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TOPICS: A tool for discerning what is right and not right for you – The gap between your consciousness and the consciousness of the teacher – A fundamental problem for spiritual teachers  – Getting more accurate answers to life’s questions – Accept El Morya’s love for you – A tool for dealing with the prince of this world – Don’t take the devil too seriously –

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Ascended Master El Morya, May 27, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

A tool for discerning what is right and not right for you

I come to you also with great joy. El Morya I AM, and I AM indeed the master of the First Ray of the Will of God. So I come to you to give you a discourse on the path of Oneness. For where shall we start people on the path of Oneness if we do not start them at the beginning, at the first ray of the Will of God? For how can you come into Oneness until you have come into Oneness with the Will of God, and stop seeing the Will of God as an external will of the angry being in the sky, and realizing that the Will of God is the Will of your own higher Being—as has been said in several invocations and was said by beloved Hercules yesterday.

I come to tell you that the key element of starting the spiritual path is indeed to realign your will with the higher will of your own Being, that you may be of one Will instead of being divided, having so many different wills fighting for your attention or for control of your lower being that you scarcely know which one to follow. This is a most unfortunate state, and I feel great compassion for the many people in the world who are so scattered and drawn hither and yon by the many different wills screaming for their attention. The only way to overcome this is to be aware of the stillness, as Mother Mary has said. For it is only in the stillness that you can reconnect to the higher will of your own being.

Thus, I come with a suggestion that might help you. The path of Oneness requires you to attain oneness on all seven rays. Therefore, when you encounter any impulse coming at you – whether it comes at you from the outside or whether it comes at you from inside your own being – and when you suspect that it might not be the higher Will of your I AM Presence, then say to that impulse, “Come into Oneness with me in the Will of God.” And then, instead of frantically following that impulse, center in your heart, in that Oneness. Reach for the stillness of the oneness with the Will of God, and then you will know – through the resonance or non-resonance – whether the impulse is in alignment with your Higher Will.

Now, some of you have mastered the initiations on the first ray, and have moved on to one of the other rays. And thus you can discern by using an affirmation on any ray, “Come into Oneness with me, in the Wisdom of God,” “Come into Oneness with me in the Love of God.” And even those of you who have moved beyond the seven rays, and are facing the initiations of the eighth ray, can use a similar affirmation. Eventually, when you start to know your God Flame you can say, “Come into Oneness with me in …” and then describe your God Flame.

Because when you have contact with your God Flame, when you start to establish Oneness with your God Flame, you have the ultimate means for discerning the spirits. Because you will know whether something resonates with your God Flame or does not. And if it does not resonate, you do not have to judge it as being good or bad, you simply leave it behind as not being for you.

The gap between your consciousness and the consciousness of the teacher
I am fully aware that some of you either do not know what your God Flame is, or you might understand it intellectually but you have still not established that heart connection to it. I ask you to consider that the central challenge on the spiritual path is very simple. The path implies that you are at a particular step and you need to move up to the next step. In other words, there is a gap between where you are now and where you need to go. So the central challenge on the spiritual path is how to close that gap. And for many people it can seem insurmountable.

One of the major tactics employed by the dark forces and the ego, is to create the illusion that it is impossible for you to bridge the gap. They have used Jesus as a primary example in the West, but in every religion there has been created this monster of idolatry concerning the leader or leaders of that religion. Jesus was so special, was so far above everyone else that how can you possibly close the gap between your present level of consciousness and the superior level of consciousness that Jesus demonstrated. The same thing with many leaders of many organizations.

There are indeed many gurus and teachers in this world today who are not necessarily false gurus—they are well-meaning individuals, they have attained a certain spiritual attainment, perhaps even certain abilities. Yet if they do not understand the dynamics of the path, they often teach essentially by saying, “Look how advanced I am. Come up to my level!” But they do not provide a step-by-step path between where people are at in consciousness and where they are at themselves.

If these individuals are not aware of this, and are yet too focused on themselves – meaning they have not truly let go of the self-centeredness but they have a little bit of ego left – then even though they have genuine spiritual attainment, and they actually have the ability to help people grow spiritually, they have not yet bridged the gap between their own attainment and the attainment of those they teach. And thus, even though they might give a genuine teaching, it is actually a false teaching in the sense that it discourages those who accept the teaching because they think they cannot bridge the gap between their consciousness and the consciousness of the teacher. Because they see no logical step-by-step path between their level and the level demonstrated by the teacher.

