Blame Games

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

My discourse on responsibility games is not complete in itself. As I said, the ego will never accept responsibility but it will gladly seek to get you to accept responsibility for what is not your responsibility. This can be other people, as just explained, or it can be responsibility for the ego’s selection of the response to a given situation or life in general. The ego always has a division into at least two, meaning there is one spirit that denies all responsibility for a particular situation and its outcome and there is another spirit that projects at you that you are to blame.

Take a minute to think about this. In any situation you encounter in life, there will be at least two spirits. When you face the situation or its outcome, there is one spirits that projects that you are not responsible and another that projects that you are to blame. Obviously, these two spirits are completely opposite, which means that it is difficult to listen to them both at the same time. Doing so leads to stress, which is what psychologists call “cognitive dissonance.” You are seeking to hold two mutually exclusive views at the same time. For most people, one of these spirits will be dominant. Which one will it be for you? That depends on which of the two seems the most real to you given the situation and your present level of spiritual maturity. Basically, if the one spirit fails to convince you that you are not responsible, you will be open to the one that says you are to blame.

At the lower end of the scale of maturity, you have people who are completely selfish, and they will listen to the spirit that says they are not responsible. As you begin to awaken to the spiritual path, it is inevitable that you will accept more personal responsibility, and this will make you vulnerable to the spirit that blames you. You can make the path so much easier for yourself by realizing that as a spiritual seeker, you will have to go through a schizophrenic phase where you alternate from one spirit to the other until you can finally begin to dismiss both spirits. It is not a matter of determining which spirit is right; it is a matter of seeing that they are both unreal.

How spirits are created

Let me now give you a more nuanced picture. I have said that before any fallen beings were allowed to embody on earth, the original inhabitants had started to go into separation. This means they had started to create a number of spirits based on separation but not on the fallen consciousness. The spirits were originally created by individuals and existed only in the energy fields of individuals. Over time, so much energy and consciousness had been projected into these spirits that they began to have an existence in the collective consciousness.

Collective spirits exist at one of the three other levels, namely identity, mental and emotional. The importance is that once collective spirits were created, it now became easier for people in embodiment to go into separation. People could open up their emotional body, for example, to a collective spirit without realizing what they were doing. Once a spirit invaded their individual energy field, it could quickly overpower their emotions.

When fallen beings were allowed to enter the energy field of earth, they came in at all four levels. Some of them then started intensifying and perverting the collective spirits in the three higher levels while at the same time creating new spirits based on the fallen consciousness. This now formed a very subtle cocktail and it caused many people to drink the Cool Aid.

The fallen beings who embodied physically would have the lowest level of self-awareness, meaning they were – although they seemed sophisticated compared to many other people – marionettes that were controlled by fallen beings in the higher levels. As I have explained, Hitler or Stalin may have seemed powerful, but they were almost entirely controlled by fallen beings in the higher levels.

The physical fallen beings were used to force people into a simple action-reaction trap. The fallen beings would physically violate the free will of other people, for example through overt force. It was inevitable that some people would respond to this through force and then other fallen beings would now blame people for responding. One group of fallen beings would provoke a response and another group of fallen beings would blame people for their response to the first group.

The result was that people would now go into a dualistic reaction to the blame, and they would either seek to deflect the blame by denying responsibility (or attacking the accuser) or they would accept the blame and seek to compensate for what they had done. What happened at the higher levels was that people unconsciously opened their energy fields to the spirits created by the fallen beings. There were spirits at the emotional, mental and identity levels and some people opened themselves up to one, others to several such spirits. The spirits would now invade people’s personal energy fields and often overpower them.

The effect was that people would feel that they were facing a situation that seemed unbearable, and in order to get relief from this, people would then create individual spirits to deal with the collective spirits. This led people into a never-ending game where they responded to the violations of the fallen beings through spirits created by the fallen beings and then created more and more spirits. The net effect being that the more spirits you have in your energy field, the more your attention is directed outwards and the more difficult it becomes for you to reconnect to your center. How can you ever rediscover the stillness of your center when your mind is a battlefield with numerous spirits constantly screaming for your attention?

How do you get off this treadmill? We have given many tools for invoking spiritual assistance. For example, you can invoke the protection of Archangel Michael so spirits cannot as easily gain entry into your energy field. You can call to Elohim Astrea to cut you free from collective spirits and to bind and consume individual spirits. You can use the invocations given by the Maha Chohan to set yourself free from spirits [See the Flowing With the River of Life Workbook.]

