Exposing the elite’s attitude towards the people

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Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels, November 30, 2019. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I wish to take this opportunity to make some remarks about elitism that time and space did not allow me to make at our previous conference on that topic.

What is, in a sense, the one thing that could help people awaken to the problem of elitism, to the existence of an elite? Well, many years ago there was an incident in the United States, which was known as the Watergate scandal. As a part of the process of publicly resolving this matter, some of the tapes that were recorded in the White House of the President talking to some of his closest advisors about this problem were made public. What shocked the public the most was the very coarse, derogatory language used by the President, which many people did not find was fitting for the highest office of the land.

Well, in the same vein, it is not a matter of exposing the language used by the power elite but the way that the power elite talks about the people, about the population. There are various power elite groups of beings in embodiment who have their private meetings, whether it is in a small group of friends or family, or whether it is in some bigger or more organized meeting where they will feel relaxed, they will feel they are alone. Therefore, they will freely talk about their attitude towards the people, towards the population on earth. I can assure you that if people could hear some of these conversations, they would be extremely shocked over the level of arrogance, the level of pride that comes through these people, but also the way they look down upon the people.

Those who are the core members of the elite have a very clear, elitist, superior attitude. They feel they are in a separate class of beings from human beings. They feel they are superhuman beings, they are above and beyond human beings. They consider the general population to be made up of very primitive individuals that they consider to be stupid, unintelligent, unable to make their own decisions, unable to take responsibility for themselves, unable to discern between what is right and wrong. They consider the population to be extremely gullible, extremely naive and extremely easily fooled.

Now, I do not imagine that anyone will make a recording of these meetings, although that of course could happen. What I wish to bring to your attention is that you can make the calls that there are people who can expose what is going on in these meetings, perhaps through books that have a fictional character like the “My Lives” book but nevertheless records how these people talk, so that people can have an opportunity to see what is going on. To some degree this has already been done, but I desire you to make the calls that it can be done in a greater measure so that it can have more of an impact and people can then get a feel for how these people look at the population. This could of course also be the subject of movies, TV series and what have you. Again, some things have already been done, but actually the level of arrogance, the level of looking down upon the people that these elitists have, has never really been exposed the way it needs to be exposed for the people to be shocked enough to say: “We have to do something about this elite.”

Diverting attention from the real problem

Now, if you look at it from the perspective of the elite, they see how time and time again, throughout history, they have been able to hide from the people, to fool the people, to divert the attention of the people so that instead of looking at the elite as the problem, they look at some other part of the population as the problem. This is again the divide-and-conquer strategy where, instead of having one division that has some reality to it (namely that between the power elite and the population), they have created all of these sub-divisions in the population that really have no reality to it. They use these to set these groups of people up against each other so that they use another group of people as the scapegoat when things are not going well in their country. They can blame it on someone outside the country, or maybe someone inside the country like the Germans did to the Jews in the 1930s, instead of actually blaming it on the elite who should have the blame because they have the responsibility for things not going well.

Time and time again, they divert the attention in this way so that the people are not seeing the real cause of the problem, namely the elite. They have of course seen this happen so many times in history where people have been fooled, they have believed what they wanted to believe, they have believed what was the easiest to believe and they have taken the easy way out. This has created this growing level of arrogance, this growing sense that, we are not only in a special category of people but we are above the law, we are untouchables. Nobody can touch us because we have so much power, so many connections, so much money, we know we can get away with anything. Or at least, that is what they think.

Once people could realize that this is how they think, then some people would start waking up and saying: “It is really time that we placed responsibility and accountability where it belongs. It is really time that we do not blame other people, other groups in the population, but that we are willing to place blame where it is and realize, it is the power elite in our own country that is creating the problems. Thereby, we also of course need to take responsibility for having allowed this elite to come to power or remain in power.”

What the fallen beings, what the power elite, have been using so many times is precisely this unwillingness to make decisions, this fear of making decisions where people think they can only make bad decisions so they do not want to take responsibility. They do not want to make the decisions because they do not want to risk suffering negative consequences.

In a sense, many among the population have been willing to give away responsibility and to let a seemingly benevolent power elite rule them. This, however is not (as many among the power elite believe) an expression of human nature. It is, as we have explained many times, a condition that is artificially created through the manipulation of the fallen beings where they have systematically caused people to make bad decisions that then caused them to go into this state of fearing to make decisions. It is something that the fallen beings behind the power elite have systematically produced. Therefore, it is in a sense complete cognitive dissonance that they use this artificially created condition to reason that people just are that way, they just are incompetent, ignorant, stupid, what have you. What you can make the calls for is that people become aware of this.

Again, there is a tension in the collective consciousness, many people in the modern democracies are ready to step up and take a higher level of responsibility. There are many of the smaller countries in the democratic world where the power elite is no longer as strong as it was, for example, before the advent of democracy, during the feudal age or when you had the almighty kings. Many of the countries have already created a more egalitarian society where the power elite is not as strong, they are not quite as arrogant. Therefore, it will be easier for the people to step up and take responsibility for their country, demand not only a better representation but a more direct influence through direct democracy on the decision making in their countries.

