Elitism is the key to understanding history

TOPICS: The attempt to hold back information – The force that resists growth in awareness – The crucial awareness that is missing – The universal worth of all human beings – The hidden influence of elitism – Democracy and elitism – Do not try to battle the elite – Overcoming the epic mindset –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 22, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain and I wish to discourse on the shift in mindset that will help bring the golden age into manifestation. I have, of course, already talked about part of this shift but I wish to take this to a different level.

The attempt to hold back information

If you look back at the last 2,000 years, what most spiritual people see as the Age of Pisces, you will see that the shift that has been happening is not so much in technology and outer achievement but a shift in the raising of awareness. How can you create the kind of sophisticated technology you have today, technology that would have blown the minds of the people of ancient Rome who thought they had the most sophisticated civilization ever to appear on earth? How do you create technology that is so much more sophisticated than what people could even dream about 2,000 years ago? You do so because there has been an increased awareness of how the physical universe works, what scientists call the laws of nature. What I wish to focus on here is the increase in awareness. Truly, what drives progress in society is this increase in awareness.

If you look back at the past 2,000 years, you will see that the increase in awareness has not happened as a deliberate effort to increase awareness. It has actually been a process that has encountered a lot of opposition, and if you look back to the Middle Ages you will see this probably more clearly than most people see it today. Of course, many people today are aware that during the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages the Catholic Church was in the West the major factor that held back the growth in what most people see as knowledge but which I see as a broader awareness.

Most people know that the Catholic Church burned all of the books of the Greek philosophers, suppressed any kind of new knowledge, attempted to suppress science. Therefore, you can see that the Catholic Church was an outer expression of this opposition to the increase in awareness. You now become aware that there is a force that seeks to slow down or even stop, if it could, the increase in awareness.

I do not wish here to focus on the Catholic Church for it is only one example. We have, of course, seen many other examples even in the modern age where we see the communist empire of the Soviet Union seeking to hold back information. We see, for example, that the Soviet Empire could continue to exist only as long as the people were unaware of exactly what was going on, and what was going on both inside and outside of the Soviet Empire. We see even today how the Empire of China is seeking to filter the amount of information available to its citizens even on the Internet, which of course is an almost impossible task even for a regime with the intent and the resources of the current Chinese governmental apparatus.

The force that resists growth in awareness

What we see here is that on the one hand there is a force that wants to stop the growth in awareness but we also see over the past 2,000 years that this force has not been able to hold back the growth in awareness. This is, of course, because we of the ascended masters have released the light and the ideas and teachings that have caused an increase in awareness on an overall level.

Certainly, the force that seeks to hold back the growth in awareness has been successful in slowing down the growth of awareness. Had it not been so, society would have been even further along both technologically and in other ways than it is today. They do have an impact, yet we of the ascended masters do hold the ultimate power to increase awareness on earth. It is, of course, subject to free will, otherwise we could have raised consciousness even more. The fact is that in every age there will always be some individuals that refuse to submit to the force that seeks to limit awareness. They are therefore willing to be the open door for the bringing forth of some ideas that help bring society, civilization, humanity forward.

When you look at the present age, you still see that there is a force that is seeking to hold back the growth in awareness. This is something that unfortunately too many people in the West, in what calls itself the “free world,” is not aware of. They are not sufficiently aware of this force because many people have been deceived into thinking that because they have so-called free societies, free democracies and freedom of speech, there is no force holding back the growth in awareness. This is, of course, not true. All people on earth suffer from a lack of awareness of certain facts, therefore all people are affected by a limited awareness. They are held back in their personal lives and all societies are held back in their ability to manifest the golden age and let go of the past.

The crucial awareness that is missing

What is the one awareness that is missing, the one missing ingredient? It is first of all the awareness that life has a spiritual side. As I have said before, I am not looking to create one dominant religion in the golden age, but I am indeed looking to spread throughout the world a very universal awareness that there is a spiritual realm and reality beyond the material, that human beings are not evolved animals because human beings are lifestreams that were created in the spiritual realm and have descended into physical bodies on earth. They have descended because life on earth gives them an opportunity to raise their consciousness, to expand their awareness. Therefore life on earth has a purpose.

This purpose reaches beyond the lifetime of one physical body. Therefore, all people have had previous embodiments on earth and they might have future embodiments depending on the growth of their consciousness. In other words, there is a path that people can follow that leads them from whatever level of consciousness they have now to the level of consciousness that allows them to ascend and become permanent residents of the spiritual realm, become ascended masters.

These are very universal ideas that are not confined to any particular religion. They do not need to be defined by a particular religion as doctrines and dogmas. They are ideas that can be spread. Even some existing religions might be able to accept them, otherwise other religions can come forth that will incorporate these ideas in their own ways, clothing them in a certain outer framework or mythology and stories that appeal to specific groups of people.

Once you have this universal awareness that human beings are not “human” beings but psycho-spiritual beings and that their lives have a purpose, then you have the foundation for stepping back, looking at life, looking at history and really asking: “What is the force that is opposing the growth in awareness that will allow civilization to reach a higher level in all ways?”

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