Conscious versus unconscious choices

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Ascended Master Divine Director through Kim Michaels, May 20, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.

I AM the Ascended Master the Great Divine Director, or as I prefer to say these days, the Divine Director, for truly “Divine direction” is beyond all divisions and dualities. What is the meaning of making the distinction between great and less than great?

Conscious and unconscious stages of your Divine plan

Now, my beloved, we have given you dictations up until this point that have brought forth various aspects of your Divine plan. Lastly, you have heard that there comes these points where, in order to step up to a higher level of Christhood, you need to make certain decisions. In order to open yourself to a revolutionary change, you need to make certain decisions.

Well, in a sense your Divine plan, at least at the higher stages, is all about the decisions you make. Now, we have said that there is a work phase of your Divine plan, there is a creative phase of your Divine plan, there is an evolutionary stage of your Divine plan, there is a revolutionary stage. In order to confuse you even more, and bring you into a state of magnificent confusion hopefully, I would like to introduce the concept that there is a conscious phase of your Divine plan and an unconscious phase.

With that I mean that if you look back at your lives, you can see that you have often been brought into situations where you could say that you did not make a conscious choice to go into that situation. It sort of just happened based on circumstances and you did not have a conscious realization of why you needed to do this and how that was a part of your Divine plan. Yet, it is still part of your Divine plan because you needed the experience. You might say: “Well, in that phase of my Divine plan, I am not consciously choosing what I am doing and I am not knowingly making these choices. I’m not knowing what the options are and what the consequences are.” You could say: “Am I actually choosing at that stage?” The reality is, of course, that you are, you are always choosing. All people on earth are constantly making choices.

You can go to people who are in a very low state of consciousness where it might seem like their lives are in a constant state of turmoil. There are always external conditions that are seemingly forcing these people to do this or that, or that are forcing them to remain paralyzed and seemingly powerless. You can say: “Well, how are these people choosing?” You may not be choosing in the immediate situation, but your situation is still a result of choices you have made in the past. Even in the immediate situation, though you are not choosing to manifest certain circumstances, you are still choosing how to respond or not respond to them.

When you move from the unconscious phase into the conscious phase, it is not so that you suddenly begin to make choices, but you may actually experience that you are suddenly beginning to make choices. The reason for this is that you are becoming more conscious of the choices you are constantly making. When you follow our teachings and apply them, in the beginning you are becoming more conscious of your reactions. You are beginning to be aware that when you are in a certain situation, you are triggered by the situation into a certain reactionary pattern. Then, you start noticing this and you start becoming aware that in certain situations (or when you are around certain people), you always react this particular way. Then, of course, we have given you the tools to ask the question: “Well, doesn’t that show that I have a reactionary pattern and the reactionary pattern comes from some kind of internal spirit or some kind of self, perhaps it even goes all the way back to my primal self where I started this phase of reacting to the conditions on earth?” You can use the tools, then, to increase your awareness of what is behind this reactionary pattern. When you see what is behind it, you can free yourself from it and now you no longer react that way.

Of course, every time you overcome one of these reactionary patterns, you expand your awareness, you can see another aspect, another facet, of your Divine plan. All of a sudden, you can make more conscious decisions because instead of being triggered into a reaction by some subconscious pattern, you no longer have that pattern. Therefore, you can choose: “How do I want to react in this situation, how do I want to react to these people? Do I actually want to react to certain types of people or do I want to select them out of my life?”

Creativity is based on choices

What you realize here is that, as you may move into the creative phase of your Divine plan, what is creativity based on? It is based on making choices! My beloved, you have a very old discussion that has been going on among philosophers and artists as to “what is the source of creativity?” Well, my beloved, you might say (and many artists, writers, painters would say) that they receive inspiration. In the old days, they talked about muses that were seen as non-material beings that would come in and almost like a fairy or an angel, land on the shoulder of the writer and inspire him or her to write. Of course, many writers have felt a genuine flow of inspiration through them, even a genuine flow of the Spirit. In some cases, it has indeed been a higher Spirit, just as you are now experiencing the flow of a higher Spirit through this messenger’s consciousness that he is not producing with his consciousness.

You could say that if you are creative, is there not some flow of energy through your Being that is the source of this creativity? Well, of course there is—this is what we have called co-creation. You recognize that you are not being truly creative only by using the energies that are already in the material realm and the abilities that you have in your lower mind. You are being truly creative by connecting to something higher than your self, being the open door for that and thereby having the energy flow into your four lower bodies and be expressed in the physical octave. Of course, this flow of the Spirit, if you want to call it that, or flow of inspiration, is an integral part of all creativity.

Nevertheless, where many artists or philosophers fail to have the full understanding of creativity is that they think this is something that either happens or does not happen and there is nothing you can do about it. You have a concept among writers about “writers block,” as they call it, where they sometimes cannot write for weeks, months or years. There is the panic of sitting in front of a white sheet of paper where you can write anything, but suddenly your mind goes into a state of paralysis and you cannot write anything.

What I wish to bring to your attention is that creativity requires decisions on your part. It is not a passive experience where you passively wait for the inspiration to strike. You can do much to open yourself up to the flow of the Spirit. It has been said that: “The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth” (John 3:8) and this is to indicate that you cannot, with the outer mind, control the flow of the Spirit. You cannot with the outer mind and a human ambition force the flow of the Spirit. If, my beloved, you seek to force the flow, then you will not tune in to the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the spiritual realm, the ascended masters. You will tune in to lower spirits in the lower identity, the mental or even the emotional realm.

Throughout history, some writers and artists have been attuned to these lower realms and have had a certain flow of this lower spirit through them that has allowed them to, in some cases, bring forth enormous volumes of writings and information or enormous amounts of paintings or music or whatever. This is not what we call true creativity because it is not co-creation. It is not co-creating with the spiritual realm—it is co-creating with a lower realm that is still in this world.

You cannot force the Holy Spirit but nevertheless you cannot receive it either by passively sitting around and waiting. You find that middle way, that straight and narrow path, where you are resolving your personal traumas, overcoming the inner spirits, the inner selves, and this increases the openness in your mind. You also have to become more conscious of the fact that you have to choose to become the open door, you have to choose “to be” the open door in specific situations. This requires you to make that conscious decision. It can be many different conscious decisions where you are actually, as other masters have said this morning, you are willing to be the Christ in a particular situation. You are willing to acknowledge that you have this ability, you are willing to reach for some revolutionary idea, or even just for an idea that is a step higher than your current level of consciousness or the consciousness of the people around you.

You have to make that decision to open your mind. Then, when you have cleared the mind, the four lower bodies, so that there is room for an idea to penetrate, when you make the conscious decision that you are willing to be the open door, then the Holy Spirit will flow through you. “The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth” means that anytime there is an opening, the Holy Spirit will flow through it because there is so much that we want to express from the spiritual realm that we are not sitting up here being picky and saying: “Ah, that person is not worthy to be an open door.” As soon as there is an open door, we express something through that person that is appropriate for the situation, for the person’s level of consciousness and so on.

You see, my beloved, it is not so, as there sometimes is an idea among ascended master students, that some people are worthy to be instruments for the Holy Spirit and others are not. Some people may not be open, some people may not be willing consciously, but all are worthy once you apply yourself. It is not an exclusive club here.

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