Dare to disturb people

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Ascended Master Vajrasattva, May 27, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Vajrasattva I AM, and I greet you in the lotus flower of the Buddha – the universal symbol of the Buddha consciousness, as the unfoldment of the thousand-petalled lotus of the crown. Thus, I ask you to center your attention on your crown chakra and allow yourself to feel that – if you are willing to go behind the words you hear spoken and follow the vibration, – you can reach my heart.

And through that bridge of consciousness, you can feel the thousand-petalled lotus of your crown chakra unfold, and you can then feel the joy that the lotus of the crown is now open to greet the sunlight of the Buddha that descends from Above, from your I AM Presence and from beyond, even from the level of heaven where the five Dhiyani Buddhas and myself reside. Thus, we bridge the gap between above and below and thus, as stated in the beautiful poem by Mother Mary, “When Mother Light and Buddha meet, the force of darkness they defeat.” For in that Oneness, there can be no darkness, when here below becomes as Above.

Thus, my beloved, as Mother Mary told you yesterday, you have indeed achieved more at this conference than we were hoping for. And this has allowed the five Dhiyani Buddhas and myself to bring forth a special dispensation for the heart chakra of America. We have been allowed to take up our abode here, in a manner not seen before. And thus, we can – from this moment on, as long as the devotion to Mother Mary’s rosaries is upheld – maintain our presence here.

What has been accomplished with this action is that you have gone beyond simply clearing the heart chakra of America of negativity and impurities. You have also cleared the heart chakra of the non-will and the non-being that is the real cause why so many people on earth – even so many spiritual people who at inner levels are ready to express their Christhood – cannot or will not express it. Because they cannot or will not go against that planetary force of non-will and non-being that was expressed in that eternal question, “To be, or not to be.”

Connect to your will to BE!

It takes Will to BE, my beloved. It is not something that will happen by you passively walking the spiritual path, looking for some master outside yourself to come and fix you, so that now suddenly you are a spiritual master, or an adept, or someone who can change the world. It takes an act of Will on your part – the Will to BE, the Will to be MORE than a human being, to BE here below all that you are Above and go beyond and BE MORE. And thereby give forth a magnificent, undeniable demonstration on earth that there is more to life than what most people experience on this planet, there is something higher, there is something beyond. And is that not the central message that Jesus showed humankind, that the Buddha showed humankind, that all the true spiritual teachers have shown humankind—that there is something more!

And thus, they see that they have the opportunity to wake up from the apathy, from the sleep, from the spiritual death of the non-will and non-being that hangs over this planet as a black cloud—but has now been cleared away over this area due to your presence here and your willingness to Be. Your willingness to openly discuss the ego, the topic of death and many other topics that most people would not even be willing to look at.

And thus, I must congratulate you for the freedom you have attained here, the freedom to BE, the freedom to express yourself, your thoughts, to experiment, to not feel burdened by the need to be perfect, by the need to have all the answers. My beloved, I can tell you that there is not a spiritual being in heaven who would not rejoice in being with you in the physical, in a gathering like you have had, in the Oneness of heart that you have had.

And I can tell you that those who have descended to the physical octave as spiritual teachers, such as Jesus and the Buddha, would have been very happy to have a group of people like this as their students. With this openness and willingness to go beyond the ego games of pretending to be good students, pretending to be spiritual by following the outer path of doing everything right. Instead, you have been willing to put it all aside, let it drop from you and simply let it flow, let the Holy Spirit flow through all of you.

This, my beloved, is cause for rejoicing Above and below and that is why – because you have anchored the flame of Being, that we the Dhyani Buddhas can anchor our greater Flame of Being in the heart chakra of America. Which can bring forth an unprecedented acceleration in that heart chakra and thereby in the sensitivity to life and the Will to Be, not only on the part of the American people but the entire planet.

Dare to disturb others

I ask you to contemplate the very fact that the key to awakening humankind is to show them the Will to Be, the Will to Be More, the Will to go beyond. For I must tell you that this planet is in such a state of darkness and heaviness, that most people cannot pull themselves out. And therefore you cannot be a spiritual teacher, you cannot be an example, unless you are willing to shake them out of their burdens, out of their blindness, out of their darkness.

It cannot be done by passively talking to them and trying to appeal to them and trying to appeal to their intellects. Because what is needed to shake them out of the burdens they are weighted down by is an acceleration of consciousness. And you must be willing to be the open door whereby the light from above, the light of the Holy Spirit, can flow through you and you become that open door for the acceleration of someone else’s consciousness.

And therefore, you cannot be shy, you cannot be hesitant, but on the other hand you cannot will it with the ego either. And thus, it is a delicate balance that requires the love of the heart and the absolute surrender to the will of God, to the Being of your own higher will. Therefore, you can become the instrument but you must be willing to let the spirit flow and disturb other people, even if they first become angry or react in other negative ways. Thus, be willing to be that acceleration and to be the open door for the Holy Spirit to flow and wake up another soul, who for lifetimes has been asleep and cannot penetrate the darkness of the emotional wounds or the sophistication and the doubt of the intellect and the serpentine mind.

And thus, they need that quickening that cuts through all the density and shows them that there is something more, and that they have always been longing for it. And now suddenly they can see the truth that they could not see before, because surely you have all been in situations where you have explained your truth to people but they cannot see it, they cannot connect to it. And why can they not? Because they are not connected to their own inner Being, because it has been overshadowed by the darkness in their auras and their forcefields.

And thus, unless you give them both the understanding and the acceleration of the spirit, you cannot awaken them. They cannot be awakened because both are needed. Both are needed – the Omega action of you giving them understanding that you have internalized – but you need to add the Alpha action of the Holy Spirit, flowing through you and delivering that thrust that propels them out of their paralysis, their sense of being stuck, their state of non-being, and their state of their unwillingness to be. This is the non-will of the ego, even the non-will of the physical body, the non-will of the emotions, the non-will of the intellect.

Thus, my beloved, ponder this. Allow yourself to connect to the higher Being that you are. Do not seek to force it, but be willing to allow the power of the Will of God, the Will to Be, to flow through you when it is needed to awaken another soul. Thus, I thank you and I bid you meditate on the concept of anchoring the light in the material octave, and you being the anchor whereby you become the Mother polarity to the polarity of the Dhyani Buddhas Above. So that we together are One – as Above so below – and you allow that oneness to flow through you.


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