Finding Peace in Relationships

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Ascended Master Nada through Kim Michaels, January 23, 2018.

I AM the Ascended Master Nada. At this sixth level of the initiations in my retreat, you are naturally facing a double dose of the Sixth Ray. I would like to begin by building on some of the things I told you in my previous discourses, specifically about karma. There is, of course, many superficial understandings, ideas and theories about karma floating around in the world. I need you to step beyond these and come to a deeper realization of how you make karma.

There are many, many people who believe in either an eastern philosophy or a New Age philosophy that talks about karma as the result of some action you take, which means they basically believe that karma is something physical. You do something physical to create the karma and when the karma comes back to you, it results in certain physical events happening to you. Now, as I have explained in my previous discourse, this is not a correct understanding. There is no karma, so to speak, at the physical level because the karmic impulse that you create (even by taking a physical action) is not an impulse in the physical, vibrational spectrum. It is an impulse that goes into the three higher bodies and then cycles through those until it may return to you in your personal energy field. Then, as I explained, it may or may not become a physical event based on whether you have changed your consciousness.

The reason it is important to contemplate this is that you actually recognize that nothing in the physical defines you. You also recognize, in a sense, that it is not really anything in the physical world that determines whether or not you make your ascension. Many of you have adopted a certain view that in order to qualify for your ascension, you have to balance all of your karma. This is not incorrect but the karma is not a physical karma. It is, first of all, purifying your emotional, mental and identity bodies of the internal spirits that you have there. Really, balancing karma is not a matter of compensating for something by doing something physical. It is, first of all, a matter of resolving the internal spirits so that the prince of this world comes and has nothing in your three higher bodies whereby he can cause you to go into a reactionary pattern. This is truly what it means to balance karma.

There is, of course, a certain energy impulse, but again that impulse is not physical. I am not denying that you need to do a certain amount of decrees and invocations in order to dissolve that energy impulse, but the most important aspect of balancing karma is truly to dissolve the spirits.

Interacting with people without making karma

However, there is also another aspect of balancing karma and that is to avoid making new karma and this is, so to speak, the Omega aspect. Naturally, if you keep making new karma, you will have to do more and more violet flame in order to balance everything. You need to follow the first principle of First Aid, which is to stop the accident. In other words, you need to stop the karma-making, stop these reactionary spirals that cause you to make karma. I have talked about, in my previous discourse, how to stop this in terms of reacting to the fallen beings, causing them to make you feel guilty, unworthy, imperfect or whatever.

I now want to focus on one of the absolutely most common ways that people make karma and it is in their interaction with other people. Naturally, you are an ascended master student and you have followed our teachings for a while in order to rise to this level of initiation. You have overcome some of the more physical, violent, aggressive ways of interacting with other people. Still, you are at a certain level where you have not totally freed yourself from these reactionary spirals with other people. For a person at your level, it is not that you are taking aggressive actions against others, but you still have a tendency to feel that other people are taking aggressive actions against you—and, of course, they are.

You can take a look at the life of Jesus and even when he was at the 143rd level of consciousness, the fallen beings took actions against him and nailed him to a cross. Nevertheless, what I am talking about here specifically is that at this level, you have the sense that other people may take aggressive actions against you and you often feel powerless to deal with this. I have talked about the need to develop respect for free will so if you have total respect for another persons’ free will, then you cannot necessarily stop them from taking an aggressive action against you. Then, how do you avoid feeling powerless?

Well my beloved, the way to do this is to acquire a deeper understanding of how free will outplays itself, especially in relation to karma. Now, let us begin by again taking a look at what kind of planet you are on. I have said that there are many planets with a much higher level of consciousness where you do not find the aggression that you see on earth. Earth is one of the lowest planets in terms of the level of aggression that people take against other people. When you recognize this, you can then start to look at what are your expectations about life on earth.

There are some of you who are avatars who have come from natural planets where you have never been exposed to aggression. Therefore, you carry a certain subtle memory that there should not be aggression. It is not natural that people take aggressive actions against others. Some of you are the original inhabitants of the earth and you carry with you a subtle memory of how the earth was before the fallen beings were allowed to embody here. You also have a sense that it is not “natural” or “right” that people take aggressive actions against others.

Another unrealistic expectation

You see here that you have an expectation about how life should be on earth. However, this expectation is out of touch with the reality of how life is on earth. There is a gap between your expectation and reality. You, therefore, need to perform a simple evaluation here. Is it possible for you to change the current situation on earth? Obviously, it is not. You cannot remove war and aggression from the planet by snapping your fingers.

