Could God Make a Mistake?

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels.

One aspect of my role as a spiritual teacher is to stir you into action, to give you an energetic impulse that can help you rise above your normal state of awareness and decide to embark on a new phase of your path to Christhood. This path has both evolutionary and revolutionary phases, and sometimes you do truly need to awaken to a new realization that helps you make a decision to rise to a new level. That is what I sought to do in the previous discourse.

Once you have risen to a new level, you will, of course, face the evolutionary challenge of dealing with the initiations of that level. Hopefully, I have now helped you see the need to rise to the level where you are consciously dealing with the epic dramas, and in the following discourses I will give you the insights that will empower you to transcend these dramas.

The epic dramas have had major physical consequences on this planet, but the most devastating effect is that they present you with an enigma, a riddle that is difficult to solve. This is what causes many people to either accept the dramas and seek to outplay them or to become so overwhelmed by the dramas that they are spiritually paralyzed. Just look at the story of the temptation of Eve where Eve was cast into doubt by the serpentine logic.

The epic dramas distort the way people look at every aspect of life and they do so in a way that is very difficult for most lifestreams to deal with. New co-creators simply don’t have the self-awareness to deal with the questions posed by the epic dramas. That is why they are often paralyzed by doubt and cannot reason against the serpentine logic presented in the dramas. They have not become wise as serpents, and that makes it very difficult to become harmless as doves.

As you step onto the path to Christhood, you must start to deal with the serpentine illusions and overcome them one by one. You must become wise as serpents while becoming completely non-violent and overcoming all desire to use force. In order to reach the highest level of Christhood, you must overcome each and every serpentine illusion. This truly must be done through Christ discernment that can only come from inside yourself. Your ability to reason can be a valuable tool for getting started on the process of building Christ discernment. To that end, I will give you some insights in order to help you sharpen your reasoning ability and your discernment. Let us reason together.

The difference between true and false teachers

As a new co-creator you have only a limited self-awareness and you are simply not ready to deal with large or cosmological questions. As you grow in self-awareness, you will expand your ability to deal with such questions. You will also be guided by your spiritual teacher to deal with each and every question related to life, God and the universe. However, take note of an important difference.

The true spiritual teacher is not in duality and has no personal need to  control you or convince you that a certain viewpoint is right. Such a teacher will present you with the Christ reality about a certain topic or question. He or she will start by letting you make your own decision and will then give you teachings or ask you questions aimed at guiding you towards a higher understanding. If you want an example of how a teacher might work, consider the Greek Philosopher Socrates who asked questions in order to get people to question what they took for granted.

The true teacher has no need to get you to accept any particular view because the real aim is to raise your self-awareness, which can happen only through your own internal processes. The true teacher has no agenda and simply seeks to stimulate your internal process without controlling it or working towards a particular outcome. Contrary to what many people believe, the aim of a true teacher is not to get you to accept certain facts or dogmas but to raise your level of self-awareness. Furthermore, the true teacher never directs any forceful or aggressive energy at you. Why is this so? Because the true teacher has personally resolved all questions and knows that God’s plan for the universe works perfectly. He works within that plan and sees no need to correct it.

In contrast, the false teachers believe there is a fundamental flaw in God’s design. They have various specific ways of describing this flaw, as we will see, yet the true “flaw” they do not like is that all self-aware beings were created equal, meaning that God did not put them in charge of the universe. They wanted to rule their original sphere and have special status and privileges. When they were not allowed to, they rebelled and have ever since tried to prove God wrong by getting other beings to misuse their free will. They have also tried to set themselves up in this world with the power and privileges they so strongly crave.

As a result of this, they do have a clear agenda, and it is not to raise your self-awareness. It is to get you to unknowingly limit your self-awareness so you never manifest and express your Christhood on earth. Christianity is simply a mind-control machine designed to make sure that there will never be another person doing the works that I did.

The main mode of the false teachers is that they seek to deceive you and cast doubt upon everything. You may say that Socrates also raised doubt about everything, but the difference was in both intention and method. It is one thing to ask questions that make people think, it is another thing to accuse people that what they believe is wrong according to some epic standard. It is one thing to encourage people to expand their awareness, it is another to seek to get them to accept one particular viewpoint—especially when that viewpoint springs from the mind of anti-christ.

The main difference is that a true teacher is energetically non-aggressive. He or she never directs any aggressive or force-based energy at you. The true teacher gives you knowledge and insights or asks questions, but there is no lower energy that turns them into arrows that force their way into your energy field. In contrast, the false teachers create a psychic impulse made up of two elements. One is a particular lie based on serpentine logic, and the other is an energy impulse charged with lower emotions, such as fear, doubt, anger, blame etcetera.

The true teacher accepts your mind as your exclusive domain. The false teacher has no such respect and is constantly seeking to force its way into your mind for the purpose of causing it to become paralyzed into blind acceptance of a certain epic drama. You can actually learn to expose the false teachers by reading the vibration of the intention behind what they say or write. You can even learn to read the vibration of an idea. This is all part of Christ discernment.

Again, why were the fallen beings allowed to embody on earth? Because a critical mass of the original inhabitants had gone into duality whereby they had become lost to the true teachers. This meant they could learn only from the School of Hard Knocks, but even this school has teachers. Only, the teachers are the fallen beings who seek to force the minds of the students. One could say that after so many lifestreams entered duality, the Karmic Board who oversees the evolutions of earth decided that if people truly wanted to learn from the School of Hard Knocks, they would allow the fallen beings to embody here. The purpose was to make the knocks harder in order to shorten the time it would take before lifestreams began to question whether there might not be a higher way to learn.

We could therefore say that the fallen beings are substitute teachers. Of course, they are not seeking to help you learn or raise your awareness. They are seeking to keep you under their control. This does not mean that you cannot learn from the false teachers. However, you will not learn as long as you are allowing them to manipulate your mind. You will learn from them only when you become aware of their existence and learn to see through the illusions they use in order to manipulate your mind. You will not learn by listening to them; you will learn only when you stop listening to them.

Helping you to stop listening to the false teachers is the role of a true teacher so let me get on with my job.

NOTE: The rest of this dictation is available in the book Freedom from Ego Dramas.


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