The potential for an economic collapse

As we have said several times, even though the people might fear the consequences of them making the choices, the reality that you can make a call for people to realize, is that the population making decisions could not possibly be worse than the disaster after disaster created by the power elites throughout history. You just look at history and how it is littered with examples. This is again something people are ready to see: That the power elites have made some very, very bad decisions throughout history that have had disastrous consequences. It was not the people who started all these wars—it was the elite. It was not the people who manipulated the economy—it was the elite. It was not the people who created the financial crisis of 2008—it was the financial elite.

The reality is that we are nearing a time where what we have called the second law of thermodynamics, the self-correcting feature of the universe, has reached a point where the power elites will no longer be able to get away with doing what they have been doing. They think they are untouchable, they think they can escape the consequences of their actions, they think they can get the people to bear the consequences. If you look at the financial crisis of 2008, you will see that the economy of the world was on the brink of collapse. This was not something that was engineered by the financial power elite. It was created through their arrogance where they did not accurately assess the risk, therefore without realizing what they were doing, they brought the system to the brink of collapse.

There were some of them that were awakened by this. There were also people who are not part of the power elite in the government, in the media, in academia, who were awakened by this and realized that it would actually be possible for the entire economy to collapse and that it would have very severe consequences. Now, of course there are some among the elite who said: “Yes, yes, we realize we took this too far and we were on the brink of the collapse of the system. But look, the government, the people bailed us out in the end and they will do that again to avoid a collapse.” You see, the second law of thermodynamics will bring this to a point where, if another crisis emerges like this, then it will not be stoppable. The government will not be able to bail out the elite. Therefore, the elite will fall, they will suffer the consequences. Of course, we do not desire to see such a collapse although we again allow free will to outplay itself. What you can make the calls for is that the people will wake up, that there will be an ongoing process of gradually higher states of awakening, where people realize that we simply cannot allow a small elite of billionaires to control and manipulate the economy. Why should we, in a democratic nation, allow a small elite of billionaires to manipulate the economy. What sense does it make?

This is what you can make the calls for: That people wake up and realize, what sense does it make that we have a democratic political system but an entirely undemocratic elitist economic system? What sense does that make? There can be one of these dramatic shifts where suddenly it is as if the scales fall from people’s eyes and they see this is entirely inconsistent, this is entirely unsustainable. We cannot allow such an undemocratic elitist system to continue in a democratic nation because it undermines democracy. It completely undermines democracy. It undermines the principle of democracy that all people have equal rights, including the equal right to improve their lives through their own effort.

When you create a financial system that concentrates wealth in the hands of those who already have too much, then this undermines people’s opportunity to improve their life by making an effort. So much of the money that should be going back to the people who make an effort is stolen away from them and concentrated in the hands of the elite. This simply is unsustainable and it is undemocratic. Many, many people are ready to see this and therefore demand systemic reforms of the economic and financial system.

The elite is afraid of the people

Another thing I want to bring out in order to complete what we want to release about elitism, is that the elite does not only have a derogatory attitude towards the people, they are actually afraid of the people. Whether it is the fallen beings in the identity, mental and emotional realms, or the fallen beings in embodiment, all fallen beings have a fear of the people. This is partly because they realize that there are so many more human beings than fallen beings. Therefore, at any moment where enough human beings decided to rise up against the fallen beings, they would lose their power. The human beings could always win if they saw what was going on. If a critical mass of them could unite, they could always overthrow the power elites, they could always, in the extreme case, kill all of the fallen beings.

What they also realize is that the population does not have to kill the elite for the elite to lose power. They just have to become aware of the existence and the methods of the elite. The moment people become aware, the fallen beings lose a lot of their power because their power is based on deception, manipulation, it is based on the people not knowing what is going on. The moment this was to happen, then they would lose power. That is why they are doing everything, as we have described, to prevent the people from waking up and making that determination: “We want something better, we want a better society.”

One thing that also needs to be mentioned here is that the fallen beings, both those in embodiment and those in the higher realms, have a clear desire, a clear strategy, to limit the size of the human population. They are very capable of looking at history, and as we have described before, you had the feudal societies of Europe where the noblemen owned the land, then there were a large number of peasants living on that land who literally belonged to the land and the noblemen. This was a system that could work with a certain number of peasants that could still be sustained by the land, what the land could produce. There came a point where, through better hygiene, better awareness, the population started increasing. Not as many children died, people lived longer and therefore the population grew. There came a point where the population was so big that people could no longer survive by what could be produced on their nobleman’s land.

When people were facing starvation, they would no longer submit to the nobleman and therefore the system was overthrown, as you for example saw in the French revolution. Part of this was that the people in Paris did not have the basic necessities to survive. They did not have enough bread, they did not have enough food and this was what caused them to support the uprising. Even though, as we have said before, the French revolution was driven by an aspiring power elite that wanted to overthrow the established power elite, nevertheless, they could not have done this if the people had not been brought to the brink of starvation.

The same thing with the feudal system, it did not get overthrown until the population faced such a severe situation that they could not live with it, they could not ignore it, they could not go on. You see here that it is always the arrogance, the ignorance, of the power elite, the established power elite, where they continue to do the same thing, they continue to hold on to power. This is what brings a society to that point where the population can no longer live with the conditions they have been given by the elite, and then they rise up.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Ending the Era of Elitism

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