therefore, have that experience of both having been outside the flow, having been separated from the flow, coming back into the flow, and therefore seeing the contrast and experiencing how much richer it feels to be in the flow of the River of Life compared to being outside of it.

As the representative of the Divine Mother, or rather as one of them, I want to give you this perspective that the physical octave is not your enemy. The matter realm, the Ma-ter light, the sphere of the Mother is not your enemy. It is not an enemy of your spiritual growth. This is another image projected by the fallen beings upon spirituality and the spiritual path, that the physical octave, your physical body, is an enemy of your spiritual growth. But this is again simply an idea created by the fallen beings to derail people from making spiritual progress. The physical body and the physical octave is an opportunity for spiritual growth, not an enemy of it. It is not a matter of running away from the world or from your body or controlling your body. It is a matter of bringing your body into the flow, bringing your mind into the flow, so that whatever happens in the body or in the physical octave, it does not stop you from transcending yourself. It does not stop you from flowing. And in order to attain this state, you need to of course overcome this whole idea that there is something that should happen on the spiritual path. There is a certain state in the physical world that you should attain as a spiritual person.

But this is something that I will let other masters talk about, because I have in these two dictations given you everything that I wanted to give you. For this you have my gratitude, my joy, as the Mother who takes tremendous joy in seeing how all of you have grown by embracing these teachings. Some of you may not feel you have grown as much as you would like, but I tell you that all of you who have sincerely applied these teachings have grown much more than you might be aware of in your outer minds. This is my joy, to watch people in embodiment make use of a spiritual teaching and truly make progress towards that point where you no longer need the spiritual teaching, because you are experiencing the flow from inside yourself. With this I seal you in the joy of the Divine Mother.


*There was a power outage during the dictation; we took a break until the power was restored, so the dictation was given in two parts. 🙂


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