El Morya – Master MORE

El Morya is the Chohan (‘Lord’ in Sanskrit) of the first ray. El Morya changed his name to Master MORE in 2007. In previous dispensations he is also known as El Morya Kahn, Morya, Master M, M, or Bapu.

In order to walk the spiritual path and qualify for the ascension, we must attain mastery on all seven rays. Thus, we can see the spiritual path as a structured process, where we learn from each of the seven rays.To facilitate this learning, each ray has several ascended masters who are seeking to help us pass the initiations represented by their ray. The leaders of this group of teachers is called the “Chohan.” Thus, each ray has a Chohan, who is kind of like the headmaster of a particular school.

El Morya – Master MORE gives us the initiations on the first ray – traditionally as the ray of power and will, yet from a deeper understanding the first ray represents the creative drive. This is the desire for self-expression, a willingness to experiment, even when the outcome of the experiment cannot be known ahead of time. Also a willingness to flow with life and learn from every experience. The first ray gives rise to the sense that everything matters, that life is exciting and that the individual truly can make a positive difference. The first ray is also the key to your willingness to work for raising the whole, instead of raising only yourself.