Embrace the chaos

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Ascended Master Padmasambhava through Kim Michaels, January 8, 2023. This dictation was given during the 2023 New Year’s webinar – Being a spiritual person in a chaotic world.

I AM the Ascended Master Padmasambhava and I am indeed a Vajra Guru. What does this mean? It means that I claim my right to be a guru and to give forth teachings on earth, even though the vast majority of humankind does not want to be disturbed by such teachings, even though the dark forces and the self-centered narcissistic beings on earth do not want to be disturbed by such teachings, even though the collective consciousness of humankind does not want to be disturbed by such teachings. But I still claim the right to bring forth teachings on earth because the earth itself will validate that right as it has done throughout the ages. 

The right to disturb others

For it is not so that humankind can do whatever they want with the Mater-light and the Mater-light must passively conform to whatever images humankind projects upon it. The Mater-light has some self-awareness and has a right to affirm the alternative to the current forms that are projected upon it, that there is a higher way, that there are higher forms, that there is a higher level of awareness and that it is possible to have it, even in the material frequency spectrum. 

I am a Vajra Guru. This messenger is a Vajra messenger. He claims his right to be the open door for beings from beyond the material realm to speak through him and give forth teachings that could not be formulated by his outer mind. You have the potential to be Vajra students where you claim your right to be a spiritual student and to even reach the higher levels where you are not a student and you are not a follower because you have internalized Christhood, Buddhahood, and you can therefore also be an open door, perhaps not by taking spoken dictations but by bringing forth ideas, by bringing forth light, by giving invocations and decrees and thereby radiating into the collective consciousness these impulses that are disturbing, disturbing to the collective consciousness, to the fallen beings, to most of the people on earth. But you have a right to disturb those whose minds have become closed systems. For once the mind has become a closed self-validating system, how shall people be free of it unless something from outside the closed system disturbs the sense of equilibrium they have inside the closed system? 

The right to be open door for light

That is why you have the law of karma, the principle behind the second law of thermodynamics, that in a closed system contradictions will arise that will break down the system until it reaches a lower state. So, there is the School of Hard Knocks but there is also the School of Higher Awareness and those who are in embodiment on earth have a right to place themselves in that school and become the open doors for those of us in higher realms to speak through, to bring forth ideas through, to bring forth light through, through your decrees and invocations. We have a right to be on earth and to be open to something from beyond earth. This right has always been there, it will always be there and it is certainly there now. I claimed it a long time ago when I was in embodiment, the messenger has claimed it. Have you claimed it for yourself? Well, then you can if you are willing and if you are not quite ready, then you can use our teachings to resolve whatever it is in your psychology that makes you hesitant to claim that right. 

Reconsider the basis for your sense of equilibrium

Gautama has given some teachings that are meant to be for a wider audience, although I am sure those of you who are our direct students will also benefit from them but I will give some more specific teachings for our direct students. We realize full well that in the last two or three years with first the pandemic, now the war in Ukraine, there has been a great upheaval in the collective consciousness. This has caused many people to react in ways that they have not reacted for several years. This is because the collective consciousness was disturbed by these events, and therefore, people were, so to speak, forced to react because their sense of equilibrium was disturbed. We realize that many of you who are spiritual students also build a certain sense of equilibrium and you come to hope and expect and work for that the earth will gradually progress into the golden age without too much upheaval and crisis and conflict and wars. 

But nevertheless, when things do happen, you can look at it in two ways. It is a disturbance and you need to move beyond it as quickly as possible to re-establish your equilibrium or you can look at it as an opportunity to reconsider your sense of equilibrium. Now, in a sense you can say that when you are in embodiment on a dense planet like earth, you are, as Guatama said it, exposed to an enormous pressure from the collective consciousness and in order to survive psychologically in this pressure you must establish some sense of equilibrium. This is inevitable but nevertheless as a spiritual student you can benefit greatly from reconsidering the basis for your sense of equilibrium. 

For example, this messenger, when the invasion of Ukraine had happened, realized and acknowledged that he had had a certain sense of equilibrium because he believed that the earth is moving towards the Golden Age of Saint Germain and there is a gradual progression that does not require big shocks, big upheavals. He had for many years been working towards this with his messengership, with his decree work in a previous dispensation and now in the present one and he was envisioning that this gradual evolution would continue. But as we have explained, there are certain times where there is such resistance to change in the collective consciousness that physical events must be allowed to happen that disturb people, that break up their sense of equilibrium so they are forced to rethink their approach to life and this has certainly happened first with the pandemic and now with the invasion of Ukraine and there may, in this decade of the 2020s, be other such upheavals. 

They have, of course, been there in the past, as many of you have experienced, with the financial crisis of 2008 and the 2001 9-11 incident, among others. Depending on where you have lived, there have certainly been others as well. But still there are many people on earth today that have felt this sense of shock over these latest events and they have started wondering where is the world going or as the popular saying goes, what is the world coming to? If you have felt disturbed in these last few years you can benefit from reconsidering what is the basis for this sense of equilibrium. 

