Experiencing yourself as you are

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Ascended Master Jesus Christ through Kim Michaels, April 8, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 Easter webinar – Taking Christianity and yourself down from the cross.

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ.

As I have hinted at in my previous discourse, what really keeps you fixated on the cross is your own mind. Not, of course, the Conscious You, but the separate selves that you have created as you were reacting to conditions on earth or as you descended to the 48th level of consciousness or descended below it. We might say that an image of this would be that you are not crucified on a cross made of wooden beams. Instead, you are crucified on a cross made of thin steel wires. Each wire is thin and is flexible, but because they are all bundled together, the entire structure is quite rigid and stiff and can therefore hold you fixated. As you overcome one separate self at a time, rising up to the 48th and beyond the 48th and beyond the 96th, you are pulling some of these steel wires out of the cross. And therefore, after some time, the cross that you are hanging on becomes more flexible, more soft, less rigid. It becomes bendable and gives you some freedom of movement.

You can say that as you walk the path, you are gradually taking yourself down from the cross. And in a sense, you can say you will be on a cross until you reach the 144th level and overcome the last illusion. However, this does not mean that you have to be fixated on the cross for the rest of your time in embodiment, for it is possible to step down from the cross at earlier stages. I am not saying you can do this at the 48th level or even at the 96th level, but as you go above the 96th level, you can certainly take yourself down from the cross at any time. Even between the 48th and the 96th level, you can seek to consciously make a switch that will make your personal cross less rigid. In a sense, what we have attempted to give you with the teachings about the Conscious You is a method for taking yourself down from the cross. But this cannot be done intellectually. It can only be done experientially.

Experiencing Christ on the path to self-mastery

Now, I know that there are some students that have studied the teachings about the Conscious You, you have accepted these teachings and you understand and grasp them intellectually. But what is the essence of the teachings about the Conscious You? It is that the Conscious You is not the outer self, the separate selves. The Conscious You creates a self as a pair of colored glasses, it steps into the self and experiences the world through the glasses. But it does not become the self, which means that the Conscious You has the ability to step outside, if only in a glimpse, and experience itself from outside the separate selves. This is what I, in my previous discourse, said is the potential all people have that no matter how trapped you are in the duality consciousness, you can never lose the ability to recognize Christ.

Now, when I say this, I, of course, use a specific terminology common to the Christian religion. But really, how do you then recognize Christ when you are still in this state of illusion in the consciousness of death? Only by the Conscious You stepping outside of your normal state of consciousness, your normal sense of self. Your separate selves are created out of the consciousness of separation, which is the consciousness of antichrist.

Well, antichrist cannot recognize Christ. Antichrist can see Christ as a mental image, as a concept. And this is why if you have the experience that you recognize Christ, and then as Peter did, you superimpose a mental image upon Christ, this is done through the separate selves. In other words, the Conscious You can step outside of your separate selves, experience Christ, but you can only stay there for a moment, then you go back into the separate selves, and now you start superimposing the images and beliefs of the separate selves upon the experience you had from outside the separate selves. And this is why people can go back and forth, experience Christ, superimpose an image, experience Christ again, superimpose another image, and it can keep going like that for a long time. In fact, you can do this until you reach the 96th level, and if you do not pass the initiation at the 96th level, where you let go of your graven images, then you will continue to impose an image, and you will make that image more and more sophisticated until you go towards the lower levels of consciousness, where you are absolutely convinced that your image is an absolute truth.

Even between the 48th and the 96th level, you are going back and forth. You have some glimpses, and then you superimpose an image. Of course, many people below the 48th level can have an experience of Christ, but as soon as they go back into their normal state of awareness, they superimpose an image that makes it difficult for them to have another experience. Now, what can be more difficult to grasp here is that even when you are above the 48th level, even if you know about ascended masters, even if you have these teachings about the Conscious You, it is still possible to understand these teachings intellectually, but you have not actually had the conscious experience of being outside your normal state of mind.

This can be a bit tricky to understand, and this is where words have some limitations. Can you rise to the 48th level without having an encounter with Christ? You can say you cannot. You must experience that there is something beyond your present opinions, your present view of the world, and you must be willing to change your view of the world in order to rise to the 48th level. But you may not have a conscious experience or grasp of what that means. In other words, you can also say that the encounter with Christ is so brief that it does not quite register in the conscious mind. You register there was some shift, you saw something you did not see before, but you are not really aware of yourself as the Conscious You that has stepped outside your four lower bodies, your normal state of mind.

