Do you really see that the Christ is in YOU?

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Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels, September  22, 2023. This dictation was given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan—Being the River of Life in action. 

I AM the Ascended Master Jesus. When it comes to flowing with the River of Life, what is one of the greatest hindrances to this on planet earth? Well, it is naturally the outer religion of Christianity, which has done more than almost any other single institution to cause people to deny the flow within themselves. Contrast this with what I actually said when I walked the earth in a physical body. Did I not say that the Kingdom of God is within you? Did I not talk about those who were the spiritually dead, who were in a state of death, a consciousness of death? And that the only way to be alive was to receive Christ, the consciousness of Christ, the universal Christ Mind.

The alpha and omega aspect of the Christ consciousness

We can say that the Christ Mind is another way to describe the River of Life. Naturally the Christ has an alpha and an omega aspect. The alpha aspect is that the Christ consciousness, the consciousness of oneness, the consciousness of unity, is the firstborn of the Father. It is the first element that God the Creator created before it started creating form. Therefore, the alpha aspect of the Christ consciousness is the element that is meant to unify form, or rather especially allow the self-aware extensions of the Creator to see that beyond all the differentiated forms is still the one Christ consciousness that unifies not only all forms, but unifies the world of form with its source, with the Creator. This is the universal aspect, the alpha aspect of the Christ consciousness which can be described by the saying: “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever” when you understand that it is not the person of Jesus Christ but the universal Christ consciousness that was spoken about. 

But the Christ consciousness also has an omega aspect, and that is the aspect that draws all self-aware extensions of the Creator back to the Creator, and this is precisely what then forms the River of Life, or the Holy Spirit, that is formed by all of those lifestreams who have started the path of moving back to the Creator. Not meaning, as they see in the East, that when you move back to Brahman you disappear as an individual being. On the contrary, when you move back to God, you raise your level of consciousness until you reach the level of the Creator consciousness, and therefore you acknowledge, you experience your oneness with your source, with your Creator, and therefore you can say as I did: “I and my Father are one.” This is the potential that all have. 

Now, you cannot achieve this, of course, through the outer consciousness, the duality consciousness, the separate sense of self, that you are a separate individual. That is why no one, no separate self could ever be saved, could ever enter heaven. And that is also why it is true that you cannot be saved without the Christ consciousness. Now, you can call it other things, the River of Life, the Holy Spirit. You can call it other things such as they have done in the East, say the Buddha Nature, but nevertheless you cannot come back into oneness through the separate self that took you out of oneness. That is why the Lady Masters have explained you cannot join the flow of the River of Life without looking at the consciousness that took you away from that flow and that keeps you away from the flow. It is not possible. That is why there is some reality to the saying that without Christ no one can be saved. But it must be understood that it is not the external Christ, it is the internal Christ. It is only when Christ comes into your being that you can be saved. 

Spiritually dead religions

Why do I say that Christianity has done more than any other single institution to cause people to close themselves off to the flow of the River of Life, to the flow of the Holy Spirit, to the Christ coming into their beings? It is because the outer institution of Christianity was taken over by those who were in the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of separation and duality. And they, of course, could not grasp, could not even understand intellectually and certainly could not experience the reality of what I taught. They had no life in them because they had closed themselves off to the only source of life, namely the Christ consciousness. 

What did I come to teach, to demonstrate, to bring to earth? It was this awareness that it is only the Christ consciousness that saves you but that it can only save you from within. It is not an external savior that can save you but only when you allow Christ to come into your being and when you do that you are reborn to a new sense of self where you do not see yourself as a separate being but as a connected being eventually growing towards oneness with your Source. And this is when you go from the state of being spiritually dead to being spiritually alive. You are so to speak reborn into life. 

