Competition and Comparison Games

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I am hoping you are beginning to see the basic dynamic that guides life on earth. The Creator has given you self-awareness and free will. You grow in self-awareness by exercising your free will. You have two basic options for making choices, one is choices based on the awareness that all life is one, which I call the Christ consciousness. The other is to make choices based on the illusion that you are a separate being, which I call the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of death.

Contrary to what many religious and spiritual people believe, the deeper reality is that God has given you free will so there is nothing inherently wrong in choosing to go into separation. God does not judge you or condemn you to hell for going into separation. The reason is that God’s purpose for giving you free will is that this is the only way you can grow in self-awareness, and experiencing life as a separate being can expand your self-awareness in the long run. However, going into separation means limiting your self-awareness so this expansion takes place only after you awaken from the illusion that you are a separate being. Going into separation means that you think: “I am this identity.” After some time, you will realize: “Oh, I am not this identity; I am more than this identity.” This realization is what leads to a growth in self-awareness. You ascend when you realize that you are more than any identity that could possibly be created on earth.

From this perspective, there is nothing inherently wrong with the ego and the ego games. The ego is simply what makes it seem believable to you that you are a separate being and that there is still something you want to do and experience on earth. The ego games are what give you the experience that you are a particular kind of separate being who has something to do or experience on earth. We can compare this to an actor who puts on a costume and make-up and then psychologically gets into character before going on stage.

Take note that an actor does not forget that he or she is not the character portrayed on the stage. When the play is over, the actor simply takes off the costume and make-up and returns to his or her normal sense of self. The difference between acting and taking embodiment is that you do not retain the memory that you are a spiritual being who has simply taken on a role. You go into separation by the Conscious You literally entering into a separate self, and once it is in there, everything it sees affirms that you are a separate being. You will forget that you are a spiritual being and think you are a mortal being. You can awaken from this forgetting at any time, but you have to awaken and this is not as simple as taking off a costume.

What now needs to be added is that there exist what we have called fallen beings who have chosen to not only go into separation but to rebel against God’s purpose and plan for having all beings grow in self-awareness. They have built a separate self which believes it knows better than the Creator and that its mission is to prove that the Creator made a mistake by giving all self-aware beings free will. These beings have used their free will to decide that they want to take away the free will of all other beings.

As a sincere spiritual student there comes a point where you can go no higher on the path until you acknowledge the existence of the fallen beings and how they are using the ego and its games for the purpose of preventing you from awakening from the illusion of separation. If you take the fallen beings out of the equation, you would still have an ego and the ego would still be playing certain games. You would be identified with this ego, but after having had a certain amount of experiences, your built-in drive to become more would make you wonder if there is not more to life than what you experience through a particular ego game. Without the fallen beings, it would simply take a certain amount of time before you would start awakening from the ego-based sense of identity.

What the fallen beings are trying to do is to delay this awakening indefinitely. For the vast majority of lifestreams, they cannot prevent it from happening, but on a planet like earth, they have been quite successful in delaying the awakening for the lifestreams embodying here. How have they done this? By either taking advantage of the natural ego games and taking them further towards the extreme, or by creating entirely new ego games. This always follows the basic pattern of inducing a certain fear or problem through one spirit and then inducing the illusion that you can alleviate the fear or solve the problem through another spirit. With this in mind, let me give you one example of how this works.

You are not good enough

In a distant past, way before recorded history, there was a phase where the inhabitants of earth had started going into separation in increasing numbers. They had not yet taken the collective consciousness to the low point that allowed fallen beings to start embodying on this planet. Back then you had the ego game of people who saw themselves as separate beings competing against each other in order to win. What you saw back then was more like the kind of competition you see today in the highest form of sportsmanship. It was what is embodied in the Olympic spirit, which in its pure form is meant to bring people together in friendly competition in order to build a common bond even a sense of team spirit. Each person was competing to be as good as possible at a certain task but never sought to destroy the abilities of other people.

When the fallen beings started embodying on earth, they immediately started using the competition game in order to accomplish the goal of delaying people’s awakening from separation. They did this by inducing the illusion that God is an angry and judgmental God and that some people are not good enough in the eyes of God, meaning they will be punished and sent to hell.

Those who believed in this image of God now created two spirits in their beings, one that truly believed in the angry God and one that offered relief or escape from the wrath of this non-existent God. When it came to people who were already into the competition games, this had the following effect. One spirit told them that they were not good enough in the eyes of God, and another told them that if they were better than others, then God would have to accept them, for he could not send everyone to hell.

What had instantly been accomplished by the fallen beings was to turn the game of friendly competition into a very unfriendly game of seeking to compensate for your own deficit by being better than others. Which then very easily was taken into the game of seeking to raise yourself up by aggressively putting other people down.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Games.


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