Deceptions in the Mental Realm

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Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels, May 6, 2015.

I am the Ascended Master Mother Mary. I come to discourse with you on what is happening in the mental realm, the mental octave, and how it relates to the creation of war.

In the astral plane, things are dominated by what I have called demons, entities or even the fallen beings who appear to be demons. Their primary goal is to steal energy to sustain themselves because they are constantly at a deficit. They are constantly in danger of running out of energy. Their secondary goal is to destroy everything that can possibly be destroyed.

The fallen beings in the mental realm

In the mental realm, you do not find what you will call demons in the same way as you find it in the astral plane. You do find beings that have been created by fallen beings and that are just like the computer programs that I have said form the core of the demons in the astral plane. The beings in the mental realm do not appear as demons because they are not outwardly angry. They are programmed to promote ideas and beliefs that appear to be benign, and they can be quite deceptive. There are many, many people in the world whose minds are taken over or dominated to some extent by these entities in the mental realm, and they do not realize this.

There are also many fallen beings in the mental realm, and they seek to control or dominate human beings in embodiment. The entities in the mental realm do what they are programmed to do and have no self-awareness. The fallen beings do have self-awareness, and they have a higher level of self-awareness than those in the astral plane. The primary goal of the fallen beings in the mental realm is to control human beings, and their primary means for attaining this control is to make human beings believe in ideas.

The ideas of the fallen beings in the mental realm

There are many types of ideas promoted by the fallen beings in the mental realm. There are the more obvious ones, such as a particular religion, philosophy, branch of science or political ideology. There are also some very subtle ideas that are not generally recognized as a particular philosophy. The most subtle idea promoted by the fallen beings in the mental realm is the concept that the ends can justify the means.

The fallen beings have defined what I have called the epic struggle between good and evil, in whatever form good and evil are presented by a particular thought system. It follows from this that there is an overall end that needs to be achieved. This might be the establishment of an ideal society through a particular political ideology or even an economic philosophy. It may also be the establishment of God’s kingdom, either here on earth or in a higher realm, where all people have been saved and have entered that realm, rather than going to hell. Whatever the particular form may be, the idea is that the establishment of this ideal condition is more important than the individual human being.

There is an overall, collective goal that is more important than the individual human being. In its extreme form, this means that it is acceptable to kill individual human beings in order to achieve the collective goal. In more milder forms, you see societies that use various forms of force or control on individuals in order to achieve the collective goal.

There are many who will say: “But is it not necessary to keep the individual within the boundaries of the collective?” Well, yes and no, my beloved. What have I said before? The fallen beings create a condition, and then they present themselves and their ideas as the savior that can save people from the condition they have created. It is true that the human ego and the separate self can create chaos that makes it impossible to maintain a society. It is often portrayed by various philosophies that you only have two options: either you have a controlled society, or you have the total chaos of anarchy. These are not the only two options. They are the only two options in a dualistic system defined by the fallen beings, but they are not the only options.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Whenever you have two people together, a whole is created that is more than the sum of the parts. This is a basic idea that it is important to understand. You are created as an individual being. You have a divine, spiritual individuality anchored in your I AM Presence and you have individual free will right now focused in the Conscious You. You have an outer self, your four lower bodies, that may have a personality that differs from the individuality in your I AM Presence.

The whole idea of co-creation is that you are not a separate being. You are a co-creator. This has two aspects: the Alpha, the Omega, the vertical and the horizontal. The Alpha is that you are a co-creator with your I AM Presence and with the ascended masters who created the earth; the Omega is that you are a co-creator with other co-creators. You have individual, co-creative abilities. You can reach up to your I AM Presence and allow your I AM Presence to express itself through you. You can be the open door for the Presence, and thereby you can co-create alone. Two people can create more together than any of the two could create alone. More importantly, what two people can create together is more than double what they could create alone. What three people could create together is more than triple what they could create alone.

Vertical and horizontal oneness

“Whenever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” These words were spoken by Jesus, but they are really an expression of the universal Christ mind, the universal Christ mind that multiplies everything. When two co-creators come together in harmony (because each of them has a certain connection to the I AM Presence), then the Christ mind will multiply their creative efforts beyond what they can bring forth directly from their I AM Presences. For this to happen, there must be a certain harmony between two or more people. This is why you get the consideration of the individual balanced with the collective.

In the original design, the harmony between two or more people is not achieved horizontally; it is achieved vertically. If you have established a certain connection to your I AM Presence, then you know that you are not a separate individual. You are part of a larger whole. If your partner in co-creation has also established that connection, then the two of you will know and experience a certain oneness between you.

The horizontal harmony and oneness between you will be a natural effect of the vertical oneness. You will both be open doors for the flow of the universal Christ mind and the Holy Spirit. This flow of the Spirit, this River of Life, will ensure that there is balance between the individual and the collective. Once you have the vertical oneness, you do not have to use force to establish horizontal oneness or harmony.

This is something that the fallen beings cannot do because they do not have the vertical oneness, the connection to the I AM Presence. They have blocked that oneness, and their only way of achieving any kind of harmony is to achieve it horizontally. Of course, the fallen beings are separate beings. This means they can never come together with each other as equals. They are always playing the game of establishing a rank. There always has to be someone who is the leader, who is on top, who is the most powerful.

This is a safety mechanism that makes sure that the fallen beings could never take ultimate control over the earth. Whenever one dictator gains power, there is sure to be another who will oppose that first one so they can never really come together. You will see, for example, that even though Mao and Stalin were contemporaries and both claimed to be working for the spread of communism, they could not cooperate. This is the way it has always been with the fallen beings.

There may be temporary alliances where each believes they are getting something and each believes they are manipulating the other. This is not the kind of oneness that activates the flow of the Spirit and the multiplication of the Christ mind. Even when the fallen beings manage to cooperate, they can still only make use of the energies that are already in the material spectrum. They cannot activate the multiplication of the Law of the Holy Spirit.

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