Discernment shows you when enough is enough

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Ascended Master Amitabha through Kim Michaels, June 23, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Kazakhstan.

I AM the Buddha Amitabha. The poison for which I am the antidote has been called envy, greed and lust. These are, of course, somewhat symbols for a complex phenomenon. What is greed? What is lust? Most people look at it as the physical lust, or the lusts of the physical body, or the greed for money but it is actually much more. It is really the sense that you cannot get enough of something and this will present somewhat of a paradox.

A poison becomes a treadmill

If you take the teachings we have given you, we have said that all self-aware beings have been given free will by their Creator. They have the right to create or to have any experience they want and continue to have it for as long as they want it until they have had enough of it. How can we say that it is a spiritual poison that you want more and more of something? Is it not actually okay to be greedy and want more and more money, if this is the experience you have? Is it not okay to lust for sex or food or whatever pleasures you can have with the physical body if this is the experience you want? You should just indulge in it, have as much as possible of what you want so that you can more quickly come to the point where you have had enough.

There are certain eastern schools of philosophy that say that there are two ways to enlightenment. One is to go the path of the sage where you withdraw from worldly pleasures, another path is to indulge in it until you have had enough. All of these things are valid concerns. However, the point of a poison (and the reason we call it a poison) is that it traps you. It traps you on this merry-go-round, this treadmill, where you are going round and round and you may be going faster and faster but you are not really getting anywhere. The thing is, if you could take a person who is indulging himself in the pleasures of the physical body, then if he was not affected by the poison of greed and lust, he may indeed come to the point within a few lifetimes where he has had enough of those pleasures and he could give them up.

The point is that over time, both on earth and even by the fallen beings, the poison has been created. When people take that poison into their beings, they cannot have enough. They cannot have the feeling of being full because what the poison of greed and envy does is, it blocks out the feeling of being full, of having had enough.

This, of course, ties in with the teaching we have given you on the selves that you have created. You can create a self that feels that it is inadequate on earth. As an avatar you often create such a self that feels inadequate on earth because of the birth trauma. You feel there is a certain lack, there is a certain emptiness, there is a certain deficit in your being. This self is basically programmed to seek to fill that void and it creates other selves that then say: “If you have enough money, you will fill the void.” “If you have enough sex, you will fill the void.” “If you have enough recognition, you will fill the void.” “If you accomplish enough works, you will fill the void.” “If you help change enough people, you will fill the void.” “If you change this or that condition on earth, you will fill the void.”

For an avatar, this is how it plays out: You came to earth to bring a positive change. You experience the trauma. It gives you the sense of void, of emptiness. You create selves that project at you that if you just have enough of this or that condition, you will feel full.

Of course, this ties into this collective momentum that started with the fallen beings in the fourth sphere when they first fell, and which has been built on to ever since. When you are affected by this poison, you cannot ever feel full. Well, you can feel somewhat full in brief moments when you have one of these very extreme experiences. Like my brother said, you have a sportsman who sets the world record and wins the Olympic medal and he feels a high for a brief period of time, but then it suddenly is not enough. He either needs more or he goes into the depression that is the follow-up to the high, the opposite polarity of the high. What goes up, must come down. That is why what is actually a legitimate desire to have a certain type of experience, becomes perverted by the poison into a never-ending quest for more and more that can never be enough, that can never fill you.

The Discerning Wisdom

There are many people on earth who are trapped in some of these desires (that avatars usually do not have) for physical pleasures, for indulging in various things on earth. This is not your concern as an avatar. These people will gradually be pulled up as the collective consciousness is raised and some of them will be able to overcome this and move on with it. As the collective consciousness is raised, people will actually be able to tune in to the Discriminating Wisdom and begin to ask themselves whether they could ever have enough. How much beer do you need to drink? How many handbags do you need to have in your closet and so forth and so on. You see, in fact, in the western world, where you have had the consumer culture now for decades, there are people who are beginning to ask these kind of questions and, of course, have been doing so for some time.

What I wish to give you as an avatar is to offer you my assistance with the wisdom that is my antidote to the poison. It is the Discriminating Wisdom or the Discerning Wisdom. There is a difference between value judgment and discrimination or discernment. Discrimination is used in the higher sense of the word, not in the commonly used word where you are discriminating against somebody based on their race, for example. That is why I prefer the word discernment, the Discerning Wisdom.

When you tune in to that Discerning Wisdom, then you can begin to ask yourself some of these questions. You can begin to identify that you have, for example, in your being a desire to see a certain change happen on earth. You desire to see people awaken and not indulge in a certain activity that causes them suffering. When you then tune in to the discerning wisdom, you can begin to draw on the teachings we have given on free will and ask yourself whether it is reasonable of you to have this desire to bring about a change, or to see brought about a change, that depends on the choices of other people.

You can use the teachings to tune in and experience the reality that you cannot, as an avatar, allow yourself to have a self that projects at you that your state of mind, your peace of mind, depends on the choices of other people. You can come to see that you may have a certain self that projects at you that you should help bring about a certain change and that you cannot feel full until people are no longer suffering from a certain disease, for example, or they are no longer being killed in war. This would in both cases essentially mean that you could not possibly feel full for the rest of this lifetime. It may not happen that war is eradicated or a certain disease is eradicated for the remainder of your lifetime, depending on how old you are at the present moment.

This would, then, mean that for the rest of this lifetime, you would have to live with this void. You can then come to realize that you do not want to do this. Then, again, you can draw from the teachings that what gives you the sense that this needs to be accomplished is a separate self. You can identify it, you can separate yourself from it and you can let it die.

You can also use the Discerning Wisdom to tune in, to meditate upon this wisdom. You may visualize it as a very thin, very sharp blade of a very hard material. Or you can visualize it as a laser light that will cut through the density of the duality consciousness and thereby separate the real from the unreal, allowing you to see what is an impossible desire, a desire that cannot be fulfilled.

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