Studying the Conscious You from a distance

You can understand intellectually that we have explained that the Conscious You is pure awareness. You can understand intellectually what it means to step outside of your normal sense of self because you also understand intellectually that you have these selves that color your perception. But it is a different experience when you consciously realize that you have stepped outside your normal state of awareness. And be careful to consider what that means. What is it that happens when you study a spiritual teaching and you formulate a mental image based on the teaching?

Well, whenever you formulate a mental image of anything, and it can be a spiritual teaching, or it can be a rock or a mountain in the distance, you are looking at it from a distance. You are a subject perceiving an object that you see as distinct from yourself. When you get the teaching we have given through this messenger, that you have all these separate selves that color your perception, but that you also have a Conscious You that is not the separate selves, that the core of your identity is the Conscious You, that the Conscious You can step outside of the selves, what can you do? Well, you can formulate an intellectual understanding and mental image of this. What is it that happens here? Well, you are experiencing yourself as a subject who is studying an object, and the object becomes or is the Conscious You. You as a subject are studying the Conscious You as an object, you are understanding it, you are formulating a mental image of it. But what does this mean?

It means you are looking at the Conscious You from a distance. You are studying an object. We tell you that the Conscious You can step outside of your normal state of awareness, but what can you do? You can use your normal state of awareness to create a mental image of what it means to step outside your normal state of awareness. You can formulate a mental image of what it is like to be outside your normal state of awareness. You can hear us say that the Conscious You is pure awareness, but to you this is just a concept, so you formulate a mental image of what pure awareness means, and you might try to use this concept of pure awareness to experience pure awareness. But you see, this cannot be done. This cannot be done. Why? Because the Conscious You is not an object that you, the subject, can study. As long as you think the Conscious You is an object remote from yourself that you are studying from a distance, you cannot experience the Conscious You. You cannot step outside of your normal state of awareness because in your normal state of awareness you see yourself as a subject studying objects or ideas.

Experiencing yourself as the Conscious You

What is it that needs to happen in order for the Conscious You to step outside your normal state of awareness? Well, you have to have what some of my early followers and other mystics have called Gnosis. What is Gnosis? It is that the separation, the barrier between subject and object, breaks down. What have I just said? You are studying our teaching about the Conscious You. But who is studying the teaching? Who is deciding: “I will study this abstract teaching”? It is the Conscious You. Now, it may be looking at the teaching through the filter of one or several of these separate selves, but it is the Conscious You. In a sense we can say that the Conscious You is studying itself. But as long as the Conscious You is studying itself, it cannot experience itself. What needs to happen is that this illusion that you are a subject studying an object has to break down. You have to switch out of it so that instead of the Conscious You looking at itself from a distance, there is no longer any distance.

You are experiencing yourself as the Conscious You, not as a concept, not as a mental image, not as some intellectual understanding. There are various meditation methods that have been developed over time going all the way back to ancient times for helping people achieve this. The koans known from Buddhism is one way to confuse the outer mind so you switch out of it and experience something else. There are various methods for this. They all have a certain validity, a certain use, but there is not one method that is a guaranteed automatic way for you to step outside of this.

Neutralizing your analytical mind

I will give you, and we have given you methods over time, but I will give you a simple one. We have given you the image that you live in a material world, above it is the spiritual realm, but even the spiritual realm is not one whole, there is a progression of different vibrations leading through the previous spheres that have now ascended all the way up to the Creator. We have given you the image that your world of form started with your Creator.

But now consider a simple question. Where did your Creator come from? Well, we have given you some images there that the Creator evolved in another world of form and that, that world of form even came out of something called the Allness. But consider this, what came before your Creator? Where did your Creator come from? What was before? What created God? Well, another God, but what created the first God? Where was the first God? Where did the first God come from?

And just think about this question with your analytical mind and you will see that there comes a point where the analytical mind is paralyzed, it stops, it does not know what to do. Because the analytical mind, the linear mind, is very attached to this idea that everything must have had a beginning. If the Creator created your world, what created the Creator? If there is creation, there must have been something that created the first creation, but what would that something be? It is sort of a cosmic version of the old question, what came first, the chicken or the egg? And you can even use this metaphor, where did the first chicken come from? Well, it must have come out of an egg because that is where chickens come from. But wait a minute, before the first chicken, there were no chickens. Who laid the first egg? Well a chicken, but there were no chickens because this was the first egg. Where did that come from? And you can create these kinds of paradoxes and by contemplating them, you might be able to switch out of this linear mindset that keeps you trapped in thinking about something as an object, thereby seeing yourself as a subject.

