Why People Cling to Their Dramas

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

One of the most subtle and difficult to recognize effects of a drama is that it creates a mental box. As a result, people in the box are constantly projecting mental images upon everything that happens to them. Even a teaching that talks about dramas will be read by people through their personal filters, meaning they will superimpose their mental images upon the teaching and – depending on their particular drama – find cause to either reject the teaching outright or (the most common reaction) see how it applies to other people while failing to see how it applies to themselves.

The one fundamental realization that is the foundation for all spiritual progress is that: “There is something I don’t know.” There is something you do not see, there is a veil that prevents you from seeing a reality that is beyond your own mental box and the collective mental box of humankind. The Buddha called it the “veil of Maya,” and I talked about it in various ways, including the beam in your own eye and calling for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. In this day and age, we can be a lot more specific.

Quantum physics and mental boxes

The findings of quantum physics are revolutionary in many ways. In this context, let us begin with the fact that quantum physics has proven that for a human being it is impossible to make a truly objective observation, meaning an observation that is not affected by your mind. In classical physics, the universe was divided into two realms, a realm of matter that existed independently of any mind (and was objective) and the realm of mind that was entirely subjective. By using proper instruments and procedures, scientists could – so it was claimed – make an observation that was not affected by their minds.

What quantum physics has shown is that the realm of matter is an illusion created by the physical senses and a particular mindset, a particular mental box. The deeper truth is that consciousness is the fundamental reality and that matter is a creation of consciousness. Quantum physics talks about this by saying that everything that exists is made from quantum waveforms, which in reality are mental images superimposed upon the Ma-ter light by self-aware beings.

What is currently keeping quantum physicists in a deadlock is that they will not acknowledge that there are self-aware beings who are not human beings and that these beings have also superimposed mental images upon the Ma-ter light. Scientists are left to ponder such questions as: “Is the moon really there if no one is looking?” The reality is that the moon truly is there even when no human being is looking because the moon was created by spiritual beings who are always looking.

There is something which we might call an objective reality, in the sense that it was not created by human beings, meaning beings trapped in the duality consciousness. The earth in its pure form was created by the Elohim and the spiritual realm was (and is) created by higher beings. There is indeed a reality that is not affected by the duality consciousness and its illusions.

You will not be able to perceive this reality in its fullest as long as you are looking at life through any mental box. The reason being that as long as you are looking through a mental box, you will inevitably project the mental images from the box upon everything you see. As quantum physics explains it, the act of observation is influenced by your consciousness. What you see is a product of an interaction between the quantum waveform of your consciousness and the quantum waveform of whatever you are observing.

The conclusion is that as long as you are looking though a mental box, you cannot see the reality created by spiritual beings (at least not fully). Instead, you are seeing something that you have created by superimposing your own mental images (or the collective images of your “group”) upon that objective reality.

As an example, consider a fundamentalist Christian who finds my website. He or she is looking through a particular mental box and is very attached to having that mental box confirmed. As soon as the person finds something on the site that does not confirm the mental box, the only possible reaction is to reject the site. Did the person actually hear what I am saying, or did the person only “hear” an echo created by his or her consciousness superimposing a fixed mental image upon my words?

Now take this one step further and be willing to look in the mirror. No matter who you are, no matter how long you have been on the spiritual path, no matter how many teachings you have studied or what techniques you have practiced, you are also looking at my words through your current mental box. The essential dividing line between those who are teachable for a spiritual teacher and those who are not is the following realization:

I too have a mental box.

It does inevitably affect the way I look at everything, including the spiritual teacher/teaching.

I do not see how my mental box is affecting my vision of everything and the conclusions I draw based on my observations. I tend to think that what my mental box is showing me is reality.

I need a spiritual teacher precisely because I cannot, on my own, see beyond my mental box.

My ability to make progress depends on my willingness to let the teacher challenge my mental box and show me its inconsistencies and limitations.

I only make progress to the extent that I allow the teacher to show me what I cannot see.

If I seek to protect and defend my mental box, I close my mind to the teacher’s help and become unteachable.

It is my responsibility to keep my mind and heart open to the teacher by being willing to question everything. It is my responsibility to continually purify my mind of all dualistic illusions, even the most subtle ones that seem like absolute truth. What I am not willing to question becomes my prison.

One might say that the central question is whether you want to defend your current mental box/drama by projecting and rejecting or whether you will let the teacher open your mind to a higher vision of reality by seeking to understand and expand. Most people on earth are completely unaware of the fact that what they see is not reality but a product of their own mental images superimposed upon not only reality but the distorted “reality” created by humankind for eons.

I have said that you will have a mental box as long as you are in embodiment. However, as you do purify your mind, the Conscious You can begin to disassociate itself from your mental box. Because the Conscious You is an extension of the Creator’s Being, it can step outside of any mental box and experience an objective reality. Having such an experience is extremely valuable. However, as Maitreya explains in greater detail in his book, once you come back to your normal awareness, you will inevitably look at and interpret the experience through your mental box. We again see the need to continually purify your mind of dualistic illusions so that you do not seek to force a transcendent, infinite experience to fit into a finite mental box.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Dramas.


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