Taking Responsibility for Your Mind

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Ascended Master MORE, December 31, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

I greet you in the flame of MORE that I AM. But why am I one with that flame, my beloved? Because I made a choice to be one with that flame, I made a choice to acknowledge who I AM. You, then, are also making choices, for life is a series of choices.

There are those on earth who deny that they have free will. But it is not the Spirit who denies this, for it can only be the ego that denies it. The ego does not want the Conscious You – the Spirit – to make choices. It wants to maintain control, and thus it will not allow the conscious self to make the choice to acknowledge that it has choices. The ego will not allow the self to acknowledge, for example, that it has the choice to go beyond the limitations of the body, or even the identification with the body in which so many people are trapped—believing they are nothing more than matter.

This is the difference between those who are still asleep and those who are beginning to awaken. How do you awaken? You awaken by recognizing that you have a choice—instead of falling into the pattern that you hear so many people express: “I had no choice,” or “I had no other choice” than doing what I did.

There is always a choice

When you hear a person make this statement, you know that this person has not been willing to take responsibility for his or her life, for his or her situation. For when you do take that responsibility, you recognize the very fact that no matter what the outer circumstances might be, you always have a choice to adjust your state of mind and choose a different reaction to those circumstances than what might be the standard reaction among 99 percent of the people living on this planet—and what might indeed be the standard reaction that has been programmed into your mind since childhood.

There are those, my beloved, who have perverted the teachings of Christ to the point where they do not recognize that the essence of Jesus’ teachings was that you have choices. Did Christ not say: “Resist not evil. Turn the other cheek.”

Well, is it not so that most people on this planet have been programmed to resist evil and to give back in kind—to respond in kind? Do you not see that the essence of the teachings of Christ is that you have the potential, the ability, to choose to turn the other cheek—even when someone strikes you on one cheek?

Communicating from the heart

This relates very much to the topic of this book. Why am I opening this book? Because I am the chohan of the First Ray of the Will of God. How do you begin to communicate from the heart? Well, you must decide that you are willing to communicate from the heart. You must choose, you must make a decision, that you are willing to communicate from the heart.

Many of you will instantly say that you are willing to communicate from the heart. But you do not always realize how you have been programmed throughout your lives to not communicate from the heart. You do not always realize how difficult it may be to step back from this programming and indeed communicate at a deeper level.

This is the reality we all face when we are in physical embodiment. What is the level at which we choose to communicate? Is it the pre-programmed response where we respond to a certain situation by giving back in kind or by reinforcing choices that were made earlier—perhaps in childhood, perhaps in past lifetimes? In that case, we are not actually making a conscious choice. We are allowing our past choices to repeat themselves without truly taking a stand for who we are.

The choice you face is whether to communicate from the outer personality or whether to communicate from the inner personality. You can only communicate from the inner personality through the heart. You cannot communicate from the inner personality through the mind alone. You can let the mind be an expression of the heart but you cannot – with the mind itself – communicate from the inner personality.

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