Do you want to be comfortable or take America to the next level?

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Ascended Master Master MORE through Kim Michaels, September 19, 2020. This dictation was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

I AM the Ascended Master More. What do I represent to earth? I represent the will to be more and the power to be more. Where does the will to be more come from? Well, it comes from the fact that you were created as an extension of the Creator’s being, and the Creator has the will to be more. You are created with a point-like sense of identity and you have inherent in your being the will to expand it and thereby be more.

What gives you the power to expand your awareness? It is the multiplication factor from above coming through the cosmic law that as you multiply your talents, you will be given more than what you have multiplied. This is out-pictured in Jesus’ parable about the talents. The three servants that were given the various numbers of talents and those who multiplied it received more, and those who did not multiply them lost whatever they had been given.

This signifies that when you expand your awareness, you receive energy from above, from your I AM Presence, from the ascended realm, and this gives you the power to expand your awareness even more. This builds an upward spiral that over time becomes self-reinforcing so that you can continue to expand your awareness indefinitely until you reach the Creator consciousness and even go beyond it.

What does all this have to do with the current situation in America? Well it can give you a different perspective on a phenomenon that is found more in America than in most other nations. You have a large group of Americans who have been willing to work hard in their lives. They have been willing to make an effort. They feel they have risen to a certain position where they are comfortable. They have a reasonable material standard of living, and they feel they have achieved something, and they feel that those who have not achieved what they have achieved, it must be because they have not applied themselves. They have not been willing to do what it takes, they are too lazy, or they are too stupid, or they do not have the drive.

This is what many Americans feel, so you have this division that has been created in America between what we might call the haves and the have-nots, those who have the will to work hard and improve, and those that they perceive as not having that will.

Now, if you take Saint Germain’s extremely profound discourse, you will see that all human beings are created equal. What does this mean? They all have a drive to improve their situation. They all have the will to be more. They were created with this. It is natural. So why can you look at a society and say that some people have a will to apply themselves, the will to do better, and some people do not seem to have that will? Why do some people not have it? Why are they not willing to make an effort?

Well, the people who seem to not have the will to be more did not start out that way. They were created with that will. Why do they not have the will to be more anymore? Well, that is precisely what I want to discourse on.

Now, you may look at America today, as we have said before, and say that there is a real possibility that a person can apply himself or herself, they can work hard, they can come up with a new idea, they can see the opportunities in a new field. They can rise to a certain position, they can make a certain amount of money, and they can do well, perhaps even very well in financial terms. There is the possibility that this can be done by a certain number of people. But what if all Americans attempted to do the same thing?

Well, as we have said, this could not be done because the economy, the level of the economy, simply is not there. Not everybody could do well, could do better than the middle class, even if they worked as hard as they possibly could. This is because the economy has been manipulated by the power elite because they have extracted the value of the people’s labor. They have taken it away from them.

But now look historically. Look at some societies in the world today. If you go back to the feudal societies of Europe that we use so many times as an example because it is such an obvious example, what good would it have done a peasant to work hard? He might have ended up producing more on a certain piece of land that might have been his responsibility. But would he have gotten more out of it? Nay. Because the nobleman would have just taken the fruits of his labor. You see many situations in history, many societies around the world, where if the people used their will to work harder and make an effort, they would not be rewarded accordingly.

Now, we have said that this is because the fallen beings have inserted themselves so they can reap the fruits of the people’s labor and thereby prevent this multiplication factor by the cosmic law, so that when people make an effort they are rewarded accordingly. This is what the fallen beings have done for all of recorded history, but actually for much longer. They have done it in many societies. If you look at history, you can see from a purely realistic evaluation that the vast majority of people on earth have lived many, many lifetimes in one of these closed, repressive systems where they did not harvest the fruit of their labor.

What has this caused these people to develop over time? Well, they have lost their trust in the law, the law of multiplication, the law of a multiplied return of their efforts. They have for so many lifetimes worked hard without seeing that return that they have come to doubt that the law works, that the law will multiply their efforts and that the law will give them more in return when they do more.

This has caused them to go into a spiritual stagnation where they are not expanding their sense of self, their self-awareness. They have stagnated at a certain level. They have often come to accept in the identity level that they are just peasants, they are just workers: “There is nothing we can do. We cannot rise above this level. We will always be the slaves. We will always be those who don’t have an opportunity, who don’t get rewarded, who can’t get anywhere.”

You see many, many people around the world who are in this frame of mind. They are stuck in this not believing in the law and the workings of the law. They do not actually believe that they will be rewarded for their efforts because they have experienced it so many times. Can you blame people for this? Can you blame them for having lived so many lifetimes in these repressive systems? Well, not really with any degree of reasonability. You can, of course, always say that people have co-created their own situations and they are the ones who have put themselves in that frame of mind but nevertheless.