Taking Conscious You down from the cross

We might say, what is it that keeps you on your personal cross? Well, who is the you that is on your personal cross? Is it the Conscious You? No, the Conscious You is pure awareness. The Conscious You has no form. How are you going to take something formless and find a hand that you can hammer a nail through or a leg that you can hammer a nail through? How will you do that to something formless? The formless cannot be on the cross. It can only be the selves that are on the cross. And until you reach the 144th level, you will have selves and they will be on the cross. But it does not mean that Conscious You has to be on the cross until you reach the 144th level.

But in order to avoid experiencing itself as being on the cross, you have to stop seeing yourself as a subject studying objects. The Conscious You cannot actually study itself as an object. It can only see itself as an object for study through a separate self. And that is why as long as you are looking through that separate self, you cannot experience yourself as the conscious self. You cannot step outside the self. What can help you? Well, all of the teachings we have given on the separate selves and the Conscious You will help you. You can say that as you walk the path, there will come this point where the Conscious You is no longer so identified with these selves that you can begin to step outside of the selves and experience, glimpses in the beginning, of pure awareness that can then become more frequent until you can have this underlying sense that you know you are not the selves, you are not identified with the selves. You can see that in your container self, in your four lower bodies, you still have selves and you cannot resolve them all at once. You focus on one at a time.

You are at a certain level of the path, say the 108th level. You focus on the self at that level, overcome it and rise to the 109th where you look at the next self and so forth. But you can overcome the identification [with selves] where you see yourself, experience yourself as the Conscious You and you realize these selves are not who you are. You are not identified with them. You still have them, you understand, but you are not identified with them. It is as if you are wearing colored glasses over your eyes and they are coloring everything you see. But now you take the glasses off with your hand and you hold them at a distance. The glasses are still there. They are coloring what you see, but they are not coloring everything because you see that there is something outside the glasses that are not colored by the glasses.

This is what will naturally happen as you walk the path and rise above the 96th level. But what can you do in the meantime? Well, you can come to a conscious decision ultimately, but in the beginning an understanding. And it is the understanding, it can be expressed in different ways, but let me refer to one of my statements. “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” You can decide that it is important to you to follow Christ or to follow the spiritual path or to follow your higher self or your ascended teachers, whomever you see as your teacher. It is more important to follow the teacher than anything else.

The ego: the ultimate control freak

But what is it you then have to start looking at? You have to start looking at: what is the essence of the separate selves? What is the essence of what we used to call the ego? It is that it wants to control everything. The selves below the 48th level, what most people and most spiritual teachings call the ego, are control freaks. The ego is the ultimate control freak. It creates a mental image of seeing itself as a subject, studying, for example, a spiritual teaching, and now it needs to elevate this to some ultimate status: This is an absolute truth, this is the highest spiritual teaching on the planet, whatever it may be. And this is done for one reason only, control. The ego needs to feel it is in control. We have talked about the duality consciousness. It can feel control by elevating one dualistic polarity to the status of infallibility, thereby denying the validity of the opposite polarity. But there is always tension. Your ego is in constant tension because it always wants to be in control, it has to be right.

What is most important to you?

And you can come to see this consciously. You can come to recognize that you have this need to be in control, to feel that you are right. And then you can, as you contemplate this compared to our teachings, you can come to the point where you can make that decision: What is most important to me? To be right or to follow Christ? To be right among men, to be right in my own mind or to follow Christ? Is it more important to me to be right according to the definition of my separate selves and the ego or to discover what is the higher view of Christ?

And of course, the primary way for you to see this control aspect of the ego is to look at what the Buddha called attachments. Are you attached to your opinions, your beliefs? You have a concept in Zen Buddhism: “I clutch my ideas.” Well, this is what the scribes and the Pharisees did. This is what Peter did. This is why he could recognize me, but he could never really follow me because he always had to be right in his mind. And there are Gospels, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, for example, where you see that he was often in conflict with the other disciples because he had this need to feel he was right. If you see this pattern in yourself, then you know you have this, you have not overcome this self for whom control is so important. And you can then start working on it using the tools we have for exposing selves. You can make calls on it, and you can eventually come to a point where you can decide that this is no longer as important as following Christ.