The feeling that it is too much

Now, many of you are, of course, avatars who came to earth and you had various visions of why you came to earth, what you wanted to see happen here as a result of you coming to earth. And many of you had an overall vision of wanting to see improvement, a progression towards a higher state, a higher level of consciousness. Within several embodiments many of you had tuned in to Saint Germain’s desire to manifest the golden age and you had ever since been focused on how you can contribute to manifesting this golden age. 

Naturally, as part of this vision, you have some idea of what conditions need to be overcome, transcended and changed for the golden age to be manifest. But many of you have also had this overlay from your original birth trauma, this carryover from your original birth trauma, where you were so shocked by the violence and inhumanity on earth that you formulated a desire to help the earth move beyond this level of brutality. You have a desire to see the more violent manifestations be transcended and you have a desire for the earth to progress into a higher state without too many of these upheavals, these wars, these violent events or even physical cataclysmic events. You have formulated this desire, as the messenger realized, to see gradual changes without some really bad things happening. You may have your individual definitions of what that means, what are the things that you consider to be too much, but almost all of you have this sense that there are some things that are just too much. I am not saying, in any way, that this is wrong. I am not saying that we of the ascended masters do not have things that we would like to see avoided on earth. 

But nevertheless, our point here for this conference is to help you establish a sense of peace with being on earth that is not, as Gautama described it, based on the denial of anything that threatens your world view and your sense of equilibrium. In other words, currently you have a world view that gives you a sense of equilibrium as long as certain things do not happen. If these things do happen then your sense of equilibrium is disturbed. Well, we desire to help you rise to a higher level where you have raised your world view and established a sense of equilibrium that is not based on any fragile world view. It is based on a connection to your higher self, to the ascended masters and to a greater vision of how the golden age can come about and therefore, you are not threatened by certain events. You have a sense of equilibrium that is not based on events on earth or appearances or manifestations on earth. It is based on your connection to your higher self and the ascended masters. Gautama, of course, gave you many teachings that can help you achieve this but we wish to go a little bit further. 

The desire to change the earth into a natural planet

In his very profound dictation at the end of the Ukrainian webinar, Gautama talked about chaos, chaos theory. And in a sense, you can say that you live in a chaotic world because so many things are unpredictable. There are so many different groups of people that have different visions, different approaches, different world views. They all feel threatened by those who are different from themselves so there is always the potential for conflict. What can you do? Well, you can realize that the ego, the separate self is hoping it can find some way to have control, to control its outer circumstances so it can avoid feeling disturbed within. This is simply built into the ego that is created from separation. But as an avatar you can take with you from a natural planet the vision of how conditions are on a natural planet. And when you then descend to a planet like earth, you will inevitably be disturbed when you realize just how different conditions are on earth. You realize how much violence, how much conflict, how much inhumanity there is. You cannot avoid being shocked by this. We have all been shocked by this. 

What can happen to an avatar is that you then formulate this desire to change the earth into a natural planet, to turn an unnatural planet into a natural planet. Now, you are going to say: “Well, what is wrong with this? Have you not said that this is what you want also?” Well, yes, of course, it is, but the difference is we are not in physical embodiment. You are. We are not at the risk of suddenly being exposed to some violent event precipitated by the fallen beings. But you are. Our point here is: how can you, being in embodiment, deal with the current conditions on earth? You can do this by stepping back a little bit and realizing that you have a separate self that is an offspring of your primal self that has this desire to turn the unnatural planet of earth into a natural planet. You can then realize that this self is constantly in a deficit mode because constantly there are events that happen on earth that are disturbing to the self and it makes this self react: “Oh, earth is so far from being a natural planet. When will it ever be a natural planet?” 

You can step back from this and you can realize the earth will not become a natural planet in your lifetime. Saint Germain is talking about a golden age, but this does not mean that in the first centuries of the golden age the earth will become a natural planet. It may approach the stage of a natural planet towards the later stages of the golden age but this is not a given. In other words, there can still be a golden age without the earth becoming a natural planet because there is progress, there is more peace, there is more prosperity, there is more invention and so forth. You can realize this consciously, accept this and therefore, begin to look at this self and use the tools we have given to dismiss it so that you can avoid being disappointed, being in a state of tension for the rest of this embodiment because you see that the earth is still so far from becoming a natural planet. When you do this, when you let this self die, you can look at the world, you can see how chaotic it is and you can actually accept the chaos not as a permanent state but as a temporary state. 

Come what may!

