Does the Christ Have Opinions?

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

I want you to seriously consider whether a Christed being has human opinions. You have likely been brought up to think you need to have opinions about everything, including political issues, religious issues and how other people live their lives. Many spiritual seekers have experienced that as they discovered the path they became aware of a lot of issues that most “normal” people do not even think about. This has caused many sincere spiritual seekers to formulate a set of opinions beyond what most people have. Many even think that having these opinions and holding on to them is part of their spiritual growth. Why did I tell people not to judge after appearances?

It is indeed a subtle effect of the epic dramas that you need to formulate an opinion about everything you encounter in life. What is an opinion? It is often a black-and-white judgment based on a very one-sided view of the issue or of other people. It causes people to judge an issue based on limited knowledge, and once the judgment is formed, the ego thinks it is a matter of life or death never to change it or have it proven wrong.

What is the effect of this? It causes people to identify themselves with their opinions. In reality, you are the Conscious You and you are pure awareness. Pure awareness is beyond any human opinion or judgment. A human opinion is formed in the outer self, but the Conscious You does not become the outer self and thus it does not become the opinions of the outer self. It is not a matter of life or death for the Conscious You if an opinion is proven wrong. It is only a matter of life and death for the spirit who was formed to defend that opinion. Do you really want to have your conscious attention eaten up by an inconsequential effort to defend the opinions of spirits that have no real life in them?

The quest never to be wrong

Another effect of the epic dramas is that they project that it is epically important for a human being to have the right opinions. Being wrong is disastrous in an epic way so it is essential that you are never proven wrong. What does it mean to never be proven wrong? It means that one of your opinions is never proven wrong.

What have I said is the characteristic of the duality consciousness? It always has two opposing polarities. This means that any opinion which is formulated based on the duality consciousness will have an opposite. As long as an opinion has an opposite, it can always be proven wrong. When you adopt a dualistic opinion, you are actually allowing a spirit to enter your soul vehicle. There will always be another spirit which has the opposite opinion of the one you adopted. You cannot avoid being affected by the conflict between these two spirits.

The fallen beings have managed to trick most people into a never-ending game of seeking to never be proven wrong by defending your opinions. It is inevitable that some other people will have adopted the exact opposite of your opinion so your opinion will always be threatened by its opposite. You now have to prove that the opinions of other people are wrong in order to defend your own opinion. As a quick look at history will prove, there is literally no end to this game. It will consume your attention right up until the Conscious You awakens and becomes wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Meaning that you see the fallacy of needing to have opinions and you give up all desire to be proven right among men, seeking instead to be right with God.

The fallen beings have created a very aggressive force that does attack anyone who dares to express Christhood in this world. Most of the lifestreams who have the potential to manifest Christhood at this time came to earth in order to help raise this planet beyond the fallen consciousness. When you first came here, the fallen beings knew you were a threat to their control so they attacked you viciously. Their aim was to in any way possible prove you wrong by criticizing you, ridiculing you and putting you down. They would literally do anything – including lying in all kinds of ways – in order to prove you wrong.

What was their purpose? It was to get you to feel that in order to prove that they were wrong for making you look wrong, you had to engage in an effort to prove them wrong. The violent fallen beings pull you into a dualistic game by presenting you with a situation where it seems like you have to kill them in order to prevent them from killing you. The deceptive fallen beings seek to pull you into the game of proving them wrong in order to avoid having them prove you wrong. If you fall for this deception, you are now caught in a drama to prove others wrong rather than being an open door for the light from your I AM Presence. The light can indeed raise the world whereas proving others wrong will never raise the world.

Take note of what I have said about duality. Every opinion has an opposite, meaning there is no final argument, there is no absolute truth. You will not promote the growth of the earth by proving the devil wrong. You will promote the growth of this planet only by raising yourself above the entire dualistic game of proving one dualistic illusion right by proving another dualistic illusion wrong. When you have pulled that beam from your own eye, you will then see clearly and can now seek to help others do the same.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Dramas.


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