Validation Games

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

Much of what I have said about competition games can be transferred to validation games. You may have encountered people who walk around in a city mumbling to themselves or perhaps even screaming profanities, obviously being mentally disturbed or even possessed. The ego can be compared to such a person, as it goes through life constantly mumbling: “Validate me, validate me!”

There are many people for whom their entire lives are a quest for validation. They go into a situation subconsciously saying: “Validate me,” and when they don’t get the validation they seek, they move on to another situation. Of course, they never get the validation they seek because as long as you are asking someone outside yourself to validate you, how could you ever feel validated?

What is the key to feeling validated? Take my saying that unless you become as a little child, you shall not enter the kingdom. The meaning is that you return to the state of innocence with which you were first created. As I have said, you were created without a vision of your I AM Presence but with a sense of connection to it. If you choose to expand that connection – the pearl of great price – you will feel increasingly validated. Or perhaps we can say that validation never becomes an issue for you. Why would you need to be validated when you are constantly feeling the unconditional love from your I AM Presence?

Validation is really a need of the separate self. You start out with a self that is not in complete oneness, but it has a connection to oneness. As long as you continue to expand that connection, you know and experience that you are loved and accepted for who you are. Not in the sense that you are perfect, but in the sense that you are in the process of growing and that you are accepted and loved for who you were created to be. You are loved for who you are, not for what you have or do.

Once you step into the separate self, an entirely new outlook on life is born, and it is what I have called the deficit approach. The separate self senses that it is not good enough for who it is—and it is entirely correct. The separate self cannot take the ultimate consequence of this because it would lead to its own destruction. We might say that the Conscious You does not need to be validated, it simply needs to become conscious of who or what it is. The separate self does feel a need for validation and it can survive only by getting the Conscious You to think that it has to play the validation game by seeking some form of ultimate validation in this world. Of course, the separate self can never come to feel validated so you are on an impossible quest that will continue until you see this and decide to simply walk away from it.

The impossible quest

No matter how much validation you could possible get on earth, it would still leave you feeling empty. This is illustrated by an old fairy tale about a poor fisherman living with his ambitious wife in a mud hut. One day the fisherman catches a large flounder who promises him that if he will let it go, he will be granted three wishes.

When he comes home to his wife, he has to explain why he has no fish for dinner, and after hearing about the wishes, she first wishes that she had a big wonderful house with many servants. To their surprise, the wish is granted. After having lived in this house for a while, the wife begins to feel empty. She then commands her husband to go back to the flounder with her next wish, namely that she be made queen. When the fisherman returns home, he finds a royal castle with his wife on the throne.

The wife has now received the ultimate validation she could possibly achieve on earth. There simply is no way to go higher on earth, yet after a while she again feels that this is not enough. She then commands her husband to go back to the flounder with her third wish, and this time she wants to be God. When the fisherman returns home, he finds his wife sitting in their original mud hut.

This story has often been used by the power elite as a warning that you should know your place in life and not wish for anything more, especially not anything beyond what is defined as human. From a spiritual perspective, it can be interpreted quite differently. The first lesson is that the ego’s quest for validation can never be satisfied by anything on earth. No matter the position, riches or honor you might achieve, it will still leave you feeling empty. The ego might then come up with the idea that if you were made God, your emptiness would disappear, and this is indeed what some fallen beings have believed. The separate self can never achieve this, and there will come a point where the separate self will take you into a downward spiral that ends with you creating your own private, inner hell.

Contrary to the story, the Conscious You can indeed become God. This cannot happen by some external force bestowing this honor upon you. It cannot happen as long as you see God as being outside yourself. It can happen only when you begin to follow my call to seek the kingdom of God inside yourself. You can become God by becoming one with your I AM Presence so you can say: “I and my Father are one.” At that moment you will have overcome all sense of emptiness and all desire for any kind of earthly honor or validation.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Games.


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