What did the external institution do once it started gaining power? Well, it did the same thing that the external institution had done in the Jewish society where I appeared in a physical body. It told people that you cannot be saved from within, that you can only be saved from without through this external institution and its priesthood. Look at the Catholic church and how it claims that the only road to salvation is the Catholic church and the sacraments administered by its priesthood. Is that not what the Jewish religion said at my time? Is that not what I spoke out against, what I denied, what I demonstrated the untruth of? And is that not precisely why they had me killed? Thinking that by killing my physical body they could kill the Christ consciousness, prevent the Christ consciousness from being expressed on earth? 

The denial of Christ

But of course, no force on earth can kill the Christ consciousness. Why? Because the Christ consciousness was the first element of creation. It is everywhere and in everything as the Buddha Nature is in everything. You see that the Christ is ever-present. Of course, even before there was a person called Jesus who embodied at a certain time in a certain cultural context and expressed the Christ consciousness, the Christ consciousness was still here. The Christ consciousness has always been here, will always be here, because without Him was not anything made that was made. 

You can create an appearance, and if you want a comparison, say that you can build any kind of building you want to build, but you cannot build it without atoms and subatomic particles. It would be impossible to create anything out of matter that did not contain these invisible particles. Likewise, it is impossible not only to build something out of matter without the Christ consciousness, but to build castles in the mind without the Christ consciousness. No form, no image could ever be created that did not have the Christ consciousness within it so that anyone who is willing to use its sense, to sense that there is something behind the form can find the Christ consciousness. And this is what I taught, this is what I demonstrated, and this is what the official Jewish religion denied, this is what the official Christian religion has denied since the creation of the Roman Catholic church. And it is what most Christian churches are denying to this day. 

What are they doing by doing this? They are denying Christ. How can you claim to represent Christ while at the same time denying Christ? Well, because you are not seeing that you are denying Christ. And why are you not seeing it? Because your mind is taken over by the consciousness of anti-christ, the consciousness of death. It is not that people who are in this consciousness cannot sense Christ if they would tune in, if they would strive to be neutral. But they are not striving to be neutral. They are not seeking to find Christ. They are seeking to validate their graven image of Christ based on the consciousness of anti-christ. This is what they are doing and this is of course allowed by the law of free will. There must be plausible deniability, therefore it must be possible for people to create this blindness, this cognitive dissonance in their minds so that they cannot see Christ. They see only the image that they or their church has created of what Christ is like. 

Christ is everywhere!

But as I have said, regardless of the images that people have created in their minds and in the collective mind, this has not changed the structure of the universe. This has not changed the reality that the Christ is everywhere, that the Christ consciousness is beyond, behind every form. And therefore, you can see Christ everywhere. You could never be in a place where Christ is not found. This is another lie created by the fallen beings that there is a heaven world where Christ is now sitting on some throne next to the throne of God. Then there is a hell where Christ is definitely not found. But even here on earth, Christ is not found except maybe in the churches or in certain sacraments. This is their lie, their deception that some force on earth can define what Christ is, can define that you are separated from Christ, that you cannot reach Christ from within yourself, that you need this external institution. 

This is the lie, the central lie that goes back to when the fallen beings first were allowed to embody here, because they brought that lie of the denial of Christ, the denial of oneness with them because it was this lie that they used to justify the mindset that caused them to fall. And ever since then, they have been seeking only to validate that, and when they came to earth, they wanted all people to validate that denial of Christ and they have used all means to do it. You can see in recorded history, the Jewish religion, the official Christian religion, the official Muslim religion, many of the Buddhist sects and directions, Hinduism, they have used communism, they have used capitalism, they have used science and scientific materialism. Anything that comes up, anything that has any power over the minds of the people, they will attempt to pervert it, to twist it, to get people to close their minds to the inner reality, that flow of the inner reality. 