What is that to thee? Follow thou me

Now, you can see when you look at the situation over these past three years, you can see that there are people who had followed the spiritual path for many years. They had followed ascended masters for many years. They had even followed the teachings we have given through this messenger for many years. But then suddenly comes a situation where they become very, very attached to being right about a specific condition in the world. It could be the United States election. It could be wearing a mask or getting vaccinated. It could be the war in Ukraine. It could be any number of other things. But you see that even a person who has followed the path for quite some time can suddenly find itself being very, very attached to being right about a particular issue in the world.

And you can even see it to the point where these people launch a campaign to prove other people wrong. Even some prove the messenger wrong, or even some that step back and say: “Oh, Kim got it wrong on this issue. We know better. We are his older brothers holding the balance for him until he sees what we see.” But what they forget is that I am standing there, I, the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, I am standing there saying: “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” Is it really more important for you to be right about this condition in the world than to follow Christ? And some of these students will say: “But I am following Christ; that is why I have this opinion.”

Get thee behind me, Satan

And that is where they are wrong. And I need to use the strong word wrong, because you are wrong. You are in fact in the Peter consciousness. And you deserve to hear the same words that I said to Peter: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” Because you are trying to pull me into agreeing with your worldly opinions. Well, my beloved, there is absolutely no worldly opinion or condition that is an absolute truth. There is absolutely no worldly opinion or condition that is more important than you following Christ. And what is it that Christ wants? Well, what did I say in my previous discourse when I talked about the Christians? And some of you were sitting there hearing this and thinking: “Yeah, the Christians do not see this, but we, of course, understand it.” But some of you do not understand it. You have not grasped it. Christ always comes to disturb you. Christ always comes to disturb your sense of being in control because that is the only way you can grow. As long as your ego thinks it is in control and you have the highest possible view of something in the world, you cannot grow. You are not walking the path of Christ. Because what is the path of Christ? It is to free yourself from all of the opinions of the world, all of the opinions of men. The scribes and the Pharisees thought they knew everything, and I had nothing to teach them or help them with, because their egos had this obsessive-compulsive need to be in control. They could refute anything I said because their egos had the overarching view: “I cannot be wrong. It does not matter what anybody says, I cannot be wrong.” And this is fine.

You may see yourself as an ascended master student, and you may be absolutely convinced that “I am right about Trump, I am right about Russia, I am right about vaccines.” But my beloved, I can only react in one way. He who denies me before men, him must I deny before the Father. You are not ready to enter the kingdom. Why not? Because you are attached to some opinion on earth. But in the kingdom of God, none of the opinions on earth matter. What have we said over and over and over again? How do you ascend? By overcoming all attachments to anything on earth. It all has to go. All of the ghosts have to go until you can give up that last ghost. And when you are standing there at the 144th level, you have to look back at earth. In fact, you have to do this at every level above the 96th level especially. You have to look at earth and say: “Is there anything I am attached to? Is there anything that is unfinished? Anything that I want to experience? Anything I want to do? Anything I want to prove right?”

And if there is, you are not ready to take the next step and you are certainly not ready to ascend. What did I say in my previous discourse? When I, who was at a very high level of consciousness back then 2000 years ago, towards the end of my mission, when I was hanging on the cross, I still had a ghost that I had to give up. By the fact that you are in a physical body, you still have something to give up. And how can you give up that to which you are attached? Why did I say: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it?” Well, he who seeks to save his opinions, his viewpoints, his sense of being right, more right than Christ, will lose his life because you cannot enter and you will stay in a consciousness of death and you cannot enter the kingdom of life. You cannot be reborn in Christ because you are holding on to that old sense of identity.

Using a spiritual teaching to be right

This messenger, as most of you know, has recently recorded all of these YouTube videos and he actually describes in one of these videos how he, just a few days ago, came to an important breakthrough on the path. And it relates to this topic that he had observed from his earliest forays on the spiritual path and up through the present, that there are some people who are spiritual students, they study a spiritual teaching, they are often very eager to practice the practices, but they are still trapped, their minds are closed, they are still stuck, there is something they cannot get beyond. And it is precisely this, the need to feel that you are right, so your ego can feel it is in control.