You can accept the chaos. What does that mean? Well, it means that you cannot expect that you, or rather your ego and your separate selves, can gain any degree of control over this planet. For most of you who are spiritual people, this is not primarily about gaining control over your own life although you all have some selves that want this. But it is for many of you, a matter of gaining some sense of control over the planet so that these bad things that you want to avoid do not happen. But you can come to accept consciously that it is a chaotic planet and therefore, you cannot expect to have any sense of control over outer events. What you can do is to attain a high degree of control over your own mind and your state of mind but this is not done through the separate self and the ego controlling and disciplining your thoughts and feelings. It is done, as Gautama describes so elaborately, through resolving the selves. In other words, how do you gain control over your mind? By letting go of the selves that want to control your mind so that you do not need control of your mind because whatever outer events may happen on earth, they will not stir up some separate self and therefore disturb your mind. 

You can adopt an attitude to earth, as the Gautama also described, that is not based on this constant judgment of what should and what should not happen. You can approach that state of non-attachment where you look at earth and say: “Well, come what may, whatever happens I will flow with it, I will make the best of it, I will move forward in my spiritual enfoldment, I will move towards fulfilling my divine plan as I can see it, so what does it really matter that this or that happens?” 

This messenger had not started as a messenger in 2001, he was working an ordinary job and he heard that there was an event that had taken place in New York and he stood there at his workplace and watched the TV as the twin towers collapsed. Naturally, he was disturbed by this, realizing that potentially many thousands of people could have died when the towers collapsed. But still, even though he was living in the United States at the time and even though it was a disturbing event, it did not disturb his sense of equilibrium as much as the Ukraine war did, even though the Ukraine war took place so many years later. This is because he had a separate self that was actually based on the teachings we have given, of wanting to see the transition into the golden age being a gradual process. 

When he stepped back from this and realized that he had this self, he was able to lock in to Saint Germain and realize that if the golden age was to be manifest through a gradual process it would take a very long time before the golden age would be manifest because there is such a resistance to change in the collective consciousness. And therefore, he consciously realized and accepted that he can live with there being these shocking events, these upheavals that force people to rethink their approach. He could then let the self go and come to a more of an acceptance that if certain events need to happen in order to force people to rethink their approach to life or to specific situations, then let them happen. You will just have to adapt to it, move on and keep your eye on the goal of the golden age, the fulfillment of your divine plan and your ascension and move step by step towards it as you can, given the outer situation. 

Naturally, if you are a spiritual student in Russia or Ukraine today, you are facing a much more difficult situation than the people who are living in other parts of the world. But still you can come to go through this process where you can look at whatever selves you have in reaction to this situation and you can therefore come to some acceptance that this situation, as disturbing as it is, was necessary for the nations of Ukraine and Russia to move forward towards the golden age. I know, it may not seem like it right now, but you can come to at least see the possibility that this will accelerate the movement towards the golden age, whereas before, both countries and, for that matter, the rest of the world, especially Europe, were stuck in a certain level of consciousness, a certain view of the world. This stalemate needed to be broken and when you can come to accept this, you can see that you [need to] focus on the future, as we gave these dictations during the Ukraine webinar of the potential for Ukraine’s future and somewhat the future of Russia. 

You can keep your eye on the positive potential, you can keep your eye on your divine plan, on your continued spiritual growth because obviously it is more important than ever that there are people in Ukraine and Russia who are raising their awareness, pulling up on the collective consciousness and holding a spiritual balance for their nations. You cannot with the outer mind fully understand and appreciate how important your presence is at this time in these two nations. Likewise, most of our students in other nations cannot fully consciously appreciate how important is your presence, your raising of awareness and your spiritual work in this time. The more turbulence there is the more important is your presence and your work. Once you come to an acceptance of this, overcome this desire to avoid certain disturbing events, you can actually gain a different view on the situation on earth. 

Chaotic world vs. deterministic system

You can say that there is chaos yes, but is chaos necessarily something negative? We have given you many many teachings on the existence of fallen beings and various power elite groups who are seeking to control the earth. They want to take as much power as they can on earth and subdue the general population. They have achieved some success at this but as we have said they cannot achieve ultimate control on earth and why is that? Well, part of it is their internal strife, that they are always divided, part of it is the duality consciousness that creates its own opposition. But another way to look at it is to say that in a chaotic system there cannot be control. 

Control implies order and chaos is not necessarily the opposite of order but it is not order. If there is order there is no chaos. But now you can step even further back and say: “Well, I understand that the masters have taught us that most people have stepped into the illusion of separation, the consciousness of duality and that is why they have created all of the conflicts you see on earth.” Yes, that is correct, but now ask yourself a question. Before humankind stepped into duality was there still chaos on earth or was the earth completely ordered? You can even ask another question, is a natural planet a chaotic planet or is it a completely ordered planet? And it might surprise you to realize that a natural planet is actually a chaotic planet and before humankind entered duality the earth was a chaotic planet. This may be shocking to some, but step further back and take another look at chaos. 

