What the Ascended Masters Can and Cannot Do

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

For thousands of years this planet has been enveloped in a thick cloud created by the epic dramas that where defined by fallen beings who rebelled against God in a higher sphere. These dramas have influenced the thinking of individuals – even entire civilizations – in many subtle ways. When I say “subtle,” I mean that the dramas have distorted people’s view of life in such a way that people truly and firmly believe that the illusions defined by the dramas are real and give an accurate view of reality. They mistake illusions for reality.

As a result, only very few people in embodiment are able to understand how we of the ascended masters look at the earth and how we seek to help human beings rise above the clouds, the veil, created by the drama consciousness. It is my hope that my discourses on dramas can increase that number.

The grand illusion of right and wrong

Master MORE has said that if people knew better, they would do better. This is true because when the Conscious You truly sees how it is limiting itself, it will change. The problem is that the drama consciousness prevents people from actually knowing better. As long as people think their dramas present an accurate view of reality, why would they even consider questioning their dramas, their world view? Why would they even consider that their thought system is simply seeking to fit the entire universe and God into a particular mental box? They will be absolutely convinced that they are doing the right thing, even doing God’s work, while they are simply outplaying an epic drama and their personal dramas.

People who are trapped in this state of consciousness cannot fathom that they might be living a lie, they cannot even consider it. How do you know whether you are affected by this subtle lie? Let me give you a guiding rod. I have talked about the Law of Free Will and I have said that this law gives all self-aware beings the right to create any experience they want and to hold on to it for as long as they can. I have said that this law makes you responsible only for your own growth and ascension, but you are not responsible for the growth and ascension of anyone else.

One of the most subtle effects of the consciousness of the epic dramas is the belief that there is an absolute standard for right and wrong. If you follow the standard, you are a good person. If you violate the standard (repeatedly), you are a bad person. Choices can be divided into right and wrong and people can be divided into good and bad. Let me now make an absolute statement. If you believe in this division into right and wrong choices and good and bad people, then you are affected by the epic dramas created by the fallen beings.

There are no two ways about this. We of the ascended masters have ascended precisely because we have transcended all of the epic dramas and their illusions, especially the one just described. We do not evaluate the choices of human beings by comparing them to any standard that can be defined by words and labeling them as right or wrong. We do not evaluate people and label them as good or bad. To us, there are no bad people—but neither are there any good people. We do not look at people and label some as evil, as fallen angels or as beyond hope—even though we are aware of the history of each being.

When we look upon the earth, we see only self-aware beings who are making choices based on their present state of consciousness. To us, the choices you make are irrelevant in the sense that the cosmic mirror will reflect back to you what you send out. We of the ascended masters are not seeking to influence your choices. Why not? Because we understand the eternal truth that your choices are the products of your state of consciousness. We are focused on one thing, namely to inspire you to raise your consciousness. We know that when you do raise your consciousness, your choices will automatically change.

No need to judge others

Here is the problem with the epic dramas. They sprang from the minds of certain beings who came to believe that the fact that co-creators could get lost proved that there was a flaw in the Law of Free Will. These beings reasoned that they had to correct this flaw in God’s design by seeking to force other beings to change their choices.

Traditional, mainstream religions on this planet are indeed focused on changing your behavior by making you change the choices you make. What I describe as the outer path is based on the promise that if you change your outer actions – without changing your consciousness, without looking at the beam in your own eye – you can (and will automatically) enter the kingdom.

This is a direct effect of the epic dramas, and it has caused most people to believe in the overall illusion that if only the actions of all people conform to a standard defined by their belief system, then God’s kingdom will come to earth. If not, the earth will be destroyed and all souls be captured by the devil. Such people think that it is their duty to change the actions and choices of other people. The net effect being that they look only at the splinters in the eyes of others and do not look at the beam in their own eyes—which means they cannot escape their own dramas and are not growing. They cannot move from the broad way of dramas to the strait and narrow way of Christ.

Consider how subtle and pervasive this state of consciousness is. If you think that you have to “help” other people by getting them – by means that you think are legitimate and benign – to change their minds, change their choices, then you are trapped in an epic drama. If you think you have to evaluate other people’s choices and judge them as right or wrong based on any standard, then you are trapped in an epic drama.

We of the ascended masters have no need to judge or evaluate people’s choices, as we know a simple reality:

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. (Matthew 12:37)

We also know that this quote is not entirely correct. The true meaning is that by thy WORD thou shalt be justified and condemned. The term WORD refers to a person’s total state of consciousness, the sense of self with which you express yourself in this world. This is comparable to the concept of the LOGOS, which is the basic vision – held in the universal Christ mind – that the Creator defined before creating anything that had form. You likewise have a basic vision of life through which you color everything you do in the world of form. This basic vision is shaped by your life experience. I referred to this when I said:

A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. (Matthew 12:35)

Obviously, you can see that while in embodiment I did use the dualistic term good and evil, but nevertheless the point is that what I called “the heart” is your WORD, your LOGOS, your basic approach to and outlook upon life in the material world. We might say that entering the kingdom of God, which is the Christ consciousness, is like entering a door with a screen that holds back anything too big to fit through the holes. Any illusions that spring from the duality consciousness – any remnants of a personal or epic drama – cannot pass through the screen and will thus keep the Conscious You from passing through the door as long as you identify with them.

The ascended masters have no need to form opinions, to evaluate or to judge anyone on earth. We know that the law is unfailing and that people will enter the Christ consciousness only when they take full responsibility for their own state of mind instead of worrying about other people’s state of mind. We focus all of our attention on inspiring people to raise their consciousness.

In doing so, we are – naturally – having to adapt to people’s current state of consciousness. We always have to challenge people’s existing mental boxes, but the question is how much we can challenge the mental boxes without disturbing people’s sense of equilibrium too much—meaning that they panic, close their minds and start to defend their mental boxes. We walk a delicate balancing act, and let us take a closer look.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Dramas.


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