What is the realistic course of action you can take? It is to let go of the expectation that was created either on a different planet or when the earth was a different planet. In other words, you need to recognize that you are carrying with you an unrealistic expectation and at this point you are ready to see that it is holding back your progress. It is creating a tension in you, a contradiction within you, that is pulling on you from different directions. It is causing you to be a house divided against itself, as all of these internal spirits do. As I already explained, the fallen beings love to create an expectation in you, for example that God should come and save you, and then see reality destroy that expectation, therefore leaving you in doubt about what is real and unreal.

You need to come to this point of recognizing that you are on a very dense, a very difficult, planet and therefore you need to simply look at your expectation and say: “But this does not apply on this planet. My expectation is not reasonable, it is not rational, it is not reality-based on this planet.” Then, you simply need to let it go. You need to let it go—like you do any other internal spirit because your unrealistic expectation has become an internal spirit. You let it go, my beloved.

Then, you look at what kind of planet you are on and you say: “Based on what I now know about this planet, based on what I know about free will, is it realistic to have any expectation about what should or should not happen on earth?” The brutal answer is: “No.” It will seem brutal at first, but when you accept it, it is liberating. You can now see that there is no reason to have any expectation and therefore there is no more resistance in you about life on earth. If you have no expectations about what should or should not happen, then you can meet life without this overlay. You can actually meet life, as Jesus said, with the innocent mind of a child.

When you adopt this childlike innocence of not having expectations about what should or should not happen, then you are now in the kingdom of God in your own mind. You now realize that there is no reason to expect what should or should not happen. You know that nothing that happens or does not happen defines you. Nothing in the physical defines you. Nothing in the physical hinders your ascension.

You can come to this point where you look at other people and you say: “Why should I then have any expectations about what other people should or should not do?” If you look at your life, you will see that for your entire lifetime (and I can assure you for many past lifetimes as well) you have had these (perhaps subtle, perhaps obvious) expectations about other people. You want them to do certain things, you do not want them to do other things and this puts you in a constant state of tension with other people. It also tends to make you feel powerless because on the one hand you have a desire to prevent other people from doing something that harms you or harms themselves, but on the other hand you feel you are not allowed to use any aggressive means to force them to do or not do this or that. You feel powerless once again.

The world does not revolve around you

Once you let go of the expectation that other people should do this or that, there is no need to feel powerless. You now realize that you can take another step towards peace of mind by reaching back to what I said about magical thinking. There is a certain collective spirit in the world that is based on the experiences that children go through when they are lying in the womb. It has been added on to by all of the people that have been born physically throughout the history of this planet.

When a mother is carrying a child in the womb, she realizes that this is another being, another body, growing inside her body. She realizes this because she very well remembers that there was a time when she was not pregnant and where she was in somewhat control of her own body. Now, there is another being growing inside of it and she clearly identifies this as another being inside her body. It is her child, she may have a connection to it but she knows this is another being that one day will be born and have a separate existence. However, how does the situation look for the child?

Well, most people do not remember their pre-birth memories but if you did, you would realize that the child in the womb has not experienced having a separate body because the child experiences that the mothers body is its body. The child does not realize that there is another separate being who is inhabiting the mothers’ body. It actually feels that the mothers’ body is its body, and as the body of the child grows inside the womb, it gradually starts having a little bit of confusion about why there is this body inside the bigger body. As a result of this, most children are born with a sense of awareness that the world is an extension of their body. They are used to their mothers’ body being an extension of themselves. Now they are born into a world where, in the beginning, they have a sense that this world is an extension of their body. They do not yet have this sense of being a separate being in a separate body. This is not the case for all children, but for most.

The result of this is that many children go through this period, which psychologists have identified, where they feel: “The world is an extension of me, I am the center of the world. Therefore, I am responsible for everything that happens. Everything that happens revolves around me and relates to me.”

I need you to come to recognize that in your three higher bodies, especially in the emotional body, there is an internal spirit that still feels that it is the center of your world. It may not feel responsible for everything that happens in the world and it does realize that there are other people that are separate beings. Nevertheless, this spirit feels that everything that happens in your life revolves around it. Everything that other people do relates to it.

As long as you have not seen through this spirit, there is a certain level, perhaps subconscious, where you tend to feel that the people around you do what they do in relation to you. In other words, you may feel responsible for it, you may feel hurt by it, you may feel that they are doing this to you. Now, I need you to ponder this because it is important that you come to recognize that it is an internal spirit that feels this way. The Conscious You does not feel this way. The Conscious You actually knows that it is a separate being, that other people are separate beings and they have their free will as you have your free will. Once you separate yourself from the spirit, you can realize something very, very important.

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