A fundamental problem for spiritual teachers

And this then brings you to another understanding of the spiritual path, an essential dynamic of the path that even we of the ascended masters cannot circumvent as long as people are trapped in the ego. For you see, how can we make anyone motivated to follow the spiritual path unless we demonstrate to them that there is an advantage to following that path? We do that by giving people examples who demonstrate a higher level of consciousness, perhaps certain abilities that are beyond the ordinary. And yet, the ego can then use this to create that aura of idolatry, or infallibility, around the leaders, which makes it seem impossible for others to bridge the gap and attain the same consciousness as the leader.

Yet my beloved, for many years we have said, “What one human being has done, all can do, all can attain.” And thus, I ask you to seriously ponder whether you have – in your own being – some element that makes you look at the ascended masters, or anybody in embodiment that you consider to be more spiritually advanced than yourself, and think, “Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that, I couldn’t possibly attain that.” And then I ask you to recognize that if you see this, it can only come from the ego. It cannot come from a realistic assessment from the Christ Mind because the Christ knows, as Jesus said, “With men this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” And thus you see, you of your own self could not bridge the gap but God within you can indeed bridge that gap.

We of the ascended masters are constantly attempting to come up with ways and means to help people bridge the gap. And many spiritual people have used certain mechanical tools to get answers from beyond the lower mind. Yet I ask you again, as we have said before, to keep in mind that every tool we give you can become a trap, if you become too attached to it and think that you should be able to get all your answers in a specific way. And thus, I desire you to recognize that every tool we give you as a means to an end must not become an end in itself, for in that case it is no longer helping you to grow but only helping to keep you trapped.

Getting more accurate answers to life’s questions

I ask you to recognize that many of you have a certain ability to get answers. Some of you might even feel very sure that the answers you get are accurate, absolute, infallible. But I ask you to consider that this is only a phase on the spiritual path, and it is a necessary phase where you begin to come out of the tendency to blindly follow the blind leaders. You begin to come into your own, you begin to trust that you can know on your own the difference between truth and error.

But there is a subtle temptation, where the ego will use this to make you think that you are always right, that you always know in an absolute manner, what is truth and error. As we have attempted to show you very gently, there is always a higher level of understanding of any concept on the spiritual path. This is a principle I would like you to anchor in your minds. For as long as you are on earth, you are not beyond learning something more, discovering a deeper layer of understanding. And yet if you allow your ego to trap you in the sense that, “I have the perfect discernment, and I know the truth,” then you are not open to discovering a higher truth than the one you know. And take note that I am not saying that the truth you know might not be correct. In many cases, many of you do know the truth. But truth is not something that can be captured in words or even concepts on this earth. Which is why Jesus said, “God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth.”

So God’s Spirit is the River of Life, which is constantly transcending itself. Which is why we have given you invocations and teachings to help you reconnect to the River of Life. For when you lock your mind on the sense that you have now discovered some ultimate guru or belief system and now you have everything you need to make your ascension, then you set yourself apart from the River of Life. For you essentially say to God, “I have everything I need; leave me alone.” And that is truly what you say to your spiritual teacher, to your Christ Self and to the ascended masters.

I am simply talking about moving to a higher understanding and realizing that even though people have a good understanding of the path, there are still layers and levels to be discovered. And it will not end as long as you are here on earth. For that matter, it will not end even in heaven until you have attained full God consciousness, which I can assure you is still a ways away for all of you.

Accept El Morya’s love for you

Thus, my beloved, I must tell you that I look at many spiritual people with a great sense of love. For you have been willing, as very few other people have been willing, to look at your egos, to do many things to discover the ego, to expose it, to force it out in the open. Whether through the rosaries or other techniques that you have employed, or even just self-observation that you have done all of your lives, even though you might not have been fully conscious of it.

Many spiritual people have had that willingness to look at yourself and say, “Is there a better way? Is there something I need to change? Is there something that is holding me back?” This is the quintessential ability of the Conscious You—to project itself outside its current mental box, belief system, world view, and see if there is perhaps something outside that box, perhaps more to life. And unless you are willing to realize that there could be more to life than what you are experiencing right now, how could you discover that More, how could you discover the master of the Will of God that I AM?

