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TOPICS: Apathy is a perversion of the Mother Flame – The cause of totalitarianism – Oneness and free will – Why democracies crumble – Beyond the superiority-inferiority dynamic – The trap of defining an ultimate goal – The failure to accept God’s love – A true measure of success – What is your reality? –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 16, 2012 through Kim Michaels

My beloved hearts, I am Mary the Mother. I am the Divine Mother for earth. I come at this hour in late afternoon after five o’clock, and I come with a certain fearlessness of the divine Mother. For of course, I have been in physical embodiment and I know how easy it is for your bodies to become kind of tired and sluggish late in the afternoon. And so it takes a certain fearlessness to come in and say: “Well nevertheless, I will give a dictation at this hour.”

Apathy is a perversion of the Mother Flame

So I hope you can appreciate this and that you are willing to be shaken a little bit out of the drowsiness that creeps in from the mass consciousness, and thus, as you have just had a discussion about apathy, indeed, indifference and apathy is the greatest threat to the progression of humankind and planet earth. How shall people be shaken out of their indifference, of their apathy, of their insensitivity to life, which is truly a perversion of the Mother Flame, is it not? For is Mother not the one who is more sensitive to life, to the children, to their needs, to the need for nurturance. And therefore, it is a perversion of the Mother Flame when so many people become apathetic, when they either think there is nothing they can do, or when they do not simply want to do anything for others. They don’t want to take responsibility for anything beyond themselves. And they hardly want to take any kind of responsibility for themselves.

And thus, my beloved, it is indeed necessary for changes to happen; that people be shaken. And do you not see that so many times it is only the hard knocks that can shake people out of their complacency, and get them to a point, where they are willing to say: “This is enough; we must have changes. WE must change.”

The cause of totalitarianism

And this is precisely the key. What can change a democratic society? The government cannot change a democratic society beyond what the consciousness of the people will allow. For you see, do you not, that in a society that has a totalitarian form of government, we are still in the phase of earth evolution, where the people were under direct force by an elite. And thus, the free will of the people has been suspended by the elite. This, of course, was again an expression of the consciousness of the people, and that is why you still see nations on earth that have a totalitarian rule. Because the people will not wake up and take responsibility for themselves, and so they attract to themselves a totalitarian ruler.

And what does this ruler do? Look at totalitarian societies, that you see around the world. China one big example, when you look at the world from Australia. You may think that the elite is suppressing, unjustly suppressing, the people. You may think that the elite have taken on a role for themselves that is not right, that is not just. You may think that the elite is not serving the people but is exploiting the people. But the reality is that the elite is indeed serving the people.

And what is the service that the elite is providing to the people? The service is the perfect excuse for why the people are not taking responsibility for themselves. For this is what the people have subconsciously projected into the cosmic mirror; that they do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their society. And what can the conscious mirror do, but reflect back to them what they say they want. Namely, a society where it seems they do not have the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves.

So do you begin to see the very subtle realization, that I am pointing to here? When you look at earth, you can see many societies where you have certain conditions, and you have to be aware that these conditions are a reflection of the consciousness of the people. The people have through their free will projected upon the Ma-ter light mental images that are outpictured as those conditions. As I said, if they do not want to take responsibility for themselves, they are projecting the mental image that they want a society where it seems like they cannot or do not need to, because they do not have the physical freedom to take responsibility for themselves.

So do you see, that at one level, the Law of Free Will mandates that the Ma-ter light will reflect back to the people exactly what the people are projecting out? The cosmic mirror will give them back exactly what they say they want, even though they often say this at subconscious levels. Now, when you understand this mechanism, you have, of course, a logical question that comes up. And that is: “How can the earth, how can a society, ever progress?”

Oneness and free will

And this is precisely where you need to understand the other mechanism, what we might call the Alpha mechanism, which is what we have called the second Law of thermodynamics, in order to give you an expression that is recognized by modern science. But it is truly a mechanism that can be expressed in many different ways, which for example in Hinduism has been seen as the god Shiva, the destroyer, who is not really destroying but is breaking down what holds people trapped in a certain image, in a certain level of consciousness.

