The World Might End

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

If you have ever been exposed to what is called “high-pressure” sales methods, you will know the psychological mechanism. The goal is to create a sense of urgency, meaning that you have to buy now or lose a unique opportunity that will never come back. As mentioned before, the goal is to get you to make rash decisions that you would never make if you took time to step back and look at the situation from a larger perspective. The sense of urgency narrows your perspective, gives you tunnel vision and forces you to focus on the need to make a decision right now, meaning you must make it with the information you have available now, the information presented to you by the sales person.

The fallen beings invented this tactic and they use it effectively through the epic dramas. One of the subtle ideas projected into the collective consciousness is that the earth might be destroyed or that it could be taken over by the devil. What worse threat is imaginable for human beings? What could create a greater sense of urgency? What better way to force people to make rash decisions based on incomplete knowledge, the knowledge presented by the fallen beings with no external frame of reference?

Could the earth be destroyed?

There is some reality to the claim that a planet could be destroyed. This has happened to a number of planets and some of the fallen beings who have embodied on earth have experienced it first-hand. From that perspective, one could say they are right in warning human beings that this is a possibility. The problem is that it is only a possibility because of the presence of the fallen beings. It only becomes a realistic possibility when a critical number of human beings blindly follow the fallen beings and engage in the epic struggle against other human beings.

It now becomes obvious that the fallen beings are using the threat of the destruction of the earth in order to create urgency and get people to fight each other. They are not seeking to warn people out of the goodness of their hearts. They are seeking to manipulate people through fear, and some of them believe they can avoid having the earth be destroyed. Some of them feel no reverence for the earth as a planet and don’t care if it is destroyed. Some would even gain a sense of power from destroying (another) planet.

Let me now give you a realistic assessment from the ascended perspective. Planet earth has recently crossed an important dividing line and it is no longer a possibility that this planet could be destroyed or could self-destruct. This is caused by the fact that a critical number of people in embodiment have risen above the epic mindset to such a degree that certain fallen beings have been taken from the planet. There is no longer any fallen being in embodiment with the momentum of evil that could bring the earth to the point of destruction.

You may have read prophecies of a “third anti-christ” that should supposedly rise in the near future and bring the earth into an all-out war. This potential was there until recently, but it is no longer a possibility. Due to certain people rising to the necessary level of Christhood, the fallen being who could have filled this role has been taken from the earth and will never again be allowed to embody here.

There is no longer a realistic risk that the earth could be destroyed or could be taken over by evil. I am telling you this because I know very well that when people begin to awaken to the spiritual path, they will of necessity expand their awareness of many topics that most people ignore. This will cause spiritual seekers to take prophecy seriously, and many have been sucked into a fear-based spiral, making a variety of unbalanced decisions. The net effect being that many of the people who were on the brink of awakening have actually been pulled even deeper into the epic mindset. Even many ascended master students have been pulled into thinking that they are locked in a to-the-death fight against the dark forces on this planet.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Dramas.


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