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Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 3, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I want you to see the evolution that I have gone through. As Mother Mary I am primarily known and revered by Catholics around the world. Although they sing the Ave Maria with great joy and great love in their hearts, they also put me in a neat little file folder in their Catholic databases. Yet, the word “Catholic” means universal, and I have ascended to the status of universality. This is also the initiation that you face as you ascend the spiral staircase of the spiritual path and pass from the initiations of the Fourth Ray into the initiations of the Fifth Ray of truth and healing.

Truth will not fit in your database

As Pontius asked when he was faced with the Living Christ in embodiment: “What is truth?” When you look at the earth, you will see that so many people, so many groups of people, have their individual databases. As has been explained, the very foundation for such a database is that you have a certain world view and belief system, you have certain paradigms that you consider to be absolutely true—and thus they are beyond questioning.

This means that when each of these groupings of people consider the question “What is truth,” the topic, has already been colored by their basic world view. They are not open to any expression of truth that might upset the apple cart of them feeling that they have managed to force truth to fit in a nice file folder in their database—and therefore, they have their lives under some form of control.

The reality, of course, is that you are God-free spiritual beings, individual extensions of your Creator, co-creators with that Creator. This is the essence of the problem with the database: it imposes an image, a graven image, upon your identity. When the Conscious You accepts such an image, it also accepts the corresponding limitations to its self-expression on earth, thinking that its self-expression must fit into the mold and therefore there are certain expressions that are acceptable and some that are not acceptable. Meaning that suddenly the conscious self is no longer a co-creator who is allowing God’s force of constant self-transcendence to flow through it. It has now become something less than the fully creative being it was designed to be by the Creator itself.

The illusion of lack

What happens when you accept this limited sense of identity is that you fall prey to the basic illusion of the false teachers, namely that this material world is separated from God’s kingdom. Therefore, this material world is a world of limitations and lack. You can only get what you need for the separate self by taking it through force and control, taking it from those other people who are seeking to get it, to get that limited amount of abundance that you now think is all that there is.

Do you see why I had you give the Nurturance Rosary before this dictation? That rosary is specifically designed – in a very profound and holistic way – to challenge the illusion of lack, the illusion that you are not nurtured, that you are not fulfilled. The ultimate illusion of the false teachers is that when you live in a world that is separated from God, in a world that is limited, you must seek to find nurturance in this world.

Your being was not designed to seek nurturance in this world. Your being is designed to be a co-creator who has the River of Life flowing through you. In feeling that flow, you feel nurtured and fulfilled. It is the only way that you will ever feel nurtured and fulfilled. What shall it profit a man that he gains the whole world but loses the flow of God’s creativity through his being? You might own the whole world but it will not satisfy your longing for more. You will only find fulfillment through oneness with the flow of God’s creative force.

As we have said before, the price you pay, so to speak, of having free will is that you cannot stop making choices. Likewise the price you pay for being a co-creator is that if you stop creating, you will feel unfulfilled, unnurtured—you will feel empty.



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