Obviously, it is the Law of Free Will that people be allowed to experience whatever they want to experience, but it is also the Law of Free Will that they cannot have that experience forever, because underneath the Law of Free Will is the reality of oneness—that all life is one. And therefore people have a right to go into the consciousness of separation and duality, define themselves as separate beings or as a separate group and define certain conditions that they want to experience as a separate group.

But they do not have a right, to remain in that consciousness forever, because that would mean that the whole would have to remain in a lower state, based on the choices of a small minority. The law states that when the majority of the self-aware beings in a sphere are raising their consciousness, then those who are not willing to raise their consciousness cannot remain at their present level indefinitely. They must therefore be exposed to the mechanism that pulls them up, by causing their self-created conditions to break down.

Why democracies crumble

And that, my beloved, is why you see, that certain totalitarian nations must become more and more oppressive, until the people finally decide to take responsibility for themselves and their society. Why do you see many of the democratic nations, where things are beginning to crumble, where there is gridlock in the government, where no decisions can be made, or where there is corruption?

It is, again, because the people even in the democratic nations have said that they want a free democratic country, they want a comfortable material lifestyle, but they really do not want to involve themselves in the government and take responsibility for their government. And thus, they get the kind of society they want, but they only get it for a time. And then, that society begins to break down. And the breakdown can only accelerate until the people wake up and say: “No we will take greater responsibility for our nation for our government. We will not see ourselves as separated from the government. We will see that we are the government.”

And this, of course, brings us full circle to the topic of the inferiority and superiority and how this is outplayed. For what is the basis for elitism? Well it is precisely that the majority of the people do not want to take responsibility for themselves and society, so they want an elite to rule. And an elite must of necessity be superior and be seen as superior, otherwise it cannot rule.

Again, even in a democratic society you have a tendency for people to see or think, that there are only certain people that have the ability to be leaders. And that the majority of the population do not have this ability and therefore they must then step back and let the elite rule. But you see, this kind of society is not sustainable in the Aquarian age.

But what will it take to shift it? It will take that more and more people begin to transcend the whole concept of superiority and inferiority, where they realize a very simple truth that relates to the Fifth Ray , which is the ray of vision, which is the ray of seeing what we have called the immaculate concept. Where you see the immaculate vision of the higher potential. So, what is the ultimate cure for the superiority-inferiority illusion?

Beyond the superiority-inferiority dynamic

Well, what does superiority and inferiority say? It says that some people are superior, based on certain criteria defined on earth, and some people are inferior based on the same criteria. What is the way out? It is to realize that all people are individualizations of the one God, the one Creator. And when you are all individualizations of the Creator, none can be inferior, for you all have the potential within you to be the open door for God’s light in its many qualities to stream through you.

And that means as Jesus himself said: “I can of my own self do nothing. It is the father within me who is doing the work.” And do you see that when you come to this realization – and as you have seen in your discussion, when you are no longer a house divided, when you are of one mind, and you make up your mind of what is acceptable and not acceptable on earth – then you become the open door for the light of God. And that means that when you are the open door, there is no position in society for which you are not qualified. You cannot be inferior to any responsibility in society, when you recognize that you are not the doer; you are the open door.

Do you see this, my beloved? It is an essential principle for the coming age. Who do you want to rule society?

Do you want your society to continue to be ruled by an elite, who are giving a service to the people by giving the people an excuse for not becoming the open door? If you want this, then the Law of Free Will, will mandate that you can have it. But the Second Law of Thermodynamics will also make it more and more difficult to maintain that position.

So, do you see, again, the light of God is beyond the duality consciousness? You cannot apply a dualistic value judgment and say that some forms of the light of God are inferior to other forms of the light of God. It simply has no meaning. Because if you are saying that certain God qualities are inferior to others, you are not talking about God qualities. You are talking about a mental image that you have created in your mind, and you are projecting upon God qualities. But you are no longer talking reality; you are only talking your own mental image.

This is indeed outpictured in the story of Eve being tempted by the serpent, who said that when you eat this fruit, you will become as gods knowing good and evil—because you are defining good and evil. But what you are defining is only a mental image that has no connection to reality, the reality that we hold the vision for on the Fifth Ray .