The most important way to start gaining back some peace of mind is to raise your awareness and start taking command over your own mind and energy field. We of the ascended masters have given many teachings and tools for doing this but people can also do it through careful self-observation. You can use the two main abilities of the Conscious You, namely the ability to step outside your current sense of self and experience infinity and the ability to look at yourself and ask: “Why do I keep doing this when I don’t like the results?”

The bottom line is that free will is the most important law so no spirit can gain entry into your energy field unless you invite them. The fallen beings have, as I described, created many subtle schemes for getting you to open yourself up to spirits without knowing what is happening. You can counteract all of them by becoming aware and by deciding that you will no longer engage in these patterns of behavior, feelings, thoughts or sense of identity. My purpose for giving these ego discourses is to help you raise your awareness, look in the mirror, see the tricks your own ego is using and then decide: “This simply is not a reflection of who I am.”

How to stop blaming others

As I have said, the most important step you can take towards taking control of your own mind is to decide that you will completely and utterly stop seeking to change the minds of other people. This means (among other things) that you will stop using the blame game, which is simply a way to control you and others, a way that springs from the fallen consciousness.

Let me say that in another way. Any time – any time – you engage in blaming yourself or other people, you are opening yourself up to the control of impure spirits and through them to control from the fallen beings. Everything in the material world is energy, meaning every thought or feeling carries a certain vibration. Blame is a vibration that simply does not exist in the spiritual realm. The Christ mind contains no traces of blame whatsoever. It is only in the mind of anti-christ that blame can exist.

Why do I say this? The core of our teaching about the Conscious You is that it is pure awareness, which means that it cannot be changed by anything it encounters in the material realm. This means something extremely important. You may create many types of separate selves and you may enter into them and commit the most incredible physical atrocities. No matter what you might have done, the Conscious You has not been changed by it. That is why you can never lose the potential to “become as little children” and enter the kingdom of God within you.

How can people commit unspeakable atrocities? Because they have forgotten that they are pure awareness and have come to identify themselves as a self created from separation. This is exactly what the fallen beings want, and their goal is that once people on earth have entered separation (which is not difficult to attain) they will never get out of it. To this end, the fallen beings have created an elaborate web of blame games that have the primary purpose of making you believe that if you have done something bad, then you have become a bad person. In reality, you are who you are. It is only in separation that you will think you are who you think you are. You can – at any time – awaken from this illusion and connect to reality through the Christ mind—this is my body which is broken for you.

Here is the simple equation. Every time you blame someone else for being a bad person or having made a mistake, you are opening yourself up to the blame energy created by the fallen beings. You are literally making yourself an extension of the fallen beings, and there is no faster way to make karma. You are also creating a spirit that simply lives to blame others, perhaps even one that takes pleasure in blaming others. Each time you allow blaming energy to flow through you, you solidify and intensify that spirit, which means it will have more and more power over you, making it harder for yourself to escape.

There is a subtle mechanism embodied in the statement: “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay.” The deeper meaning is that God has set up a law that returns to you any energy you send out. It may not happen in this lifetime, but it will happen. When someone else does something that violates you or others, you have no need to seek to blame or punish that person. The laws of God will take care of this unfailingly, and I can assure you that God’s law does not need the assistance of human beings.

What the fallen beings have done is create a set of subtle blame and punishment games based on the underlying illusion that the Creator is not capable of taking care of its own creation. Human beings must step in and correct the errors and punish the perpetrators that God’s law cannot take care of. This is all one giant illusion and it only seeks to keep you trapped in the consciousness of anti-christ.

You cannot create one spirit that blames others. You must create a pair, one that directs blame outwards and one that directs it inwards. Surely, you can spend a long time being consciously focused on the one that blames others, but you still cannot escape the subconscious influence of the one that seeks to blame you. The effect being that you must engage in an elaborate set of rules and behaviors designed to demonstrate that you are not doing something wrong and you are not to blame. If the games that seek to blame people are unreal, what do you think is the case for the games that are designed to help you escape blame? If all of your attention and energy is engaged in unreal activities, what are your chances of returning to reality? Where your treasure – meaning what you put your conscious attention upon – is, there will your heart and mind be also.

Quite frankly, there is no ascended master who can directly work with a student who is still trapped in the blame game. There are indeed many students who have used ascended master teachings to create or reinforce blame games. I am not saying such students cannot benefit from our teachings, but we cannot engage in a direct student-teacher relationship with a student until he or she stops blaming others and starts focusing on changing his or her own mind. It simply isn’t possible, for the student will not be able to follow our directions and will make karma for rejecting what we offer. We can only offer such people an outer teaching.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Games.

Copyright © 2007 Kim Michaels