Do you want to be free?

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Ascended Master Saint  Germain, through Kim Michaels, July 27, 2015.

I am the ascended master using the name Saint Germain. I am the original sponsor of this nation of America and I am very joyful in being able to speak this way. You may have many questions about what an ascended master is and whether we are real. But, I ask you to consider one question. Do you want to be free?

I am indeed free from the human condition, from the illusion of the separate self. I know I am one with all life. I am one with the formless God. And I am one with the God in form, which is you.

The separate self is almost like when you get into your car. But, the difference is that you do not believe that you become your car by getting into it. But, when you get into the separate self, you believe that you have become a separate being in a world of other separate beings. And therefore, you can no longer connect to the oneness behind the illusion of form and separation.

What you see going on on earth is nothing more than the games played by beings who are trapped in the illusion of separation and who are yearning to be free from it; and therefore, creating all of these manifestations that are so extreme, so painful, and create so much suffering that they finally come to the point of questioning whether this can be all there is to life.

Now, this way of learning to be free is what we call the school of hard knocks. There is nothing wrong with people having the experience of being separate beings. This is part of what planet earth is designed to facilitate. But we of the ascended masters, we who have been in embodiment on earth like you are and who have ascended, offer you an alternative to the school of hard knocks. And it is the systematic spiritual path of raising your consciousness.

Now, how can you do this? You need to realize that once you have stepped into the separate self, everything you experience through that separate self will reinforce the illusion of separation. That is why you need something from outside that filter of the separate self in order to realize, first of all, there is a reality outside of separation. And second of all, there is a way for you to overcome the illusion of separation and become free.

That is why we have stepped forward to offer our services on this planet. So that, through our direction, through our teachings, but first of all by receiving our spiritual light; you can walk that path very gradually, as you are able to handle it without losing your sense of self, to a greater freedom from the human condition.

We are not expecting anyone to make this transition overnight, because we know how difficult it is to walk the spiritual path on planet earth. And that is why we offer a very gradual path, where you can gradually raise your sense of self without losing the sense of continuity that allows you to deal with everyday life.

This is our offering to you. We have offered it in different ways for people at different levels of consciousness. It is a matter of you finding a way that appeals to you. I ask you to consider that you have the ability in your heart to know what is real and unreal by sensing what it does to your energies, to your vibration. You can know in your heart whether this message has raised your vibration or lowered it. And if it has raised it, you will know I am real.


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