Love and Hate Games

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

What shall one say about love? A wise teacher might say nothing about love. Words belong in the realm of space, and in space there is always room for division. Once there is division, there is room for the mind of anti-christ to define conditions. Once conditions are defined, one has lost love. Perhaps I am not a wise teacher, or perhaps I am wise enough to realize that one can indeed say something about how the ego deals with love.

The ego and the fallen beings are completely blinded by the consciousness of anti-christ and they can think only in terms of opposites. To the mind of anti-christ everything has an opposite. The first step of the fallen beings is to define an opposite to everything—even setting the devil up as the opposite of God (as if the formless could ever have an opposite). If I say “Yes,” you can say “No.” For any word I might use to describe love, the mind of anti-christ can come up with an opposite. If I say love is unconditional, the mind of anti-christ can say it is conditional, if I say love is infinite one can say it is finite and so on ad infinitum.

The reality that can be experienced by the Conscious You is that the original God qualities, such as the ones represented by the seven rays and beyond them by the secret rays, have no opposites. The mind of anti-christ neither can nor will deal with this fact and it will seek to pervert any God quality. However, a God quality is a form of vibration. In its pure form this vibration is beyond anything found in the material world, which is why it has transformative power.

One might say that it is not possible to pervert a God quality, but it is indeed possible to pervert the concept of a God quality. As I have attempted to explain, the Conscious You has the potential to return to its center and experience pure awareness. In pure awareness you can experience each God quality directly and this is the ultimate transformative experience. Until you have such a mystical experience, an experience of gnosis, you will know a God quality only as a concept. When you are dealing with a concept, you are dealing with a mental image of the God quality rather than the indivisible reality. The concept exists in space and thus there is room for it to be divided into two opposing polarities. To the mind of anti-christ everything that is of the Christ mind is a concept and never an experience. It can be endlessly debated and refuted by the mind of anti-christ.

It is easy for most spiritual students to understand that the fallen beings have perverted good by defining something that is clearly evil. What have I said about the dualistic nature of the ego? You must create two aspects. You cannot create one perversion of a God quality, you must create two. What the fallen beings have done is to take the concept of the God quality love and then they have created two perversions, namely what human beings call hatred and what human beings call love. Neither of them are the God quality of love.

One of the more subtle ego games is precisely the one which says that as a spiritual person, you need to avoid everything that your spiritual teaching defines as evil and you need to embrace and multiply everything your teaching defines as good. Avoiding dualistic hatred and embracing dualistic love will never get you closer to experiencing the non-dual God quality of love.

Human love is not love

Why isn’t human love real love? Because it is in a polarity with hatred and it can be turned into hatred at the blink of an eye. When you have taken human love as far as it can be taken, a disappointment can cause you to instantly swing to the opposite polarity of hatred. Just look at how many people throughout history have engaged in a so-called love relationship only to come to a point of almost instantly switching into hating the person they used to claim that they loved.

How is this possible? It is possible only because the so-called love that the person claimed to feel for the beloved was a conditional love. When the other person no longer lived up to the conditions, or when the first person became aware that the other person never lived up to the conditions, then love was instantly transformed into hatred. The person now felt he or she had been cheated, abused, taken advantage of or deceived. Suddenly, it was now justified to hate the other person and to express this hatred in all kinds of ways that spiritual people know are not spiritual, not kind and not loving.

What is behind human love? It is the ego’s desire for control. The human love game is truly a control game where the ego of one person (possibly of both partners) is seeking to control another person by claiming to love that person. It follows that the person who is loved is not loved freely because by accepting a love relationship, he or she has – often without knowing this – submitted to a set of conditions and is now expected to live up to these or feel the repercussions.

How is it possible that you can claim to love another person, yet if the person does not live up to the conditions that you have defined (and which the other person may know nothing about), it is suddenly justified that you treat that person in a way no truly loving person would treat another human being? Divine love cannot be turned into hatred so it follows that only human love can flip into its opposite. Again, how do you get off this treadmill? Only by reconnecting to pure awareness so you can experience God love.

The origin of the need for control

Given what I have said about free will, why would you ever think you need to control another person? It is possible only because when you go into separation, you inevitably come to feel incomplete. You adopt what I have called the deficit approach to life. You feel incomplete inside yourself, and you reason that since you do not have what you need inside, you can get it only from some source outside yourself.

This causes most people to approach a love relationship with a deficit of love that makes them feel unwhole and unloved. They have the (often unrecognized) expectation that the other person is going to be able to give them the love that will make them feel loved and whole. They then define a set of conditions (and they are often unconscious and cannot even be communicated to the other person) for what the other person is supposed to do in order to make them feel loved. Right there we have the core of most problems in human relationships.

The fact is that once you go into separation, you will never feel whole. No matter how much love another person would give to you, you still would not feel fully loved. It is a simple truth that you will never feel whole by receiving something from outside yourself and you will never be whole by receiving something from this world. Human love – in any amount – will never satisfy your need for love. The ego’s need for love is a black hole that can never be filled.

You can feel whole only when you experience a God quality. You can feel loved and filled with love only through God love. Which part of you can experience God love? Certainly not the ego and any spirits so that leaves the Conscious You. The Conscious You cannot experience God love through the filter of the ego or any spirits. You can experience God love only when you return to pure awareness.

Here comes the trick. How do you return to pure awareness so you can experience God love? God love is a quality that cannot be owned because it is free and constantly flows. You cannot experience God love as a static quality that you can control, store or possess. You can experience it only as a living stream that flows through you.

How do you experience God love? By being willing to become an open door so that God love can flow through you and be expressed in this world. It is when you are flowing with the stream of God love that you will feel whole and truly loved.

How can God love flow through you? Only when you set no conditions for its flow but are willing to let it express itself freely. Now look at how most people approach a love relationship. They do it with the deficit approach and they think they are entitled to receive something from the person they claim to love. In order to experience God love flowing through you, you need to transcend the deficit approach and engage in a love relationship for the sole purpose of giving to the other person. It is in giving to life here below that you receive more from Above. This is a fundamental law of life.

What is the ideal attitude for entering a love relationship? It is to be willing to give to the other person so that you can receive from God and feel God love flowing through you. This is what most people can do while they are in love, but when a relationship enters the more settled phase, when the honeymoon is over, the ego and the subconscious spirits begin to take over and now the flow of love from inside yourself is suddenly shut off. The reason is that the ego and the spirits have not imposed conditions on your expression of love and this shuts off the flow. That is why I said that you have to become as little children.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Games.

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