Feeling Good about Being on Earth

TOPICS: The desire for supernatural abilities – Doubting God’s existence – What if you had extra-ordinary abilities? – The purpose of dense-matter planets – Demonstrating an alternative – The what and the how – A self-centered altruistic desire – Feeling good about who you are – The initiation of using extra-ordinary abilities

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Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, December 3rd, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha and in the joy of the Buddha, I Am. Many may not have associated the Buddha with joy, seeing him as being more serious, sitting there, seeming aloof to the world and the people of the world. Of course, my beloved, if I were aloof to the people of the world, would I have come out of Nirvana to minister onto them? Would I have vowed to hold the flame of the Buddha, to hold space for earth, if I were aloof. Certainly not, and so I am not aloof but neither am I attached. The Middle Way is to be found, not necessarily between these extremes but beyond them.

It is a very difficult balance to find on a planet as dense and as dark as earth. Certainly, those of you who have come here as avatars have faced this challenge. All of us, who have come here as avatars, have faced this challenge of how you remain in the world but not of the world. Of course, all of us have had a period where we went into immersing ourselves in the world, identifying ourselves with the world, and why did we do this? We did this as an extension of the desire that brought us here originally. We came here to affect a positive change and help the earth rise above some of the manifestations that we clearly saw were not natural and did not belong on a natural planet.

The desire for supernatural abilities

This is what brought us here and therefore, as a result of this coming to the earth and feeling how our good intentions were rejected and put down, we then went into a reactionary pattern. In many cases, we became even more eager, even more attached, to doing something that could not be ignored, that could not be denied, either by the dark forces, the fallen beings, or by the people of earth—the original inhabitants. You see, my beloved, many of us, when we received that initial birth trauma, we built some kind of expectation that since the fallen beings and the people of earth had ignored us or put us down, we desired to have the ability, even a supernatural ability, to make some kind of manifestation that they could not ignore, that they could not deny.

You see even many spiritual people today who have this desire that somehow there should be some undeniable manifestation that would demonstrate the validity of the spiritual outlook on life and that there is a spiritual side to life. Many have a desire to attain some kind of clairvoyant or supernatural ability so they can do something that people cannot ignore, deny or explain away. Many religious people have the same desire, either for some kind of ability, speaking in tongues, healing (whatever it may be) or for the Christ to come back as some undeniable manifestation in the sky where nobody can deny that this is happening.

Doubting God’s existence

Over the ages, many people have asked: “Why doesn’t God prove that he exists, why doesn’t he remove the evil and darkness from the earth?” When they see that the darkness continues and God is seemingly not there and is seemingly aloof, then they begin to doubt whether there even is a God. This is, of course, when the fallen ones feel that they have truly accomplished some of their greatest works—when they have caused an avatar to doubt the existence of God. Truly, that is probably the lowest point you can sink to as an avatar who came here having some sense of the oneness of all life, came here in a desire to raise up all life. Now, you have come to the point where you doubt that there is any higher being, there is any higher purpose and there is any purpose for you coming here.

This is what they truly want to accomplish. They want to get us into that state, and we have all gone into it, as now several of my esteemed brothers have said. My beloved, I certainly went into it myself. I went also so low that those who have an idolatrous view of the Buddha would refuse to believe it. They would say that this cannot be the real Buddha speaking if he says that the Buddha ever went low, for surely he was born perfect. I was not born perfect, neither in my last embodiment nor in any previous embodiments. My beloved, I made the same mistakes that many of you have made.

What if you had extra-ordinary abilities?

I also had a desire for some kind of ability that would awaken people so that they could not deny that there is a spiritual side to life. I had to overcome that in my last embodiment. Indeed, the last initiation I had to face, as I was being tempted by the demons of Mara, was to actually use the ability of the mind, that I had attained, in my reaction to the demons of Mara. As a result of attaining that level of consciousness of Buddhahood, then I actually had certain abilities that I could have used in my reaction to the demons of Mara. The thing is, my beloved, what would have been the point? What would I have accomplished? What would have been accomplished for the ongoing progression of life by demonstrating this?

