Experiencing yourself on earth

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, November 30, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and I want to follow up on my previous dictation and your discussions. I am grateful that you have been willing to share your feelings about being on earth. Whether they are positive or not so positive, it is important for you to share this and to be willing to acknowledge what feelings you have. Naturally, there are no wrong feelings. The feelings you have are the feelings you have. Surely, this is a very difficult planet, especially if you come from a background of a natural planet. If you are one of the original inhabitants of the earth and have been here for much longer, then you will not have the same feelings. You will naturally feel that this is a much more positive planet, than if you have the contrast between a natural planet and this. It is important to acknowledge feelings because, as we have said many times, you cannot truly overcome the feelings, you cannot overcome the self, until you become conscious that it exists, that it is there, that it has certain feelings.

Who is having the feeling?

Once you have brought the feelings out in the open, you can start looking at: Where do the feelings come from? You can even ask the question: “Who is feeling this way, is it me or is it a self?” Naturally, it is a self that feels this way because the feeling is related to earth. That means it is a reactionary feeling and only a reactionary self can have such a feeling. You, as what we have called the Conscious You, do not actually have feelings. There can be feelings in your emotional body and you may be experiencing the world through the coloring, through the filter, of those feelings, but you are not actually having the feeling. I understand that it feels like you are having the feeling, and the consequence of that is that the feeling is having you. The reason for this is that you are identified with a certain self, you have not yet come to see that it is a separate self: that it is not you. That is why you have the formula, that we have given you previously, on how to come to identify these selves, how to switch out of them and eventually let them die.

When you do this, and when you have made the calls for the consuming or the transformation of the energy that was stored in the self, then you can be free of that feeling. You can, therefore, be free to embrace your life on earth with a positive feeling. The reason we are asking you to bring out whatever feelings you have is so that you do not have to live the rest of your time on this planet being burdened by these very intense negative feelings. I can assure you that I myself had some very negative feelings about being on earth when I was in embodiment. There is absolutely no way I want to give you the image that I was any different than you, that I was so much higher than you that I did not have these feelings. I had many of the same feelings that you have expressed today.

Your feelings about people

If you look at what was said here, you can see that, generally speaking, there is a difference between what you feel about the earth and what you feel about people. It can be helpful for you, just in your own private considerations, to look at what you actually feel about people. You can then seek to differentiate. Is this feeling you have, for example that “people are stupid,” related to all people or is it related to some people? If so, what kind of people? Often, you will find that the most intense feelings you have about people are related to the fallen beings. They were caused by the fallen beings. The fallen beings did something to you or you watched the fallen beings do something to others and this is what caused you to have very intense feelings about people. You can then begin to differentiate and see that, perhaps, it is not all people you feel this about. That means you can start having a different relationship with most people you encounter because, surely, most people you encounter are not fallen beings. (Even though many of you, not all of you but many of you, have had relationships with fallen beings in this lifetime and in many past lifetimes.)

I have said previously that I would like you to not look at me as if I was a fallen being, not relate to me through the images and expectations created by the fallen beings. I would also like you to relate to other people as if they are not fallen beings so that you differentiate and realize that your most intense feelings about people are related to the fallen beings. Therefore, you cannot evaluate or relate to other people, to all people, based on these feelings. That means you can then begin to soften up your view of people so that it is not all people. You are not generalizing based on the fallen beings and letting them color your view of people and your relationship to people.

There are many of you who felt that you came here partly to help other people in various ways, perhaps also to teach other people. You have all felt that, yes, you were treated in a very harsh way by the fallen beings, but many of you have felt that you were treated with indifference by the majority of the people on earth. They either did not even pay attention to you or they were somewhat hostile, not wanting to be disturbed. It is a very common feeling among avatars, among spiritual people in general, that people do not want to listen to you. They do not want to listen to you talk about your spiritual knowledge, your spiritual awareness. They do not want to be disturbed, they just want to live the same kind of life and they do not want to change. Many of you have felt alone. You have felt rejected. You have felt you do not belong here precisely because of this mechanism. This, then, does not have anything to do directly with the fallen beings, although the fallen beings have also tried to put you down because you were teaching people what the fallen beings do not want them to know. Nevertheless, the greater reaction you have had is from people who simply did not want to listen to anything you had to say, to the message you had to bring.

Free will and your feelings about people

This is a topic that will take some more work on your part before you come to this point where you can make peace with the fact, the observable fact, that most people on earth do not want to listen to a spiritual teaching. They do not, as was said earlier, actually want to escape their suffering even if you can tell them how to do so. In order to do this, you might have to consider what was said earlier about the fact that you need to develop this absolute respect for free will. It goes two ways. You have the respect for the free will of others and you have the respect for your own free will. Truly, there are two aspects to this that you need to ponder. Number one is that as an avatar coming from a natural planet, you are coming from an environment where nobody is forcing the free will of others. That is one of the main characteristics of a natural planet. The inhabitants of a natural planet have no need to force the free will of others.

You do actually have the respect for free will when you come here, but it is possible that, after having encountered the fallen beings and seeing how they actually manipulate people on earth, you can forget that respect for free will. You can even adopt the attitude that because people have been forced and manipulated by the fallen beings, it is okay for you to be somewhat forceful in seeking to awaken people. You are not manipulating them as the fallen beings are doing but you are forcing them to hear what you are saying.

There are some of you who will be able to look at some of the older teachings that we have given, on what it means to be the Christ on earth, where you are here to disturb status quo, you are not here to leave people in the same state you found them. You see Jesus who was challenging to people, overturning the tables of the money changers, challenging the scribes and Pharisees, challenging the people that he met, such as “Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone” and other situations. You might look at this and say: “But if we are here to create a positive change and if people are so trapped by the fallen beings, then we might need to be forceful in order to even penetrate the resistance people have and be able to reach them with any kind of message.” It is not that these things are invalid but the question is: From which state of mind are you doing it? What we are calling those of you, who are avatars, to do is to step up to where you can be on earth, you can do whatever you choose to do on earth, but you are not basing it on these reactionary selves, from the primal self and all the other selves you have created.

You see my beloved, it is possible for people with their outer minds to look at Jesus, to take the teachings on Christhood, and then decide with the outer mind: “This is what I’m going to do to awaken other people.” Over the decades where we have given these teachings through various organizations, we have seen some people react this way. You will see that Master MORE in Kazakhstan gave his very, very profound dictation about a previous dispensation and how people got all fired up and all “blue-ray” about going out there and awakening other people [See the book Fulfilling Your Highest Spiritual Potential]. What you realize is that even though the goal was legitimate enough, the way it was done is that people did this based on these outer selves that they had. It was almost like for some people they had many lifetimes of frustration being on the earth and now they felt the ascended masters had given them free reign to go out and be forceful and blue-ray—and now they were going to do this to compensate for all those lifetimes of frustration. Now, they could finally achieve the goal that they had set.

You see, my beloved, these people were not at peace with being on earth. Jesus was not always at peace either when he challenged people. This does not mean that you cannot rise to the point where you can be on earth and you can perhaps (if this is what is in your Divine plan and what you feel), challenge people but you are doing it from a state of peace. You are, as the messenger said earlier, not trying to change other people in order to avoid having a negative feeling in yourself or about yourself because you have resolved the feeling in yourself. You have gotten rid of these separate selves and therefore you are at peace when you are interacting with other people.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Making Peace with Being on Earth.

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