Equality vanishes superiority and inferiority

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Ascended Master Ratnasambhava through Kim Michaels, June 23, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM Ratnasambhava. The poison for which I am the antidote is pride. What is pride? Well, naturally there are degrees of pride, there are variations of pride. It needs to be stated that there is pride even on a natural planet. It is simply because, when you start out as a co-creator, you have a very small (as we have said, a point-like) sense of self, which you are meant to gradually expand by experimenting. You are co-creating based on the self you have, experiencing the results, then expanding that self, co-creating something more and you keep doing this.

Natural and unnatural pride

It is both natural and inevitable that as you have done this for a long time, you experience that you have a certain mastery, a certain accomplishment. You have reached a certain ability to envision something and to manifest it, not only a thing but even life circumstances. It is almost inevitable (and, in fact, there is no blame here) that when you grow in your awareness to create, you develop a certain sense that you have accomplished something. You have reached a certain level of maturity, a certain level of advancement and sophistication. Naturally, you can look back at the sense of self you had earlier and you can see how much you have expanded it, how much you have grown, how much you have a sense that you can actually manifest something.

You can take the teachings of Jesus: “I can of my own self do nothing.” On a natural planet you are directly experiencing that you are not manifesting something as a separate self, you are part of the whole, your energy comes from your I AM Presence. You know it is not entirely by your own accomplishments that you are manifesting it but still, you develop this sense that you, as the self you see yourself as, have an ability to manifest. It is, of course, perfectly true—you do. You have expanded your sense of self and you can manifest something that you could not manifest in the beginning.

There is what we might call a natural pride of feeling good about your accomplishments and your abilities. Is it technically a spiritual poison? Well, certainly not the way we use the word on an unnatural planet because you do not see yourself as a separate being. You are not in duality and therefore you are not having the kind of pride that you see on earth.

It needs to be understood that those of you who came to earth as avatars, you did come with a certain sense of having accomplishment, having the ability to manifest something—even though, when you come into embodiment, you might lose the conscious awareness of this. You need to recognize here that you carry something with you from your time on a natural planet.

Avatars taking embodiment on earth

We have told you that when you descend into embodiment on earth, even as an avatar, regardless of your accomplishment, you must descend to the 48th level of consciousness, taking on all of the illusions down to that level. This means that at the conscious level, you are at the 48th level of consciousness.

What do you do on a natural planet? Well, you also build something there that is the equivalent of what we have called your four lower bodies on earth. You build a sense of identity, you build a certain understanding of how the co-creative process works and you build certain feelings. Those you can, at least to some degree, take with you and they are used to form your identity, mental and emotional bodies. In other words, when you come as an avatar to earth, you are not starting from nothing when you create the four lower bodies that you use to take embodiment here. You carry something with you from a natural planet. This means that even though, at the conscious level, you are at the 48th level of consciousness (and therefore you do not consciously remember coming from a natural planet), you still have certain sensations, certain memories. You even have certain abilities because it is, of course, much easier for you to begin to master the co-creative process on earth than it would be for an entirely new lifestream that was just created at that level.

When you come to earth, you experience that you are more sophisticated, you are more accomplished, you have greater abilities than most of the people who embody on earth. Now, where this can become tricky for an avatar is, of course, when you receive the birth trauma. What happens in that process is that the fallen beings attempt to put you down and tell you that you have no right to be on earth, and you should never have come here and so forth and so on. You now create the primal self, and therefore you do not see the dilemma that the fallen beings put you in. This causes you to create other selves that have this sensation that now you need to validate yourself on earth. You need to justify yourself, you need to explain yourself. You need to prove yourself that you are worthy, that you have a right to be on earth, that you are not a bad person and so forth.

Mutual respect with fallen beings

This can lead you to create these selves where you become very eager to attain some kind of accomplishment, some kind of special ability to do something in the physical, even to do something with the physical body. You see that many avatars have in various embodiments developed some mastery of the body. They have, in some cases, gone into martial arts and become great warriors. They have developed special abilities as artists, musicians, gymnasts or sports people or whatever you have.

When you have gone through several embodiments of seeking to justify yourself, there are two things that will happen. First of all, you will experience that in an outer sense, you can never really be satisfied with your accomplishments. You can never satisfy the fallen beings, you will never validate yourself in their eyes. Also, to most people on earth you will not validate yourself in their eyes. They might look at you admiringly because you have an ability they do not have, but it does not really satisfy you.

You are building up this certain frustration, and this means that in order to feel that you have accomplished something, you go into what they call a rat race or a treadmill. You have to run faster and faster, do more and more, accomplish more and more. In fact, you see this in many people even today where whatever they accomplish is not enough. No matter how much money they make, no matter how much accomplishment they have in some field, how much recognition they get, it is never quite enough.

For example, you see in some sports people that at a young age they go to the Olympics and they win several medals and they set world records. They feel on an absolute high because they feel ultimately validated. Then, suddenly this very merciless phenomenon of age creeps up on them and they can no longer achieve those results. Now, they go into a kind of depression because they have no validation anymore but they still feel that they need it.

Many avatars have gone through this from lifetime to lifetime, spending great effort to build up some kind of ability in that lifetime, only to then lose it again and ending the lifetime feeling on a low and feeling very insecure about themselves. This is what can cause some lifestreams to gradually develop a more permanent self that they create, that they carry over from lifetime to lifetime, and this is what gives them the sense of superiority. They now use the duality consciousness, which of course always implies or carries within it a value judgment. They are sort of tricked by the fallen beings into applying the duality consciousness to create a self that has this great sense of pride that they are somehow special, they are more advanced than other people and therefore they are entitled to a certain position, to certain privileges, to this and that.

What I am basically saying to you is that some avatars, because of this, become tricked into basically acting like the fallen beings. You can look back at the middle ages and some of the kings and the noble people who felt they were entitled to special privileges. Some of them were fallen beings and some of them were avatars. They often mixed together, as is described in the book My Lives, because you will often see that, in fact, fallen beings because of their long history also have a greater ability to manifest certain physical results. There is that sense of almost mutual respect that can develop between avatars and fallen beings because each of them realizes that the other has certain accomplishments.

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