Is chaos necessarily chaos? Is chaos something negative or destructive? Another way to look at chaos is to say that it is not a deterministic system. You know that scientists a few hundred years ago believed that the earth was a grand machine, the universe was a grand machine. It was like a clockwork where wheels were turning and they were turning according to certain laws. Scientists believed that if you knew the laws that guided the unfoldment of the universe and if you knew the initial conditions for when the machine started, you could predict everything that could and would ever happen as the machine kept moving on. This, of course, is the dream of the fallen beings to create such a mechanical universe where they are the ones defining the laws and the initial conditions so they can be in control. 

But what have we actually told you about how the world works? We have told you that the Elohim created planet earth and therefore, in a sense, created the initial conditions. But we have also told you that even though there are certain laws that guide planet earth it is not a deterministic system and why not? Because the purpose of the earth is to serve as a platform for the growth in consciousness of self-aware beings who enter the earth and become co-creators. These self-aware beings, yourselves among them, have free will. You grow in awareness by experimenting with your free will, by making choices and experiencing the consequences. Well, the more free your choices are the less predictable they are. If a person is completely free in his or her mind, no one, not even the cleverest fallen being or not even God himself, can predict what that person is going to do next. 

Chaos as a foundation for creativity

You see here that the earth was not designed as a deterministic machine. It was designed as a creative system. What scientists actually call chaos is simply a creative system that is not deterministic and therefore not predictable. Scientists look at the world and they say: “We see there are certain laws but we also see that there is so much chaos that we cannot predict with absolute certainty what is going to happen.” You even have the uncertainty principle formulated by quantum physicists that it is impossible to predict with certainty because the world at the subatomic level is not deterministic but certainly the world at the macroscopic level is even less deterministic.
When you take this perspective, you realize that chaos is not something negative. It is not something bad. It is actually the foundation for creativity and then you can gain a new perspective on the concept of the Buddha of the interdependent originations. 

You can realize that if the earth had been a deterministic system, it could have been controlled by the fallen beings and if they could have controlled it, they would have developed that control. If the planet had gotten to the point where it was under complete control of the fallen beings, well, there would be no way to raise it up. It could only be allowed to self-destruct. But precisely because it is a creative system the fallen beings could never gain total control and that is why there is a potential for raising the earth into a golden age and eventually raising it to the status of becoming a natural planet again. The chaos that you see from a certain perspective is actually in a sense a safety mechanism against the establishment of total control because what will total control do? It will shut down creativity because creativity is inherently unpredictable and you can only establish total control when you can predict everything. 

Chaos is not a threat. Your ego and the separate self will see chaos as a threat because it is a threat to your sense of equilibrium. But you, when you step outside of the ego and the separate selves, you can see that chaos is your friend. Chaos is a positive. It is the basis for creativity. Take care to consider why this is so. In a deterministic system you can say: “I can do this or I can do that. But either way I can completely predict the outcome so am I really making a choice here? I cannot bring forth anything new because everything is locked on a track.” But in a creative system you can bring forth something completely new. Now, this, of course, has two aspects. The earth was originally created at a certain state. Humankind has taken it below that state. How have they done this? Well, they have taken advantage of the basic feature of the creative system on predictability. They have de-created instead of co-created but nevertheless, [it is] still a form of creation. ‘

Taking advantage of the chaos

You can turn this around and start taking advantage of the chaos to raise the earth back up towards higher levels. This is what we have called you to do. This is what ascended master students have done since the I AM Movement. This is what spiritual people have done for millennia by various spiritual practices. You are, so to speak, engaging in the chaos and instead of seeking to create order and control you are seeking to create a new state that is higher than the old. In other words, instead of creating peace on earth based on controlling everything and thereby suppressing conflict and war by force, you are using creativity to create a new state and as you continue to do this there will, as Gautama also talked about, come that point where the collective consciousness has reached a certain level and suddenly it becomes obvious to people that war, for example, is no longer acceptable and when enough people come to that realization then things will begin to shift in the physical as well. 

What are you doing as a spiritual student? Well, your ego, your separate self, will say you should use a spiritual teaching and spiritual tools to create order on earth so that violence and war can be eradicated through this order that establishes peace. But what we are saying as ascended masters is: your opportunity is to use a spiritual teaching to engage in the chaos and actually use the dynamism of the chaos to manifest a higher state through creativity rather than control. Consider so many situations in life where there is chaos, what does it really mean? It means that nothing is set in stone, everything is fluctuating and that means it can fairly easily be moved in a different direction. 

There is an old analogy that if you take a car wheel and put it on the ground upright then, if the wheel is standing still and you push it on one side, it falls over but if the wheel is moving, if it is rolling, and you push it on one side it does not fall over it merely changes direction. When the wheel is standing still you have a fixed system. It is very difficult to change something in a fixed system but when the wheel is rolling you have a dynamic system and it is much easier to change something in a dynamic system. It is much easier to change water than to change rock and so you see that the more dynamic, the more fluid a system is, the easier it is to change. This also means that when you have a dynamic fluid system it takes a smaller number of people to change it than if you had a more fixed, unmoving system.

