Diversity is the master key to the golden age

TOPICS: No centralized worldly government – Filtering out diversity kills creativity – No more exclusivity – There will not be only one messenger – Expressing ideas in society – There will be no use of force – How force-based empires vanish – Why violent empires are allowed to rise – Why the Cold War did not become hot – Seeing other people as subhumans –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 21, 2013, through Kim Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I AM the ascended master Saint Germain. I AM the Hierarch for the Golden Age for planet earth and I intend to use this conference to give a series of teaching dictations concerning the topic you have chosen: “The Descent of the Golden Age.”

This is a large topic, I am sure you realize, and I can’t cover it all in a series of dictations. I could not even cover it in a thousand dictations because there are many aspects of the descent of the golden age that cannot be expressed in words. They are only brought into manifestation through the descent of the WORD.

You see, the Word, as it is mentioned in the Gospel of John, is an expression of the Christ Consciousness. Of course, the Word is more than words. The Word can be expressed through words, but it cannot be captured by or confined to words. Words are, of course, of the material realm and that which is of the material can express and outpicture the immaterial, but it does not define the immaterial and thus it cannot confine the immaterial.

The descent of the golden age is first and foremost that a civilization becomes open to the descent of the immaterial into the material world and that a civilization allows the immaterial to determine the material expression in that society in everything from the highest levels of the government, through art, music, culture and even the individual lives; and especially relationships and family relationships of the people.

No centralized worldly government

Let me discourse, in this opening discourse, on one of the more subtle aspects of the descent of the golden age, an aspect that few people have even begun to grasp and understand. I wish to extend an opportunity to those who are open. Let me make it clear that what I will say here applies to every nation on earth. Surely, different nations are on different levels. Some may not be quite ready to internalize what I am going to teach, nevertheless all nations have a potential.

We of the ascended masters hold the vision for each nation. We do not see what is currently manifest as permanent or unavoidable, we do not even see it as wrong or bad. We do not judge according to the standard that you see on earth, the standard which we have many times now made you aware is the standard created by the fallen beings and the fallen mindset. Of course, one of the more subtle aspects of the descent of the golden age is that humankind must begin to rise above that fallen mindset: the tendency to judge according to a standard that can be expressed in words instead of letting the Living Word be the standard, or rather set a matrix that is beyond any standard on earth.

Let me take you back through history. Let us go back and look at some of the civilizations in the past that at least today are considered “great civilizations.” You have seen many such civilizations around the world even in the brief time span you call recorded history. Of course, all history is recorded; it is just that right now on earth you only have access to a fragment of the total record of past civilizations.

Nevertheless, here in this area of Central Asia you have seen great civilizations of the past, and by “great” I mean civilizations that have had a great level of organization. They were collected under one or a few rulers and therefore by being so-called “unified” under one command they could also be unified in carrying out certain tasks that could not be carried out by smaller civilizations. This might be building great cities, it might be building great armies and fighting other armies. This, of course, is not what we of the ascended masters call a great task, but my point is to show that in the past you have seen the formation of certain very large civilizations.

These civilizations reached a very high level of organization and a high level of ability to get things done in the physical, the material world. Look at some of these civilizations in China. Look at some in Central and Southeast Asia, in India, in Persia, the Middle East, Sumerians, Egyptians, and the Roman Empire and in Central and South America. You see this tendency that civilizations would arise that would build great cities and great monuments, some of which even stand today.

It is entirely possible that when people hear the concept that there is a potential of the coming of the golden age, and possibly even a physical golden age that will surpass any of the golden ages seen in the past – then they come to think that somehow the golden age will be modeled on the great civilizations of the past, that it will have a great level of organization. The world will, so to speak, be united under one centralized government and that this government can issue edicts or that things will be done, or they will often be done, the same way around the world.

Filtering out diversity kills creativity

Do you see that in the past these “great” civilizations had attained what they attained by having a very centralized structure, a centralized philosophy but also a very centralized standard for how you judged right and wrong, good and bad, how you judged, a standard of how people should behave? What these civilizations did in the past was they would achieve their results by shutting out diversity, by putting down, by destroying by filtering away diversity so that they had a centralized structure such that all they had were people that behaved according to a certain set of rules, often defined by a religion but filtering down to the laws of society.

You may take a more recent look, for example, at the Roman Empire. Again, a very centralized structure and a very centralized philosophy, and of course the willingness to use force. In every civilization in the past that has achieved greatness there has been a willingness to use force against those who would not follow the leaders of that civilization, those who claimed their right to diversify rather than to “unify.” Force through sameness.

Now then, I AM Saint Germain. I AM an ascended being. I have ascended by transcending all of the patterns and matrices on earth. I have transcended the entire fallen mindset. Thus, I tell you with absolute determination: “The Golden Age of Saint Germain that is prophesied to come into physical manifestation in this 2,000-year period of the Age of Aquarius will not be attained by destroying diversity or by creating a centralized world government. There will be centralized governments, there will even be one overseeing government for the entire planet, but it will not use force and it will not destroy diversity. This is not the vision of Saint Germain.”

My vision is to create a golden age based on diversity. Even though there is a need to have a certain outer apparatus of organization that can coordinate around the world; this centralized organization will coordinate, it will not dictate. It will not use force, it will not even bring forth a centralized religion or philosophy that all must follow. Why will it not do this? Because if there ever is to be a lasting worldwide organization, it will based on the recognition of the principles that I, Saint Germain, will reveal as the founding principles and the sustaining principles of my golden age.

No more exclusivity

Such an organization will recognize that there is a level beyond the material world and that there are intelligent beings in that world that can communicate with human beings. More importantly, it will recognize that we of the ascended masters can communicate through any human being, not necessarily any and all, but we do not communicate exclusively through a small elite or one person. We can potentially communicate with any person regardless of their status or position in the earthly organization or civilization. The Golden Age of Saint Germain will be based on the descent of the Word, which is an expression of the Holy Spirit—and the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. Or rather, when it comes to the golden age it bloweth where I listeth for I am the overseer of the golden age.

You can see the civilizations of the past and how they were all based on exclusivity, which is the idea that only one person could rule or only one person could be the intermediary between God or the gods and man. Look at the Roman Empire and how it was based on the idea of one emperor who in certain periods was even seen as God on earth. The spiritual arrogance of certain emperors was such that they defined themselves as gods on earth.

Today, no secular ruler does this but you do indeed see people in spiritual and religious movements who have the arrogance to define themselves as the exclusive incarnation of God or a certain God. You see how the Roman Empire took the idea that the Emperor was God on earth, transferred it to Christianity and now created the philosophy that Jesus was the only intermediary between God and the people, but that there was a church that controlled the people’s access to what was administered by Jesus. Thus came the whole superstructure of the Catholic Church with the Pope as the Vicar of Christ.

Why does Christ need a Vicar when Christ instituted the tradition of the Comforter, the Holy spirit that could speak through anyone, blowing where it listesth? If you can make sense of this, my beloved, then you can do something I cannot do for I cannot make sense of it. Of course, I do not see through the filter of the fallen consciousness and I realize that many well-meaning people simply have been deceived. They have no evil intent, they only intended to do the best. They thought they were Christ’s representatives, they thought they were doing what Christ wanted them to do, but they failed to do the one thing that can manifest the golden age, which was to tune in to the Spirit in their own hearts.

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Envisioning Saint Germain’s Golden Age.


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