Ego and the Divine Masculine/Feminine

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, October 19, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. And I would like to speak on the topic you have chosen for today’s show about the shadow side. But, I would like to relate it to the topic I have discoursed on several times of men and women.

Now, I said last time that it is essential for men and women to realize that you are truly a universal spiritual being and you are beyond the sex of the body you are wearing right now. But, you also need to step back and realize that you have come to look at the roles of men and women through the roles that have been defined by society in a patriarchal culture for thousands of years.

So, you need to recognize here that the godhead has a masculine and a feminine side. But, this is far beyond the limited roles that you have defined on earth. So, you need to recognize that whether you are a man or a woman; you have in your higher being, what many call your soul, masculine and feminine qualities that are the original qualities of God. These qualities can never be in opposition to each other, can never be mutually exclusive. They will supplement, compliment, each other. And they are both necessary in order to create a sustainable creation.

Therefore, in order to create a sustainable society; it is necessary that a critical mass of men and women in that society have found a personal balance, where they allow both the masculine and the feminine qualities of God to be expressed through them. This, of course, is what has not been allowed in a patriarchal culture. And, as I have hinted at before, this is a deliberate ploy of dark forces to prevent men and women from reaching their personal goals and to prevent society from going into a golden age.

Now, what you need to realize here is that anything that is denied becomes part of your shadow side. So, when a man denies the divine feminine qualities in his being; then, there is a perversion of those qualities and it becomes part of his ego, or shadow, or whatever you want to call it. Of course, when a women denies her divine masculine qualities; the same thing happens.

And so, what is denied becomes something that lies underneath. It lies in the subconscious mind. And it often sabotages you. And it is one reason why so many spiritual people have become aware of what you call the dark night of the soul. It is simply that you have not found that balance.

So, what I submit to you is that you all have an ego. And yes, it is important to have the concept of an ego and to deal with the ego. But, part of the ego is not necessarily something that is bad or evil and should not be there. Part of what you call the ego is the suppressed divine masculine or divine feminine qualities. And it is not a matter of getting rid of them, or somehow throwing them out or destroying them. It is actually a matter of looking at them, recognizing the reality behind the perverted role, and then, allowing yourself to express that quality so that you can be whole and have your own individual, personal, masculine/feminine creative polarity.

This is the key to your personal growth, to your personal fulfillment, and to your personal Christhood, as we have often called it. It is very important to realize this; but it is definitely a higher teaching than we have given before, where we have not really differentiated the different aspects of the ego. So, I thank you for this opportunity to introduce this concept.


Copyright  2015 Kim Michaels