Fear as a Cause of War

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, April 29, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary! I come to discourse with you on one of the causes of war that I desire people in embodiment to be aware of and to make calls on. Before I go into it, I would like to briefly summarize what I have talked about in my previous discourses.

The masters want to raise up all lifestreams

I know that when you are in embodiment, it is almost impossible that you are not affected by the dualistic consciousness. This consciousness hangs as a heavy cloud, as an almost impenetrable veil, as a fog around this planet. It affects the minds of almost all people who are in physical embodiment, blinding them to the deeper reality of oneness.

This dualistic consciousness may cause you to look upon my previous discourse and wonder if it is really true that we of the ascended masters want to raise up all lifestreams. Is it really true that we want to raise up even the demons and the fallen beings in the lowest levels of hell, of the astral plane? Is it really true that we want to raise up lifestreams such as Hitler, Stalin or Mao, who perpetrated mass killings of other people or even their own people? Are we really seeking to save or raise up every lifestream?

The answer is: “Yes!” We are not in the duality consciousness so we see the oneness of all life. We see how all life is interconnected and how each lifestream is part of the Body of God for a given planet and even for the universe as a whole. We see that there is a loss to the whole when a lifestream goes through the second death. The potential for that lifestream reaching its ascension will not be fulfilled.

We also see that even the lifestreams that most people would consider beyond help, or might even consider evil, are only deceived and blinded by the duality consciousness. Of course, we also see that those people who judge others as being evil are, likewise, blinded by the duality consciousness, and we are not trapped by that judgment. So yes, we will do everything we can to raise up any lifestream.

The struggle is inside your mind

In some cases a lifestream has gone into a self-reinforcing, downward spiral. When you are in such a spiral, you are struggling against something. You are perceiving that this something – against which you think you have to struggle – is outside yourself. We see the reality that the struggle is inside your own mind. What you are really struggling against is not a reality outside yourself but a perception of reality. This requires a delicate understanding.

When two nations go to war, there is a struggle between them. You cannot simply say that they have no enemy, they have only made up the enemy in their minds. There is, of course, an outer enemy that is attacking them or resisting them, but this is because both sides are caught in the duality consciousness. Yes, there is an outer enemy, but what they are fighting is not really the outer enemy. Both sides are fighting the mental images, the perception, of the other group of people. This perception is entirely dualistic, and it covers over the fact that both sides are part of the one Body of God. This is how it needs to be understood: You are fighting a perception.

When you begin to understand this, you realize that your only real way to stop war is to free people from the dualistic perception. If a lifestream has gone into a downward, self-reinforcing spiral, that lifestream is unreachable for a spiritual teacher. We cannot simply appear to such a lifestream and give that lifestream a spiritual teaching that will suddenly convert it and help it see the errors of its ways, so to speak.

The turning point in a downward spiral

When you have gone into a self-reinforcing, downward spiral, the spiral has to reach some kind of extreme point where you have had enough of the struggle and the fighting. You open your mind to the possibility that there is an alternative. Then, you can begin to see that the alternative is that, instead of struggling against outer enemies, you begin to look at yourself, your own mind, your own perception. You begin to look at the beam in your own eye, instead of the splinter in the eyes of your brother. You begin to realize that, if your life is to change, you have to change. Your mind has to change.

The question is: “How far down in consciousness does the lifestream have to go before it reaches this turning point?” We do in some cases allow forces to outplay themselves because it is necessary for all of the lifestreams involved to have that extreme experience. As soon as people have reached the turning point and are now open to any kind of higher teaching, then we of the ascended masters are there with a teaching that can appeal to them at their current level of consciousness. This does not mean that we can give all lifestreams a higher spiritual teaching. We cannot start talking about non-duality to a lifestream that has gone very far into a downward spiral and has just turned around. Such a lifestream is not ready to even contemplate the ideas I am giving you in this book, but it is ready to contemplate something.

Raw fear as a cause of war

Based on this, I will now go into the cause of war that I wish to discuss in this discourse, and that cause revolves around what we might call “raw fear.” The first fear I would like to talk about here is the fear that you will physically be attacked by others. This is a feeling, but it is very tied to a potential or even a real physical threat.

You live on a planet where war is a common occurrence. There have been many situations in history where one group of people have been faced with an enemy who had built a physical army and who were threatening them. In many cases, there has been a real physical threat that has given rise to this fear. It has sometimes become so intense and taken over people’s minds to the point that they have attacked first because they were so sure that their enemy would attack them.

There are also examples where one side has been afraid of the other side and has built up their army to avoid an attack from that side. The second side has then used this as an excuse for building up their own army because they feared that the first side would attack them. You have seen situations where two groups of people have actually gone to war based entirely on their perception that they would be attacked by the others. Once you have entered a spiral of fear, you are simply looking for something outside of yourself that can validate the fear.

My beloved, did you take note of what I just said? If you go into these situations I have described, where two groups of people have feared an attack from the other, you will see that, in all cases, they would say that their fear was based on the reality of the outer threat, the actions of the other people. They would say that the physical situation came first, and the fear came second.

It may seem like this in the actual situation, but when you know about reincarnation, when you understand that life has been happening on this planet for a very long time, then you see that it is never so that the physical conditions come before what is happening in the three higher octaves. Fear never actually springs from the physical condition. Fear happens at a higher level of manifestation than material conditions.

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