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Ascended Master Lanello, June 29, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

The community that we all envision, that we all dream about seeing is a community that is free of ego, where the ego cannot hide and therefore cannot control. And therefore, it cannot take the community down into the usual ego battles, that we have seen so many times in the past dash away the cup of the elixir of life before anyone was able to drink it. You may notice a certain sadness in my voice, and it is because I am tuning my Being to the sadness that so many people feel in the material world. For they know that there is so much more, and they cannot understand why it cannot be manifest.

How can it be, that you can have a high spiritual teaching – such as given by the Buddha, given by the Christ – and yet, there is something that keeps the community from manifesting its highest potential, from being the organization you know it could be, from manifesting that spirit of oneness that is the true essence of community? When I survey the scene of the spiritual people on earth today, I see that there are so many groups out there, with so many well-meaning people, who have the dream, who have the desire, for a community that is above and beyond the power struggle of the ego. Yet, they know not how to manifest it, they have not the teaching, they have not the tools. Sometimes they have not the will.

Yet, my heart goes out to all of those people, wishing they could somehow be reached and shown that there is a higher way, there is a way to go beyond the ego—for those who are willing to be straightforward and look the ego straight in the eye and see it for what it is. Thus, I desire you who hear this message to transcend the sadness, for I, of course, am not in that sadness. I am above it, as a joyful God-free ascended being. Yet I wish you to know, that there are so many people out there who are longing for what you have experienced here in these past few days, and what some of you are beginning to realize that you can experience not only at conferences, but that you can experience all the time by forming a community that transcends distance, that transcends time and space.

I ask you to look to the present, to the future, that you might make that extraordinary effort to overcome that last hump. So that you will not remain one step away, my beloved, but will indeed break through the glass ceiling and reach through time and space to your I AM Presence and bring down that matrix of the true spiritual community that is waiting to be brought down. We who are one in the ascended masters desire to be one with you. This is not a desire based on lack, as some of you desire to be one with us because you think it will magically transform you into someone else—so that you do not have to do the hard work of facing the beam in your own eye.

And this has indeed been the downfall of the students in various spiritual organizations, where they have believed that what we of the ascended masters presented to people was this mechanical path, that one day would magically transform them into ascended beings who would receive great glory—or the visitation of ascended masters who would appear to them in physical form. So that they could feel they were so special compared to all those other unfortunate people, who – even though they might not go to hell as the Christians believed – surely were not as privileged as the students of the ascended masters.

We do not desire to be seen as being so far above you that you either cannot reach us, or that you need some messenger to be the open door. We desire you all to be open doors in your own way, that you may know us directly within your hearts.

The difference between ascended and unascended is not as big as you think

And thus, as one who has recently ascended, I tell you that the difference between an unascended being who has reached some non-attachment and inner peace, and the fully ascended being is much smaller than you might think. The goal of all of us is not to be worshipped, not to be admired, for we desire you to overcome the sense of distance—that you might come into oneness with us, instead of keeping us up there on the pedestal; keeping us up there like Jesus has been kept on the cross for 2,000 years. And even he, respecting free will, cannot take himself down from that cross in the minds of those who call themselves Christians—but who have been misled into worshiping anti-christ.

Thus, my beloved, I simply desire to manifest my Presence in your midst. For it is a great joy to be able to once again serve to bridge the gap between the ascended realm and their unascended students, counter parts, brothers and sisters. For, you see, when you ascend, you give up the ghost. And thus, I am in the River of Life, flowing wherever there are hearts united in that love that transcends all ego. For that is the love that I AM. Thus, sense that love, tune in to my heart and feel my Presence, for I desire to pass on to you my joy in a very personal way.


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