We know reality. We see reality. And thus, we see unreality. We see through unreality, all of the smokescreens created by the duality consciousness. We see right through them. And thus, indeed, the Fifth Ray  can give service to individuals who want to free themselves from the duality consciousness.

But we can give you service only when you are willing to take responsibility for yourself. For we will not give you the service of upholding your illusions, or giving you the perfect excuse for not taking responsibility.

The trap of defining an ultimate goal

Thus, let me point out one more aspect of the superiority/inferiority dynamic. You have talked in your discussion about how society is so focused on results. Well, what is the very core of this focus on results? It springs from the duality consciousness which defines what we have called the epic dramas. It defines that there is a certain goal that is the superior goal, and it must be achieved. And when you enter this consciousness – where you believe that you have to strive towards a certain goal, and that you are not there yet – what happens to you? What happens is very simple. You have defined a goal, and thus you are subconsciously saying: “When I attain the goal I will attain the status of superiority. When I live up to these conditions I will be superior.”

But then, are you not also, at the very same time, saying: “Until I attain the goal, I will be inferior. I will not be good enough, for I am not living up to these criteria that I have defined.” You are subconsciously – even though at a surface level you may think you belong to some group or some religion or some political philosophy that makes you superior to other people – deep within, you are realizing that you are inferior because you are not there yet. And this gives you a deep inner pain that most people do not recognize.

And what is the way that many people seek to dull this pain? It is by setting a goal that is more attainable than the ultimate goal, than the superior goal. They want to define a path to that goal, so that they can still feel that they are not completely inferior because they have not reached the ultimate goal. And so, they define a false path. And what does that mean? How do you know that you are making progress? Well, you must have some way to measure your progress, to measure your results.

Do you see the subtle mechanism, the subtle psychology, when you define these goals for yourself – these interim goals leading towards the ultimate goal – and then when you can measure that I have made some progress on this scale? Then you can, at least for a time, dull the inner pain of feeling inferior, feeling you are not good enough, feeling that you do not qualify to entry into heaven, that you are not worthy of God’s love. For I tell you that, subconsciously, the vast majority of people on earth are not able to accept that they are worthy of God’s love, and this is the cause of most of the pain that people feel.

The failure to accept God’s love

They may see it consciously as coming from other causes, but the cause, the deeper cause, is that they cannot accept God’s love. And thus, they go into the false path of thinking, that if they live up to certain outer criteria, then one day they will be worthy of God’s love. And if they can then define a path and measure their progress on the path, then they can feel that as long as they are making progress, they are at least moving closer to the goal, so that they can dull the pain. But the only solution is to shift your vision away from the dualistic vision, so that you come to see, as Jesus said” “When thine eye be single.” When you no longer look at yourself through the dualistic vision, then you can see the immaculate concept. You can see that you are already an individualization of the Creator. And if you are an individualization of the Creator, you cannot be unworthy of God’s love.

You cannot be inferior, so that you are not worthy to receive God’s love, for God does not apply the standard of superiority and inferiority, of value judgments. And when you

Begin to tune in to this, when you begin to experience the light of the Fifth Ray , then you will have the antidote. For the only antidote to duality is light. You cannot remove darkness. You bring the light and the darkness is no more. And it is only the light of the Fifth Ray  that will give you the vision.

As I am speaking these words, I am doing two things. I am giving you words that have meaning that your outer minds can grab onto, and it may help you shift your understanding. But it is not understanding that will help you transcend the superiority-inferiority dynamic. It is only light.

The understanding, a wrongful understanding, may block your acceptance of the light, and a rightful understanding may help you accept the light. But in the end it is only the light that will shift your consciousness. No amount of understanding will shift your consciousness. It may shift your perception and that will then shift your consciousness. But it is the light that raises you beyond a certain level of illusion, only the light.

Thus, for each of the seven rays, of course, there are certain perversions of that ray. And it is only the light of the ray, that can ultimately set you free from the perversions. So, of course, as I have been speaking these words into the mass consciousness, I have also been releasing light, light that spreads like rings in the water of the mass consciousness.