Thus, I commend you for your willingness to reach for the More. And I say, even though some of you may be going through the dark night of the soul, if you will always maintain your willingness to reach for something more – no matter how difficult your situation might seem – then I can assure you that you will eventually find that more. It is simply a law that when you ask, you shall receive. But sometimes it might take time in the physical octave before you receive that for which you ask.

And sometimes you also have to be willing to refine what you are asking for because obviously, as Hercules said,  if you are asking for something that is in opposition to your own divine plan, then how can we give it to you? And thus, by reaching for the more, meaning a deeper understanding of yourself and of life, you can eventually overcome the human expectations and bring yourself back into oneness with that Will of God that is your own higher being, that is expressed in your Divine Plan. And when you come into that oneness, then I can assure you that things on the outer will begin to change.

A tool for dealing with the prince of this world

And if I possibly could, I would love to see all of you make that switch, make that turn of the dial of consciousness, whereby you realize that you can – at this moment – come into Oneness with the WIll of God—if you are willing to give up every aspect of the lower will of the ego.

Thus, I will give you another tool. Whenever you sense you are dealing with a particular concept or problem in your psychology or an outside situation or force, keep in mind that you are being tempted by the prince of this world, as Jesus was tempted after his stay in the wilderness. See that the prince of this world and your ego are standing right next to you, whispering in your ear something that takes you away from that sense of inner Oneness. And then create for yourself, depending on the situation you are dealing with, an affirmation that counteracts what is coming to you from the ego and the forces of deception.

Create an affirmation or a habit of centering in the heart, so that you turn their own strategy against them. So that their very attempts to take you away from the centeredness in the heart becomes an encouragement for you to make an extra effort to center yourself in the heart, in the oneness with the Will of God. If it helps you, visualize my presence with you in your heart as the Presence of the Will of God, the master of the Will of God. Then by all means I will be happy to be there, and so will any other master on the Seven Rays, or whomever master you are currently working with.

But fix in your mind the idea that when your ego and the forces of this world are trying to get you away from Oneness, then use their own tactic to come closer to Oneness, to center in Oneness, to BE in Oneness. And then you will see that the devil will flee from you, as he fled from Jesus when he realized that Jesus was not going to be tempted.

Don’t take the devil too seriously

This my beloved, is indeed an important key. And when you use their own tactics to center in Oneness, you can overcome the tendency to take yourself, and the devil, and the ego, too seriously. And then you can employ what I have said in my past lives, when I said as Thomas More, “The devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.” And then you can laugh at the devil, and he will flee, for he cannot stand the sound of laughter, especially when you are laughing at him.

But even when you are happy and laughing out of the pure joy of being alive on earth, the devil flees. For he cannot stand those who are happy, are centered and at peace. They disturb him! And that is why some of you will notice in your lives that you have met people who are angry with you, or blaming you for seemingly no outer reason. But it was your light, your inner light, your peace, your happiness, essentially your God Flame, that disturbed them. And thus they were agitated because they saw that if you could be More, then they could be More too. But because they were not willing to change, they did not want to be around you. So they wanted to drag you down into their own misery so that they had an excuse for not changing themselves.

Do not take these people so seriously; they have no power over you. And thus, I say to you, find a way to center in the Oneness in the Heart. Find a way to laugh at the conditions that seem so dire. And do not allow yourself to enter into the vibration of thinking that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, for I assure you that it is not.

No matter what challenges may come upon this planet, this planet will go up into the Golden Age. And it will do so because we, the ascended masters up Above, do not accept anything less than the immaculate concept for the Golden Age of Aquarius, held in the mind of Saint Germain. And we know that there are sufficient numbers of people in embodiment who likewise will not accept anything less. And we sincerely hope that all of you will count yourselves among them, and therefore not allow yourselves to go into that lower vibration that focuses on the problems and makes them seem so insurmountable that you cannot close the gap between where the earth is now and the perfection of the Golden Age.

The earth has moved forward tremendously over the past century. And although you see many problems, there is an underlying progress that is indeed immense and cannot be stopped by the forces of darkness. For had they been able to stop it, they would have done so, ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years ago. And thus, the very fact that the earth is still in existence is proof that the dark forces do not have the power to destroy this beautiful planet. For there are enough people who would not go down with them and thereby drag the earth into their self-created hell.

Thus my beloved I have spoken my peace, and I too congratulate you, and I extend my gratitude. Therefore, I seal you in the peace that comes from knowing you are One with the Will of God. Be it so!


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels