Touching the consciousness of an ascended master

TOPICS: The Australian unwillingness to transcend – The higher potential for Australia – Giving people a real choice – The highest potential for a spiritual retreat – The barrier between spiritual and material – Touching an ascended master – The serpentine logic –

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Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, June 15, 2012 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference near Melbourne, Australia.

I am indeed the Elohim Astrea, the Elohim of the fourth ray, which you have often heard characterized as purity, but which, of course, has many other shades. As each ray has 144 different shadings, and thus one word cannot accurately describe a spiritual ray. And you will not know the fourth ray, until you know all the 144 aspects of that ray. And so it is with each ray, of course.

Then, let us look at one aspect of the fourth ray, very much embodied in this decree [Decree 4.01 Decree to Elohim Astrea] that you have given, namely acceleration. What is the opposite of acceleration? Well, you might say deceleration, but actually this is not quite the case. The opposite of acceleration is the consciousness that is unwilling to move, that is unwilling to change, that is unwilling to transcend, that is unwilling to come up higher. Not in the sense that it is necessarily unwilling to change in a horizontal way, but that it is unwilling to change in a vertical way, where it transcends, it goes beyond, its present level.

The Australian unwillingness to transcend

And so, why is it that I inaugurate the dictations for this conference? Why is it that I speak about the opposite of acceleration? Well, it is, of course, because at every spiritual conference we give, there is a certain amount of light that will be released, and there is a certain opposition to the release of that light from a state of consciousness that does not want to be accelerated by the light.

Yet here on this Australian continent, you are dealing with a certain shading of this consciousness, of the unwillingness to transcend, of the unwillingness to go beyond a certain level. Surely you find this many places in the world. We are not here to set up some kind of scale that allows you to compare one nation or one continent to another. We have no desire to encourage any kind of value judgment. Nevertheless we also find it necessary to address the state of consciousness of a certain nation or continent.

For how can you, as the spiritual people, be the forerunners for taking that nation beyond that state of consciousness, if you do not see it or do not understand it, or cannot put words on it clearly for your calls or even your visualizations.

So indeed, the Australian nation is dealing with a very heavy cloud of this consciousness that is unwilling to move vertically, that is unwilling to transcend, that is unwilling to look at itself in the mirror and realize: We are not in the highest possible state of consciousness, we have certain impurities.

We have certain coarseness in the collective consciousness that can be seen in many ways in our society, but perhaps nowhere more clearly than in the way we talk to each other, in the way we talk about each other, or even talk about ourselves. Even in our sense of humor, in the way we kid around about ourselves, about each other in a way that is slightly degrading. Not in an angry, not in a mean-spirited or evil way, but it has simply become a habit that the Australian people do not see, do not see it as unnecessary but they think: “Ah everybody does it, that’s just the way it is, that’s the way we Aussies kid around and there’s really no harm done.”

And in a sense, my beloved, there is not necessarily any harm done but there is not any acceleration either. For it is a sense of humor and attitude to life, a way of looking at life that stays at a certain level, and that is very reluctant to acknowledge the need to go higher, the need to go beyond that level and the potential to go beyond that level.

The higher potential for Australia

And truly, the Australian nation has a much higher potential than what you see outpictured today. We of the ascended masters hold the immaculate concept for every nation. We do not look at this nation, this continent of Australia, with any kind of condemnation, any kind of judgment, any kind of negativity. But we do look at it and we do see the higher potential that you have.

And therefore we, of course, also look realistically at where you are today. And thus, I speak into the mass consciousness that you are not living up to your highest potential. There is so much more that can be brought forth on this amazing continent, where you have amazing natural resources, but you also have a much higher creative potential than is currently being outpictured by the people.

And this potential cannot be unlocked with your present state of consciousness, the way you look at yourselves, the way you think that a certain way of life, a certain attitude to life is “good enough.” It is not good enough, if it could be more! I am not saying that compared to many other nations you are at a terribly low level. Do you understand me my beloved? We are not comparing, we are not saying that Australia is in any way backwards. But we are saying that compared to what you could be, you are below your highest potential.

And thus you, who are the spiritual people, need to be aware of this. You need to step back in your minds, and look at this nation, look at the people, look at how they interact, even look at TV and look at how people talk, what their demeanor is, what they say about Australia, what they say about life, what they say about people. Look at this and see that you who are the forerunners need to recognize the consciousness, need to recognize that it is not the highest potential. You then need to recognize that if you have grown up here, you have been affected by this consciousness, simply because what you see around you is what you as a child tend to think is normal and natural. And perhaps you don’t even see it, because you are so used to it that you take it for granted!

But as a spiritual person you cannot take anything for granted. You need to look at yourself and see how you have been affected by a state of consciousness, that will not take you to your highest spiritual potential. And so, you need to start with yourself. You need to start healing it, transcending it and being willing to accelerate yourself beyond it, being willing to let the light accelerate yourself beyond it. And then you can begin to see how it affects other people. You can begin to make calls for it. But you will also – beyond doing anything specific about it – you will do what is the most important thing. By your mere presence, by the fact that you have accelerated yourself beyond that state of consciousness, you will provide a frame of reference for all people you meet.

Giving people a real choice

Many of them will not know this consciously, but they will sense that you are not in that same low level of consciousness, and thus they will have the choice. Will they look at you honestly and consider why you feel different, why you have a different vibration, why you do not talk in the same degrading manner, why you do not kid around in this degrading, base sense of humor?

And they have, then, for the first time possibly in their lives, a choice, a real choice. Will they also see this consciousness in themselves, will they see their potential to transcend, and will they do something about it. And that is, of course, all you can do. Many times it is not possible to speak openly to people about certain conditions or topics.

Look at yourselves and how many times you have attempted to talk to other people about your spiritual beliefs and your spiritual outlook on life. And look at how often they cannot follow you, for what do they do? They respond to the words you are saying, and the words that you say have a certain meaning, a certain association in your mind according to your level of consciousness. But they are in a different state of consciousness, and therefore the words that you say, have a different association and provoke a different reaction in their beings. And thus, they are reacting at the level of words, and they never get to the point of actually being open to considering the inner message that is beyond the words.

There are many times where you simply cannot communicate with people through words. But you can still provide them a frame of reference, by being in a higher state of consciousness and by daring to express it. It is not so much the words that will change people; it is an encounter with the light. And when you become an open door for the light flowing through you, that gives people a frame of reference that they have not had before in most cases. For they have rarely, if ever, encountered a person that was more of an open door for the spiritual light than the average person.

In many cases you could benefit greatly and make life easier for yourself by stepping back, not being so hung up on words, of having to give people a certain message, having to convince them of certain beliefs. But when you speak you are aware of the light flowing through you, and you are simply letting the light give people that frame of reference. That is the highest opportunity you can give them. And then you remain non-attached to what choices they make, for it is not your role to control their choices, but only to give them the option to choose.

This then, is the potential for you embodying the fourth ray of acceleration. For when you become an open door for the light of acceleration, then you can accelerate the people you are around, even if they do not notice at first, but they will still feel it at some level of their being—this acceleration. And this does not mean that I am asking you to go out and speak the way you hear me speak now, for there are many ways even to speak softly and gently, but still in your heart you are connected to your higher being, to your I AM Presence. And therefore, the light can flow through you, in a higher measure than people are used to experiencing.

The highest potential for a spiritual retreat

Why do I speak, and why do we in general speak, about a frame of reference? Well, let us relate this to why you are here, at a spiritual retreat. What is in general the highest purpose for coming to a spiritual retreat? Many come because they expect to get teachings, or they expect to get high experiences, or whatever expectations they have—or they expect to get healed or they expect some miracle of some kind.

But truly, the highest potential is that by coming to a retreat – by experiencing the light, by giving the invocations and decrees and by looking at yourself being stimulated to understand and have high experiences – the total experience of coming to a spiritual retreat is that you accelerate your own consciousness beyond its normal level, beyond the level you have in your daily activities. Where you are often burdened or pulled in different directions by your responsibilities.

And so by accelerating your state of consciousness beyond, what do you gain? You gain a new frame of reference, that there is a higher state of consciousness than your normal daily level, that you have a higher potential. And therefore, when you return from a retreat, you can carry this experience, this frame of reference, with you. And you can use it to gradually accelerate yourself also in your daily activities, so you are now able to sustain a slightly higher level of consciousness in your daily life than you could previously maintain. And when you do this and continue to do this, then you can gradually raise your consciousness to a point, where there really is not such a big difference between your daily state of consciousness and the consciousness you attained at a retreat.

And this is where you know that your daily state of consciousness has permanently been raised to a new level, and this is, of course, what we desire to see for all of you. For truly, we are happy to put on retreats and we are happy to have you come here and be accelerated in your consciousness. But in the long term we would like to see as many people as possible be permanently accelerated, so that you can maintain a higher level of consciousness in your daily activities.

The barrier between spiritual and material

For have we not many times over these last few years started talking about the need to break down the barrier between spiritual and normal or even worldly activities? How many times have we stated that matter is truly made from Spirit, so there is Spirit everywhere in matter. And is it not so, that for thousands of years people have had this barrier between what they consider spiritual and worldly or mundane or material.

And so many spiritual people think that their daily activities are not spiritual and cannot be spiritualized, so they have to retreat from their daily lives. And you see exactly why this center you are at was built: to give people an opportunity to retreat from their daily activities, so that they can think that now they are doing something spiritual. And certainly, we are not denying that it can help you to come to a retreat setting and be apart from your daily activities. Because many times when you are in the midst of very intense activities, your mind is clouded over or your attention is pulled in other directions, and you cannot so easily go within.

Nevertheless, in the long term we desire all of you to break down that barrier, so that you realize that Spirit is everywhere. I, Astrea, am not here at this retreat and not with you when you are at home—I am with you always. And thus, you are perfectly capable of tuning in to my Presence wherever you are. And my desire for you is to have you raise your consciousness to the level, where you can always tune in to me. Not even always by having to give my decree 36 times. For you know very well that it is possible to give this decree in a mechanical manner, where you do not necessarily tune in to my Presence even while giving the decree.

In fact, it is possible for some go into a rote state of consciousness, where giving the decree actually detracts from their attunement and makes it more difficult for them to attune to my Presence, because they are so focused on the decree and the mechanics of giving a decree. So you need to also be sensitive to yourself and realize that sometimes, maybe you can give the decree a little fewer times than you normally do. And then, in the end you just sit there quietly, focus on your heart and attempt to shut down the normal mental noise, the normal mental activity, and just experience my Presence with you.

For truly, you have the story in the bible, of the woman who touched the hem of Christ’s garment as he was walking through the crowd and she was healed. Because by touching the hem of Christ’s garment, she opened up herself to a flow of the light into her being. And so what is it that I desire for you? I do not desire you to sit there and play a numbers game, that you have to give my decree a certain number of times as part of your daily routine. And then, when you have done this, you feel you have done your lot and now you can go on with something else. I desire you to tune in to my being, and it is the same with every other ascended master.

If my decree helps you tune in, by all means use it. But if it hinders you, if it blocks your attunement, then find a different approach, attempt to tune in as best you can. I know there are many people who cannot tune in because they still have so many things they need to clear out, so many ties to things in this world that pull on their attention. And then, do not worry about that—give the decree, make the calls for being cut free. But still when you feel it is time for you, make an effort to tune in. For it is truly not the mechanical saying of words, that will open up the flow of light from me to you. It is when you touch the hem of my garment in a metaphorical sense, because your consciousness is open to the flow of the Spirit.

Touching an ascended master

This of course applies equally to this conference, to this retreat. It is not a matter of what you do at this retreat or what you don’t do. The purpose is to touch the hem of the garment of at least one ascended master who is close to your heart, so that you have that experience of your own personal, direct, inner connection to the masters. We give you messengers who can be an open door for a more tangible message. But it is not our desire to have you to sit there and listen to the message or focus on the message or focus on the messenger. Everything we give you is a means to an end. In the end, the ultimate end is oneness.

But at the other stages of your path, the end is that you accelerate beyond your normal state of consciousness, that you experience touching the hem of the garment of the consciousness of an ascended master, so that you gain a new frame of reference—not only that we exist. It is good that you know we exist. It is good that you have experienced intuitively the truth of our reality. It is good that you experience us through the flow of light in a dictation. But it is far better that you experience that you too can connect to us personally within your own being.

This is our highest desire for your daily life, for a retreat like this. And thus, I will end by again emphasizing: in these next couple of days – and also in the days after this for those of you who are here from Australia – become aware of the consciousness that will not be accelerated. And of course, the same goes for everyone else, for in every country there is a consciousness that will not be accelerated beyond a certain level.

And you need to be aware of this as spiritual people, because when you are in your normal location, you are inside the mass consciousness of that location and you are affected by that consciousness. And if you can come to see it and identify it, then it will be so much easier for you to stop identifying with it. So you can accelerate yourself beyond it to the point, where even though it is still directed at you, it just passes right through you. For there is nothing within you that it can grab on to; the prince of this world has nothing in you.

The serpentine logic

This then, is the need for the next couple of days. Make this effort – remind yourself, remind each other to be sensitive for whenever you sense some kind of energy, some kind of thought, some kind of emotion, some kind of projection against you, some kind of projection that seeks to prevent you from accelerating beyond it. And my beloved, be also aware of what we have called serpentine logic. There is an energy aspect, where an energy is sent at you to keep you down, to hold you down. But there is also a certain aspect of serpentine logic, that will attempt to make you believe that you cannot accelerate yourself beyond this level, that you should not, that you are not allowed to, that terrible things will happen if you do or that you are not ready to do it, that you are not worthy to do it.

Be aware of these subtle projections coming from your own ego, coming from the mass consciousness, coming from dark forces. Be aware of them, identify them and then seek to step back from them. Or if you find this difficult, talk to other people, so that they might be able to see what you cannot see in yourself, because you are so used to this. For you have been confronted by these projections for as long as you have been in embodiment, perhaps even for lifetimes.

It is not possible to be in a situation, to be in a state of consciousness, that cannot be accelerated beyond its present level. There is nothing in the material world that cannot be accelerated. I am the Elohim of the fourth ray of acceleration. I know whereof I speak; I have seen it over and over again in every person who has ever ascended from earth. There is no condition in the material world that you cannot accelerate beyond, and I can assure you that there is no condition that you are not allowed to accelerate beyond. Be aware of the serpentine logic that says that before you can leave something behind, you have to solve some kind of problem, you have to change something in this world, you have to change other people – you have to change yourself.

Yes, there are certain enigmas that must be solved. Yes, there are certainly energies that you have misqualified that must be transmuted. There are false beliefs that must be seen through. But I am telling you this: there is no condition that you cannot walk away from and accelerate yourself beyond. Truly, you cannot walk away from a condition in a horizontal sense, but you can always walk away by accelerating yourself in a vertical sense. This is always possible.

There has never been a condition that cannot be accelerated into purity. Of this I can assure you, for I am the Elohim of the fourth ray and I know purity better than any being on earth, including the fallen beings who think they know better than God. But I can assure you: they do not know better than God and they do not know better than the Elohim how the material universe works. For it was the Elohim that materialized the material universe, so we know a thing or two about how our own creation works. And we are seeking to help you know also, so that you can come to that point of accepting that you can indeed accelerate yourself into purity.

And thus be sealed in the purity that I AM.


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