You need to consider this in yourselves if you can recognize that you have this desire to have some extraordinary ability. You need to consider what would actually be accomplished if you had the ability that you sometimes imagine yourself having. If you used it, what would actually be accomplished?

First of all, you need to recognize that there are some beings, some people, who would immediately deny the manifestation, even if they saw it with their own eyes. There were people who saw Jesus walk on water or who drank the wine he had precipitated from water, and they did not believe it. They did not believe what their own senses had experienced. After the experience had passed, their intellectual, analytical minds started doubting that this had actually happened. They started doubting that this was actually a sign of some spiritual mastery on Jesus’ part. They thought it was some kind of trickery. They thought it was some kind of trickery of the devil and therefore Jesus was not a true spiritual teacher, he was not the Messiah and so forth and so on. Of course, the fallen beings immediately tried to counteract this demonstration of a higher power by Jesus by making the people also believe that this was the dark forces and the devil who had tricked them or who had somehow taken over Jesus and performed these tricks.

If you transfer this to the modern age, even the materialists would immediately start doubting that this could have happened. Many of the materialists would say that even though people had seen this outer manifestation, it was simply their minds and the group mind that had tricked them into thinking they had seen this, but it was not actually real. You recognize, when you ponder this, that there is absolutely nothing that the outer mind (the carnal mind, the human mind, the intellectual, analytical, linear mind) cannot cast doubt upon.

The thing is, my beloved, you can never prove anything on a dense-matter, dense-consciousness planet as earth. Why is that? Because the primary function of a dense-matter planet is to give people an immersion experience where they can experience themselves as separate beings.

The purpose of dense-matter planets

In order to have that experience, you cannot have the frame of reference that you have on a natural planet where you have some sense of connection to something bigger than your current sense of self, you have some sense of the oneness of all life. This is not an intellectual understanding you have on a natural planet. It is an experience, an inner – what you today would call “intuitive” – experience, but which on a natural planet is seen as a natural experience. It is as natural as you opening your eyes and seeing the sun.

You cannot have this ability in order to have the immersion experience. Those people who are in the immersion phase, they do not have any sense of the oneness of all life. That is precisely why they do not have a frame of reference that allows them to have any undeniable sense that there is more to life than what they experience through the separate self. They cannot see what you have seen when you awaken to the spiritual side of life. My beloved, there is nothing you could say, nothing you could do that would give people in the immersion phase the experience of a higher reality that you have—and that many of you have come to take for granted, for you have had it so long and it seems to be so obvious to you.

Many of you have had this inner sense of a connection to something greater in this entire lifetime. Even as children you could not understand that other people did not have it. You have later in life sometimes wondered how it could be that you could tell somebody about the spiritual side of life and it seems so obvious to you, but they could not grasp it. It did not seem obvious to them, they felt threatened by it and felt they had to reject it.

Well, you understand, my beloved, that as long as someone is in the immersion phase, they have to reject it. Otherwise, they could not stay immersed, stay identified with the earth and the outer self. Naturally, we all know there are many people on earth who are not voluntarily staying in that immersion phase. They have been fooled, they have been manipulated by the fallen beings into these reactionary patterns that keep them immersed.

If you look at an ideal scenario, you could say that long ago all of the original inhabitants of the earth that are still in embodiment should actually have ascended based on an ideal scenario. Nevertheless, we also recognize that because of free will, an ideal scenario is just a guideline because free will must be allowed to outplay itself. In a sense, you could say that when a planet is created, when certain lifestreams are embodying for the first time on this planet, there may be an ideal scenario for how they could grow. Because of free will, this ideal scenario is not set in stone and it is not so that the ascended masters say that if the ideal scenario is not fulfilled, then something has gone horribly wrong on this planet.

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