The Origin of Personal Dramas

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I have said that there is a blurred line between ego games and ego dramas. I have also said that when the fallen beings started to embody on this planet, they took the ego games already created by the people on earth and they gave them a twist so that they became ego dramas. Of course, they also added some dramas that no people on earth had thought about or could have thought about.

As an example, let me refer to what I said about competition games, namely that people who go into separation can begin to see themselves as being in competition with other people. They desire to be superior to others by doing better than them in sport, business or as a warrior.

The ego game of competition is in a sense straightforward and honest. It is a matter of improving yourself so you can do better than others in your chosen field. In its pure form, this is all focused on you and improving your own abilities. Quite frankly, this can serve the cause of expanding your self-awareness, as proven by some martial arts practitioners who have added a spiritual dimension to being a warrior. Once you transcend the need to compete against or fight others, you will have expanded your sense of self and your awareness of how the material universe works, even how your mind can use the body and direct energy.

Take note that in its pure form, competition is based on a strict honor code. There are certain things you don’t do because that would take away your honor, your self-esteem. For example, you don’t do anything to ruin your competitors’ ability to compete, you don’t cheat and you don’t use deceptive or violent means to take your competitors out of the competition. There is an invisible line that you simply do not cross because you can see no justification for doing so.

We can say that in a competition game, there are heroes but no villains. Sometimes you are the hero and sometimes it is someone else, but everyone follows the honor code. What can turn a friendly competition game into an unfriendly competition drama is the fallen beings who add the twist that the game has a “greater purpose” and a villain who opposes that purpose.

For example, there might be a power play between nations, such as seen during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West. It isn’t enough to win based on ability alone because winning demonstrates the superiority of your political system, which is the ultimate higher purpose. It now becomes acceptable, even desirable, to use any means in order to give your nation more gold medals. In that context, using experimental steroids to boost the abilities of your young athletes becomes a justifiable necessity, and the long-term effects on the health of the athletes is simply not a concern for those directing the drama.

Take note that this overall concern that the state or the system is more important than the individual is very much a mentality that the fallen beings brought to this planet. It is not something that the original inhabitants of the earth came up with on their own. The original people had competition games, but it was the fallen beings who taught them how to create the ultimate competition game, namely war.

What is the underlying mentality here? Why didn’t human beings have war games? Because they had a certain kinship with each other and it was difficult for them to justify killing each other. The fallen beings had – and have – no reverence for life in general, but they especially have no sense of kinship with the beings on earth. On the contrary, they look down upon them as being far below them and much less sophisticated. Indeed, when it comes to controlling or destroying others, human beings are far less “sophisticated” than the fallen beings.

Seeing your own mental box

Having said what I said above, I need to add a word of caution. It is very tempting to say that this earth wasn’t too bad until the fallen beings came here and they were the ones that really perverted everything. Saying this is actually not far from reality. Yet there is an essential distinction between seeing the reality of what the fallen beings have done and then appointing them as scapegoats so you don’t need to look at yourself.

The essential characteristic that allows you to step onto the path of personal Christhood is your willingness to question your mental boxes. The real question is whether knowledge of a certain topic takes you closer to Christhood or further away from it. I have said that you simply cannot make it on the path of Christhood unless you recognize the existence of the fallen beings and begin to see through their deceptions. Will knowing about the fallen beings take you closer to taking full responsibility for yourself, or will it serve only to give you an excuse for not looking at the beam in your own eye?

The answer, of course, depends on what you do with your knowledge about the fallen beings. Or rather, it depends on whether you are willing to see that the fallen beings could control human beings only because they took advantage of the psychology that human beings had already developed. Until you begin to see what it is in your psychology that makes you vulnerable to the deception of the fallen beings, you have not really started the path to Christhood.

The path toward Christhood is an ongoing process with many levels. Until you ascend, you will have a mental box. Your progress from any level will be determined by your willingness to question your mental box. The ego and the fallen beings will always seek to make you cling to your current mental box.

As you rise on the spiritual path, the mental boxes become more subtle and more difficult to see. Many sincere spiritual seekers have allowed their egos, their friends or the false teachers to make them believe that they have reached a level at which they no longer have or need to question any mental boxes.

Let me make an absolute statement. There is not now and there never has been any being in embodiment on earth – no matter how advanced such a one might appear or claim to be – who has had no mental box left. If you truly have no mental box, it is not possible to remain in embodiment in the current density of this planet. You will inevitably be pulled up and lose your ability to hold on to the physical body. When I was hanging on the cross and one hairsbreadth away from winning my ascension, I still had to “give up the ghost” of the last remnants of my mental box. As soon as I did indeed give it up, I drew my last breath and left the physical body behind.

Had I not been willing to entertain the possibility that I could have a mental box, what would have happened? I would not have qualified for my ascension! My body would still have died on the cross, but I would have re-embodied to outplay whatever drama I had not been willing to see and surrender. Even if you are one decision away from qualifying for your ascension, you still have that last step to take and what might it be? It is precisely that you give up the last mental box, the last illusion based on the consciousness of separation.

Another important perspective is that the path of Christhood has several levels. As you rise to a given level, you will be able to see something that was invisible to you before. What you see at the higher level might give you an entirely different perspective on certain elements of life or the spiritual reality.

The ego and the fallen beings have set up the ego dramas precisely to prevent you from letting go of the old. How can the ascended masters help you escape this? By giving you information that challenges your current mental box. If you insist that your existing view is an absolute truth, then you will obviously have to reject what we are saying.

At the higher levels of Christhood, you begin to see that no knowledge expressed in this world is the absolute or highest truth. There is always a step higher, namely a direct experience of the Spirit of Truth. In order to have the fullness of that experience in the ascension spiral, you must be wiling to give up everything you think you know right now. I do mean everything.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Dramas.


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