And the messenger had a breakthrough where he saw that what he had not connected to was that, we have talked about the world being a reality simulator where you can have an immersion experience and an awakening experience. And he thought that in order to discover the spiritual path and follow it, you would have to be in the awakening phase, you could not be in the immersion phase still. But you see, what is the characteristic of the immersion phase? It is that you take some criteria here on earth and you use that, you use an ideology, a religion, a spiritual teaching, to build up your sense that you are superior to other people. He explains how this is a compensation game, which I will not go into here, but you build up the sense that you are superior to other people, but how can you build the sense that you are superior to other people? Only when you see yourself as a separate being, because only a separate being can be superior. But when you are on a path of oneness, you have less and less need to feel superior until it drops away completely.

It is quite possible that you can be in this frame of mind, and you can find a spiritual teaching, and you can have the idea, which many, many spiritual and religious people have, that the purpose of a spiritual teaching is to perfect your soul as many people see it, but even yourself. And therefore, you think that the more sophisticated you make yourself, the closer it is to being able to enter heaven.

But what have we said? Between the 48th and the 96th level, you are pulling yourself above the mass consciousness. As a result of this, you have to build a self that sees itself as different from the mass consciousness. But then at the 96th level comes the crucial initiation. Will you now be willing to let that self die, at least die gradually, to dismantle it in order to go higher? And if you are not willing, you go into this state of mind of becoming one of these disciples that are using a spiritual teaching, which is meant to help them come closer to oneness, to actually go deeper and deeper into separation, setting themselves up as being more and more sophisticated, because they are right, and they have this viewpoint, and they know even better than all of these people, or they know better than the messenger.

What the messenger realized was that he had not grasped this, he had not put this together, because he was hoping that it would not be possible to walk the spiritual path and not grasp this. He was hoping that all people who would take these teachings we have given would get it, that they would break through and see this. But it is not the case. It is not the case as Peter proved. He claimed to be one of my disciples. He followed me for the three years of my outer mission. He claimed to even go around and propagate the Christian teachings after my ascension. But at the very last moment when he was facing crucifixion in Rome, he insisted on being crucified upside down because he was not worthy to be crucified the same way as Christ. And what does it show you? Well, when you are crucified upside down, what direction does your head point in? It points towards the earth. When you are crucified as I was, where is your head pointing? Towards the heavens.

What is better if you want to enter the kingdom? He wanted to stay with earth and he is still in embodiment, still convinced that he is right. I should say she, but nevertheless. How do you take yourself down from the cross? By coming to see this self that has an obsessive, compulsive need to be in control by always being right and then deciding: “I do not care about being right. I do not care about being right among men. I do not care about proving an outer opinion right. I care about following Christ. What is that to me? I will follow thee.”

It is a matter of surrender

This is how you can come to the point where now the Conscious You can switch out of the control self and experience itself as pure awareness. And you can become aware that this is who you are. You see what I have been saying. You can take the common concept, especially in the western world, that if you have a goal you want to achieve, you need to do something. You need to make an effort. You need to find some kind of secret way or technique for achieving it. But as long as the Conscious You is inside a separate self, there is nothing you can do to get out of there, to experience yourself as pure awareness. Because experiencing yourself as pure awareness is not a matter of doing. It is a matter of undoing. It is a matter of surrender. You are surrendering into the experience. But people who are in this state of having this obsessive-compulsive need to be in control, to be right, they cannot surrender.

You cannot look at a situation where you have a strong opinion and somebody else has the opposite opinion, and you cannot just look at it and say: “I will surrender it. I will let it go. I am not going to argue. I am not going to try and convince the other person. I am not going to try and seem right. I will just surrender. And I will look to Christ and say to Christ, help me take this step. Help me take the next step. Help me see what it is I am attached to and let it go”.

You cannot do that if you are attached to being right, because then being in control is more important than following Christ. Now you may, as Peter did, create a mental image of what it means to follow Christ, so that you think that because you are so right in how you are looking at it, you are still following Christ. And therefore, you think, as Peter did, you see the situation. What did Peter think when he said: “Be it far from thee, Lord”. He thought he knew better than the Living Christ. He thought he knew better than the teacher. And that is why I rebuked him as strongly as I could think of —“Get thee behind me, Satan” — in an attempt to shake him out of that state of mind. Did it work? No. Has it worked in the past 2,000 years? No. Will it ever work? Well, we will just have to see.

