Did someone say, “Shiva?”

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Ascended Master Shiva, May 27, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved the call compels the answer and when someone says “Shiva,” there I am. Thus I come to give you a more tangible manifestation. But I want you to know that whenever you, sitting alone, say “Shiva,” I am with you, I am in you. And I am there as a representative of the Holy Spirit—the unstoppable force that can consume all imperfections and all darkness on this earth.

And therefore, I come to give you a dispensation – that if you will visualize my presence as a pillar of fire, I give you the opportunity to silently or aloud release any imperfections in your own being into that pillar of fire. And simply let it go and I shall consume it according to your own willingness to let go. Thus, let me hear what you are willing to surrender to the fire of God.



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