What many people sense in America is that Saint Germain’s vision for America was to create a society where people again would have the freedom and they would be rewarded for their efforts. America would give them the financial or the economic opportunity where they could work hard and they would personally reap the reward of their work. This is what America was meant to be. Many people in America today correctly are tuned to this ideal. They sense that this is the way it should be.

But what happens to many of these people is that they have used the freedom they have in America to raise themselves up to a certain position. They have a comfortable middle class, maybe upper middle-class, lifestyle and they feel they are well-to-do. What they have failed to realize is, first of all, that their middle-class lifestyle has been eroded over the last several decades. But the next thing they do not realize is that they could not raise themselves beyond that level. It would be very, very difficult for them to reach a much, much higher level.

The reason for this is, again, the economic system that is too top heavy and therefore concentrates wealth in the hands of the top one percent, the top zero point one percent, to which they will never ascend. They will never become part of that elite. Not even some of the people who have become very rich, like the owners of Amazon or Google or Apple or whatnot. Not even these people would become part of the real power elite because they were not born in that position and they are not considered to be trustworthy enough to be part of the elite.

What you realize here is that there are people who live in a state of cognitive dissonance. They correctly sense what America is meant to be. They realize this is the American dream. They feel that they have lived that American dream, they have proven that the American dream works. But they fail to realize that it cannot work for everyone in the current situation, and that it cannot even work fully for them because they have come to a position where they feel comfortable but they have also accepted that this is all they can rise to. They have accepted that they cannot do better, that they cannot rise higher and therefore, they are, in some ways, in the same state of consciousness as the many people that they look down upon.

What is it in the so-called poor people that are not making an effort? They have accepted: “We cannot do better; we cannot rise higher.” This is what even the middle class and the higher middle class have come to accept in America. They have accepted a certain level of wealth, a certain level of influence, a certain self-awareness. This is what they believe is all they can achieve in this lifetime.

What would actually have a major impact on America is if many of these people would begin to think harder about their situation, about the situation in the nation. They could realize, even based on this study about the income distribution, that it simply is not possible that all people could see a reward of their efforts.

There are many, many people in America who are born into a certain situation, in a certain segment of American society, where even if they worked hard and applied themselves, they could not rise above a certain level. They could not really do well in America. There are many segments of the population, whether they have this skin color or that skin color, or whether they come from this background or that background, who would find it very, very difficult and almost impossible to do what these middle class people have done themselves.

I know again, you can always point to examples of certain people from a certain background who have raised themselves. But the fact is again, individuals may be able to do it, but everyone could not do it. And if everyone cannot do it, what does that show?

Well, God created all human beings equal with an equal potential to grow. If they cannot grow that means the American system is out of alignment with cosmic law with the basic principle of growth. This should be a cause for concern for those people who are vigorously defending the American system, thinking that this is the best country in the world, the best system in the world, the most advanced country, the richest country, the greatest country in the world and so on.

It should make them realize that America may be a great country but not for everyone. America is the greatest country in the world if you belong to the top one percent, maybe even if you belong to the top ten percent, but if you belong to the 90 percent, then America is no longer the greatest country in the world. It may have been 40 years ago, but it is not today.

This is something that if people would realize this, if they would acknowledge it, it could cause them to recognize that changes are needed. It is necessary to look at the hard facts of how the growth in income has been taken away from the bottom 90 percent of the American people. It is necessary to look at why and how this has happened, and why America has allowed the emergence of this elite that has gained such political influence that they can make the American economy so top heavy. How could this even happen? How could this be done?

Now you can of course research this, you can trace it. You can go back and see this decision led to this effect, that decision led to this result and many individual decisions changed the system in such a way that it benefited the elite and it took from the people. It created in America what we might call the reverse Robin Hood principle. Robin Hood as you know took from the rich and gave to the poor. America takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Not really what the founding fathers envisioned, certainly not what Saint Germain envisioned and not what the natural law mandates.

In other words, America is out of alignment with nature’s law and nature’s God who gave you the framework for the Constitution and the nation you have. What have we said also? The growth in wealth in America has come about by the multiplication factor, but that multiplication factor has been reduced by the fact that the system has become so top heavy. This has caused the American economy to be at a much lower level today than it would have been if this top heavy economy had not been created.

This could, one might say that it should, cause these middle class and upper middle class people to realize that they cannot simply sit there and be content with what they have. If they are true to their own principles, their own beliefs, they should want to be more than what they have now. Not necessarily that they get more money or a more comfortable lifestyle. They should want to be more in the sense that they live in a nation that is becoming more, and where other people can become more and do better for themselves instead of being held down by this unequal economy.

In other words, these people should come to a point where they say: “We must use our position, the freedom we have, to demand a change in America so that we have a more just financial and economic system that truly gives equal opportunity to all. This is how we can pay back the universe for the affluence and the opportunity that we have been given. We can use our advantage to help others. Those who could not in the current situation do it through their own efforts.”

