Do Not Follow False Teachers

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Ascended Master Mother Mary,  through Kim Michaels, September 21, 2015.

I am the ascended master Mother Mary. I know that the discourse I gave last week could be upsetting to some people and might seem to challenge one of the cornerstones of the Christian religion, and for that matter, many religions on earth. Is it now so that most of the religions that you know today are based on a certain scripture and that those who adhere to that religion have a tendency to believe, almost blindly, that this scripture is somehow infallible? That it could not be wrong, and therefore, should not be questioned, even in the face of the incredible expansion of human knowledge that has come about in the modern age.

When I said that it is an outright lie that women are responsible for the fall of man; it would seem that I challenge the authority of the Christian scriptures, at least, the Old Testament. Well, my beloved, I am, indeed, challenging the authority of the Old Testament. It is not the word of God in an infallible form. It is a document that has been created over a very long period of time and it is very strongly influenced by the culture and the mindset of the people for whom this document was aimed.

You need to recognize, as I said in my last discourse, that there is a force on earth that seeks to control human beings. One of the ways they seek to control is through deception. And one of the most powerful forms of deception found on this planet is to create some kind of document, statement, doctrine, or even scientific theory or political ideology. And then, they make people believe that it must never be questioned. Just look at how many examples you find in the world today. You may see religious scriptures, but look at science and political ideologies that have also made even modern people fanatically believe that they must never question certain ideas.

I am not hereby saying that the Old Testament is wrong; and therefore, science and Darwin are right. Darwin needs to be questioned as much as the Old Testament. But, let us stay with the Old Testament. The Old Testament was given to people a very long time ago. People who were in a state of consciousness and had a world view that was very, very different from what you have today. In fact, it was so different that you can barely imagine the mindset people had when Genesis was brought into the physical octave.

Now there are scholars who have seen that there are actually two creation stories in Genesis. This is true. One has a higher degree of truth and accuracy than the other, because the other was deliberately inserted by beings who attempted to manipulate people in various ways. This is the one that contains the idea that from dust you have come and to dust you shall return. But, you were not created out of the dust of the earth. You were created as a spiritual being in a higher world, a higher realm. You descended and took on a physical body. The physical body was created out of the dust of the earth. But, your spirit was not.

The forces who want you to believe that you came from dust, want you to believe this; because they want you to deny that you are a spiritual being and that you have the potential to manifest a higher state of consciousness, namely the very state of consciousness that you have seen demonstrated by Jesus, the Buddha, and other spiritual leaders and examples. This is their aim, to make you deny, not only who you are; but who you have the potential to become. Do not follow these false teachers.


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