Imagine the tsunamis that you have seen over the last ten years have such a devastating effect. Imagine that right here, where I have a physical focus, there is now an epicenter for an earthquake of light, that spreads like rings through the ocean of the mass consciousness and creates this enormous wave, that spreads with incredible speed until it reaches some element of the mass consciousness that resists its movement. And then, the wave rises up and completely overturns the barrier, turns it upside down, turns peoples preconceived opinions and attachments upside down.

Not to destroy, not to break down, but to set them free, that they might have a choice to see that there is an alternative to living their entire lives on this artificial path, of seeking some form of attainment in this world, of measuring their success, their march towards success. Whether it be some kind of attainment or recognition from society or whether it be the number on their bank account or in their retirement account.

A true measure of success

My beloved, the true measure of success is your ability to be the completely open door for the light of the Presence to flow through you, so that you may see: “I am not the doer.” For you see results that you know you could not have produced from the human level. Yet they are nevertheless produced; there they are and they have a positive effect. It may not be some world-changing effect, but it may have a positive effect on the people around you, your family, friends, even people you meet randomly.

You are all open doors for the light in some measure. And the true measure of success is to look at yourself and see where you still might have things that block the free flow of the light. And then gradually – without coming down on yourself, without feeling inferior, my beloved – working on this, so you become more and more of a clear pane of glass, more and more of an open door. I am not seeking here to create a new measure that you can use to feel inferior, because you are not the completely open door.

Let all these value judgments pass from you, my beloved. You can make decisions, can you not? You made a decision to come to this conference. You made a decision to study spiritual teachings. So be willing to continue to use your ability to make one small decision at a time.

Look at the things that hold you back, come to understand them, come to see them. Make the decision: This is no longer acceptable in my being, I will no longer identify myself with this level of consciousness, with this particular illusion, with this habit pattern. And if you cannot just make the decision, then you know you need to seek greater clarity, you need to seek healing, you need to seek transformation through the tools we have given you.

But you are still in your mind having the goal of coming to the point, where now you can make a decision; not with your outer mind but with the totality of your being. And therefore, it is a one-pointed decision, you are of one mind, undivided, and you just make the decision: I am shifting to a higher level of consciousness, I am transcending, accelerating beyond my former level. For this is now my reality.

What is your reality?

When you look at the decree to the archangels of the Fifth Ray  [Decree 5.02] there is one sentence in there you might take notice of: “For perfection of health is real now to me.” Only when it is real to you, will it be physically manifest. And it will not be real to you, until you can fully accept it with one mind.

So consider this: What is your outer reality can only be a reflection of what seems real to you in your mind. Examine yourself. What do you see as real? What limitations in the world do you see as real, do you think that you do not have the power to transcend? And then realize that whereas the lower self may not have the power to transcend, the higher self, the power of God within you, can transcend these conditions. And then, work on coming to the point, where you can accept that you are the open door for the presence and the light of the seven rays.

This is the vision I hold for each one of you. I have no desire whatsoever to see you sit here and listen to a messenger, who is the open door, for the next ten or fifteen years. I have a desire to see each and every one of you become the open door in some measure; what is your individual divine plan and talent. The teaching we give is only a means to an end, which is the transcendence of consciousness.

Everything that happens on earth is a means to the end of the transcendence of consciousness. When you see this, you realize that none of the manifestations on earth are ultimately real, but you – the pure awareness that you are – you are real. And thus, what you project out from the point of oneness, is what becomes the new reality on earth. First in your own life, then in society, spreading like rings in the water, until the entire planet shifts into the golden age of Saint Germain.

Consider what you believe is real, and then question it and be willing to let me guide you, so you can see a higher reality. And then, when you see the higher reality, gradually come to the point, where you can accept that now this is what is real to you. Perfection of health is real now to you, when you come to the point where you can accept that perfection. Abundance, the abundant supply, is real to you, when you come to the point where you can accept this, that this is real to you. It is real in your mind.

Every good quality will come to you, when you can accept it as real in your mind. This is the power of the Fifth Ray  of God vision, and I am one with that God vision. And I have passed it on to you, that you might receive it to the measure that you are willing to receive it, right now. Thus I bow in complete respect for your free will, but I also let you know that I, Mary the Mother, love each and every one of you unconditionally. For you are truly worthy of the highest love.


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