In a sense you can say that the more flux there is in the collective consciousness the easier it becomes for a small group of ascended master students to turn the flux in a different direction and this is what we are seeking to help you take advantage of, and, of course, other spiritual people we are working with. The very fact that there is such flux, such dynamism on the earth, is an opportunity to affect changes where as we have said before you have a ship you turn the rudder just a slight degree and it seems like the course of the ship does not change in the short run but it will be a big change in the long run. When you come to accept this, you can see that your role is not to manifest specific physical changes at a specific time. 

The Antahkarana of Life

In previous dispensations we encouraged people to decree for specific conditions and it caused some students to fixate in their minds that they needed to manifest a certain change in the earth at a specific time otherwise their decree work had failed. It caused even some students to doubt that decrees are working at all and some became discouraged and gave up on it. But you see, when you understand what I have said here you can avoid putting yourself in these fixed positions where you expect that a certain result must be manifest at a certain time. The same, of course, goes for your personal life. Thousands and millions of people throughout the world have used this concept of adopting a positive mental attitude and creating a treasure map, putting on the treasure map what you want to manifest and when you want to manifest it. Some have been successful but most have been disappointed because the desired results failed to manifest at the desired time. Many people have then flipped to the opposite and doubting that this will work at all. 

But it will work in terms of shifting the equation for your personal situation. The question is when the actual physical results will be manifest and that depends on these interdependent originations because you are not an island, you are not existing as an island in the collective consciousness and in the energy system of the four levels of earth. If you could step back from the earth and look at it from the ascended perspective you would see that the earth is a very intricately woven tapestry of energetic connections, karmic connections, connections at the level of consciousness, there are physical connections, emotional connections, mental connections, identity level connections, so many connections, everything is interwoven. We have sometimes talked about the Antahkarana of Life, this intricate web that connects everything. You are living in that web. You are part of that web. 

When you use your separate self to formulate a goal for specific physical changes that your separate self wants to see manifest and then when you set a specific date where it must be manifest and then you expect that some kind of magic from somewhere, whether the ascended masters or something else, is going to manifest what you have put on your treasure map then you set yourself up for disappointment because you are attempting to do the impossible. You are attempting to manifest something as if you were separated from the Web of Life but you cannot do this. It cannot be done. Nobody can do it. The alternative to this approach is to accept that you are part of this Web of Life and therefore you can accept that you can change your life, you can first of all change your state of mind but you can also change your physical conditions, but changing the physical conditions happens within the larger context of this intricate system you are living in, this interconnected web.

You can, as we have said, project a certain impulse into the cosmic mirror but how it is reflected back depends on this intricate web. Now, many of the things you might want to have in your life will affect other people. If you want to manifest a specific house for example, well somebody has to build the house or have it built, somebody has to be willing to sell it and so there are many, many people involved with the process of manifesting this house. They all have their free will, they all have their level of consciousness and in order to manifest something for yourself you need to work with that within the context of that. You cannot expect that a separate vision should manifest as if you were the only person in the system. But again, you can come to accept this and you can come to realize that when you do the work of raising your consciousness, formulating images, projecting them out, it will have an effect but it is not possible with the outer mind to predict beforehand exactly what will happen, how it will be manifest and when it will be manifest. 

You can know that you have sent an impulse into the cosmic mirror. You can know that something will come back to you and you can be content in knowing that as you can keep sending out these impulses, gradually your life will begin to change and things will begin to manifest for you but if you expect specific results at specific times, you have an unrealistic expectation that can only lead to disappointment. This messenger many, many years ago heard about the concept of treasure maps and he tried it although he was somewhat skeptical and after having tried it and the results did not manifest at a specific time as he had been told to visualize, he realized although he could not have put these exact words on it, that it was an unrealistic expectation. There were too many factors involved that you could just do this as if you were a separate individual. 

Since then, he has shifted his approach where he gives his decrees, he seeks to raise his consciousness but he is not expecting specific results at specific times, yet when he looks back to the time when he first started the spiritual path, he can see that there have been many, many changes not only in his consciousness but also in his outer situation. Many of you will be able to see the same if you look back and many of you will therefore, be able to realize that over time your life will change when you apply the teachings and the same, of course, applies to not only changing your own life but changing the planet because here many more people are involved. 

The spiritual work of ascended master students in Russia

Now, you can look at a nation like Russia, you can see that we have given over the years through this messenger many dictations about Russia and the state of consciousness in Russia. And you can see that they were given based on the hope that Russia could gradually transform into being closer to the golden age, that the collective consciousness could be transformed and raised to come closer to the golden age consciousness. Then you can look at what has happened now and say: “Was that an unrealistic expectation?” And it was not unrealistic but it was not that we of the ascended masters had any firm expectation that this should happen. We saw it as a potential and we gave it as a potential. There was a real potential that this could have happened gradually but as it was it did not happen. 