Choose Life or death

Of course, Christianity has now become a very sectarian word, and for many people, Christ is a sectarian word. Originally it was a neutral, universal word. Today, if we want to be universal, we can talk about the River of Life as a flow of energy, which still is somewhat neutral to talk about. Yet regardless of the words you put on it, the reality is that you have a simple choice. You can deny unity, oneness, the universal flow, and set yourself apart from it in your mind, or you can awaken, you can see that when you deny the flow of life itself, you go into a state of psychological, spiritual death. This is the basic choice you have, whether it is on an unnatural planet like earth, or on a natural planet. 

Of course, on a natural planet it is much easier to experience the flow, and therefore it is much harder to deny it. But on an unnatural planet like earth, as we have said, you cannot see that there is an energy, a light behind this dense matter that surrounds you. And therefore, it is much easier to be pulled into this denial of the underlying oneness of all form, the unifying element behind form. It is so easy to deny it on earth, because your senses are not telling you that it is there. And yet every human being has a sense that is beyond the physical senses, the ability to read the vibration of energy. And this is what tells you that there is something beyond the consciousness that most people have on earth. 

The first challenge of Christ

What was the challenge that people faced when they met me in the physical body two thousand years ago? It was this, could they sense that even though I looked like a normal man, I had a state of consciousness that was higher than theirs, and there was an energy radiating from me that they had not encountered before. Could they sense this consciously? Would they be willing to acknowledge consciously what they were sensing, and then acknowledge, this man has something I do not have, but I want it. 

This is the first challenge of Christ, to recognize and consciously acknowledge that it is possible for a human being to attain a higher state of consciousness than what is considered normal, and that this is something you want. This is what then puts you on the spiritual path. This is the first challenge of Christ, the challenge that Peter passed, at least to some degree, because Peter recognized that there was something special about me, but he did not truly grasp what was special. 

He did what many people do today, who find a guru who claims to have attained some special level of consciousness. Peter projected that I was the only one who had it or could have it, and that he could only follow. And that is why you will see, even in the scriptures, that when I was arrested, he denied me three times, and even later, when he was arrested in Rome, he refused to be crucified right side up, but wanted to be crucified upside down, so as not to make himself equal with Christ. You see here that even though Peter recognized there was something special about me, he did not actually recognize what was special. 

What was special about me when I was walking in a physical body was nothing about me, nothing special to me. What was special was that I had opened my mind to the Christ consciousness, to the flow of the Holy Spirit, to the River of Life. What was special was not the outer person, but the Flow of Life through that outer person. And that Flow of Life is everywhere, in everyone, and therefore everyone has the potential to let the River of Life flow through them. That was what Peter did not recognize. 

The second challenge of Christ

And therefore, in a sense, he did not fully pass the initiation of the first challenge of Christ, which of course, is why he could not pass the second challenge of Christ, and why he continued for the rest of his life to project upon me his mental image, wanting me to validate and confirm that image because he thought that he could make the Christ validate and conform to his mental image because he was so sure that his mental image was right, was the highest truth.

But his mental image was based on the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality, even some of the lives of the fallen beings that he had bought into over many lifetimes. Therefore, Peter symbolizes a person who is in the fallen consciousness, and who sees that there is an alternative, but does not really see the alternative, and therefore cannot—will not—truly follow Christ beyond that fallen consciousness. He would not let me take him beyond, or rather he would not let the Holy Spirit through the outer person, the River of Life, take him beyond the fallen consciousness. He was not willing to give up his life in order to enter into the River of Life and flow with that river.

Idolatry and the monopoly on representing Christ on earth

He kept projecting upon me the central illusion of the fallen beings. That only very few, very special people can have the flow of the Spirit, the flow of the River of Life. It is, as the Lady Masters have explained, this concept of exclusivity—that it is so difficult to attain, that only the few can attain it. The fallen beings have done everything they could to prevent anyone from attaining the Christ consciousness. But they have not been able to prevent this completely. They could not stop the Buddha, myself, other spiritual people who have attained some spiritual mastery, so they could not prevent that there were examples. What have they done then? Projected that these examples are very few, that this was because these people were so special from the beginning.

