An economy for the people or an economy for the elite?

TOPICS: Idolatry in spiritual organizations – Idolatry and the economic crisis – Spreading risk or masking risk? – From blind greed to blind fear – Learn from the story of the golden goose – An economy based on the gambling consciousness – Is the government for the people or for the elite? – A sustainable financial system – Misuse of economic freedom to create monopolies – The role of government in the economy – Why laissez faire is not an option – The vision for people to hold –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, September 21, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

I am indeed Saint Germain. I hold the Flame of Freedom for the earth. But what exactly does that mean? It means that I have become completely and utterly one with the God Flame of Freedom. And I have vowed to radiate that Flame of Freedom to this planet for the next cycle of the Aquarian Age. Thus, my beloved, I have earned the title of the God of Freedom for the earth, as I have become one with that God flame. Yet, I prefer not to use this title, as it can easily be misunderstood and mistaken by human beings as an excuse for building idolatry. And thus, I would speak, in the beginning of this discourse, about idolatry. For indeed, idolatry is one of the main lessons that humankind was meant to overcome during the Piscean Age.

And what they have done instead is, that they have built an even greater idolatry of Jesus, who came to set all people free from idolatry. Not only the idolatry of self but especially the idolatry of the fallen beings on this planet, those who are entirely trapped in the duality consciousness, because they have become completely blinded by their own egos. And thus, they firmly believe the illusions of the ego, believe those illusions to be an absolute, undeniable and unquestionable truth. They have the ultimate idolatry of having elevated a lie to a truth, and thereby thinking that by adhering to the “absolute truth,” they have elevated themselves to some ultimate status compared to other human beings.

Idolatry is the veil of ignorance, the veil of illusions, that keeps the majority of the population trapped in the illusion, that they need an elite to stand between themselves and God. Was this not what Jesus challenged, when he challenged the scribes and the Pharisees and the temple priests and money changers—who had set themselves up as an elite between the people and their God, perpetuating the illusion, the lie, that people were not free to go within their own hearts and find God directly, but they could contact God only through the outer religion and its priesthood?

Idolatry in spiritual organizations

This is the ultimate lie, that must be overcome before the Golden Age of Aquarius can begin to unfold. You will, if you take an honest look at many spiritual organizations, see this idolatry. Even the idolatry that the messenger can stand between you and the ascended masters, between you and your I AM Presence, between you and God. It is necessary for the students in the present age to overcome this idolatry, to be willing to look at it in yourselves. For some of you are called to enter spiritual organizations in order to demonstrate, that one can be a student of the ascended masters without being trapped in idolatry. And although your examples may be ignored, nevertheless the example is given, and thus the opportunity to make a choice is there. Which it would not have been if there had been no one who had dared to go beyond the idolatry.

Truly, those who are the most advanced students are those who are not concerned about dualistic appellations, such as advanced and non-advanced, but who are simply looking for the beam in their own eye, realizing that it has no meaning to compare yourself to others. For it is only a matter of comparing whether you have purified your own consciousness of the elements of the duality consciousness. And if you have not, then you look at them and you use our teachings to go beyond them. And indeed, this is the flaw that you see in those who are trapped in idolatry. For inevitably they believe that although they can clearly see the faults in others, they do not need to look for that beam in their own eye.

Yet it is an inevitable law of God, that if you see any fault in any other human being, you have that same fault in your own eye—or you would not be able to see it in others. And thus, if you keep focusing on the splinter in the eye of your brother, then you will only reinforce your own self-idolatry and therefore refuse to learn the lesson you were meant to learn by being in a particular organization.

You get the messenger you deserve, uou get the guru you deserve. Or you get a guru who is willing to outpicture the particular flaws that you need to see in yourself. And thus, if you see them only in the guru, but refuse to see them in yourself, well, then you have failed the opportunity. But nevertheless, it will be an opportunity for the planet to rise higher, as those who refuse to look at their own consciousness will then go elsewhere, and we can move on with raising this planet beyond that consciousness of the fallen beings and their self-idolatry of thinking they know better than God.

Idolatry and the economic crisis

Why do I choose to start talking about idolatry? Well, is it not because it is precisely idolatry that is the central problem in the current economic crisis? What have you seen perpetuated by the press and the media, by government officials, by leaders in various economic organizations such as the Federal Reserve or big banks? Well, my beloved, is it not the consciousness that certain organizations, companies and institutions are “too big to fail,” and thus the government must step in and prop up those colossuses, so that they do not tumble?