You can therefore say: “Well, what about the spiritual students in Russia who took these dictations, who took the invocations, who gave invocations and decrees hoping to transform the collective consciousness. Were they fooled? Did they fail? Did it not work out? Was there some problem that was not their fault? Was there a problem in the masters’ teachings or the invocations?” And, of course, you can reason that way but you can also step back, step up higher and realize there was a real potential that the ascended master students in Russia could have brought about this gradual change. But as it happened there were not enough people in the Russian population who were willing to shift their awareness. Therefore, the potential that was a real potential did not come to pass. 

As ascended master students you can, of course, not override the free will of tens of millions of people. You cannot expect that you can do this because you cannot expect that decrees and invocations are some kind of magic wand that you can wave and then other people change their choices. You cannot override free will through our decrees and invocations as we have said many times. It was a real potential and it certainly was not a wasted effort but it did not come to pass and so now it is necessary to accept this and then move on from there. Still, seek to raise your individual consciousness, evaluate what you need to do at the physical level based on this new situation but also continue to give your invocations and decrees because they have an impact. 

You may not be able to say: “Well, we were a group of people who gave this amount of invocations at that specific time and that led to these specific changes”, but what you can say is that your efforts had a positive effect on this very complicated situation where you have a country that is so widely extended in space and has over 140 million people living in this vast space. This is not an easy country to change but, of course, no big country is easy to change. No country is easy to change but the smaller the country the more easy it is to shift the collective consciousness. 

Growing by experimenting

Once you step back and accept and embrace that you are living in a creative environment not a deterministic environment, you can embrace the creativity, you can embrace the flux, you can embrace what many people would call chaos but you see it as the potential for bringing forth new and higher states. If nothing could be changed, how could anything be changed? How could you bring forth something new if you could not change something? And how can you change something that is fixed, that is locked in its present condition? You can only bring about change when there is flexibility, when there is flux. Embrace that, embrace the environment you live in. 

Be content to be a creative person who has no control over how your creative impulses manifest. But you can come to look at this and say: “Well, if I actually could predict everything that was going to happen as a result of my creative efforts how would it then be creative? I am not actually being creative, I am being mechanical.” Now, some of you may think that on a natural planet you can predict exactly what is going to happen as a result of your creative efforts and in a sense, you can predict it because you do not have the factor of duality involved as you have on earth. Things are more predictable on a natural planet. But still how do you grow? You grow by experimenting. 

What is an experiment? You send out an impulse, you have some general idea of what is going to come back but you do not know exactly what is going to come back. You see the result, you adjust your creative impulse, you send out another impulse and you keep doing this, you keep experimenting more and more. If you knew that when you push this button this result will manifest mechanically, you were not really being creative, were you? You were just being mechanical. What would you learn from that? How would that shift your consciousness? If you use your present consciousness to manifest a certain image and project it and you can know exactly what the result would be, how is your consciousness going to shift?
In order for you to be a co-creator you cannot be in a controlled mechanical environment. There has to be flux, there has to be dynamism so there is room for experimentation, room for bringing forth something that nobody ever thought about before. 

This is what the fallen beings fear because they cannot predict it, they cannot control it. That is why they are afraid of you because you are, when you step up to this level, creative people. There has been a certain tendency in ascended master organizations and other spiritual organizations to think that the path is somewhat mechanical. You study the teachings, you avoid doing the wrong things, you do the right things, you wear this kind of clothes, you drive this kind of car, you eat this kind of food, then you practice your spiritual practices for as much as you can and then you think mechanically, as Gautama said, you will reach enlightenment. 

But it is a creative process, it is not a mechanical process. I know it has mechanical aspects in terms of transforming misqualified energy for example, but at its basis the spiritual path is a creative process.
There are some spiritual students who have come into ascended master teachings who have wanted to reduce it to a mechanical process. They have wanted to believe that if they live a certain way and if they give a certain amount of decrees every day, they are guaranteed to make their ascension at the end of this lifetime. It does not work that way as we have now tried to explain from numerous perspectives. 

Flowing with the chaos

And when you accept this, it becomes much easier to live on a planet like earth because you are not trying to do the impossible by using a spiritual teaching and tools to control the uncontrollable environment. You are using the spiritual teachings and tools to direct the flow of the chaos in a different direction. This can be a very constructive shift for you if you can make this shift and embrace the chaos, embrace the dynamism of your environment. It can have many ramifications for your daily lives, for your spiritual path. 

It can allow you to say: “Why do I need to have specific outer conditions manifest in my life. It is really only because my ego and certain separate selves want these conditions because they think it will give them a sense of security. But I, the being I really AM, I do not need security, I want growth. I do not need the conditions that do not disturb me. I actually want the conditions that do disturb me that cause me to react so that I can look at my reactionary patterns, expose those separate selves and let them die. I want growth in the rest of this embodiment. I want maximum growth so that if it is in my divine plan to make my ascension, I can qualify for my ascension and if it is not, I can reach as high of a level of consciousness as possible so I have the best possible foundation for my next embodiment serving to manifest the golden age. This is what I want for the rest of this lifetime. I do not want to be comfortable. I do not want to feel secure. I do not want specific comfortable outer conditions. I want maximum growth.” 