Look at the elaborate mythology around my birth and how special I was, being of the same substance of the Father from the very beginning, which of course applies to the Christ consciousness, the universal Christ consciousness, but not the expressed Christ consciousness through any being on earth. Look at the elaborate mythology around the birth of the Buddha and why he was so special, why his birth was so different from that of any other human being, therefore from his birth setting him in a fundamental way apart from all other human beings. Can you not see the fallen beings, the forces of anti-christ, wanting to project that no one can emulate the very few people who have had a higher level of consciousness?

Then comes the second level of deception, where they now take that example of the Buddha, of the Christ, of others, they institutionalize it and they project the image of anti-christ onto me, for example, and now they claim that they have a monopoly on representing Christ on earth and that you can only be saved through the outer institution controlled by the fallen beings. You see how the consciousness of anti-christ, the beings who are in that consciousness, took over the Christian religion. The consciousness of anti-christ now claims that it represents Christ, it can define Christ, and that you can only reach Christ through that institution, the external institution controlled by the forces of anti-christ. A complete reversal of my mission, my intent, a complete irony of history.

The third challenge of Christ: The Christ is in you!

You, of course, see this, but do you really see it? Do you really see that the Christ is not exclusive to anyone? Do you really see? Do you really sense the Christ in yourself? Some of you have experienced this. Some of you spontaneously, some of you during a dictation, some of you during spiritual exercises, but have you really made the switch in your minds of fully acknowledging that the Christ is in you? Not in some guru, not in some historical person, not in this messenger. The Christ is in you! And what does it mean that the Christ is in you? It means that you can follow the example of any person who has achieved a higher level of consciousness, who has become an open door for the flow of the River of Life to be expressed through that person.

This can happen in many ways, it does not have to be a dictation like what you are experiencing now. Many of you have experienced when you are talking to people, there is a flow through you. Many of you, most of you who have followed these teachings for some time, you have already experienced it. I am just asking you to consciously acknowledge that this proves to you that the Christ is in you, that the River of Life can flow through you, and that this is the natural state for you. There is nothing mysterious that you have to attain. There is no elaborate ritual you have to follow in order to qualify. 

All it requires is a switch in the mind. Well, not just one switch but many switches, but still it has to start with that one switch where you acknowledge that the Christ is in you, that the Christ is born in you, as was the title of the first book I dictated through this messenger. Once you acknowledge that, of course, the forces of anti-christ will be there to challenge you, so you have to acknowledge it again. You have to acknowledge it over and over as the challenges come—often through other people, often through the collective consciousness. You have to reaffirm this over and over that:  “The Christ is in me and I am allowing the Christ in me to express itself through the outer mind, the outer form.”

There was nothing special about the person of Jesus. I had no special ability that you do not have. But I did have the willingness to allow the flow of the River of Life, of the Holy Spirit, through the outer form. If you look back, you will see that the official religion of Christianity suppressed the concept of a spiritual path, of a path of initiation. You will also see in the West, for example, that there were secret movements, even during the height of the Catholic suppression, there were certain secret movements—the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, others—that taught a path of initiation leading through a number of steps. 

The fear of failure 

And, of course, we have given you the concept that you are walking a spiritual path towards Christhood. And what I am saying here is not invalidating the concept of a spiritual path. It is valid to walk a certain path. But why is it necessary to walk a gradual path? What have I just said? What it really requires to be open to the Christ, to the River of Life, is the switch in the mind. Theoretically, all of you could make that switch right now. Right now, you could make that switch. But when I say something like this, I sense from many of you almost a reaction of panic, because you are afraid of failing. 

The fallen beings have created this elaborate collective consciousness where people are so afraid of failing a goal that they dare not even try. And this has been projected for a very long time, and it has been projected upon everything. For example, we saw in the previous ascended master dispensations that we gave dictations that defined the goal of attaining personal Christhood. And we gave a certain path where people could study teachings, give decrees, invoke the violet flame, and so on. But many people looked upon this path based on this fear of failure: “What if I failed the initiations? What if I did not make it? What if I failed my test?” Sometimes these students became so focused on passing their test, thinking everything was a test. 

