It is time for the Chinese people to rise out of ignorance

TOPICS: A focus of the false teachers over the Forbidden City – Perverting the wisdom of China – Those who want to be gods on earth – Exposing totalitarianism – The hidden workings of society – The golden age matrix for China –

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Ascended Master Elohim Cyclopea, June 20, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

From out the All-Seeing Eye of God I AM, Cyclopea.

I AM Come to this place in the city of Beijing to release an extraordinary amount of light of the emerald green ray, tinged with the gold of the wisdom ray. The purpose of the release of this light is to expose all that which is hidden in this nation of China. I hereby anchor, in the etheric octave over the area of the Forbidden City, a special focus of the All-Seeing Eye of God. It will radiate its light through the lower etheric, through the mental, through the emotional and into the physical realm where it will begin slowly building a momentum that is unstoppable by any earthly power and that will gradually expose all that is hidden for the people in this nation.

It has been deemed by cosmic councils that the Chinese people have for far too long lived in partial ignorance of what is going on in their nation, and it is time for them to step up and begin to take more responsibility by knowing what is going on in the closed chambers of those who are in power, whether they be in the communist party or in the business communities and companies that have been established here. Thus, indeed, a special aspect of this flame will be dedicated to exposing to the Chinese people all of the lies about their own history that they have been fed since the communist takeover of this nation. As has been the case in all communist nations, the party in China has rewritten history to support their own agenda, and thus, indeed, this must be exposed so that the people can know the true reality.

A focus of the false teachers over the Forbidden City

Why then do we anchor this light over the Forbidden City? Well, because it is precisely a symbol for what is lacking in the Chinese nation. What is lacking is precisely that the people need to rise out of the inferiority-superiority dynamic that causes the majority of the people of this nation to feel so inferior that they believe they either are not worthy to improve their physical situation or they are not worthy to even understand the workings of the government of their own nation. This cannot continue in this Age of Aquarius, as it cannot continue in any nation where the people are suppressed by an elite, especially those who are suppressed by lies and a completely distorted view of the reality of life and their own history.

Here, in this Forbidden City, is actually a focus of the false teachers of humankind. It is a focus in the emotional realm, in what we have sometimes called the astral plane. It can be pictured as a giant pit from the edges of the Forbidden City area, descending deep into the earth, so deep that if you stand at the edge, you cannot see the bottom.

As you look into the pit, you see only darkness at the bottom. It continues so far that it actually goes below the crust of the earth and goes to deeper levels where it is connected to what we have previously described as various, almost mechanical devices that are aimed at overpowering the people on the surface by sending energy into their subconscious minds, sucking energy out of their chakras, and therefore causing the machine to keep running and the people to be overwhelmed so that they cannot see what is happening. The Forbidden City represents the ultimate dream of the fallen angels, of setting themselves up as gods on earth, as indeed the emperor was revered as a god

on earth and gave no homage to any transcendent Gods, any Gods beyond the earth plane.

Perverting the wisdom of China

This was achieved through a perversion of the ancient wisdom of China, both Taoism and Confucianism. Truly, gradually over the centuries, some of the principles given by Confucius about the individual serving the all – serving the whole, serving society – were taken to an extreme. It was said that the individual had to serve the leaders of society, the elite of society and finally the emperor.

What Confucius truly meant was not that the individual must serve the elite but that the individual must serve the all, which therefore seeks to raise all people in society. This is, of course, a principle that the fallen ones and false teachers cannot live with, cannot accept. Therefore, they do everything they can to pervert it, often in very subtle ways so that the people do not see it.

For 500 years, you had the emperors ruling from the Forbidden City in Beijing, or in Peking as it was called earlier, and they reinforced this image that the individual is insignificant compared to the state, the state that is ruled by the god-like emperor who sits there and cannot even be looked upon by the people. If they were to see the emperor, they would see that he is, of course, a human being like themselves and not a God by any means.

Those who want to be gods on earth

It was, of course, this 500-year reign of the emperors that set the stage for the communist takeover. You now replace the emperor with the state, and so you still see that the rulers of the state are like gods on earth who cannot be gainsaid. Of course, not so long after, you saw the emergence of one person who set himself up as having the exact same power of the emperors, even though not claiming god-like power. For how could he in a communist system that does not recognize any authority beyond itself? Nevertheless, chairman Mao was indeed almost worshipped by the Chinese as a god-like figure.

You see the same pattern repeating itself over and over again. What does it take to see that this has nothing to do with communism per se? Nor does it have anything to do with any other philosophy, for it is simply a group of lifestreams that are always seeking to set themselves up as gods on earth. Although in some cases there is a group of them that can work together, there are other cases where there is one person that rises to a special position, or claims a special position for himself, and therefore takes on the almost god-like authority of a chairman Mao, of a Pol Pot, of a Stalin, of a Hitler and other rulers you have seen throughout the ages. One must wonder when the people will finally be able to recognize the pattern and to see through the disguise, to see that the emperor has nothing on, the chairman has nothing on, the Führer has nothing on.

All of these leaders simply have nothing on. Even though they are in a human body like the rest of the population, they are not truly human beings in the sense that they come from a different lineage and they look down upon human beings as being far beneath them, being unable to rule themselves and therefore needing to be ruled by the elite.

Exposing totalitarianism

This is the pattern that will be gradually exposed by the focus of the All-Seeing Eye of God anchored here. It is a focus that will radiate its light far beyond this city, far beyond this nation, radiating it to all places in the earth and to all countries that have a history of totalitarian rulers—which is almost all countries. Of course, it will especially be concentrated in those nations that still have totalitarian forms of government so that they might be exposed and that the people might begin to awaken and take up their rightful sense of responsibility for knowing what goes on behind the closed doors in their nations.

Beyond radiating light on the surface of the earth, this focus of the All-Seeing Eye of God will radiate light directly into the pit under the Forbidden City and it will radiate it through all the hidden chambers to which this pit is connected. The emerald light, the intense emerald light—if you had inner sight and stood at the edge of this pit, then you would see that the emerald light is already beginning to shine into the pit as an intense laser beam of green, encircled by a thin shaft of golden-yellow.

It parts the veil of the fog at the bottom of the pit and it begins to radiate out until the edges of the pit are exposed. You see all of the demons that cling to the edges of the pit and are howling, howling against the light in their anger. Now, angels descend through the shaft of light. You might remember during the opening ceremony of the Olympics here in Beijing, there was one man suspended that was running around the edge around the stadium almost like he was running in air. Well, the angels do not need to be suspended, but they are nevertheless moving around the edges of this pit, consuming the demons with their swords as they go along.

They take one rung and then they go down to the next. When that is cleared, they go down to the next and this will continue and continue and continue until this pit is cleared. Thus, as this process is completed, which will take some time, the pit will gradually begin to fill up with this emerald green light. It will become like a deep pool that you can look into, and you can see the depths under the water, under the surface.

The hidden workings of society

Then you might begin to see there a deeper understanding of the hidden workings of society. This will become a focal point where the more aware people in this Chinese nation – and beyond – can begin to travel in their finer bodies at night and they will then begin to look into the emerald waters, so to speak, the emerald energies. They will begin to see, not the demons who are hiding reality, but they will begin to see on the edges of what used to be the pit, the records going back in time of the abuses of government and of power in this nation of China.

The more aware people can gradually begin to have small remembrances, to have inner direction for what to do in their waking consciousness; what to study, what to see. They will begin to get these subtle ideas, often not knowing where they come from, but knowing that they have a profound reality and message.

Gradually, over time as we count in years and decades, there will be a greater awakening, a greater awareness of the abuses of government in this nation and what it will take to bring this nation into alignment with the vision started by the un-ascended master Confucius and by Lanto himself. Of course, it is now held in even a higher measure by the Ascended Masters Confucius, Lanto, Kuan Yin and many other masters that work with this nation of China, hoping to raise it up to a golden age matrix.

The golden age matrix for China

It will not be the same as the golden age matrix of the Western nations. It would be rather naive to expect that the Chinese nation would first have to become like the West in order to enter the golden age. This is not the case at all, for there is value in different peoples having different states of consciousness, and the consciousness in the Chinese nation goes back 5,000 years. It has not all been perversions at all, as there is much true culture here and a certain mindset that can make a valuable contribution to the world, even in the golden age.

Of course, we are aware that although most of our students are in the West, there are some students that sometimes think that when the golden age is manifest, all nations around the world will be like the West, or like the United States, but that is of course not the case at all.

Why do you, my beloved, think there are seven rays? Well, do you think that all the other rays have to become like the First Ray or the Seventh Ray or any other ray? Nay, they each have unique qualities that are needed in order to have the completeness of the manifestation of a functioning planet. Thus, it is the same with the people. There must be people embodying all seven rays. There must be nations or groups of people embodying certain unique qualities, certain unique combinations of those rays.

Do you not see that uniqueness does not mean sameness? There can be groups of people that have all seven rays in their collective consciousness, but they have one ray that is particularly developed and on which they have a certain mastery. Certainly, different nations around the world can have different facets that they focus on. Of course, in this nation of China, the Second Ray of Wisdom is meant to be the one where there is great mastery, although certainly it is necessary to have a mastery on all the seven rays to balance the second. Otherwise, the wisdom will be be perverted and will be seen as an end in itself.

Of course, no God-quality is an end in itself. That is why we have the seven, and that is indeed also why those who pervert one of the God-qualities and take any of the rays to an extreme, will not be able to create a sustainable civilization. The imbalance will sooner or later begin to break down society so that it will either deteriorate from within or be taken over by someone from without.

With gratitude for the four of you here who have traveled to this nation, who have walked the forbidden city today. Whether you were aware of it or not, your chakras were indeed being used to radiate the light and to form an anchor in the physical. Therefore, through this dictation our release of light is indeed complete.

It is with great joy that I can announce this and that I can describe this focus so that those who feel an inner prompting might indeed focus on it before you go to bed at night. Ask to be taken there to see the history, not only in China but everywhere else, of the power elites and how they have misused the powers of government.

Thus, with great joy, I AM: Cyclopea! I AM One with the All-Seeing Eye of God. I AM the All-Seeing Eye of God, and I see all. I judge none, but I do see all and thus you can appeal to me if you are willing to transcend anything, for I can see how to transcend any “thing” and I am willing to give that direction to you if you will but ask!

Thus, be sealed in the Emerald Light tinged with the Golden-Yellow that I radiate to the earth in infinite measure. Cyclopea I AM!


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