Will we also have to see about you? Or will you finally shift so you are consciously willing to look at this mechanism, which everybody has. The messenger had it. It took him many years to be willing to look at it, but he was willing to look at it. Others have done the same. They have looked at it, and then you can start separating yourself from it. As long as you are not willing, you will remain stuck.

The natural state of the Conscious You

I propose to you this. Of course, I am describing a more extreme situation here. And I am not thereby saying to you that all of you have this very strong, obsessive-compulsive need to be right. But what I am proposing is this. If you find yourself looking at these teachings about the Conscious You and pure awareness and thinking: ”But I have not really experienced it”, then I suggest to you that you consider that you have some kind of self that has a need to be in control, that has a need to be right. And therefore, there is something you cannot surrender. You cannot just let it go.

Why am I saying this? Because what have we said over and over again? The Conscious You is; The Conscious You is pure awareness. The natural state for the Conscious You is to either experience itself as pure awareness or at least experience that it is outside of all of these outer opinions and selves. The natural state is that the Conscious You is not wearing the glasses right over its eyes, but has them at a distance. That is the natural state.

There are even teachings in the Vedas that talk about the two types of Samadhi. There is Samadhi without an object and there is Samadhi with an object. Well, Samadhi without an object is when the Conscious You experiences itself as pure awareness. There are no objects in consciousness, no thoughts, no feelings. You are not aware of the outer world. But the other state is Samadhi with an awareness of objects, which means that you can now experience the world, experience your daily life, but you are not inside of it. You are not identified with it. You know you are just experiencing this. It is just an experience that you have from a distance. It can sound contradictory because I said that when you are in a separate self, you see yourself as a subject that is experiencing an object at a distance. And now I am saying that the natural state for the Conscious You is to experience the world from a distance. But the difference is that when you are inside the self, you are inside the world. But here you are outside, you do not even see yourself as a subject experiencing objects. You are just experiencing the world and you do not have these strong opinions. You do not have this need to be in control, to prove yourself right, to prove other people wrong. You are not identified with it. Even your own life, even your own psychology, you are not identified with it. It is sort of happening at a certain surface level of awareness, but you are always aware that there is a deeper level where you are at peace.

And this is the state that you can come to. And you can come to it before you reach the 96th level because it is really a matter of switching out of this identification with the outer selves. It is more difficult above the 48th level, but it can still be done. But certainly as you go above the 96th level, it is more easy to consciously make that switch. And it is a conscious switch. You can even say that it is not an automatic thing. You can go above the 96th level and it does not mean that there comes a point where you can say: “Oh, now you are guaranteed to make the switch.”

The prince of this world cometh and has nothing in you

You have to recognize—you do not have to recognize, but it is helpful to recognize—that there is a difference between what we call a self and then the way you look at life. In other words, you can be in physical embodiment and you are completely inside of and identified with all of these selves. You are seeing everything, including yourself, through the coloring of these selves. But it is also possible for the Conscious You to be in embodiment. You have the selves. And in certain situations, you might go into a self and it colors your view of the situation. But in the background, you know you are not the selves. There is a backdrop of pure awareness of an inner sense of peace, detachment, and everything else is just in the foreground. Sometimes you are more focused on the foreground, but you can always go back and realize you are more. And this is, of course, the experience I would like all of you who have followed these and applied them to have, because it makes life much easier.

You are not so attached to things. It does not matter so much to you whether your spouse does this or your spouse does that, or somebody at work says this, or you read something in the paper. It is like you can look at everything more neutrally. It does not pull you in. And therefore, you are in this state that I talked about, “The prince of this world cometh and has nothing in me.”

This has been my effort, at least for now, to help you take yourself down from the cross. Words are only words until you transcend the word and have an experience. May you be willing to transcend the word and have the experience of Christ. For I am constantly in that experience of Christ, and I am willing to share it with anyone and everyone. I could, in this very instant, share the experience of Christ with every human being on earth. But I would be very gratified if I could share it with even a few hundred ascended master students. May you be willing to let go of everything that stands in the way of you experiencing yourself as you are—experiencing yourself as I see you from the mind of Christ and not as the separate selves see you from the mind of antichrist.

What greater wish could I have at this time of Easter than to see the students who are willing to recognize me as an ascended master, escape the cross and be resurrected into a higher experience of self.

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