Dare to let your light shine!

TOPICS: Stop hiding your light! – The ego wants a way out –

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 26, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, the Mother Light is designed with a dual purpose. It is designed to express the immaculate concept held in the Cosmic Christ Mind, as an expression of the Will of the Father. Yet it is also designed to allow the Law of Free Will to be unfolded, so that God’s co-creators can exercise their free will and co-create anything they can envision. And then they impose those mental images upon the Mother Light, which obediently takes on the form, and therefore outpictures in physical manifestation what the co-creators hold in their minds—so that they can experience the consequences of their actions.

This is so that you, who are the co-creators with God, have the maximum opportunity to learn, to grow and to become MORE. And thus, the reality is that through the outplaying of free will, the earth has descended into a state that is far below the original state in which it was created. And thus, I must tell you that the conditions on earth are indeed so dark that it is very difficult for a lifestream to maintain its connection to its higher Being.

Stop hiding your light!

Yet I must also tell you, that those of you who are on the spiritual path have descended to this world for a specific purpose, and that is to bear witness to the truth that there is something beyond the death consciousness, and that by allowing God within you – as your own higher Being, not as the external deity – to work through you, you can take dominion over the earth. Meaning that you can take dominion over the Ma-ter Light and realign it with the immaculate concept, held in the mind of Christ.

This is indeed why you came. And I must tell you that there are some of you who have fallen for the subtle lie perpetuated by the prince of this world that says that when you are in this world, you should adapt to this world, rather than using – or rather loosing, as in letting loose – the power of God within you, so that that power can take dominion and make the Ma-ter Light adapt to the immaculate concept held in the mind of God.

Thus, you are not here to please people on this planet. You are not here to adapt to their death consciousness and the culture that springs from the death consciousness, so that you do not dare to be who you are. You do not dare to let your light shine for fear that it might disturb somebody, and that they might get angry or blame you or put other negative images upon you, that are designed to stop you from shining your light. You are not here to hide your light under a bushel. And there are some of you who have been hiding your light for a long time. I am in no way blaming you for this. As I said, it is very understandable, given the current conditions on earth, that you can feel hesitant to express your light.

I am simply here, as the representative of the Divine Mother, to give you a little tough talking to, a little tough motherly love, and say, “There comes a time when you have to make the decision that you will stop hiding your light. For until you do so, you will not move beyond the point where you are at, where you are not fulfilling your divine plan – you are not fulfilling your role as a co-creator – of having dominion. You are letting the Mother Light – in its current imperfect form – have dominion over you.”

And that, my beloved, is denying God within yourself, denying Christ within yourself. For Christ, as Jesus demonstrated, will never adapt to the consciousness of death but will challenge it wherever it is encountered, will challenge those who are the false hierarchy of death, the false teachers of death who promote their lies in all manner of subtle manifestations. Including what I expounded upon earlier today in the environmentalist movement, that has attracted so many wonderful and loving people who simply have not understood what I said. Namely, that the Mother’s love must work within the framework of the Father’s greater love that leads to self-transcendence and growth, which is the only way that planet earth can transcend itself and come back to its original purity.

Thus I say to you: “Stop hiding your light.” You are not ready to let your light shine. But you – meaning the lower sense of identity created by the ego – you are not the doer! God within you is the doer. So allow God to BE through you. Be not afraid to let your light shine, even if it might offend someone. This, my beloved, is an essential test of Christhood.

And I have told you before that even Jesus hesitated when he was at that moment, at the wedding in Cana, of having to turn the water into wine. And I had to give him a certain sternness in my gaze, where I looked him straight in the eye, penetrating to the very core of his being. And I must tell you that he was somewhat shocked, because he had rarely seen me in that capacity. Yet he was awakened instantly and was willing to then take up his mantle, take up his role, and start his mission—take that final step from which there was no turning back.

The ego wants a way out

For my beloved, who is it that wants a way out? Who is it that wants a way to turn back from the path to Christhood? Do you think it is your Christ Self? Or your I AM Presence? Or do you think it might be the ego? Only the ego can set up conditions in order to try to maintain some form of control. For it knows that if you follow that path to Christhood, it will lose all control over you.

And thus, I say to you beloved, you have made a major leap forward, not only in your own growth, but in actually being the instruments for bringing these concepts into the physical octave in a form that is clearer and more direct than seen for millennia. Thus, I too commend you for this mighty work, and I must say that had it not been for my invocations, this would not have been possible.

For if you think about the rosaries and invocations I have given over these past years, you will see that every rosary challenged a certain aspect of the death consciousness. And thus it prepared you for coming to the point where you could finally clear the heart and thereby become the instruments for the new invocation of victory over death.

Write about my book

Now, my beloved, I have just one more item to cover. Many of you have read this book [A Course in Abundance], some of you many times. I want to give you the opportunity to write something based on this book. I will not put any restrictions of what you can write, nor will I tell you what to write. Let it be what comes to you from within. It can be short, it can be long. It can be simple, it can be as complex as you desire to make it. But write something—not to promote the book but to show what you have internalized, what was important to you, how you have grown from it.

Internalize this book and write something from this book. For if you truly study it, you will surely find some concept that can help other people on the spiritual path overcome the limitations you have faced. So be willing to help others by sharing your experiences. And this will be one way, a gentle way, that you can overcome your fear of letting your light shine. For I do sense that fear in many of you.

If you will give it to me, I will surely transmute it in my heart. But that will not stop your ego from recreating it right away. And thus, I would rather see you use the book, which contains all the ideas you need to resolve it, resolve the illusion that keeps you trapped in the fear—because you have not seen it for what it is.

Thus, I too feel such a joy and gratitude for your gathering here. My Beloved, being a representative of the Divine Mother for a planet like earth can be a big task. And sometimes one can feel almost overwhelmed. Thus, it is wonderful to be able to come into a gathering where the death consciousness has been held at bay so that there is a peace, a peace that you do not normally find on earth, but only in higher realms.

And thus, I am indeed enjoying manifesting my Presence here with you for this conference, for I am with you every day. Whether you see me or hear me speak or not, know that I am here with you. And you – each one individually – can contact me in your heart, if you are willing. My Beloved, you do not need an outer messenger to contact me. That is an illusion. At least it is an illusion that you cannot contact me except through an outer messenger, for when you are willing to let go of the ego, then you can come to the point where you can commune with me directly. And that, of course, is what I desire to see for each one of you.

Ask me before you go to sleep to enlighten you about a particular problem, a particular issue. And then pay attention when you wake up in the morning for what dreams you had or what thoughts may come or what visions you remember. And be willing to open your mind to a new way of looking at your life, so that you can truly realize that you have risen to a higher level. And you can go out and maintain that level in your daily lives. Thus my beloved, thank you for creating this wonderful sphere of Oneness that is a joy for all of us to enter.


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