Claiming your God-given right to forget

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Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels, November 30, 2018. This dictation was given at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

I AM the Ascended Master MORE, and it is my joy to give you another installment up from the one I gave you last year on this very profound and very important topic of the birth trauma and how you overcome it. You might look at what Gautama Buddha said earlier in the question and answer session about time and about how, if you cannot go back in time to change what happened in the past, if you do not have a time machine, you cannot be free of the past [See the last chapter of this book]. As Gautama said, Mother Mary has indeed given you a time machine in her exercise of how to go back to experience that birth trauma [In the book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas].

I would like to give you one more time machine. You see my beloved, what the fallen beings want you to think is that the past is set in stone, it cannot be changed. Once you have made a certain mistake here on earth, you can never be free of it. Now, imagine that you are standing in front of a large stone wall. If you have been to the Great Wall of China, to the Pyramids, to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem or to any of the fortifications you see here in this city of Tallinn or any of the other older cities in the world, you do not even have to imagine. You know exactly what it feels like to be standing in front of one of these massive stone walls. How can you break that down with your bare hands? Well, you cannot but why is that? Well, it is partly because the stones are hard and partly because they are glued together.

Imagine that, first of all, you could remove the mortar, you could remove the cement that keeps the stones stuck together. If the stones were loose, it is, of course, much more manageable to break down the wall. Yet, it still might be difficult, depending on the size of the stones. What if you could reduce the stones to a smaller substance, such as sand? What if you had some kind of machine that could send some kind of ray at this stone wall and suddenly all the stones crumbled and became sand?

Well, this is indeed what we have already given you the power to do with decrees and invocations. Not, of course, that you could crumble a stone wall, although theoretically if enough of you were standing in front of one of these stone walls, it would be possible to break it down. Nevertheless, we are not really interested in having our students go around breaking down stone walls around the world, possibly getting imprisoned for destroying historical monuments. We are far more interested in having you break down the walls in your own minds that are keeping you trapped and tied into a reactionary pattern with the fallen beings.

Naturally, you have the decrees and invocations that, as we have said many times, can be used to dissolve the energy and when the energy is less, it is easier for you to free yourself from the pattern. Still, as we have also said many times, there needs to be a conscious experience, a conscious decision, before you are truly free. It is not a mechanical process.

Becoming aware of the process of seeing

What I want to offer you here is this. You need to start, and it may begin slowly, but you need to start training your minds to envision, to imagine and eventually to actually see and experience what you already know intellectually, namely that the entire material world is built of energy. Imagine now, that you become aware that you had a very traumatic situation in your past and you are carrying that birth trauma with you. What is that situation made of? As Gautama Buddha said, time has moved on and the physical situation is no longer there, it has simply been erased by time. Or it has, we could say, been painted over by time, by the big paintbrush of time that has changed things into what they are now. As Gautama said: What is now, may indeed be affected by the past but nevertheless the past is no longer there as a physical reality. It is there as an imprint or an image in your mind, in your three higher bodies, in a certain sense also in your physical body.

The question now is, how to free yourself from this imprint. What you need to start pondering is how your physical brain, your physical eyes (but especially the brain) and how your outer mind looks at, perceives situations—for that matter, perceives everything. Right now you are sitting here, you are looking at this wall behind the messenger, which is fairly solid, and what you are seeing is actually an image. We have said before that your eyes are not really seeing a wall, your eyes are simply receiving impulses coming to them, hitting the retina as light rays. The eye is not really seeing but is reacting to light rays. These create a reaction in the eye that is transformed into a signal similar to what you see in a computer with a digital signal. This signal is sent to what you call the visual cortex in the brain.

Now, the brain has the effect of helping you make sense of the physical world. The primary tool you use to help make sense of the physical world is that the brain imposes certain images upon the impulses that are coming from the eyes. The eyes are not seeing. In a sense, you could say that the brain is not seeing either. The brain is simply taking the impulses that come from the eyes, organizing them into an image that matches what the brain already has in its database. The brain, as it has been proven by many of these optical illusions that you have all seen, is not actually seeing what is in front of you. It is looking for a pattern that matches something it already has in its database. It is not looking at exactly what are the signals that are coming from the eyes, it is looking for a pattern that it can recognize. Once it has enough impulses that form a recognizable pattern, the brain actually stops reacting, stops looking at the impulses from the eyes and now it superimposes that stored pattern upon what you are seeing and saying: “Oh, this is what it is.”

This, of course, has been going on here on earth for millions of years. When you come into this embodiment, your brain is not starting at zero and having to train itself and build up these images of what is this and what is that. Your brain is very much tied in to this collective momentum and so your brain already has a certain programming: This is a tree, this is a rock, this is the ocean, this is the sky, and so forth and so on. You have a database of patterns that not only you have seen before but that the collective consciousness has seen before. Therefore, you are used to seeing everything in terms of images and you are labelling everything, often labelling it with words, which adds another layer of complexity where the visual cortex basically recognizes shapes. The visual cortex of the brain might look at the shape of this wall and the color and the texture, but there is another aspect of the brain which then translates that into words, such as: “This is a wall.” This adds another layer where there is also a very old momentum of people putting words on everything.