Many Americans have already started to help others. Many Americans have already been willing to move in that direction, but it will not really make a difference until they realize that the central problem is the unequal distribution of wealth and income, and that this needs to be changed and it will only be changed from below. It cannot be changed from above. It was created from above and there is very little chance that those who are in the system will change it.

There are, of course, some people who have a lot of money and who can see the problem, who can see where it leads to, who can see the potential for a violent revolution, but these people, as I said, the newly rich, they are not part of the old established elite. The old established elite will not change. Perhaps a few people here and there, but as a whole, they will not change. They cannot change. They have had too many lifetimes where they saw themselves as the superior elite, whatever outer excuse they used for justifying it, and they will not let go of this sense of superiority because it is more important to them than anything else. It is even more important than the money or the power.

What these people are driven by, what they exist for is this sense of superiority. They must feel they are superior to the general population, or they simply cannot exist. They cannot bear to exist, and when you realize this you realize that throughout history, so many societies have been functioning for the basic purpose of allowing a very small group of people to maintain or expand their sense of superiority. The feudal societies functioned like that. Even the communist societies of Soviet Russia and China functioned that way. Ancient China functioned that way. Many other historical societies have functioned that way for the emperors or the czars or the kings, in order to give them that sense of superiority.

Naturally, you have it in other countries besides America, but America is the one country where you can say that from its Constitution, it was meant to not be that kind of society. It was meant to give equal opportunity to all people. Therefore it is a greater problem that this is happening in America than if it was happening, as it of course is and has been, in Saudi Arabia.

You see here that if you are truly Americans, if you are truly patriots and care about America and the future of America, it is high time to focus your attention on this problem and realize that until this unequal distribution of income and wealth is changed, America really cannot move forward. It cannot move to the next level. It cannot even move out of the downward spiral created by this unequal distribution. It can only get worse, and it can only get more and more chaotic. There can only be more and more anger. There can only be more and more conflict.

Why do you think so many people joined the demonstrations against police brutality? Was it just because they were concerned about police brutality? No, it was because a growing segment of the American population are realizing that they have no real opportunity and they are becoming more and more angry because of this.

You who are the middle class people, instead of seeking to see them as enemies and to want to limit them with law and order, and the military and this and that, you could acknowledge that it is actually your opportunity, your responsibility to help them to change American society, and it is in your own interest to do so. Because you cannot expect to maintain your current standard of living if the country deteriorates into civil unrest. Neither can you of course fulfill your responsibility towards your country by turning this country back into a growth spiral where everyone can see the results of their labor, the fruits of their labor, and they can work harder and make more money and have a better lifestyle, and the entire economy goes into an upward self-reinforcing spiral as it was in the first three decades after the war, and as it could have continued if the power elite had not managed to abort it.

You who have taken advantage of the freedom and the American economy, it is your responsibility to re-establish that freedom where people are rewarded for their efforts. I simply project into the collective consciousness that this is the responsibility. Instead of looking down upon those who are not as fortunate as you are, instead of saying: “They have not applied themselves, they have not been willing to work hard,” make that shift and come to realize that it is your responsibility to do something to change the equation.

And that these people are not lazy. They are not unwilling to work. They have simply been hurt by being in embodiment so many times where the fruits of their labor have been stolen and now they see that it is even happening in America, and therefore, they have nothing left but anger. They have nothing to lose. You have something to lose, but they do not, and when people have nothing to lose there is no telling what they will do and how far they will go and how destructive they might become. It really is a matter of looking at the country. Who can do something about it?

The power elite have created the situation. They cannot, or rather will not, do anything about it. The politicians who have been manipulated into creating the situation are not likely to do something about it either. Some politicians can, but mostly the newer elected ones. The poor people, the disadvantaged people cannot do anything about it either other than revolt and become angry and violent. So who can do something?

Well, the people in the middle and upper middle class who have time and attention left over to look at the country, see where it is going, see what needs to be done and then decide to do it rather than being satisfied with their comfortable lifestyle.

We have talked about the future of America and the choices you have. Well again, what do you want America to be? Do you want it to be a compassionate society or a comfortable society? A society where a certain segment of the population is comfortable, but a growing number are very uncomfortable. Do you want comfortability or do you want to make the switch into becoming compassionate and fulfilling your destiny, your responsibility, to take America to the next level?

This is the question that I project into the collective consciousness. I am grateful I can use your chakras and auras to reinforce it and I simply allow it to spread as rings in the water, respecting the free will. I will say, those in the middle and upper middle classes, this is your opportunity to become more. More than you might have envisioned you could have become, but it is still an opportunity for you to grow and thereby put America in an upward spiral where more and more people can grow until all those who are willing to apply themselves can see a just, a natural, return on their efforts. A multiplication of their efforts, as Jesus indeed promised them 2,000 years ago and as the law has promised them since the beginning of time.


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