The gradual path to switching the mind

When I say, you can make the switch right now, there is a reaction not only from you who hear this, but even from the collective consciousness: “But what if I cannot make that switch right now? Does that mean I am a failure? That I have failed to attain the Christ consciousness? That I have failed to heed what Jesus said in this dictation?” But this reaction comes from a separate self, and it is actually the very separate self that caused Peter to fail that initiation. Because he was afraid that he could not do what I did and express what I did. This is why we have given you the concept of a gradual path, a path of initiation. But what is the purpose of this path of initiation? It is to take you to a point where you can make the switch in the mind and accept that Christ is already in you, just waiting to express itself through you.

Now, I am in no way blaming anyone who cannot make that switch right now. Because, as the Lady Masters have also explained so carefully, we recognize the difficulty of being the Christ, being the River of Life in action on a planet that is as dense as earth. We recognize this and that is why we have given you these teachings that there are 144 levels of consciousness and for each level there is a certain self that is based on a certain initiation. Of course, there are more than 144 separate selves because people after going into duality have created, shall we say, untold numbers of separate selves. But nevertheless, we have given you the concept that you can engage in a path that is doable, that is realistic and most of you who have applied these teachings have already experienced that you have overcome some of these separate selves and therefore made progress.

Do you understand that what I am trying to describe here is one of these dilemmas, you might say. For us it is not a dilemma, but in the minds of people it becomes a dilemma where if I say you can make the switch right now and accept Christ in yourself then you might panic, so in order to avoid the panic we say you can walk a gradual path that will take you to a higher level of consciousness. This is perfectly valid, but what I am asking you is: Have you grasped what is the purpose of that path? And the purpose is only one thing, to bring you to that point where now you can make the switch that you could not make when you started. Have you grasped that? Because if you have not, you are not really on the path of the ascended masters, the path to Christhood. You may be thinking you are on the path, but it is the outer path defined in your outer mind based on all of the lies of the fallen beings. The real path is the path towards accepting that Christ is in me right now, right here.

What have the Lady Masters explained so carefully yesterday? Flowing with the River of Life does not depend on any physical conditions. There are no physical conditions that can prevent you from accepting Christ in you. There are no physical conditions that can automatically cause you to accept Christ in you, because it is a switch in the mind. I am not saying that you should be able to make the switch right now. I am only asking you to carefully contemplate that the goal of the path you are walking is to make that switch, nothing else!

It is not about achieving some high level of consciousness, some special abilities to do this or that, not even to perform the miracles that I performed 2,000 years ago. This is not the goal of the path. The goal of the path is to make that switch and accept that Christ is in you and allowing Christ to express itself through you. It is perfectly true that what pulls you away from making that switch is all the separate selves. Therefore, as you walk the path we have given you, overcoming these separate selves one at a time, there is less of a pull on the Conscious You that pulls you away from accepting who you really are.

It becomes easier and easier for you to make the switch as you walk beyond the 96th level of consciousness and keep walking towards the 144th. But it is theoretically possible, theoretically possible, to reach the 144th level of consciousness without making that switch. And it is theoretically possible to make the switch at the lowest level of consciousness currently possible on earth—not saying it is easy, but it is theoretically possible. And when you have engaged in the path consciously and have gone beyond the 48th level, at any point you can make that switch. It is possible. And before you can ascend, you will have to make that switch and accept Christ in you. Not Christ as an external force, but Christ as an internal force. 

I simply ask you to carefully contemplate this, to take this dictation, listen to it, read it, go within your heart and let the outer words take you beyond the outer understanding to the inner realization, the inner experience that Christ is in you.

With this I seal you in the joy of Christ that I AM.


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