How do you grow? By flowing with the chaos. By seeing what it stirs up in your own mind. By then working on that, overcoming it, then moving on. There is a tendency among many Buddhists to look at the Buddha and think that, well first of all, they think that he was born as a very special being. So, from his birth he was fundamentally different from ordinary human beings. They think he did not face the same issues, the same initiations on his path as they do. There is also a tendency to think that the Buddha somehow because he was so special magically attained enlightenment. He did not have to go through a long process to attain it. It just sort of happened for him and they are hoping that it can happen for them the same way. 

But the Buddha, myself and all other ascended masters, we have gone through the exact same process you are going through. We had very similar psychology with many separate selves that we had built over many lifetimes on this planet. We had to overcome those selves one by one just like you do. The spiritual path is a process. It is a creative process. It always has been, it always will be. If you can accept this your path will be much easier. Because if you do not accept it, it means that there are certain selves in your subconscious mind that are resisting the process, that are resisting spiritual growth, that are resisting the creative aspects of the path. But what does it take for you to accept the creativity, accept the chaos? It takes that you are willing to make decisions and experiment even though you do not know the outcome. 

There are no mistakes in life

And this is where many spiritual students have had trouble because they have been influenced by the fallen beings, the duality consciousness, that there is a standard for how a spiritual person should be. And if you follow the standard you are right, if you do not you are wrong. This is the fallen beings and their judgmental standard. These students are afraid of being wrong therefore, they do not actually want to make decisions because they know that whenever they make a decision, they could be what in their eyes appears to be wrong. They actually want to come into a spiritual movement and they want to have strict teachings, strict rules and a strict practice and they want to be told do not think for yourself, just follow the rules, do the practice and then in the end you will ascend or reach Nirvana or whatever the goal is. This, as Gautama explained, cannot be done. 

You need to step back from this and realize that contrary to this belief you cannot make a mistake on the spiritual path. Now, for many this will elicit a sense of shock but the reason for this is that you have been influenced by the fallen beings and their standard for right and wrong. And it is a dualistic standard and it is based on a complete illusion. It does not exist in the ascended state, in the Buddha consciousness. I know very well that previous ascended master dispensations have been deeply influenced by this standard. This messenger experienced himself an organization that had an extremely judgmental collective consciousness. But he also was able to transcend it, otherwise he would never have dared to do what he has been doing since he started working with Jesus those 20 years ago. And he did this because he actually started to realize that there are no mistakes on the spiritual path.

In a sense there are no mistakes in life. Whatever you do, whatever decision you make is an experiment. It is an opportunity to see what happens. And when you see what happens, you can first of all look at your own reaction to what happens and use this as an opportunity to shift your reactionary patterns, to overcome your reactionary patterns. But you can also look at how you could adjust your decisions and the images you are projecting into the cosmic mirror. When you make a decision to conduct an experiment you can grow. If you are sitting there not wanting to make a decision, not wanting to experiment but wanting to be told what to do and how to do it in the minutest detail, how can you grow? 

Dare to experiment! And then grow from there

There are spiritual students, not only ascended master students, but in many spiritual movements, certainly in Buddhism as well, who have spent an entire lifetime following rules never daring to make a real decision. Have they grown in that lifetime? They may have given thousands of hours of spiritual practice. Have they grown? Many of them have not grown at all. It is possible to be a diligent student of a spiritual philosophy and a diligent practitioner of some spiritual technique for decades without growing at all. Obviously, this is not what we want for our direct students, I assume it is not what you want for yourself. 

You need to look at then, do I have a separate self that is created based on this standard of right and wrong, this judgmentalness, this fear of being wrong and then you need to examine it, use our tools to come to that point where you can let it go, and say: “I am willing to experiment, I am willing to try something and come what may. I will see the result, I will use it to raise my awareness and therefore I will grow, whatever the result may be.” Again, we have said it before, what is the purpose of life? Your growth and awareness. Is the important thing in your life the actual results of your experiment, the physical results of your experiment, is that what is important? Nay. The important thing is what you do with the results in terms of raising your consciousness. It is all that matters. 

How do you think that you become an ascended being? We have said it before but I will say it again. How do you envision that you actually enter the ascended realm? You have to let go of everything on earth. You have free will. If there is still something you want to do, accomplish, manifest or experience on earth, you cannot make the choice to leave the earth behind forever. You will have to go back until you have had enough of what you can experience on earth. 

Do you think that we of the ascended masters are sitting up here looking at every decision you make and evaluating: “Oh, that was a bad decision. He or she should not have manifested that result. That is a bad result.” Nay. We have let go of everything on earth. What does it matter to us what happens at the physical level on earth as a result of your experiment? The only thing that matters to us is what is the effect on your consciousness? 