What is this, if not idolatry? And the underlying truth here is that it is the idolatry of the people, perpetuated throughout the Piscean Age and earlier, that they cannot exist without the power elite of fallen beings. This, my beloved, is precisely the problem that you see on earth. It is the illusion that prevents the people from standing up and taking back their God Power, the power of God within each and every one of them. And it is the illusion that is being perpetuated by the elite itself—the elite in the media, the elite in the government, the elite in businesses and finance and banking.

For they desperately cling to their positions of power and privilege. Yet, underneath it all, some of them are beginning to realize, that their days are numbered. And the days of their power and privilege over the people, those days are numbered too, for they see, that this cannot go on forever. It is only a matter of a relatively short time, before the people will rise up, as they have done before against the feudal system and other examples of the power elite having attained almost total control over the people.

Many among the power elite are, of course, still blind to this. But some of them are beginning to see it. Thus, what I desire you to be aware of, what I desire you to envision and what I desire you to make calls on, is that the people are awakened from this idolatry of thinking that they need an elite. An elite of selfish and self-centered people in order to continue a society with stability. We of the ascended masters are not in any way, shape or form attached to stability. We want growth! And sometimes, growth means that you must throw off the old, by letting it become shattered—if that is what is necessary, because the people cling to it to the point of almost insanity, of not being willing to let it go.

We certainly prefer a smooth transition from the current economic system to a Golden Age economy. We prefer to minimize the suffering and the loss. Nevertheless, we do not prefer this to the point, where we are willing to prevent the people from learning their lesson. And thus, I trust that you will see, that it is not appropriate for you to make calls for the stabilizing of the economy. It is not appropriate for you to make calls for the propping up of the institutions created by the fallen beings. It is not appropriate for you to make calls that support the power elite.

You need to make the calls and hold the vision, that the people learn their lesson, and that those who will not learn receive the judgment of Christ, so that they can be removed. This is what will bring progress. And if it requires a few bumpy turns of the road, then so be it. For I tell you, it is a necessity that the people learn what can be done to misuse the economy before they will be ready to accept the economy of the Golden Age.

If I had an instrument that could right now present the Golden Age economy to humankind, well, the vast majority of the people on this planet simply would not accept it. They would reject it as a hopeless, utopian pipe-dream, that simply could never come to pass. For they are so steeped in the consciousness of lack, again perpetrated by the fallen beings as a result of their idolatry. For what is the essence of idolatry? It is the desire to raise yourself and your own group above other people. But how can you raise yourself compared to others, unless you are in an environment infused with the illusion of lack? For in order for some to have more, others must have less. And this state of an unequal distribution of wealth and privilege cannot exist in the abundant life of God. It can only exist, when that abundant life has been rejected by a critical mass of human beings, so that it cannot be physically manifest.

Spreading risk or masking risk?

When I talk about an equal distribution of wealth, I am not talking about the socialist dream, where the state has usurped the position held by each person’s I AM Presence. I am talking about the true realism of the Golden Age, where the people realize, that they have access to the power of God within themselves. And therefore, they can bring forth the abundant life without being dependent upon an elite here on earth, an elite who can make the decisions of how to run the complicated financial system, that the elite has created precisely in order to hide their intentions and their manipulation from the people.

What you have seen lately is that the system has finally become so complicated, that even the people who created it can no longer figure out how the system works. They can no longer assess the true risk of the dubious financial instruments they have created. And thus, you see that companies who have been in business for over a century can suddenly vanish in a week, because their own leaders have become so deceived by the complexity of their financial instruments and by the consciousness of greed, that they could not accurately assess the risk of those instruments. And thus could not even keep their own companies afloat.

And this is the lesson that the people need to learn: when they are in the state of idolatry, blindly following the blind leaders, allowing the blind leaders to run the economy, well then, it is only a matter of time before those blind leaders back themselves and the entire nation – and in a sense the entire world – into a corner from which there is no easy way out. There is only a collapse of the system, my beloved. For you see, the lesson learned by those who desired to build the Tower of Babel – a tower that could reach into the heavens – is that when you build too high without having the foundation of the reality of the Christ consciousness – because you are building on the sand of the anti-christ consciousness – well, then there comes a point, where your creation will tumble under its own weight. And this is what you see in the financial system of the United States and beyond.

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