06. Closing the gap on the spiritual path

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Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Mary is my name. The Divine Mother is my office. Yet, I, am MORE. What is the desire of the Divine Mother for her children? It is to have them awaken to the reality that they, too, are more. You were created out of the More of God, the desire of God, to be more.

How can an almighty, self-sufficient, self-contained, all-pervading, omnipresent being become more? Only by creating self-aware extensions of itself that start from a particular location in cosmic space and then grow in self-awareness so that they become more, giving your Creator the experience of becoming more through you.

It is inevitable – when you see this journey – that you start out feeling small, but it is not inevitable that you feel alone. The sense of aloneness comes from separation, but the message we are bringing you – again and again from different perspectives – is that separation is not real, separation is an illusion.

Why separation is an untruth

This messenger once said to another person: “If God is omnipresent, how can one find a place where God is not?” The person was shocked, for having grown up in a traditional Christian culture, he had been so indoctrinated with the image of the external, remote God in the sky that his mind could not comprehend what he was told. Yet, it is reality.

You cannot, my beloved, separate from God. It is, again, the illusion, the spiritual pride and the arrogance of those who have decided to rebel against God that they believe they can set themselves up in opposition to God and turn the earth into a place where God is not present. Or they think they can create a hell where God is not present. God is present everywhere and in everything, through the office of his Son, the Word, or rather the Logos—for without him was not any thing made that was made.

You may look at yourself right now and see that you are at a certain state of consciousness, at a certain state of being somewhat enveloped in material circumstances. Yet, I tell you, with the pure love of my Mother’s heart, that no matter how you may look at yourself right now, no matter how you may look at your past and the mistakes you think you have made, you could not possibly do anything that would make God or the Divine Mother turn away from you.

You can, of course, use your free will to turn away from God. This is your right that God has given you. But know that even when you do turn away from God, God is still experiencing everything you experience through you.

My point is simply that if you desire, my beloved, to have the experience of being alone, being left by God, feeling rejected by God, then, as Master MORE explained, you have the right to have that experience for as long as you want. If you come to a point where you desire to no longer have that experience, then I submit to you that it is possible to instantly switch your perspective on life and recognize that God is here with you, the Divine Mother is here with you. Therefore, you do not need to feel alone. You are never alone, for all life is one.

The only way to be free is to stop running away

I assure you that when you give up the sense of aloneness, you will find it so much easier to deal with whatever circumstance you may be facing, be it external circumstances or the internal circumstances of your mind. What have the masters that have spoken before me been saying? They have been saying that when you accept the illusion of separation, out of that illusion springs an image that is projected upon the Ma-ter light and that will eventually manifest as some kind of condition in your physical body. The illusion of separation is an act of running away, running away from God. Trying to run away from the condition in your body or the consciousness behind it will not set you free. The only way to be free is to stop running away, my beloved.

As has been said before by us, if you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, well, you are not likely to get different results, are you now. There comes a point of truth, a point of realism, where one must ask oneself: “If I keep doing what I have always done, is it likely that my life will change?”

Ask yourself: “Am I happy in my present state of consciousness and in my present circumstances?” My beloved, listen carefully. Many of you will instinctively say: “No I am not happy.” But I ask you to step back and ask this question at a deeper level.

What we have explained in the previous releases in this series of discourses is that you have free will. Everything that you are facing in your life is a result of choices you made. Because of that, you have the potential to take back your power and change the choices of the past by making choices that are not based on separation and duality but choices based on oneness. You can, indeed, have the power, the wisdom, the love—and the acceleration of the three of them coming together in that intensity of the white light that propels you beyond your present state of consciousness, any state of consciousness.

You, who are the spiritual people, must come to that point where you say to yourself: “Am I happy in my present state of mind?” Meaning, if I have not taken back my power to change my present state of mind, is it because I actually enjoy torturing or putting myself down? Is there something in this experience of seeing myself unworthy or feeling alone that I have not had enough of? If you honestly recognize that you have not had enough of that experience, then know that neither I, nor any other being in heaven, will condemn you for it. We respect free will absolutely and unconditionally.

You have a right to any experience you desire for as long as you desire it—within certain boundaries of time and space, of course. Nothing in time and space can be permanent or last forever, but within very wide boundaries, you have the right to any experience you desire. If you honestly recognize that you desire to continue with the experience that you have through your present state of consciousness, then embrace it, my beloved. Embrace your misery, your sense of unworthiness, your sense of aloneness, your fear. Embrace it and enjoy it, for this is what you have chosen to manifest right now.


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