How you are trapped by your perception

It says in the Bible that God gave Adam the power to name every animal on earth. There are some that believe that if you know the name of a thing, you have power over the thing. The deeper reality is that when you name something, you are actually limiting yourself because you are reinforcing your mental box. Now, you think that this thing is the way you have labelled it and it will always be so. You cannot look beyond the programming, at least most people cannot. Therefore, you think: “This is the way it is.” You have tied in to this collective momentum and you have built your own momentum over your past lifetimes.

When we tell you that there was a period or a situation in the past where you experienced a very traumatic situation and we give you an example, such as in the My Lives book where the protagonist experienced this very difficult situation, then you are so programmed, your brain is so programmed, to superimpose an image upon this, to put words upon it and to say: “This is how it was.” The question now is: How do you truly become free of a situation from your past? As long as you have in your brain, even in your three higher bodies, the imprint of that situation, the images, the words that you associate with that situation, as long as they are stored there, you cannot be free of that situation from the past.

What I am telling you is that you can start retraining yourself. You can actually train your mind to override your brain. It may help you to take some of these many, many optical illusions that are out there. You have the classical one of the drawing that can look like a young beautiful woman or an old wrinkled lady, depending on how you focus on it. You have many others with different colors, different shapes and so forth and so on. If you have never really done this, it might help you to take some of these and realize that you cannot actually trust your senses. You cannot trust your brain because there is a certain programming there that makes it see things a certain way even though that is not the way they really are. You can also take another step and imagine what it is like to sit in a movie theatre. You are seeing something on the screen and because the movie theatre is dark, it is possible for you to become completely engrossed in it, to the point where you might even feel that you are right there in the situation that is being displayed on the screen. You are certainly so absorbed in it that you forget everything else. You can train yourself to realize that the images that are displayed on the screen, not only do they not represent a physical reality (because you know they are just images on a film strip in the projector), but even beyond that, you can train yourself to see that these are just patterns of colored dots that are projected onto the screen. You can actually come to a point where you train your eyes to go slightly out of focus and, now, instead of seeing these figures, these people or whatever is projected on the screen, you are just seeing the different fields of colored light rays that are projected onto the screen. When you work with this, you can gradually, over some time, come to the point where you can apply this to everyday life. You can train yourself to see that this wall behind the messenger is really not a wall. It is just certain light rays that form certain patterns.

You might even, as a child, have been told to take a newspaper photograph and look at it through a magnifying glass. Then, you can see that what seems to be certain fields, certain shapes, are actually made out of black dots that are arranged in various degrees of density. The darker the color, the closer the dots are together. The lighter the color, the further they are spaced apart. It is all made of black dots that simply cheat your brain into seeing an image. You can actually train yourself to focus on the dots rather than the image. You can then apply this to all situations in life, but it is not so important to apply it at this point to specific situations in life.

Breaking images of your past down to smaller units

What I desire you to start doing, is to look at situations from your past. Perhaps, you have a sense of your birth trauma and you do not feel it is resolved. Perhaps, you have another situation, even a situation from this lifetime where you feel something traumatic happened. You can now consider: When you think about that situation, what is the image that your brain brings up or that your three higher bodies bring up? What is that image? You would say, then, from a certain linear perspective that if you have a memory, if you have an image from your past, then you can never be free of that image because whatever happened in the past happened and you cannot change this. There is nothing you can do about it.

This is, of course, what the fallen beings want you to believe, not what is reality. You can train yourself to bring up these images for your inner vision. Then, you can train yourself to see them, not as the shapes and the images that you have but simply as patterns of light rays or patterns of atoms, electrons, subatomic particles—or however you can visualize this. You break the image down into a smaller component, however you can visualize this. As I said, if you are standing in front of a stone wall, you can break the stones down into sand particles that are much easier to move than the solid stones. That is what you can train yourself to do with these images from your past that might be haunting you, or that you may have suppressed but you then bring it up when you start touching on the birth trauma.

You can train yourself to consciously recognize: “This image is just an image that my brain and my emotional, mental and identity bodies are superimposing upon this.” The reality is that it is not a physical situation anymore. It is just an image. That image is made up of these smaller electromagnetic light particles, these dots, these images made out of dots. You can even look at one of the paintings of the Impressionists, and at a certain distance you cannot see all of the dots they use to paint. When you go closer and closer to the painting, you begin to see the dots and if you get close enough to the painting, all you see is the dots because you cannot see the image. I am asking you here to train yourself, and this again has something to do with going into the pain. Now, it is not the pain you are going into, it is the visual image that you have in your mind.

You go closer and closer to that image until all you see are those dots. Then, you realize that the dots are the deeper reality. The images were just something superimposed by your brain and your emotional, mental and identity bodies. It is actually the dots that are the reality. You also realize that those dots are dynamic, they are fluid, they are constantly vibrating and they could as easily outpicture any other image as they could outpicture the present image. More than that, the dots could actually be set free from the matrix that has been superimposed upon them so that they return to their ground state, to a free state where they are just neutral, they are not displaying any image.

You might envision that the image is gradually dissolved into these smaller components, that the components start vibrating and moving, moving around, dissolving the shapes of the image and just taking on a uniform color. You might see that they become like the water of the ocean, or the sand of the desert, or the air of the blue sky but they become feature-less, image-less. The image is dissolved, you are letting it go. It is as if you are making a decision, and you are making a decision at a certain point, to say: “I am letting this image die, I am letting it dissolve. I am simply forgetting it.”

The rest of this dictation, along with an invocation based on the dictation, is found in the book: Making Peace with Being on Earth.

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