Many of you have taken the concept of Saint Germain’s Golden Age and you have superimposed an image upon it based on your outer selves that certain things must manifest. But as Saint Germain has said himself, the golden age is a process. The primary purpose is to raise the collective consciousness and individual people’s consciousness. It is not the primary goal to manifest specific outer results. Certainly, we have mentioned outer results and it is part of the golden age to manifest those results but it is not the primary goal because even the outer results are tools for raising consciousness. 

You take much of the technology that has been brought forth in the last couple of centuries as a result of Saint Germain’s sponsorship of science. Well, it has never been Saint Germain’s purpose to manifest a certain society with sophisticated buildings, sophisticated transportation and a high form of technology as you see in some of these science fiction movies. Saint Germain’s goal has been to raise awareness, he has brought forth technology so that people do not have to work 12 hours in the field every day and come home and be so tired that they have no awareness or energy left over for any spiritual pursuits. The primary goal for Saint Germain with technology is to give people free time so they can focus on resolving psychology, attaining spiritual growth. 

There is no right or wrong course in the River of Life

Nothing on earth is an end in itself. Everything on earth is a means to the end of raising consciousness. Grasp that and the rest of your life on earth will be so much easier because now you can flow with the River of Life. The River of Life is chaotic. Go to a river in the mountains that is flowing very rapidly through cliffs, there are twists and turns, there are whirlpools, there are rocks in the river. Look at that water. How dynamic, how chaotic, how unpredictable it is. That is the River of Life. The more chaotic a river is the faster it moves. The more calm it is the slower it moves. You are a spiritual student. You want to qualify for your ascension. What do you want to do for the rest of your life? Do you want to move slowly or do you want to move quickly? Well, then embrace that the quicker you move the more dynamic you must be, the more dynamic must be your environment. 

It does not matter if you make a mistake as long as you are moving. You just make another choice and transcend the mistake. For that matter you do not even have to look at it as a mistake. It is an experiment that turned out a certain way. You use that to raise your awareness, formulate a better impulse, manifest a different result. This is again one of these lies of the fallen beings. They want you to believe that it is possible to make a choice that you can never undo. We have said it before, I know, but listen to it carefully. The fallen beings hate free will because it makes you uncontrollable. 

They want you to stop using your free will and they have created this standard of right and wrong and a projection that you need to evaluate everything you do based on this standard. And they want you to believe that there are certain choices you can make that have such severe consequences that you can never escape the consequences. There is the concept that you can sell your soul to the devil and you can never be free of it. It just is not true. It is a complete and malicious lie. 

Free will is as free as you make it. You can never make a choice with your free will that can suspend your free will, that can suspend your ability to make other choices. This cannot be done. It is a safety mechanism built into the law of free will. What the fallen beings want you to do as you are flowing with the River of Life, you come to a rock in the river. You have a split second to make a decision. Do I go right or left? You make the decision to go left and now the fallen beings want to say that was the wrong decision and now you should grab on to that rock and hold on to it against the force of the current and you should hold on to that rock for the rest of your life because you made the wrong decision. 

But what you need to do as a spiritual student is simply say: “Well, going left around the rock may have landed me over here but I just changed direction and I go back over there again, and in less time than it takes for me to hold on to the rock and analyze my result and what I did wrong, I moved on and now I am where I want to be.” You are never making a wrong choice. You are simply changing direction in the river and if you end up where you do not want to be, you change direction again and move on.

This is what we all had to do in order to qualify for our ascension. None of us were exempt from this, neither Jesus nor the Buddha nor myself. We have all had to come to this point where we just made decisions. We adjusted our consciousness, we moved on, we made other decisions, we changed course. There is no right or wrong course in the River of Life. You might say it is not so constructive if you decide to hold on to a rock but as long as you are moving, there is no right or wrong choices. You just change direction and move on. 

You do not need to analyze, you do not need to come down on yourself, you do not need to feel bad, you do not need to go into this entire process: “Oh why did I do this, I should not have done this, I am so stupid, I do this over and over again, I am always making these mistakes.” These are separate selves talking. Realize that they are separate selves. Take a look at them and say: “I do not want you anymore in my life experience. Get thee behind me Satan.” Let them die. Move on. Be creative, dare to be creative, dare to flow, dare to experiment, dare to do something you have not done before. Dare to not analyze and evaluate the results of your actions based on the standard of right and wrong. The biggest lie, one of the biggest lies is that God or the ascended masters have created this standard. It is entirely created by the fallen beings. 

With this I have given you what I wanted to give you in this installment. It is my intention to return and give you further thoughts that can help you deal with life on this difficult planet. But I realize you need a break and so we will give you that break and I shall return in due course.


* As a thoughtform for this coming year we will use the Sun thoughtform from last year:

“Gautama Buddha, you are the perfect mirror for earth”.

“Saint Germain, you are the perfect mirror for the economy”.

“Mother Mary, you are the perfect mirror for women” .



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